Chuka Umunna

  Chuka talks about vile racism in UKIP, once again we have to listen to the unbelievable hypocrites in the Marxist Labour party.

When it comes down to racism you only have to look at the Marxist Labour party, their racism is directed against their own people. When 9/11 took place Tony Blair’s instinctive reaction to this most foul deed was to praise and support the Islamic community, consideration as what happened to the victims came second. This was a government who bent over backwards to promote Islam as a religion of peace! whilst at the same time they set out to defile Christianity, those who objected were classed as homophobic and race hating Nazis.

In the book I wrote at the turn of the century I made it clear that the Labour party were out to destroy the social and moral fabric of England. The left wing of the party wanted to destroy the traditional establishment, so how were they to do that, they had to destroy the Christian ethics and the middle road. Marriage the mainstay and cornerstone of any western and liberal democracy had to de wiped out. This believe it or not was England, where the greater majority of the indigenous population met this criteria; the Labour party decided they had to go.

What we were looking at here is an out and out war against the English population. Remember Labour speech writer Andrew Neather and his admission that Blair’s New Labour Labour Party deliberately opened our Britain’s borders so that mass immigration could take place. They did that for the sole purpose of changing the demographic of England, deciding to change the characteristics of the indigenous population of England. It also ensured that high immigration kept the wages down and inflation, they took their white working class then as total idiots and are still doing it today.

Jack Straw, he was the man who said, ‘The English as a race were not worth saving’ later on he said that ‘the English were potentially very aggressive, and very violent’. What would happen if we said that about jews? Mandelson said they were sending out search parties for immigrants, this he clearly thought was funny, but it isn’t of course. Most our social problems are based on housing, medical care etc. all exacerbated by endless immigrants; a third of our housing is earmarked for immigrants. Maybe its the Jews who don’t like the English race, somebody should ask Milliband,  Mandelson, Jack Straw and Barbara Roche

Let us not forget that if you were foolish enough to talk about immigration you instantly called a racist by people like Barbara Roche, a person who advocated looser control on immigration. Again listen to Neather when he said don’t take any notice of whingers; London needs immigrants! he conveniently forgot to tell you that three quarters of Londoners have now moved out to the sticks and the white indigenous population is now in the minority, with Asians in the majority.

This is why the New Labour and now Marxist Labour court the immigrants vote because they ensure by fair mean or foul that the immigrant population will vote for them. It keeps them in office in order that they can grind their heels on to their own white working class, whilst inwardly treating them with total and utter contempt.

Tony Blair and the Labour Party have committed an act of treachery against the people of England, they conspired to import millions of foreigners, and kept it from the people. As a result of this we have Muslims treating us with complete and utter contempt, secure in the fact in that the left wing Marxist Labour they will protect their interests, this cannot and must not go on.

It is in the Marxist Labour party that you will find vile racism Mr Umunna and as for Milliband’s promise to put more black people into politics or whatever, they have the same chance as the rest of us but it means getting off your backside and working for it. I and others are sick of you and others like you continually whinging about racism. You know the old saying about be careful what you wish for.

In my book I quoted Marcus Tullius Cicer0

A nation can survive it’s fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gate is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves  amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rusting through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots their soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist, a murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.

How apt that is.

Vote UKIP, we can be in in real power, just vote.


Cameron and Milliband still prevaricating

This must be Cameron’s biggest PR stunt yet, this synthetic display of righteous anger over the 1.7 billion demand from the EU fools no one, coming just before the election at Rochester. Of course he will not pay it on the 1st of December, but he will pay it, maybe a week later.

This election stunt (was this dreamt up by the EU to bolster Cameron’s hand) to show us that Cameron is not hand in glove with the EU. This will not  quash UKIP support, far from it, the electorate are simply not that stupid. So we are now going to paying out 21 0r 22 billion a year and rising to this unelected totalitarian regime across the water, add another 11 billion a year on aid plus 55 million in tax benefits to east Europeans at home etc.

Talk about us being taken for a ride, the English taxpayer is a cash cow, nothing more or less. Whilst people at home are struggling to stay alive we have a world wide free NHS system and if you come to England, homes benefits etc. Is it any wonder that there are thousands of economic migrants at Calais ready to risk their lives trying to get here. If they do, the first port of call is a nice room and three meals a day at any one of our nice little hotels, the mind boggles, is it any wonder that UKIP is on the rise.

Cameron talked about UKIP’s tone on immigration on the BBC’s Asian network, what does that mean? all UKIP want is to control our borders using a point based system like many others, including Australia, what is wrong with that. This innuendo is typical of Cameron, UKIP is not racist and it about time that Cameron and his blasted cohorts give it away.

We do not want to be under the thrall of an unelected totalitarian regime, they are not democratic and Cameron’s obsession with them is totally and utterly unforgivable.

Milliband wants to limit the EU’s freedom of movement rules! how, the EU have already said most emphatically that it will not happen, the answer is no.

He also wants a crackdown on employers who use immigration to undercut wages, by that he presumably means legislation. Can you believe the cheek of this man, presumably Ex Prime Minister Brown should now be brought to account as should Milliband because  (according to Andrew Neather) they deliberately gave us an open border to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity“, as a result  Brown and his cronies ensured that wages were automatically  undercut. So I suggest that this proposed legislation should be retrospective and we can bring Brown and these hypocrites to justice.

The Rochester election will give the public a chance to show these unbelievable hypocrites in government, and the opposition that the English taxpayer is fed up to the back teeth at being taken for a ride. The referendum should be brought forward and Cameron’s endless excuses about what he is going to do should be put on the back burner where they belong. Cameron cannot be trusted, he and his MPs should be looking for a job because they will not be in government for much longer.

As for the EU, get out of our lives and stop telling us what to do and the same goes for socialist Scottish MPs.

Vote UKIP they are the only Party that represents us, which is why UKIP they are feared.

Daily telegraph. Iain Martin and Dan Hodges

The Telegraph continues in its approach to beat down UKIP, Iain Martin calls us cocky and that we do not have a majority support, for God’s sake tell us something new Mr Martin.

Had you not noticed that the conservative party are in a coalition because of the lack of majority support. had you not noticed that the Marxist Labour party rely on immigrants and the work shy and unions for their vote, no majority there then.

Dan Hodges talks about UKIP in more than derogatory tones, this from a man who support the Marxist Labour party. This is a party of ideology, a party that hates the middle class, a party of real zealots who made a deliberate policy of attempting to adulterate the English population, their own kind.! They have deliberately put Multiculturism in order to break up the social order denigrating Christianity and allowing Christians to be brought to court or tribunal for practicing their faith. Your party Dan is nothing more than evil. You exist for the Labour party and not for the people; the people are aware of you too.

Do not put tags on me Mr Hodges I have worked hard all of my life and never taken a penny added to which I spent 12 years in the special forces. Above all I love my country, which is more than can be said for the lefties and revolutionary die-hards in your party.

Pure waffle

Today we witnessed what can only be described as pure waffle on immigration and deporting criminals. This government has had four years to sort out this complete and utter shambles.

Criminals abscond because they are let out in the first instance, anyone with an ounce of common-sense would take them from the jail to an aircraft or whatever and send them on their way.  We are continually subjected to rhetoric and PR nonsense. We have all of these problems because the governments and the opposition have completely lost their way; along with their marbles. The calibre of people at the top is abysmal to say the least, what on earth has happened to this country.

Juncker has spoken. Cameron will not be able to change the rules on free movement in the EU.

Cameron should now get of his high horse and call for an immediate referendum, and stop pretending that he is a Eurosceptic. He has been on his belly for long enough, stand up and tell the New Reich to go to hell, he may as well because he will not get into government following the next election. It will be Milliband, however, we will give UKIP sufficient votes to make him kingmaker.

A referendum is 2017 is rubbish, designed to it all to one side, by then he and Merkel will believe that it is too late; Cameron cannot be trusted.

We are now under attack from the EU, immigrants, asylum seekers, foreign  criminals and Islamists. It is time for every Englishman, whichever party he votes for, to vote for UKIP and defend ourselves.

Vote for a party that truly represents us all and keep out the Scottish MPs, they must not vote on English matters.

Porn or not

Today I am going slightly off track. First of all I must ask myself am I a prude in my old age, the answer to that is most emphatically no. I like to think of myself as a one hundred per cent man and despite my age the memories are still with me.

My memories are based around real women and not the hostile and spiteful feminist who spends all of their time telling everyone how men are unpleasant and how incapable they are.

It is time that these people had a good look at themselves and they will see that they have taken the male and his masculinity and defiled it for no other reason than sheer vindictiveness.

What have these women got that makes so special, the answer is very little and they would start to scream out loud if the average male started spouting about what they feel is wrong with women today.

This business about women saying, I am dressing for myself is sheer hypocrisy, women dress to catch the male’s eye because they are so utterly  vain and need to be looked at. Todays archetypal, (look at me I am as good as you) girl spends all of her time making sure that you get a damn good look at her décolletage and crossing her legs which, with the ever decreasing skirt, will ensure that you in no doubt as to colour pants she wears.

As for the women in the public eye, singers actresses etc. they have moved from look at me to what is virtually porn. Putting pornographic images of themselves on the  web then feigning distress because someone has accessed it, please.

The rear view of Amanda Holden in today’s Daily Mail is clearly something she is most unfortunately proud off, I wonder if her kids feel the same. What will she say if one of them said to her ‘why are you showing everyone your bottom?’  Explaining the birds and the bees is one thing but how will she explain that!!

Martin Schultz and the New Reich

Martin Schulz, the president of the European parliament, applied pressure so that the Latvian delegate left her post, leaving Nigel with a headache. We can expect many things to happen, such is the fear of the New Reich and Cameron. Hopefully the Germans and others will not revert to type; watch your back very closely Nigel.

The office for National Statistics tell us that within 25 years we will have increased our population by 9.6 million with 60% coming from migrants. Who will suffer more, it is easy it will be the indigenous population; exactly the way it is today.

Romanians, no problem they said, how many have we got now, well over 200,000. Ask the Londoners around Park Lane where many are congregating and causing problems. Give us houses they say, and we will go away, already we are subject to blackmail by these people.

Thousands at Calais, determined to come over to England and what happens if they make it? comfortable rooms in private hotels all on taxpayers money. Fleece the idiotic English taxpayer, that is what they are saying. Put them in camps, that is where they belong, then deport them.

We now have Muslims in open revolt threatening the indigenous population. Well educated people seeking to cause us harm and due to their education and money are an immediate threat. So what does our government do, they say let us have another Cobra meeting and talk about it. Cobra! more like a slow worm get-together. If you put all of these people in Cobra into a fighting platoon they would be wiped out in half a second. No guts, no decision, God help England.

Vote for a party that will put England at the forefront, make it sovereign once again and look for another Churchill.

Vote UKIP and ignore the endless diatribes and denunciations that are coming our way; it is going to get worse. We have no time to wait for 2017 a referendum now.

A truly pathetic Milliband

Tory Lord Freud was unfortunate in his choice of words, however, having read what he said it is obvious that he was not suggesting that the more disabled are morally inferior, far from it.

Isn’t it typical that Milliband and his obnoxious MPs were prepared to denigrate Lord Freud for discussing what would be a real problem. Of course there are disabled people who through no fault of their own, are not able to work to a point where a manufacturer is able to give a minimum wage. If the answer is to give them work at a low wage then have the government make up the rest then why not allow them to work and give themselves some sense of well being.

I watched Milliband and his artificial take on the whole thing, it was nothing more than political posturing and showed him for what he was, a real creep. Marxist Labour have created so much damage in this country, creating a dependent culture, Multiculturism, ‘Londonistan’ allowing Islam to take root and ignoring the consequences, wars with hundreds of dead and maimed soldiers, opening our borders when no one else did which has impacted on our schools, housing and social services and leaving us totally bankrupt; something they do each and every time they are in office.

These are evil people who still haven’t learned and spend all of their time blaming everyone else, creating a class war and yet along with the workshy and immigrants, there are still ordinary people subject to their crassness and total insensitivity, who still vote for them.

Cameron is leaping about and telling us how things are going to be different if we vote for him. It is just like the last time, his promises on human rights etc. then it silence, it is all Clegg’s fault he won’t let me do it. it is a pity he listened to Clegg and his false promises and didn’t listen to the electorate, then perhaps we wouldn’t have the distasteful marriage act which no one wanted.

Now he is saying give the EU one last go, please how many more times must those who run this unpleasant regime tell him that it is not going to happen, The problem is that is that he is like a spoiled schoolboy, he cannot believe that he cannot get his own way.

Let us look at the UK  Jihadists where they are now talking about treason, and that is what they going to do is talk about it. Any normal person would know that we are facing an unprecedented threat here on our home soil, and that the only way to deal with it is full on, there must be no compunction about rights of the individual. Those who have come in to this country should be rounded up and deported to ISIS land immediately and too hell with human right and those who advocate it, so to should their families. The families know what is going on, protesting their innocence reminds of the IRA who told their members disown us if you get caught its ok.

Every radical should also be deported, stop also Sharia law being practiced, The Islamic Sharia Council is a London-based, quasi-Islamic court that which has no has no legal authority or jurisdiction, so why is it there.

It is time to get rid of Islamic councils or whatever they want to call them, if they don’t like who we are then they know what to do. Our pathetic MPs need  get some lead in their pencil and start sorting things out. Stop talking about it and do something, violence in this country is now a real possibility and it will all be down to gutless MPs. 

Panorama’s hatchet job on Farage

Darragh Macintyre did his best to rubbish UKIP, a foul job given to an Irishman, I wonder why; maybe we could now ask Darragh if he could do an expose on BBC secret funding.

Perhaps he could tell us why the BBC, funded by the taxpayer in order that they may be impartial (loud laughter here) is taking millions from the European Union without declaring it.

The only way to find out what was happening was to prise it out using the Freedom of Information Act. Why then did they try to hide this fact, in fact they sort to conceal its source it by calling it ‘other grant income’

There is clearly EU bias here, certainly no impartiality that’s for sure. How much influence did the EU have in deciding to rubbish UKIP via Panorama, was this a thank you for millions of secret funding?

Darragh talked to Farage about scrutiny or was that for other people and not for his employer, surely he must now realise that his attempt to rubbish UKIP has shown us that his integrity is clearly in doubt. He  self – righteously accused UKIP of bad practice whilst working for an organisation, who we all know is totally left wing in their attitude and deeds and secretly taking millions of pounds from the European Union; where is the impartiality here.

The BBC taking tax payers money and boosting  it up from another tax payers source; the EU. You can be sure that when the EU give money (even our money) away they will I am sure, want something in return.

Stick to real crooks Darragh and check out your employer.

Selling off the family silver, even when the tunnel makes money. Soon someone will step in and takes our 40% then we the taxpayer will pay the price later on.

It is bad enough that we have to wait for the EU to tell us that we can build a power station using a French company. This is Britain or was, where is Cameron’s pride, it is I believe in Markel’s handbag. Is there any leader in this country who has faith in who and what we are. Where are the men with gravitas and a sense of pride in their country.

I will tell you where they are, they are in UKIP where everyone is proud of who we are. People  are now sick of the small minded and pathetic MPs in parliament. Now we are run by self serving MPs in Parliament who are themselves run by an unelected regime across the water, soon they will be run by an Islamic Sharia state, and that will be three governments.

Are we surprised that UKIP has come about, we need a strong right wing government before it all hits the fan, and we are getting close to that.

Vote UKIP and get UKIP and forget the everlasting attempts to smear us.

Chuka Umunna

Here we go again, Chuka back to calling UKIP voters racist. Can you believe it, this is a party who publically berated the middle class for expressing concerns during their last time in office. Crack  a joke, make an innocent remark, pass a justifiable comment, express a religious opinion and you could find yourself being dragged through a court or tribunal and humiliated by those very people who were once there to protect you.

You Mr Umanna are the racist, your party, the Labour party to whom you belong, hate the English so much you attempted to adulterate the English nation by throwing open our borders to anyone who wished to come in, that is racist; you and others in your party are a damned hypocrites. What sort of MP would do that to his own country, you are one of us are you not Chuka.

Boris said that the Tories under Cameron were guilty of deception, for God’s sake Boris we could have told you that years ago.

Uncertain MPs should make the jump now and move over to UKIP or at the next election you will need to look for a job; as for the rest of them let them jump over the cliff.

Die-hard Labour voters in the north should ask themselves what has Labour ever done for them. Each time they have been in government they have left us broke on leaving office, divisive politics, that is what they are good at and courting Islamic votes; so why vote for them.

It is time to give Farage and his party a toe-up, remember he is a consummate politician who speaks the truth and that is why they hate him. He exposes our leaders and their cohorts for what they are, a bunch of self serving MPs.

Vote UKIP and make them sweat.

Boris and ‘kippers’

Boris has shown himself to be another educated twit, perhaps buffoon more aptly describes him. Today in the Telegraph he talks condescendingly  about chatting to a ‘kipper’ about corner shops and some obscure person from Albania etc. What does it take for these people to understand that those who support UKIP are not about race (which he throws in as an aside) but about controlling our borders and the free for all that sees every man and his dog racing for the UK to sponge of us.

What is wrong with controlling those who enter here so that we get the best of the immigrants. What is wrong with the fact that we do not want every communicable disease brought our shores, let us remember that we got rid of tuberculosis disease; only to have it re- introduced by Asians.

Boris from his lofty perch has decided that ‘kippers’ don’t even know what they believe in, what an arrogant and foolish man. Below is what all believe in, it is instinctive in every free Englishman, however, It is hard for those to believe whose natural tendency is to function better under a German fist.

UKIP is a patriotic party that promotes independence: from the EU, and from government interference. We believe in free trade, lower taxes, personal freedom and responsibility.

UKIP believes in Britain becoming a democratic, self-governing country once again. This can only be achieved by getting our nation out of the European Union and reasserting the sovereignty of Parliament.

As a party we are unashamedly patriotic: we believe there is so much to be proud about Britain and the contribution it has made to the world. We believe that Britain is good enough to be an independent nation, trading and building harmonious relations with the rest of the world.

We believe Britain must get back control over its borders, so that it can welcome people with a positive contribution to make while limiting the overall numbers of migrants and keeping out those without the skills or aptitudes to be of benefit to the nation.

UKIP believes in promoting self-reliance and personal freedom from state interference. We believe the state in Britain has become too large, too expensive and too dominant over civil society.

Those who do not want to actually represent the people of England who elected them should leave now, Cameron will lead the way.

Vote UKIP and you will get UKIP, it is a simple as that. Do you love England or would you rather Germany and the unions. Think about it.