Why aren’t we looking at Zeebrugge,  Rotterdam and possibly the port of Scheveningen at the Hague.

We are constantly suffering from the illegal activities of France and its unions so let us ignore them.



Action stations Cameron

A massive incursion of economic immigrants is ready to suck the blood out England and Cameron’s ‘Cobra’ meeting comes up with, wait for it-

Sniffer dogs, that’s it sniffer dogs.

We can see why the defence of this country has been compromised. Thank God Putin is not coming up the channel.

This Tory government is a complete waste of time, it is time we put UKIP in power. We are besieged by the corporate giants, under a constant siege of left wing organisations who want to destroy England and our judges are no longer with us.

Obama has yet to shut up and mind his own business.

Vote UKIP be a patriot and not a traitor.


Another day another meeting, for God’s sake get of your back and protect our borders.

This man is has compromised our defence and now he is procrastinating whilst Africa and others are beating down our border defences.

We need a strong right wing government to protect our way of life.




No, say the KGB we didn’t try to recruit Cameron as a spy, on the other hand have we tried Germany?

Send in the army? have we got one left. 20,000 professional soldiers now ready to go. Our fighter squadrons have fallen from 26 down to 7, yes 7.

Our aircraft carriers due to take to the sea will have eight F-35 fighters to fly off them, how absurd. Bearing in mind that each aircraft carrier is capable of taking 36 of these top notch fighters that is 64 short out of a total of 72.

The 2% needed as a minimum on defence spending is there but we have fiddled the figures, covering war pensions, intelligence and payouts to retired civil servants.

The reduction in our armed services is nothing more than a complete betrayal.

We are facing a mass exodus of economic migrants from all over Africa, India and Pakistan determined to get into England, once they are here there is no way we can get them out, the judges of England will ensure that.

Meanwhile Cameron procrastinates whilst they disrupt our food, commerce and way of life. As for France it is about time that we gave them a dose of their same medicine, we can start by closing the tunnel, bringing in troops, advise people not to go to France and whatever else.

This government needs to exercise some muscle, get rid of the paedophile’s and other bloodsuckers in parliament and the Lords and start doing the job you are supposed to be doing.

Cameron is clearly not fit for the job, he may not want to point the finger at the French but we can certainly point the finger at him.

He is supine and a speechmaker with a backbone like a jelly.


The Queen

The Sun has demonstrated what we all knew, it is the pits. Is there anything it wouldn’t  do to for it readers, who like more in pictures than the written word, because it is easier to absorb.

Negotiate Changes

Michael Fuchs, is a member of Angela Merkel’s party and deputy chairman of the ruling CDU-CSU coalition,

However, Mr Fuchs said it was very unlikely that Mr Cameron would be able to renegotiate changes..

He said it is not easy because you are talking about the Lisbon Treaty and you know to change it you need 28 votes, a unanimous vote.

The fathers of the EU made it complicated for us to change it because they knew at a later stage there could be demand for changes.

 Now there’s a surprise, the truth is they knew exactly what they were doing and its end results.

That, however, is not going to change Cameron’s attitude. ‘I want to stay in so that’s that,’ isn’t he pathetic.

Vote UKIP and get your country back.

European Peace?

The EUs idea of peace, riots on the street, ripping up democracy and humiliating the Greek people.

In England apart from what is now everyday illegal immigration over a quarter of a million immigrants are sneaking into England by obtaining legality as EU citizen.

The EU is a menace to our society and must be resisted, but don’t rely on Cameron; he is part of it.


VOTE UKIP its the only way to protect our country.