The Tory Party

What is it about politicians, particularly the Tory party, we have just had an important referendum where the people quite clearly opted for complete and utter control of the country. At this point we got rid of a leader whose main claim to fame is that he exacerbated  the divisions that divided the country; ten fold through his personal disdain for the indigenous public.

Despite all of this we now have in power the remain camp. The leave ministers in charge of  Brexit are still subject to Theresa’s hold on article 50 and how she sees Brexit should evolve. The idea that these Brexit ministers are independent is a myth.

The Human Rights Act, which was promised is now under, shall we call it review! The HRA  is more than a devastatingly way for foreign criminals to evade justice. The truth is that HRA has done nothing to clamp down on democratic freedoms. Actually it has presided over a lack of Freedom of Expression and sent people to  prison for what they say  on Twitter, or worst still, so called hate speech.

Far from it he HRA has given official sanction to laws that fundamentally undermine them; this why we need a British Bill of Rights.

Wasn’t it the Prime Minister who pledged to draw up an industrial strategy for Britain , yet she and her chancellor are falling over to get rid of one of our most successful companies to Softbank, a Japanese company. Already they have fallen for their Softbank’s ambiguous promises. There is something about the Tories, given a chance they would sell  Granny’s silver if it brought enough in.


Finally, unless Theresa buckles down to migration her 16 points ahead will become a minus. The cut off date on immigration should be announced now otherwise we will have an equivalent situation in England to Germany’s problem in that there will be a huge surge in migration to Britain; why is it that they cannot make a purely  commonsense decision and get on with it. is food for thought.  


Theresa May

We can already see that Theresa is true to her conservative beliefs, treating the public with contempt.


The vote was out and that means out. Back door deals that allow her to put back article 50 and keep trading under the previous rules and not stopping free movement is not on.

Cameron, his fear campaign and international support which he garnered still lost him the referendum.

Fail us now and we will make sure that the Tory will fall by the wayside. 17.5 million people with more to come will make sure of that.

Stop taking us for fools Mrs May, trigger it now or take the consequences. Every terrorist attack by those who slip past us will be down to you and our government.

Cpl HowesFirst Sturgeon and then the IRA team with Blair, what else and now she has joined them. Why do British politicians like being photographed  with those who kill our soldiers?

Theresa May

The winds of change are already grinding to halt. Theresa failed miserably to cut migration to an acceptable level in office, despite the fact she was well able to deal with the non-EU members where we did have control.

The referendum was clearly about immigration and control, yet she now talks about sustainable levels and four years ahead!  Amber and Boris have already succumbed, thank God Boris wasn’t elected he would have given the Queen’s tea service away to Angela at the drop of a hat.

Free movement should not occur, this was clearly the will of the people. Theresa is now turning “Brexit is Brexit” into a cliché.  She was and is still part of the establishment, fine words and promises.

What is about Angela that seems to frighten politicians, let us not forget that she helped turn immigration into a massive movement and why? just to fill the Germans factories. During the last war they Germans took a large part of male Europe and turned them into slaves manning their factories etc.  Those days are gone so opening the door to endless immigrant seemed like a good idea under the present circumstances.

Thanks to the EU (under Merkels fist) we have ended up with immigrants who have nothing in common with many of the countries they are besieging, added to which we are quite clearly subject to huge waves of Islamists who wish to destroy our societies. Who can we blame for this, our spineless politicians of course,  who spend all of their time listening to various pressure groups instead of the people.

Our schools, housing, medical practices and society as a whole are under terrific pressure from unrestrained immigration. France due to its forceful nature will soon revert to civil war. In England where it has now become par for the course for the police to come down on the indigenous population at the slightest whiff of irritation, will take time.

Take note also that our MPs and Home Secretaries are completely at home with guilty or not ‘Bang them up’ and to hell with innocent until proven guilty. Why do they allow police to get away with this.

No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land.
To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice etc.


What part of this evades the consciousness of our politicians and police. The truth is that our politicians are to far removed form those they seek to represent.

The referendum was more than the obvious, immigration, control it was about the way we are governed by those who lie constantly  for the own ends.

Cameron felt the wrath of people who were tired of his endless speeches that in the end were nothing than that, just speeches. They just don’t learn.

Mealy mouthed tongue-lashing by Amber to leadsome and Boris has lead to a woman who imbues the Tory Party credo, tell them what you want but do something different.

Arun will hopefully set up another party based on UKIP. We are not going to get anywhere unless we can vote out these self indulgent people.


Nicola Sturgeon  will go down in history as a dictatorial minister who divided Scotland and England in a way that will be detrimental to the North’

It is clear that England has just about had it with Scotland, nothing is ever right for them. They have enjoyed preferable treatment over the years to the detriment of England but still they carp.

May will make  big mistake if she allows Nicola to have her way. This woman fully intends to take Scotland out, so let her go and that’s the end of it.

Let us not forget that Cameron has made a £859 million investment in Scotland for the next generation of Royal Navy Frigates. These are to be built on the Clyde to the detriment of England’s Portsmouth and Plymouth. If the vote was out we would be in hock to an anti- English government building our type 22 Frigates.

Not only that, what would happen to Nuclear deterrent? We cannot send it to France despite our deal, Wales too is out, Barrow may well be the best. We must keep our deterrent in England, whichever it is going to be expensive, but in the end it will have to be done. We can no longer rely on Wales and Scotland. England can and will stand alone, the problem we have is incredibly weak MPs. 

Ranvir Singh – Journalist

How typical of a BBC journalist who tried to connect Nigel Farage to the Bastille attacks. Nigel is not a racist neither does he condone violence yet the BBC and the left always try to denigrate what he has done.

Ranvir singh

Ranvir Singh hasn’t done herself much good by coming up with totally biased comment. What is certain she will have done more to inflame the situation by bringing UKIP and its supporters into it.

Islam is what it is and she would be better trying to apply pressure to Islam’s leaders or does she feel better doing it to Christians rather Islam.

Islam does violence and has brought terror and sheer violence wherever they are

Sikhs so far have concentrated on being part of England, how sad that she has attacked a Christian like this; who has the support of the vast majority.

Theresa May has swept the board clean and got rid of much of the political elite, however, the honeymoon period wont last for long.

Yet it is disturbing is it not that she has retained Jeremy Heywood, now known as Mr Cover up. It is clear to most people that he has corrupted the civil service, so why is he there.

This is the man who blocked the release of sensitive documents to the Chilcot enquiry. He also allowed Cameron to waste 9 million of taxpayers money for a propaganda leaflet, further to that he instructed civil servants to ignore Brexit ministers when it came to EU policy “cut them out of the  loop” Under Heywood the civil service went out of their way to promote Brexit.

This man should be investigated not kept in his position. Theresa May is obviously ok with his corrupt image, the question is why?

We have not heard of the fishing industry. Clearly it should not be part of any negotiation, the fish in our water are ours and will give a huge boost to our economy.

Virtually everyone is adamant too that our aid budget has to go, again this was something that Cameron felt good about, whilst forgetting that people were suffering. He had a cheek to highlight it as one of his achievements along with Gay Marriage which no one wanted. Thank God he has gone. 

Theresa May

The establishment has won yet again, hence Cameron’s little hum as he walked back through door.

“Brexit means Brexit” intones Theresa. a remain minister. My previous blogs made it clear about immigration and how she failed completely to resolve it.

She is against the Australian system to control immigration, despite it being the obvious thing to do. Theresa is against it because it will fly in the face of doing a deal on immigration with the EU, that’s why. She has no intention of stopping immigration.

Theresa is totally in sympathy with the Muslim communities in Britain despite the fact they will never assimilate and will seek constantly to further their cause. We already have no go areas and Muslims telling people that this a Muslim area.

Frances Patrick Calvar, head of the general Directorate   for Internal security is right when he talks about being on the verge of a civil war between the Muslims and France’s civilian population. This has been on the cards since I first published my book in 2010. Muslims have brought violence to every country they have resided in due to their ideology. When it happens they will have no one else to blame as it spreads to other countries, particularly England where our leadership has paid court to them forgetting that we are Christian society.

Theresa will pick a Brexit team but they will be under strict instruction  to do it her way. In that team should be Farage with his long experience and support in the country, but I suspect she will ignore him. She should bear in mind that she is Prime Minister because of Nigel Farage and nobody else.

What will be her instruction on our fishing policy. No deal on that hopefully. We should take it back right now,  impose the 200 mile limit and help the fishing industry; let her not forget that it was the Tory Party who gave our fishing industry away and ruined peoples lives beyond repair.

What about Cameron aid package, giving money to corrupt countries whilst those at home were struggling to survive. It did it all to make him feel good, after all this is a man who is not ‘short of a bob’ it should be reduced to 3 or 4 million until we decide to upgrade it. The people of this country come first.

As for Phillip Hammond the doom monger he should be given another job and be told to shut up about Brexit and how long it is going to take.

Arun was right, we now need a new party whether that is UKIP rebranded (which makes more sense) or a totally new party. It is time to wipe out the Labour party for ever, they have done enough damage to this country, particularly on immigration and multiculturalism, not to mention a 179 dead British soldiers and wounded and over a 150,000 Iraq civilians.

As for the Tory party despite some protestations from the back bench they have come together to ensure that Brexit is what they want and not what the people want. They are now treading a very narrow path and I believe that the EU will still be their downfall.

Daily Mail

I have taken the Mail for years, however, I am so sorry to see the mail going out of their way to rubbish Andrea Leadsom.

Clearly they have taken advice from Osborn, one of the architects of the fear factor.

Let us face it Cameron had hardly got his short pant off before he became Prime Minister.
May is a remain minister and is OK with Sharia Law, God forbid and has already decided that movement of people is open to question and prepared to wait until article 50 is in the back of peoples minds.

The vote was clear out means out, do it or this will go and on.

UKIP must survive under a new and appropriate name so that the TORY and Labour are wiped out. 

Message to Gove

Nick Boles apologises over plot to block Andrea Leadsom in Tory leadership race.

If you believe this then you will believe anything.

The plot thickens, it can be seen that there is a cunning and calculating plot to keep leadsom out of the last two contestants.

Mr Gove they know that you will not win which is why our gruesome MPs set such great store in keeping leadsom out of the last two.

You have said you wanted to do the right thing by the country, in which case you should resign your attempt at leadership and move behind Leadsom.

Once again if she is out then you will be blamed. Do the right thing and resign your leadership challenge, otherwise a remain minister will be put in place.

This must not happen otherwise the Tory party is dead and you will split the country and those who wanted out will not accept a typical Cameron PR stunt.

Juncker is dangerous

Who is this bureaucrat

Who is this bureaucrat

What’s next concentration camps for the Brexit supporters.

Jean-Claude JunckerHenrySmithMP/Reuters

An EU Commission official has sent letters to MPs urging them to block Brexit

In an affront to democracy a bureaucrat at the EU Commission is sending out letters to UK politicians ordering them to vote against leaving the European Union.The astonishingly patronising letter says Britons did not really want to quit the Brussels club and points out the referendum result is “not legally binding”.

And in a scarcely believable display of chutzpah bordering on parody workers at the unelected, unaccountable Commission – none of whose officials have been subjected to a vote – argue the referendum was “not an exercise in real democracy”.The jaw-dropping letter was revealed by a furious Tory MP, who described the naked attempt to interfere in Britain’s democracy as “breathtaking”.

The letterHenrySmithMP

The letter, sent to Tory backbencher Henry Smith, sets out five ‘reasons’ for ignoring Brexit

In the astonishing note sent to all 650 MPs an EU Commission official urges backbencher Henry Smith to vote against triggering Article 50 in parliament, and tells him to lobby other MPs to do the same. 
The female British bureaucrat, who now lives in Brussels, says: “I am writing to you to ask you to ensure with your fellow MPs that the house will reject any motion to invoke Article 50.”She goes on to lay out five “reasons” why our own MPs should seek to overturn the expressed will of the British people.

Her extraordinary intervention will further fuel fears in Britain and on the continent that Mr Juncker’s wildly out of control Commission is becoming increasingly detached from reality.

Henry Smith MPHenrySmithMP

Mr Smith said he was taken aback by the ‘breathtaking’ interference in our democracy

The anti-democratic body and bizarre actions of its chief bureaucrat are becoming a source of growing concern across the EU, with calls to sack Mr Juncker and strip Commissioners of the powers they have so badly abused.And it will also add to suspicions closer to home of a planned establishment stitch-up to deny the British people their democratic choice.

A group of fatcat businessman have hired top law firm Mishcon de Reya in a bid to force the Government to hold a Commons vote on invoking Article 50, rather than that action being taken by the next Prime Minister.

They are hoping that they can frustrate or even overturn Brexit through the courts because around three quarters of MPs backed the Remain camp.

I am writing to you to ask you to ensure with your fellow MPs that the house will reject any motion to invoke Article 50

EU Commission employee

Labour MP David Lammy has already called for Parliament to block Britain’s exit from the EU, though many more have indicated they will respect the wishes of the people.Nonetheless, the revelation that they are being actively lobbied by rich and powerful Brussels will cause concern.

In her letter the EU bureaucrat points to the 52-48 result of the referendum and argues that “a matter of such fundamental importance should not be decided on a bare majority”.

Calling for a legal requirement of a 75 per cent majority before going ahead with Brexit she writes: “It cannot be right that the country’s position on an issue of such gravity should be decided on such a narrow margin.”

Next, she pompously argues that the “reasons for holding the referendum in the first place were flawed” and attempts to point the finger of blame at David Cameron.She write: “It was effectively held for domestic party political reasons, yet the outcome will shape Britain’s and Europe’s future for years to come.”

Having trashed our electoral system, she goes on to call British voters stupid.

The bureaucrat writes that “many polled voters’ perceptions were very wide of the mark” and points to a tiny handful of Leave voters who have given media interviews indicating they regret their decision.

Finally she attacks the referendum process itself and lashes out at the British media, arguing it was “not an exercise in real democracy” because voters were “peculiarly under-informed” about Brussels.

She concludes: “The above arguments underline that any action to empower the government to invoke Art 50 in these circumstances is neither democratically legitimate nor in the interests of the country and its citizens.”

Mr Smith, the MP for Crawley, posted the letter on his Twitter page in astonishment.

He branded it a “breathtaking” attempt by an employee working for the “remote” European Commission, saying they should not “seek to interfere with a British democratic decision”.


England is the mother of parliaments.

“England is the mother of all parliaments” so said reformist John Bright at Birmingham in 1865, how contrite that is right now.

What would he have said if you told him that English politicians had sold their soul to an unelected,  regime headed by Germany whose main claim to fame is they have brought, and still bring out violence throughout Europe.

We have English politicians who decry and belittle democracy, politicians who are a disgrace to those who fought and gave their lives to uphold democracy. This humiliation is passed to those who still adhere to the rule of law and democracy.

We have , thanks to Nigel Farage, had the opportunity to hold a referendum on democracy and freedom. as a result the people have spoken on the latter, this however does not sit well with those who put their well being, finances and positions of power above all else.

The Tory party are the people who right now are playing their form of democracy, by ignoring the will of the people and they will endeavour to ensure  that the real contender to Theresa May will not be in the last two. This way they can ignore the will of the people.

This way they will ensure that although the majority voted to leave, they will ensure that a remain person becomes Prime Minister. This is chicanery of the highest order.

It is not Gove who is devious but parliament. Skulduggery in “England The Mother of All parliaments” is rife. Our Parliament has become the lowest of the low, a total and absolute disgrace.

We have megalomaniac Blair, answerable for the death and wounded of British soldiers, so too the death of 150,000 Iraq civilians, along with the corruption of our once proud civil service.

Cameron heir to Blair has continued with the corruption of our civil service. Together they talked down our economy and his disciples are still doing it.

The Tory Party and the Marxist left, who themselves have brought this country down, should be put out to grass. UKIP must now rebrand and seek to put this people where they belong, in a deep pit marked dunghill, dross or whatever.

They will make sure Gove will not win so, he should put his country first , come out and align himself with Leadsom so that she is in the last two. Come on Gove you have talked about your country so do it.

Take note these antics will not go down well with the people and you will end up with a “monkey on your back” This charade must end.