Martin Schultz and the New Reich

Martin Schulz, the president of the European parliament, applied pressure so that the Latvian delegate left her post, leaving Nigel with a headache. We can expect many things to happen, such is the fear of the New Reich and Cameron. Hopefully the Germans and others will not revert to type; watch your back very closely Nigel.

The office for National Statistics tell us that within 25 years we will have increased our population by 9.6 million with 60% coming from migrants. Who will suffer more, it is easy it will be the indigenous population; exactly the way it is today.

Romanians, no problem they said, how many have we got now, well over 200,000. Ask the Londoners around Park Lane where many are congregating and causing problems. Give us houses they say, and we will go away, already we are subject to blackmail by these people.

Thousands at Calais, determined to come over to England and what happens if they make it? comfortable rooms in private hotels all on taxpayers money. Fleece the idiotic English taxpayer, that is what they are saying. Put them in camps, that is where they belong, then deport them.

We now have Muslims in open revolt threatening the indigenous population. Well educated people seeking to cause us harm and due to their education and money are an immediate threat. So what does our government do, they say let us have another Cobra meeting and talk about it. Cobra! more like a slow worm get-together. If you put all of these people in Cobra into a fighting platoon they would be wiped out in half a second. No guts, no decision, God help England.

Vote for a party that will put England at the forefront, make it sovereign once again and look for another Churchill.

Vote UKIP and ignore the endless diatribes and denunciations that are coming our way; it is going to get worse. We have no time to wait for 2017 a referendum now.


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