Pure waffle

Today we witnessed what can only be described as pure waffle on immigration and deporting criminals. This government has had four years to sort out this complete and utter shambles.

Criminals abscond because they are let out in the first instance, anyone with an ounce of common-sense would take them from the jail to an aircraft or whatever and send them on their way.  We are continually subjected to rhetoric and PR nonsense. We have all of these problems because the governments and the opposition have completely lost their way; along with their marbles. The calibre of people at the top is abysmal to say the least, what on earth has happened to this country.

Juncker has spoken. Cameron will not be able to change the rules on free movement in the EU.

Cameron should now get of his high horse and call for an immediate referendum, and stop pretending that he is a Eurosceptic. He has been on his belly for long enough, stand up and tell the New Reich to go to hell, he may as well because he will not get into government following the next election. It will be Milliband, however, we will give UKIP sufficient votes to make him kingmaker.

A referendum is 2017 is rubbish, designed to it all to one side, by then he and Merkel will believe that it is too late; Cameron cannot be trusted.

We are now under attack from the EU, immigrants, asylum seekers, foreign  criminals and Islamists. It is time for every Englishman, whichever party he votes for, to vote for UKIP and defend ourselves.

Vote for a party that truly represents us all and keep out the Scottish MPs, they must not vote on English matters.


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