Cameron has warned that there would be consequences if  Claude is appointed, this is going to be further humiliation for Cameron.

The only “consequence” that could matter is the setting up of a referendum before the next General election, however, Cameron is much of a Europhile to let that happen, and that will be his downfall and the end of the Tory Party. Marxist/Labour will come in and there will a surge to the right. People will realise that all democracy has gone which leaves them with one option; and they will take it.

Germany’s Chancellor has weighed up Cameron and found him wanting and prepared to ride roughshod over him. Germany now has England in its sights. Blair started the break up of England with devolution coupled with the dismemberment of England itself, and now we have Cameron.

Cameron is pretending to fight for us but in reality he has already given our country away, what we are hearing now is rhetoric; sheer bombast. Who ever gets elected he will be a federalist and Germany’s chancellor will not rest until they are the masters again.

We the public are to blame we have listened to these liars for so long that we have forgotten what the truth looks like. Now we have immigrants, Labours dependants and the Unions who are now calling the tune.

Unless we continue to vote for the one party who actually represents the people of this country, we are going down in flames.


British jihadists

It is said that over 400 British jihadists have joined ISIS, and are now fighting for those who are ultraconservative and inhuman.

The cry now is , what have we not done to integrate these people into our society, how have we failed them. The truth is that it is the Muslim society that has failed us and not the other way around.

They go through hell and high water to get into this country and seek it’s protection, and why, it is because they are in the main, treated like animals in their own country; so they come to a Christian country to get a better life. Suddenly they are calling us kuffers and soon after that they tell us where we have gone wrong in our lives and what we need to do about it.

Theresa May needs to stop this appeasement by the intellectual idiots in this country and deal with this massive problem right now. Take away the passports and/or make them stateless and get them out of this country along with their family.

If British jihadists like ISIS so much then let them live under it;  the sooner the better. As for the moderate Muslims who apparently don’t support violence, all I can say is, pull the other one. The Muslim community do nothing to prevent this happening, nothing what so ever.

This and the last government have failed to prevent the spread of Islam in this country and we are now going to reap, very heavily, the cost of appeasement.

Those who are now fighting with ISIS cannot be allowed back, who knows what atrocities they have already committed.

Islam have declared war on us and we must be prepared to fight back.

Cameron’s obfuscations.

How much longer must we listen to Cameron. he has in the past few weeks regaled us with his heroic stance against the election of Jean Claude-Juncker, the truth is that any of them elected would be a federalist; she or he would be looking at ever closer union, we know it and so would Cameron.

Merkel came to parliament ( let us face she now owns it) to tell British MPs that there would not be any fundamental reform.

The French President told us that reform is not a priority, now we have the Polish foreign minister Radowslaw Sicorski slate Cameron as incompetent, saying that ‘he does not get it’ along with a string of expletives.

Radowslaw also stated that the only Paland would agree to demands for a return of UK powers from Brussels was ‘in return for a mountain of gold’ is he saying that Poland can be bought?

Cameron in order to impress us has decided to take on the German Chancellor, forgetting the Germany must win and be in charge. It is why they instigated two world wars and in doing so sent millions of soldiers and 6 million Jews to their graves. They are still at it, however, they have given up wars and are doing it via economic and monetary union aided by the most disloyal and mendacious MPs ever.

You can be sure of one thing and that is Cameron will continue his high handed approach to running this country, consensus and fairness are an anathema to him.

There is not one MP in the British parliament who have the guts or the integrity to stand up and say enough is enough and Cameron should go and an immediate referendum before the next election.

The Tory party have already conceded to each other that they will lose the next election and all they are worried about right now is; who will be the next in line.

This is why UKIP needs to have the support of all otherwise we will be taken over completely by the EU with a Marxist/labour government totally in thrall to revolutionaries Unions obeying the call from an equally ugly regime across the water.

China and British jihadist

Can you imagine what Li Kegiang will say to his inner circle the next time around, probably something like “we have got them and it was so easy” and it was too.

Cameron is a well educated man but so naïve and lacking judgement, China will now control our nuclear power supply and our railway, and he is ‘over the moon’ about it!

Cameron is totally intent on removing our sovereignty and our nation state. He has given an almost total control of our energy to a communist state and what is left of our sovereignty to the unelected and totalitarian EU.

It is quite clear to everyone by now that all of this is a deliberate attempt to wipe England off the face of the map. Our pride, what is left of it has been trampled in the dust by this deceitful man. This has nothing to do with being open for business, Cameron is selling who and what we are and treating us with the utmost contempt.

Shame is passé in England, especially in those who are well educated, however, I myself feel shame for the miserable and pathetic creatures who now rule us. It is the ordinary people who have now become ashamed of the so called leaders who are voting for UKIP.


Already we have Cameron and others saying how dangerous these jihadists are and what they are intent on doing, but what will they do about it? I have been saying for years that we have a recognised fifth column in this country but neither this or the last government did anything about it. The security service do their job well but then they come against our weak-kneed and truly pathetic politicians.

I would suspect that if you asked any thinking man or woman what should be done, they would say take away their passport and make them stateless or otherwise, in addition to that send their families after them. That is the common-sense and obvious thing to do, but will they do it, of course they won’t, Probably the EU and its courts will object and because we have succumbed and are now ruled by these people we will do as they say. So look forward to more PR and more people being killed and ‘we must learn our lesson’

Cameron and others before him ( Brown in particular) has given England keys away, so anyone can now come in  and treat us with the same amount of disrespect that Cameron has.

Things are going to get worse, they/we have given up ruling our self and will pay a very heavy price for this. We must not vote for acquiescent leaders like Cameron, Clegg and Miliband. If you love your country then you must vote for UKIP and ignore the collaborators.

The great give away

Premier Li Kegiang more or less tells Cameron that he wants to meet the Queen and despite it being contrary to what she normally does, she did.

This is only the beginning, China now they have the right to own, operate and build our nuclear power stations. China Railway Group wants to help with railway construction jobs.

Translation they intend to own, operate our railways and be in total control of our energy needs.

They, the Chinese, not our people, will descend on our shores and all the expertise and jobs we had will go.

Cameron is more than happy to pass our country over to an undemocratic regime, so why would he worry about the jobs and well being of the English nation.

What will be next, co-operation to build our submarine service, perhaps a controlling interest in our arms industry.

We all know that China is going to be the next world power, but is that any reason to beat a path to their door and have them take us over at this stage of the game.

France will still be France for a long time yet, what a pity our Parliament is so crowded with collaborators.

Cameron will have his way, because like Clegg, he is a spoiled little boy who wants his train set now, and to hell with anyone who gets in his way.

I am in charge, so do as I say and stop talking about democracy, it gives me a headache.

Blair, Cameron and immigration

The first thing you need to know is that both these people are pro-immigration, but for slightly different reasons.

Blair and his armchair socialist government held a contemptible view of England, to the point of being racist. They wanted to rub our nose in diversity, so they came up with multiculturalism, then opened the door to a million or more people. That is what the labour Party and Blair thought of us and their country.

Cameron is an out and out Eurocrat, but a mole because he works in the dark. Cameron could not give a damn about immigration, he has just opened the door to some of the poorest countries in Europe and we will pay the price, literally.

Now he is pushing for Albania to enter the EU! over three million people from one of the poorest and crime ridden countries gaining access to England.

Why is doing this? here we have another man who tells us how much he loves his country but cannot wait to give it away to our historic enemy. We as a nation are withering on the vine and it is all down to British politicians like Cameron.

We must vote in a strong right wing government this next time around. We have come to a crunch, every English man and woman must vote for UKIP, they are all that are between us and the death of England.

The Tory party once the stalwart of England have sold their souls to Germany and the EU. The Marxist Labour party too have given up on us, the undemocratic EU is like a song to their heart. The Liberals are hardly worth talking about.

We have one party, the party of the people, it is called UKIP; vote for it.

Iraq and Blair

Watching Blair on the Andrew Marr show today was a sight to behold. In keeping with the established rule in the Labour Party, the fault for anything that goes wrong is to blame some one else; and that’s what Blair did.

We all know that Blair’s illegal invasion of Iraq, made possible by Alistair Campbell and M16 Sir John Scarlett and their dodgy dossiers, has led to this. Dismantling the Iraq army and police with no idea what to do in the aftermath. Not everyone in the Baathist party was a menace to society, for example virtually everyone in the public sector were in the party, they had to be. Still, out went the army, the police and the ministries and Iraq lost it’s leader and had it’s legs chopped from under it.

As a result the antagonism between the Sunni and the Shia was inevitable and in the 11 years has led to the complete destabilisation of Iraq. Blair should be impeached and those who helped in this task should face consequences.

What about the Chilcot enquiry, that should be made available, warts and all. Those who oppose making it available, are they not guilty too by sitting on information which, could result in a charge. If you and I sat on information which could be of help to the police, they would have you locked before you could say Blair.

Blair was too close to Bush, some of our leaders get carried away by this special relationship. There isn’t one, if it suited the Americans they would walk all over us, which is what they did in the second world War. Special relationship, what rubbish.

The best we can say is that they, Bush and Blair deserve each other.

Get Farage

Every year since 2001, Nigel Farage has declared in his European Parliament register of interests the use of a rent free office. As UKIP said, the European parliamentary was the logical place for it to be declared.

13 years later the commission is now investigating! has this got anything to do with the fact that UKIP has trounced the collaborators in the European elections? I suspect it has.

We all know this much, you cannot trust anyone at the top anymore, insidious comes to mind.

We have just seen a 83 year old grandfather who attempted to alleviate the suffering of his wife, locked up in a prison cell for 7 hours then finally released but barred from seeing his wife; how disgusting can you get.

During my childhood I remember my mother telling me that if there was a problem then go to a policeman. There are two things wrong with that today, in the first instance it is more than hard to find one. In the second can you imagine anyone telling their child or each other to do the same thing? a cell first then we will check if you are guilty.

The social services in this country are appalling and should be disbanded and normal people put in charge. Reporting a poor man trying to protect his wife, secret courts, taking children away from the parents with a complete disregard for the children and the parents. grandparents tossed to one side like trash, yet the same social services will gladly put a child in the care of Lesbians and homosexuals. How would they know that the child will not suffer harm, they truth is they do not and they don’t care.

The police seem more than happy to lend their support, it is clear that you would need to consider long and hard whether you would go to the police for help today.

What the hell has happened to our country. We need to vote for a strong and patriotic party and the only one we have is UKIP. If you love you country then vote for it.

Patriotic leaders

As the Russian tanks move further and further into the Ukraine, the west holds up its hand and promises hardship to Putin, he smirks and carries on. He knows he is dealing with weak and pathetic governments.

ISIS moves on consolidates it hold on Iraq, knowing that it too is dealing with a weak and incompetent government.

Obama tells the world it is a regional problem and that there will be no American boots on the ground, if there hadn’t been American boots on the ground in the first instance, there wouldn’t be a problem today.

Cameron does not want boots on the ground, actually he does, but public opinion will force to do what he does best i.e. say one thing and do another, so he will expose our SAS by sending them ostensibly to advise the Iraq government. Getting the Iraq army to where it is today has involved a lot dead and maimed soldiers; yet we have seen that it is still useless, so why involve the SAS.

You will not see Germany and others in the EU, involve their countries in this as they are too busy working out ways of keeping us in the EU so that they can continue to bleed us dry and wipe England of the face of the map, aided of course by Cameron.

Cameron makes a great deal of his proposed referendum in 2017, but anyone who believes this man needs their heads testing. Cameron and Merkel will do a deal that will give him something and nothing, so that when the time comes, Cameron will ensure that we still be voting for the New Reich.

This man is absolutely determined to keep us in the EU, dominated by the German Chancellor. He is without doubt totally and utterly deceitful.

Right now this government and the EU are united in their determination to bring down UKIP by fair means or foul; mostly foul.

They will try to do it using the courts, and we can no longer trust our courts, they too have succumbed to the judiciary over the water.

In England we must remember that we no longer have representation, Cameron and his crony MPs have now taken the EUs mantle of dictatorship. Cameron is making sure that we will not be able to decide who rules us; he will.

Each and every person needs to vote for UKIP, if we don’t then we have given up our country and our freedoms. Think about it, Germany will have lost the battle but one the war, thanks to English politicians.


Brecon Beacon and SAS soldiers.

Two SAS soldiers may be facing a charge as a result of soldiers dying through heat exhaustion, this is not right and the lawyers and the chattering classes should be put to one side.

I was a Para Staff Sergeant Instructor with the school of Infantry in Brecon and before that I spent a lot of time putting men through advanced training via the airborne depot.

Whilst one is cognisant that advance training for airborne troops needs a watchful eye, the same cannot be said for potential SAS soldiers. First of all they are already fully trained soldiers, secondly they train hard prior to this course and should be very fit.

They are all aware of the problems of heat exhaustion and of the ‘Wet weather syndrome’,  in the latter case they know that once wetness has got through to your skin and you keep moving your are in trouble and that is something you have to deal with; particularly in the Beacons.

Men of this calibre must learn how to deal with heat and cold, when it comes down to it, there is no one there to hold your hand. It is why many of the SAS have their grounding in the Parachute Battalions, the ability and training to keep going no matter what.

Overall we are grinding everything down to mediocrity, firemen who won’t step out of line, policemen who refuse to go into water to rescue someone, soldiers in battle, fighting with one hand behind their back and looking over their shoulders for money grubbing lawyers ready to pounce.

Start on the SAS then it is time to give up. Cameron and his defence minister have already compromised the defence of this country, their actions are inexcusable.

Is the assault on our soldiers by the Hague Court and the chattering classes going to become the norm. If so they will never get the part time soldiers they want, it is arguable that they will fail in this anyway.

Stay away from the special forces.