Danuta Hubna

Danuta states that we can be stripped of our language by the EU; how idiotic and foolish can you be,  English has now become by default the language of the world.

Stick to Polish Danuta at least we will all know what you are talking about via the EU’s interpreter.

She mentions that we have to respect the EU and their values; someone should tell her that you have to earn respect and as for values why should anyone value a dictatorial organisation like the EU.

The EU ignored Ireland’s rejection in 2008, and Frances rejection of the Lisbon treaty. Athen’s voted by 61% to 39% to reject the EU’s policy on austerity all of which was ignored by the EU and they talk about values!

They wouldn’t know democracy if it landed on their heads.

I am sick of  being threatened by a corrupt organisation like the EU, I see them as the enemies of Britain and no matter how well we do as a country the EU has it moles in England (not forgetting our establishment)  ready to do us down; that really sickens me.

We can but hope that Marine La Penn becomes the leader of France because the unacceptable face of capitalism is well entrenched, particularly here in England where people are being sucked dry right left and centre.

Quite rightly Farage should be recognised for his efforts; and given a knighthood.

 He was tireless in his efforts to bring democracy and our sovereignty back to Britain. Despite the establishment, capitalism and the ever disgusting EU he managed it to do it.

He deserves a knighthood and the Queen should make that known.

He has given her back the commonwealth and sovereignty (if Theresa May has the guts to carry it through) something the Queen has always valued.