Tolerance has been physically abused

Manzoor Moghal Chairman of the Muslim Forum has come out against anti discrimination in an article in the Daily Mail. As far as I am concerned this is a case of shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted.

Mr Moghal, like every other Muslim knew exactly what has been going on, so where has he been. This country has shown remarkable tolerance in its treatment of those who come in to our country illegally or otherwise, so what is it about Muslims that make them want install a regime that they ran away from in the first instance. For years Muslims have plotted against this country, planning for a Muslim State and in most instances shouting it out loud.

Mr Moghal and others like him have kept quite because in their heart they believe that we would be better off in a Islamic state. Take note Mr Moghal you have shot your bolt and most of the people in this country want you all out. The Islamic state has brought us nothing but violence and will continue to do so. Murdering people in the name of God (who I believe in ) is a total and utter sin.   “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”  and so you will.

How did we get to this stage, multiculturalism is the culprit and who rammed that down our throats? the Labour Party of course, do we not remember how they bandied this around during the last government. The thought police supported by the actual police, following the dictates of the left wing anti- state labour party, started to tell us what we should and shouldn’t say.

Under Labour we witnessed a slow but sustained attack on the very heart of England and it institutions, it is no coincidence that rich businessmen and cronies have ended up with peerages and/or positions of power within and without government.

Tyranny, subjugation, cronies, placemen, lies, political control of the civil service, massive immigration coupled with the deliberate destruction of family life against all conventional wisdom. Destroy marriage and the family and you have destroyed the bedrock of society. When they pursued multiculturalism they knew exactly what they were doing. They hated the middle and upper classes so much that they would destroy our society and country to quench their ideological thirst.

The Christian faith continually undermined, freedom of speech curtailed, crack a joke make an innocent remark, pass a religious opinion then you could be publically berated and humiliated by the very people who were once there to protect you. Like the soviets of old you could be held to account for not conforming to party ideology.

This is why we are where we are today where idiots in the Rotherham council and the Muslim community were able to sit back and basically condone the rape of “white Trash” by Pakistanis. They too along with the police thought that young girls raped and maltreated had it coming to them, how utterly pathetic.

Now we have Pakistanis and others who think that we should be murdered because they don’t like who and what we are. This has to change one way or another, Parliament need to debate hanging and put it in or out of their manifesto and to hell with the do-gooders.

Cameron has had plenty of time to resolve much of these problems but of course has done absolutely nothing. Telling us that we now have a serious problem is to stating the ‘bloody obvious’ it is about time that the Tory party woke up, Cameron is the problem, he hasn’t the guts or gumption to resolve this problem. If he and others clamped down hard on these radicals in the first instance, we wouldn’t have anything like the problem we have today.

Violence is in the offing from both the Muslims and unfortunately,  many other people in our society who have had enough. Muslims will have no one to blame but themselves;

they have abused our hospitality in the most horrific way.

I applaud Douglas Carswell for taking the plunge and particularly how he has done it. it will be a shame if others of the like mind, do not have the courage of their convictions to do the same. They should realise that they will not win the election, because old Tory voters have wiped them out. People are sick of lies, speechmaking and losing their country to immigrants, ghettos and a judicial totalitarian regime waxing lyrical over the so called English demise.

Vote for UKIP they are the only party that truly represents us and not the Tory party, certainly not the Marxist Labour party and for God’s sake, not the foolish and out of this world Liberal Party headed by Clegg the hypocrite.


A leader

The only man who now looks like a leader for Great Britain is Nigel Farage. He speaks the truth and is a consummate politician who aware of the underlying ambitions of Merkel; despite his jovial moods he a man with gravitas.

We are not ready for the Fourth Reich, France was Germany’s workforce during the second world war, under Merkel auspices is that where they going again; I thought they had more pride.



Who won the war

Am I alone in being sick of Jean Claude Junker, he had the dubious distinction of being in charge of just over half a million people, and now he wants to strut his stuff over a nation who ruled half the world. Let us face it, despite our paltry politicians we do still have a lot of clout. As for Martin Schultz the speaker who backs him, he is nothing more than a German politician enjoying his role as speaker for a defunct totalitarian regime called the EU.

To many of the English and maybe Scotland and Wales, he Jean Claude and Martin Schultlz are enemies of the English Nation and nothing will change that.

Nicholas Ridley was right when spoke to the media and said the economic and monetary union was a German racket designed to take over the whole of Europe, and giving up sovereignty was as bad as giving it to Hitler.

Remember Enoch Powell, he too was relegated to the side-lines when he spoke the truth about immigration

“As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'”

This was known as the rivers of blood speech, little did he know how right he was. Edward Heath; another home grown traitor sacked him. Heath a man who lied blatantly to the people about the EU, lying seems to be endemic in the conservative party, does it not.

Cameron despite all, is determined to keep us tied to what I regard as a despotic regime, Why?

We can only be free if we vote for a patriotic party, thanks to people like Cameron Great Britain is disappearing of the map and England already is nothing more than provinces. Think of it, Great Britain a country that once inspired the whole world is about to be eradicated. Scotland a great nation may yet be nothing more than a small nation hoping to be noticed by the world community; without the overall title of Great Britain they will be nothing.

How do they view that in Australia and New Zealand, with pity or a sense of disbelieve that British politicians think so little of their country that they are prepared to give it away (without the people’s consent) without a shot being fired!

Cameron has no intention of giving us a vote, he was a liar before and will be again.

Our country is being taken over by foreigners, our Christian way of life is consigned the dustbins of history, our people have become third class citizens in their own country. Anyone who objects to that, then you can be sure that there is a rule or law somewhere that allows our enemies, government and the left to grind us down.

We have one choice and that is to vote in a party who will protect the indigenous populations rights, a party that will allow us to walk our streets without being set upon by those who now think they own our country.

Vote UKIP if you love your country; this coming election will be the decisive moment. Remember that we have as many enemies within as without.

Boris is right!

Brendan O’Neil writing in the telegraph was right to say that persecuting people for their private conversation denies us our freedom of speech; it is Orwellian and should be rooted out. Look at my blog ‘England on the Cusp’ and the extract from my book Sir, We Are At War, fourteen years ago I wrote about the threat to freedom of speech; it has arrived.

Boris is right, do we all think that Pakistanis and other nationalities now have obsession for holidays in Turkey and a bit of sunbathing in Syria, of course we don’t. The presupposition that they goes out fight is the right one, and they should be treated accordingly. Further to this their British passport should be rescinded, dual or otherwise, human rights and the laws laid down by a totalitarian state and its judicial arm should be ignored.

These people who actively disdain our way of life and are prepared to murder our citizens, despite all that has been done for them and their parents, then they have forfeited the right to be called British citizens and that goes for the radicals who parade up and down our streets openly;  threatening our people.

So forget the snivelling lefties and human rights die-hards, put any one of them in the firing line and watch them beg for help and mercy, however, they like to whine safe behind their desks and English law.

Theresa May should stop talking about what is legal and isn’t and get on with doing what she is for, protecting the country and England. Forget the election manifesto and what they might do, that Cameron’s excuse for doing nothing. Bring in the laws now and go for these people. Is she going to wait for an attack; so that Cameron can come out with another speech, God forbid;  there is only so much the security police can do, so help them now.

Bring back Parliament (although I have little faith in it) and let it be an all party discussion, with no party politics, and agree to put paid  to these people; however it is done. Do something now.

We need to frustrate these three parties and their inability to act in the National interest, we need to vote for UKIP a party that truly represents the English people.

Scotland will soon go and when it happens no foreigner from Scotland should have preference for work in England and this should work for the media also. Am I alone in wondering if employment by the BBC is based on a non English surname; are the English at a disadvantage here.

Labour are intent on a women’s short list, it would appear that more women in parliament is more important than meritocracy, on the contrary mediocrity is the order of the day; no wonder they are such a disaster whenever they take power. Yet people still vote for them, the mind boggles.


Our pathetic politicians

If ever there was a need to vote for UKIP this is it, Nigel Farage has been warning the people for so long that immigration is out of control. The last Labour government has much to answer for its particular ideology which put their party above their country; yet people other than immigrants still vote for them.

The immigrants who have been stopped then abscond, often do so because there is someone out there who gives them money and a place to hide. The answer is to find them and deport those who have helped them along with absconder. Further to this, those who go out to train and fight should have their passports annulled immediately so they cannot come back. This of course is going to be difficult because our borders are still wide open; nearly five years and Cameron hasn’t sorted it out. What with the EU and Asian countries dancing their way around of so called border controls, it is no wonder that we in the state we are now in.

Use the professional soldiers betrayed by Cameron to create a security force separate from the police and have them under the offices of senior (but now civilians) army officers, give them all access to security files and let them go after these people.

May tells us it will be a generation before we get on top, that may well be the situation because of the  lack lustre response of our politicians who spend all of their time wondering what other people might say about them. If the media start to protest along with that truly pathetic and hypocritical Clegg, then tell them to get knotted.

We have allowed unfettered access to those who wish to convert Pakistani and others into radical terrorists.  parallels can be drawn into the secularist movement who are persecuting Christians because of their beliefs. Take away the Christianity of this country and what are you left with, a void and into it steps a religion that goes one step further and murders those who are reluctant to commit.

We need to stop talking about these poor boys who are disaffected by our way of life and deal with them. If they and their parents are disaffected then they should go back home, remember that’s the place they left because they were treated so badly there.

Are we surprised that these people kill all before them; including Muslims! remember one Muslim should not kill another, however, under Wahhabism which follows a strict interpretation of Islam. those who don’t follow this doctrine are classed as nothing more than heathens and the enemy of Islam. Under that interpretation they are not Muslims so they can kill them, where does that leave us, at the bottom of that heap, that is where it leaves us.

This lack of nerve by our politicians and others is worrying. What is needed is a multinational force to go in big time using air and ground forces to eliminate this threat once and for all, however, that would require the United Nations to condone this, but we all know that the UN is simply not fit for purpose; hundreds of thousands, million even could be killed whilst it conducts a search of it’s own navel.

The best we can do is to be really hard and without mercy on those who threaten us.

We need the common-sense of the British (or soon ) the English people to sort this out, not a speech-maker. Soon we will be able to vote for UKIP.

Who would you rather have, Cameron, Red Ed or (God Forbid) Clegg; so vote for Nigel Farage, a man who speaks the truth and represents the whole of English nation.



Muslims with British citizenship

Yvette Cooper and the Labour Party will never be forgiven if they make dealing with Muslim Jihadists into political point scoring. These are the most foul and evil people; and they are here and are ready to kill. What is truly disturbing is that the Muslim society support them, their silence on this matter bears witness to that.

New Labour gave far to much leeway to Muslims whilst they were in office and now have much to answer for. Multiculturalism allowed them to foist their views upon us whilst deriding our Christian values. Now they have a Muslim MP doing her best to boycott Jewish goods, have they not heard that a leopard seldom changes his spots. How much government information could you trust a Muslim MP with?

Now we have ghettos where people fear to tread, we have them because we have the most ineffective and bungling politicians ever in our history.

Most of England is Christian without even knowing it, our national compassion and tolerance of others has been frustrated by fools and scoffed at by the intellectual society. The money grubbing media who scurry after all that is bad in the US way of life have produced feral people who care for nothing, hedonism has reared its head and it is ugly to look at.

An ASBO for jihadists is totally laughable, for goodness sake why is it that these MPs have little or no idea of what they are dealing with? They need to be ruthless, nothing else will do.

Every young Pakistani and others who come back into this country should be suspect.  Jihadists should be stripped of their British nationality and immediatly sent home along with their whole family, get rid of them once and for all.

This bit that says the family didn’t know he or she was going out to fight is complete rubbish, they know alright. So stop patting these people on the wrist and do your job which is to protect this country.

Cameron has once again shown that for his ‘speechmaking’ nothing actually happens; just like Blair he is full of it and should not be in office.

Surely there must be someone in the present government who has the necessary balls to sort out this self serving Merkel’s poodles.

Margaret Thatcher would know what to do, she was a true patriot, a conviction politician and would  do whatever was necessary to protect England; above all she was never there to feather her own nest.

Cameron & his let-down

Cameron has pushed through gay marriage against all perceived wisdom and in doing so has downgraded marriage to nothing more than a signature. Marriage is the cornerstone of every society in the world and is not for social engineering. So please don’t listen to Cameron who has now decided to support marriage, the speech he made is all about the next election, he has already shown his credentials.

Most of todays youth accommodate gay men and women but that doesn’t mean they approve. The truth is various organisations like Stonewall have been successful in what they do so that anyone who disagrees publically would be hounded.

Stored in containers or lorries like sardines, jumping in to small rubber boats or taking their lives in their hand by hiding under trains; is there anything they wouldn’t do to get into England. Can you blame them, food , shelter, homes, schools, tax credits that make an every English day worker drool. The truth is whilst we feel sorry for those who are exploited, many of them have someone here who is totally prepared to have them milk our system.

Our overall benefits system makes the mind boggle and what has Cameron done about it; nothing. Nobody should draw benefits for a least five years, houses should not be given to immigrants. They should pay to use our NHS for a number of years. Those who bring them across should be totally responsible for them (let us face it once in they are in) Where do you think many of these immigrants get the money to pay for these gangsters, aren’t they desperate and poor? Cameron should ensure that anyone caught should be sent back immediately and whilst he is at it ensure that our system is adjusted so that these people don’t flock here.

A Labour Muslim MP has shown her true colours, joining those who boycott Jewish goods. The Jews have been here for a very long time and have fully integrated, we do not want Anti-Sematic Muslims telling us what to do. The Jews have brought us nothing but good; what have the Muslims given us?

Cameron is on holiday (most of us do with one) whilst the world falls around his ears. We all know that a holiday keeps you refreshed but we also know that the head of the organisation should be at his desk in an emergency.

Can you imagine a large company whose executive goes on walk-about every five minutes whilst the his company sinks into the mire. He is slowly but surely getting more and more involved without any clear idea where he is going. This is why he will not recall parliament because he will not have a real answer to any questions asked, added to which he has totally compromised our defence.

He is floundering, his foreign policy is subject to what the Americans may or may not do. He needs an objective and to obtain that objective he needs to know how he is going to get there, he needs adequate troops of and on the ground, ample equipment, superb intelligence and a clear idea as to what he is going to do if he meets and obtains his objective.

Where are the Germans and France and other nations, if they waiting for the United Nation then they are wasting their time, United Nations are a sick joke.

England needs a Margaret Thatcher, it is right she had more balls than the whole of parliament; and she was no traitor.

Instead we must vote for UKIP to help us control these inadequate MPs who pretend to represent us.

The Marxist Labour Party and its BBC accomplices.

Farage writes to left wing institutionalised BBC reference Panorama. They won’t read out his letter because like the banks, they feel they are untouchable. The truth is they are beyond contempt and should lose their licence; they are partisan and that is that.

The BBC has no credibility at all, any thing that is mentioned in and on English politics must be scrutinised, I  personally do not believe anything they say.

His letter also raises the prospect that it is rattled Labour activists who are now attempting to discredit UKIP, using the same techniques that flopped for the Tories and the Times in the run-up to the European elections.

Mr Farage’s letter says:

“Dear Elizabeth, RE: Panorama Rehash of Times Campaign Against UKIP

“Thank you for your letter, the contents of which I have given careful consideration to and quite frankly are a rehash of a series of overtly hostile articles published in the Times during the run up to the May 2014 European Elections in which I hope you will note that over 4.3 million people voted for UKIP and we are now the biggest British party in the European Parliament.

“Having established that your line of questioning is in no way original or “fresh to the market”, it is apparent from the tenor of your questions and the approach being taken by you that you are adopting a specific agenda which clearly conflicts with the well accepted BBC principles that a programme for public consumption should be fair and balanced.

“Regretfully, the concept of Panorama as judge and jury on (last century and ten-year-old) allegations which have been well dealt with by me in the past does not fulfill the BBC’s charter obligations, or for that matter, its role.

“Accordingly, I can give you no further assistance and should point out to you that should you wish to proceed with this programme, I expect you to read out, without interruption, in full and without censorship, the entire contents of this letter.

“As you well know, our party is now in receipt of at least two new supporters for every ex-Conservative supporter and I wonder if it is your Labour contacts that have interested you in this project, which has previously been utilised by a panicking Conservative Party.

“A Panorama programme aimed at explaining the workings of the EU, as your Charter obliges you to do, would be far more beneficial to the British people than a tedious BBC hatchet job at the behest of your pro-EU contacts.

“Finally, if you fail to read out and place on screen this letter in any programme you choose to broadcast, this will be brought to the attention of the BBC governors and of course OFCOM.

“This letter is my final word on the matter so please do not continue the correspondence with me.”


The Anti-Semitic movement now taking place, by trying to close shops that sell Jewish products is symptomatic of the Nazi Jewish boycott on the 1 of April 1933. Harassment and pillaging etc.  this is not what England is about and it is about time that these people were brought to account. Who are these people? it is fair to say that they in the most part are probably Muslims along with the left and perhaps right-wing movements.

We have already imported violence in all of its forms into this country, but we should not tolerate for one minute Anti-Semitic movements. This government and especially the last, who encouraged the Muslim community, should be brought to account and that can be done by voting for UKIP. As for the shops who gave in to these people, they should be thoroughly ashamed.

Many of these people are destroying our once great country, the more migrants, the more votes for the Marxist Labour Party, that coupled with the anti English left wing movements could let in the LibLab and the Unions; a recipe for violence.

The social order in this country is quite clearly on the edge, the last government was intent on breaking down the social order in this country, that was evident in everything they did. Unfortunately they were successful in many ways, migrants, schools, jobs, education, their class war on the middle class, jihadists, all have suffered; yet people still vote for them?

Cameron does not have the bottle to protect us as he should. This is a man who has compromised our defence at a time when we are most vulnerable globally, yet he cannot wait to send out men out to fight in order to boost his standing on the world’s stage. Twenty thousand combat soldiers axed, whilst he is desperately trying to get part time soldiers to enlist to do his dirty work;  his lack of judgement will follow many men to their grave.

Anyone who love England should vote for UKIP; this is England, save it and remember the millions who died so we could live in peace. It is no good remembering their sacrifice just once a year, let us take back our country and England.


Cameron article in Daily Telegraph

David Cameron warns us today in the Daily Telegraph that;

“The West is embroiled in a generational struggle against a poisonous brand of Islamic extremism that will bring terror to the streets of Britain unless urgent action is taken to defeat it.”

He is right of course but who is actually responsible for this, Blair and his New Labour are culpable, for taking us to war on the say so of a foolish President who had never gone much further than the local golf course. Further to that, Blair’s party allowed the Islamic community to do what ever they wanted, whilst diminishing the status of the indigenous people. Terrorists burned our flag on the streets of London whilst the police and the government looked on; and in the end did nothing.

Cameron too has allowed the Islamic community to get to the stage where they are totally emboldened, rubbishing our soldiers cortège and calling them murderers, Imams spouting terrorist propaganda (in France they kicked them out the next day) budding terrorists using our University campuses to stir up hatred, going off to fight our soldiers; even murdering one on our streets.

Anjem Choudery and his cronies brazenly hand out terrorist type leaflets in the heart of London, that alone tells how much they fear our government; what they have is total and utter contempt

Now we have Cameron trying to act like a statesman telling us that if we don’t support him we will have terror on the streets. It is too late Mr Cameron we all know your bark is far worse than your bite You are always going to do something but never quite get around to it; you are nothing more than a speechmaker.

If we have terror on the streets, it is because he and others do not have the guts to do what is right and sort out once and for all the terrorists in this country who move around in gay abandon.

We now have at least four to five hundred fifth columnists fighting over seas. They all have dual passports. Each one of these should be denied a British passport and entry back into this country, whether they were born here or not. He should then deport the whole of their families, and please do not tell that they don’t know who they are.

We should also bring back the death by hanging for any terrorist atrocity in this country.

Fourteen years ago I wrote a book, take note the prologue has not changed it was obvious to anyone what was going on in this country, much could have been done then to alleviate the problems of today, but unfortunately we ended up with nothing more than ideological leaders

Nerds, that’s what have today, overly intellectual and obsessive. Gay marriage for example, so much time time on unpopular,  and incomprehensible undertakings, forgetting mainstream activities that truly affect our lives of the indigenous population.

My italics


The world is changing faster than anyone could have predicted. Regimes that appear stable, whatever their position within the political spectrum can no longer feel, secure in the fact that their own particular ideology and aims will survive into the next decade.

Consider the following, Islamic insurrection coupled with interventionist foreign policies supported by aggression and pre-emptive action. The continued expansion of the European Union along with the proposed controversial constitution, despite absolutely clear objections by the majority of people in England. The ongoing destruction of the family unit in England recognised by all as the comer stone of every society throughout the world. The continual erosion of free speech and civil liberties by means of insidious legislation, this being an area of real concern as the perception as to what is right and what is wrong is clearly determined by those in power. And of course, the fundamental question on everybody’s lips is, why?

Involuntary mass surveillance increases day by day with, even now thousands of CCTV cameras, watching and continually tracking the movements of people daily without it must be said, their consent. People are being sucked slowly but surely into a surveillance society and the lack of a resolute opposition leaves us vulnerable.

It can safely be stated that a limitation on the freedom of speech, expression or vote leads inevitably to oppression which, in turn leads to anger then violence.

The author, who served in the Airborne forces, saw first-hand the effects of occupation policies, both at home in Britain and abroad. In 1999 all above had an influence on his motivation to hypothesise.

What if the government of the day forged even closer links with the darker forces within the European Union resulting ultimately in total loss of sovereignty and identity of the British people?

What if the British parliamentary system completely lost its counter checks and balances and ended up being totally subservient to Europe, would it result in passive acceptance, or in an active and passionate bloody resistance? Would patriots be prepared to fight for their way of life and their freedom?

What if England’s indigenous population was subjected to uncontrolled immigration and as a consequence became third class citizens in their own country.

Finally what if the people of England said enough is enough and decided to take back their country and their freedoms.

History tells us that ‘cometh the moment cometh the man’. Such a man is the central character of this entirely fictitious novel a patriot who, along with others is prepared to put his life on the line to support his beliefs.

Again history has demonstrated that through time immemorial, forces have always been marshalled to right a wrong and fight for what are their gods given rights.

The team that has been drawn together by our central character to meet this challenge draws their emotional strength from each other and a determination to be free again.

Finally our central character chooses the name of his operation with care as Appolyon is a dark and vengeful angel who rises from the depths…

How much of the above is true today.

We need a right wing party headed by those who are intelligent and blessed with sound common-sense.

We have one it is called UKIP it is time to take back our country, the next general election is the time to do it. Forget all the rubbish that says we will let in Miliband and vote for a party that truly represents us; UKIP



A day in the life of what was England

EU rules coming in on waste collection will confirm that it is ruled by total idiots, the wording is so unclear that they have had to issue a separate document to try to clarify it. Would you believe that it may require 9 containers to do the job; this of course would more satisfy the English idiotic councils who slavishly follow their rules.

We are now getting too many instances of people being arrested for crimes they have not been involved with on the instigation of someone complaining to the police. The real problem is that in far too many instances people are taken to a police station and kept in a cell without any real recourse; has happened recently in Canterbury Kent where a man was truly thumped in the face.What has happened to the British Justice system where you are innocent until proven guilty; the police seem to be out of control.

George Galloway has declared his constituency an Israel-Free Zone’ as a result the police are investigating!  I thought they threw people in cells for this, but there again Muslims are involved, one rule for us and one for them. Littlejohn in the Daily Mail was absolutely right, try substituting the word Pakistanis for Israel, then see what happens

Dr Taj Hargey, director of the Muslim Centre of Oxford. His article in the daily Mail castigating Muslims who go along with Jihadism and their foul methods, goes on to say that Muslim youngsters are there partly because of poverty and social isolation. This is total rubbish, this has all to do with the fact that they have no intention what so ever of becoming members of our society and are intent on saddling us with an Islamic way of life, all the while forgetting that they here because they were treated like rubbish in their own country.

Anjem Choudary and his cronies handed out provocative leaflets to shoppers in Oxford street and you quite rightly condemned it, but the real problems is that it is tolerated by our government and police.

This article is to be commended, yet we all know that it is a total and utter waste of time. It is why we need a strong right wing government in this country so that we can get rid of the evil that has now been imported into this country.

Face the truth Dr Hargey you will not get the Muslim community to go along with you. Religion is an absolute curse. We in this country were, at one time, exempt from it.

I am reminded of something I heard a long time ago and that is Religion is what others would have you believe and faith is what you believe in yourself . Maybe the Islamic community should take this on board.

Putin has ignored all and sent in his 280 convoy over the border into Ukraine. The man is spoiling for a fight, knowing that no one is there to stop him. The US will not help, and why should they, the main players in Europe will not stop him. Germany will not stain its hands, France has too many domestic problems at home whilst we in England have Cameron who likes to talk big but has compromised our defence so much, that he dare not make a wrong move.

No aircraft carrier (or Planes and even they are suspect) so we cannot go anywhere without asking someone if we use their airport to launch our planes. He is  getting rid of highly professional soldiers and attempting to replace them with ‘stand by soldiers’ with little or no training, which is unbelievably foolish in today’s world; where we might be called on to defend ourselves at a moments notice.

Blair and Cameron were are the worst Prime Ministers in our recent history, and both their parties along with the Liberals have no place in our society.

Voting in UKIP will give us a party who will truly represent us and get rid of the totalitarian regime across the water and make sure that it is England who is charge of who and what we are and not immigrants and the left wing revolutionary unions.