Nigel Farage Spring Conference 2015



Cage, BBC, Sky News


We should not be surprised that the BBC and Sky also, broadcast propaganda from this vile organisation. This surely is more than a affront to those who have died in the most horrible circumstances. It does show, however, that the left feel that they have nothing to fear from the establishment or police, whatever they do.

This is aiding and abetting  violence of the most foul and most abominable people to tread this earth. Why are they not taken into custody and charged forthwith.

Are they not guilty of incitement to racial hatred and religious hatred also; where is the Special Crime and Counter terrorism who should deal with this.

Still nothing will happen because racial hatred and religious hatred are confined to Mr and Mrs Christians and not to Muslims.

Blair and the Labour Party were guilty of creating Londonistan, they let anyone in because they wanted to rub our nose in diversity, it wasn’t a mistake as they keep on saying, it was a deliberate act. Why would anyone vote for such a despicable and vile party setting out to adulterate the English indigenous population.

Cameron and Clegg have much to answer for too, because they are not dealing with this situation. We are still allowing every ‘Man Jack’ into this country including followers of ISIS. Every man and woman, children also that leaves this country to join, should never be allowed back in. Stop talking about poor little girls and boys being radicalised, they know what they are doing and so do most of their parents.

As with the last government in particular, Muslims are to be treated with kid gloves. Instead of dealing with Cage in the proper manner they enjoy substantial grants from left wing organisations and are given endless time on television to spout their vile propaganda or rape our women, the latter, thanks to Labour’s deliberate blindness.

The left are now clearly on the side of Muslim radicals so they are even more dangerous. There are thousands of Muslims are in this country who take our money and enjoy our way of life but hate us for who and what we are, so they are intent on changing our way of life, whatever the cost.

Forget rules and regulations, these people want to harm us so get them out now. Start giving our security organisations the support they deserve.

We have seen that the establishment, media and left wing organisations are in full swing denouncing and denigrating UKIP. Andrew on Daily politics made a fool of himself by going overboard with Suzanne Evans by rubbishing UKIP right left and centre. I wonder what was on his little note-pad, something like make sure you come up with racist etc. etc. The man has no credibility what so ever.

Look at the left parading in Margate, also did Mel Brooks do a deal with the left? some paper should check it out.

As for violence you don’t need to look at the BNP, violence abounds with the left, it is what they do best of all.

So vote for UKIP and ignore the left and their storm troopers. It is your country so don’t give it to a Marxist organisation supported by the SNP, Liberals and revolutionary unions.

VOTE UKIP; its your country.

Mel Brooks, the left and Nazis

Where were the police today when Mel Brooks and his Nazis showed up on UKIPs conference. Where too were the left wing agitators when Mel Brooks Storm -troopers paraded on the streets of Margate. They were nowhere to be seen because this was not a coincidence.

This American should take his Nazi party to America or drop them in the ocean on the way over. No one should go to his play, he should take his politics and get well and truly stuffed.

Had a right wing group done the same thing the police would have come down on them like a ton of bricks. Why is right that they should do this in front of a German woman, it was an affront that should be addressed.

The more I see of this blatant attempt by the left to denigrate UKIP the more determined I am to vote for them. What we have is a conspiracy that goes to the top involving the media and others to deny us our right to vote. It is bad enough that we have to pay a licence fee to support a left wing organisation like the BBC operating under the banner of being fair and impartial!

A judge has banned a father from taking his child to UKIP meeting on the basis that it might harm him. This is absolutely outrageous, is he going to ban some other father from taking his child to a Labour Marxist meeting or some other sneering socialist party. Of course not this purely political, even judges can no longer be trusted.

The left wing rot has permeated the whole of our system, denying our right to vote by bringing pressure to bear in different ways. We do not have true democratic rights any more, there is a foulness in the system that needs to be got rid of.

The last government were good at this, placing a tag on any one who complained, homophobic, racist, laws that allowed immigrants to punish people who professed to be Christians, Multiculturism every one else’s faith but Christianity. Stamp on the English and wipe them out as a Nation State.

It is why we must vote for UKIP, the truth must be spoken and we must get rid of the left who hate the English so much.

The indigenous population will need to vote UKIP if you want your country back.

Finally I am already sick of these people who are now saying that Jihadi John was gentle etc. etc. Each one of the Cage people should be put on a plane and kicked out now. It is because of these people that we are seeing persecution and the murdering of Christians and other innocents.

Do not blame us for Jihadi John’s evil ways, he is a  Muslim and backed by far too many people in this country. It is Islam who has brought this malevolence  to this country and others too; they are to blame. God knows this and will seek to revenge the murder of his followers.

Vote UKIP, it is our country.


The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail are constant in their praise for Cameron, but are both at a loss as to why he is not streets ahead of the opposition.

The answer is easy, he is not trusted by the people, it is as simple as that; he has no credibility.

If Cameron stood in the rain and told me it was raining, I would check it out with Met Office before going any further.

Putin’s might and Cameron’s weakness


Putin is now probing us with immunity,David Cameron said Moscow appeared to be “trying to make some sort of a point” and goes on to say “I don’t think we should dignify it with too much of a response.”

What sheer complacency from a man who has now decimated our armed forces in the air, sea and ground forces, whilst he is propping up governments and corrupt governments with billions our money.

Where are his MPs, why aren’t they now demanding that more than half of that money is spent immediately on our forces. It is his job to defend the realm but this is what he is failing to do.

We need a fully independent, fully armed and competent military yet, Cameron is already coming up with half baked ideas on sharing arms.

If we were attacked then Cameron and his Defence minister should pay the price.

This is another good reason to vote for UKIP Nigel Farage is on record for saying that defence must increase by at least 40%. Just like the last time we will need to stand on our own two feet if anything happens because when push comes to shove no one will help; or if they do it will be too late.


Grammar Schools


Lo and behold Cameron wants Grammar Schools!! what an unprincipled bastard he is. I very rarely swear in any comments I make, but this man brings out the very worst in me.

Now he thinks he can take over UKIP’s policy on Grammar Schools, after all the election is around the corner.

We need to remember that this man is without doubt ‘economical with the truth’

A totally untrustworthy person.

Vote UKIP, consistent and truthful.


Hate the English

The SNP hate us, The divisive Marxist Labour party hate us, The Unions Hate us and the Liberals are fools, but they hate us also; the left hate England.

Apart from immigrants why on earth would any of the indigenous population vote for the above.

A vote is a stick for them to beat us with, and believe me that is what most certainly will do.

Have faith and vote for UKIP, they are English, speak the truth and are patriots.

Cameron is working hard to hand us over lock, stock and barrel to that unelected regime across the water, in the meantime he is leaving us open to attack by those who now know what he thinks of in defending the realm.

He is giving corrupt regimes our money in large doses, so much so that he cannot spend it fast enough. He is not fit to be Prime Minister.

We need a Thatcher a patriotic Prime Minister and not a man who is selling us down the river.


The new Sudetenland

Russia is ‘on a roll’ as he knows that the West is weak in deed and thought. Soon he will be demanding that Ukraine should be annexed to Russia and who will stop him.

Cameron will not, despite his rhetoric, he has and is continuing to compromise the defence of this country; we are now weak at sea and land. Putin’s air force and ships are patrolling our waters without so much as a by your leave. He already knows that Cameron is full of it and has dismissed him.

Cameron has shown a wanton disregard for the defence of our realm and has abandoned England to pursue his reckless pursuit of personal fame by propping up corrupt countries with our money whilst we go short.

Cameron is now going to share our weapons with NATO, how far will this man sink; how foolish can you get.

Our MPs too have much to be ashamed of, is there one MP who comes anywhere near a conviction politician. Is there one MP who actually loves his country and is prepared to make his voice heard, unfortunately I doubt it.

We now have a government who has managed to disparage the word Conservative and should change their name to reflect that. We don’t need Red Ed to know that they have become greedy and are prepared to take their money wherever it comes from and if that means protecting their interests, then they will.

Cameron will lose the next election because he is devious and simply cannot be trusted, the people know it. His MPs live in hope.

He rammed gay marriage down our throats, despite huge protests, why? He dismissed one of his best ministers because the left wing teaching unions demanded it, now he and his present minister are happily going along the road to demonising virtual babies because they don’t understand homophobia or welcome Muslims.

It is sick, totally sick, again where are those MPs who are there to protect the young and the old, to busy perhaps protecting the paedophiles. Going back into the past with an enquiry is a classic way of kicking it all in to the grass.

In the meantime our so called police force (with the exception of security) are now drinking cokes in cafes. Nowadays they do not prevent crime and disorder anymore, but if there is a political call then you can be prepared for a section attack on you or your home. We used to go over the border in Borneo to find the enemy with less men and arms!

There is now a concerted attack on UKIP, Channel four has now joined the melee. Remember truth is the first casualty of war, and this is how the left wing media see it, to them it is a war; Get UKIP

Why is that the left hate their country so much, why are they here with their class hatreds and continual lies Why is it also that the so called working class cannot see that the left are all about hate and don’t actually care about them. They are not the labour party of old who actually cared about their country and people and neither are the immigrants.

Time now to embrace UKIP who despite their learning phase, speak the truth and care about their country. Vote for them so that who ever wins they will be kingmaker. God forbid we end up with Labour dictated to by the SNP and the Unions.

They will wipe England of the map, there will be no England

Read Chapter God Bless England

Memories are all we have.


I have not published these past five days, because my beautiful wife has passed away from pancreatic cancer; six months that is all it took.

In the last three months or more I took over and in the last two weeks I showed her more than ever just how much I loved her.

My wife’s last three days was traumatic, on Wednesday  the fourth the doctor put her to sleep at four in the morning with morphine. At ten am I took her to the Pilgrims hospice and held her hand all day. The Father came in at four pm and said Holy Communion, prayed over her and blessed her.

At four thirty pm her heart stopped and she left me. At that moment in time there was stillness, then peacefulness; the agony had gone.

Apart from helping myself why am I telling you this? I will tell you why, from the moment she was diagnosed the NHS has been absolutely marvellous in every way shape and form, particularly the District Nurses who exercised such care and with such compassion.

As for the Pilgrims Hospice, what can I say, words fail me. The palliative care, with both of them over the past months, was nothing more than superb; and given with such kindness.

Red Ed should stop running down the NHS and besmirching those who do their best. He should stick to the political ideologue’s who run the NHS and he is one of them. .



Red Ed

Red Ed and the Marxist Labour party are now showing their hand, backed of course by the revolutionary Unions.

Should they get into power I predict two things will happen:

  • They will as usual destroy our economy yet again and in a very short
  • This time they will bring violence to the streets, and it wont be the usual left wing orchestrated violence.

Using repressive legislation as the did last time will not work. Using the police, tribunals and the courts to stymie peoples right to speech is at an end.

This party is inherently dangerous to England.

Brown has let the cat out of the bag, it is all about screwing the English taxpayer. This government should take note that no Scottish MP should be allowed to vote on English matters. Already Cameron weakness’s shows through, we should not be talking about an agreement with the Scots, it is about no votes.


Vote UKIP for truth and a way out of corruption which has manifested itself across England.