Chuka Umunna

Here we go again, Chuka back to calling UKIP voters racist. Can you believe it, this is a party who publically berated the middle class for expressing concerns during their last time in office. Crack  a joke, make an innocent remark, pass a justifiable comment, express a religious opinion and you could find yourself being dragged through a court or tribunal and humiliated by those very people who were once there to protect you.

You Mr Umanna are the racist, your party, the Labour party to whom you belong, hate the English so much you attempted to adulterate the English nation by throwing open our borders to anyone who wished to come in, that is racist; you and others in your party are a damned hypocrites. What sort of MP would do that to his own country, you are one of us are you not Chuka.

Boris said that the Tories under Cameron were guilty of deception, for God’s sake Boris we could have told you that years ago.

Uncertain MPs should make the jump now and move over to UKIP or at the next election you will need to look for a job; as for the rest of them let them jump over the cliff.

Die-hard Labour voters in the north should ask themselves what has Labour ever done for them. Each time they have been in government they have left us broke on leaving office, divisive politics, that is what they are good at and courting Islamic votes; so why vote for them.

It is time to give Farage and his party a toe-up, remember he is a consummate politician who speaks the truth and that is why they hate him. He exposes our leaders and their cohorts for what they are, a bunch of self serving MPs.

Vote UKIP and make them sweat.


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