Theresa May

Theresa May is dragging her heels, this is what happens when we allowed a ‘remainer ‘to take over.

A clear mandate from the people must be acted upon otherwise it sets the scene for civil disorder.

If we allow the democratic will of the people to be ignored, then there is no other way.

When that happen we wont see the heels of Clegg, Blair and others like him; they have deserted the people and if things happen they will make sure that they and their families are safe by deserting their country. They disgust me.



We need a new and dedicated British Ambassador to Brussels, who better than a trained and truthful man like Nigel Farage.

His appointment would send a clear message to the many traitors we now have the top of our establishment.

Ivan Rogers was a complete and utter failure and Cameron must have known it but he was happy to go along with trying to fool the people of this country.

The prime Minister should remember that well over 17 million people vote for Nigel Farage and the Traitors we now have, should now be well and truly stamped on.

Take note that Sky is almost as bad as the BBC in that they are determined to bring up the so called divisions in our country.

It was a fair referendum and the result was no, so stop trying to stir things up for the sake of the establishment and so called news.

Any fool that gives up on our press freedom deserves to be put out to grass. Why are we even looking at it! If Max Mosely  he wants to do his bit because he like a bit of sado-masochistic play then let him, but for Gods don’t take any  other notice of him. He doesn’t speak for anyone except himself.