Cameron’s obfuscations.

How much longer must we listen to Cameron. he has in the past few weeks regaled us with his heroic stance against the election of Jean Claude-Juncker, the truth is that any of them elected would be a federalist; she or he would be looking at ever closer union, we know it and so would Cameron.

Merkel came to parliament ( let us face she now owns it) to tell British MPs that there would not be any fundamental reform.

The French President told us that reform is not a priority, now we have the Polish foreign minister Radowslaw Sicorski slate Cameron as incompetent, saying that ‘he does not get it’ along with a string of expletives.

Radowslaw also stated that the only Paland would agree to demands for a return of UK powers from Brussels was ‘in return for a mountain of gold’ is he saying that Poland can be bought?

Cameron in order to impress us has decided to take on the German Chancellor, forgetting the Germany must win and be in charge. It is why they instigated two world wars and in doing so sent millions of soldiers and 6 million Jews to their graves. They are still at it, however, they have given up wars and are doing it via economic and monetary union aided by the most disloyal and mendacious MPs ever.

You can be sure of one thing and that is Cameron will continue his high handed approach to running this country, consensus and fairness are an anathema to him.

There is not one MP in the British parliament who have the guts or the integrity to stand up and say enough is enough and Cameron should go and an immediate referendum before the next election.

The Tory party have already conceded to each other that they will lose the next election and all they are worried about right now is; who will be the next in line.

This is why UKIP needs to have the support of all otherwise we will be taken over completely by the EU with a Marxist/labour government totally in thrall to revolutionaries Unions obeying the call from an equally ugly regime across the water.