Oath of Allegiance

What’s next our troops giving an oath of Allegiance.

A chilling video show children at school already doing it




The Fourth Reich

Downing Street has urged EU leaders in Brussels to avoid ‘disasters’ in the final six weeks of the referendum battle. 

A Brexit vote is seen as Europe as damaging at a time Europe faces challenges from Russia and the migration crisis in the Middle East.

Would you prefer the defence of Britain to be in the hands of Brussels via Germany.

Wake up 

They want us in because they cant survive without us

That  on its own is a good reason for leaving and we can regain our sovereignty.

Vote in and the English football fans will have to cheer for Germany

Remember they need us more than we need them

Cameron is selling Britain and England down the road.

What a disgusting man he is



Simon Heffer quotes

Five years ago I wrote a piece referring to the control Angela Merkel exerted over Europe as “the Fourth Reich”. I was accused of a horrible breach of taste. However, when one looks at German power today one realises that, when I wrote, she had hardly even started. The key to German success is this: it participates in a weak currency (whose value would collapse without it) enabling its exports to sell far more cheaply than had it retained the Deutschmark. Therefore, it continues to grow in economic strength relative to its partners – including us – but especially those in the eurozone, notably France and Italy, who would benefit greatly from restoring the Franc and the Lira.

Any net exporter in the EU – which we are most certainly not, given our £24bn trade gap with our partners in the first three months of 2016 – also benefits hugely from the vast and incomprehensible welter of EU regulations on products and employment law, which keep external competitors at arm’s length and pile costs on them if they wish access to the single market.

Germany is so rich, and getting richer at the expense not least of its partners, that it can afford to pretend globalisation isn’t happening. We are not so fortunate, and leaving the EU to avoid all these regulations and take proper advantage of the wider world is not the least reason why we must vote to get out.

Dr Savouri also points out that if we stay in the EU there will be huge costs for us from all this chaos, despite being out of the eurozone. “Having renewed our vows to remain in the EU ‘through sickness and in health’ we will be required to contribute to funding the fiscal efforts being applied to our ever more sickly EU partners,” he writes. The costs will be huge, and once we have committed ourselves to remain we will be forced to join the communal effort to save ailing partners. He calls it “the EU’s version of a Rooseveltian New Deal.”

He also argues that such a wave of economic hardship will propel more impoverished Europeans across open borders into the UK: and don’t forget what Iain Duncan Smith disclosed last week, that Mr Cameron deleted a passage about controlling immigration from a speech he made because he was told it would upset the Germans. That is the reality of our relationship with the EU: if we choose to stay in, the Germans will ensure that we become ever more obedient to their policies – so stand by for their next project, Turkey’s admission to the EU, and all that would entail.


This is the truth of the matter and when we are ground down into the dust Cameron will be off with his money to somewhere where democracy still prevails

Germany has and always will be a problem, it likes it slaves one way or another.

Germany is very dangerous

Troops were involved in rapid movements, maintaining public order and peacekeeping in rural and urban environments.

SPTA Military – 8 May at 12:37
Scorpion 4×4 MRAP (Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected Vehicle)
Finnish Army at Salisbury Plain


Troops were involved in rapid movements, maintaining public order and peacekeeping in rural and urban environments.
maybe Juncker and Germany are getting ready to take control when the English people react to Cameron’s rigged election

The publication of the plans , which outlines steps to gradually co-ordinate Europes patchwork of national militaries, is postphoned until after the EU referendum in Britain.

Mr Daul said in a speech: ‘Today more than ever, the peace of our continent cannot be safeguarded without a common and functional security union, including a European army.’

Miss Mordaunt said: ‘This is proof of the European Union’s plan to create a Euro army – and it is dishonest for the In campaign to claim otherwise.

In other word Cameron is a liar


Or vote for endless immigration and the defence of our realm given to Germany and their patchwork, remember patchwork of military forces.

What on earth has gone wrong with us

Cameron is taking us into a futures that will see the demise of England

No wonder he is supported by the labour party who hate England 


John Major, EU Army and Turkey

John major ranting about the leave campaign  and so called lies is nothing more than a hypocrite. This  man and the Exchange Rate mechanism was responsible for wrecking the lives of many people. so many lost their homes and others spent years in negative equities.

  Major and Lamont insisted that there was not the slightest possible chance of this dilemma being resolved by Britain leaving the ERM, issuing a stream of increasingly defiant speeches but to no avail.

The election results undid years of Thatcher’s reforms, then she was stabbed in the back by Heseltine and others; that coupled with Majors ERM debacle cost the Tory Party a great deal. Was it not for John Major, Blair would never have won his election.

There is going to be  a EU Army and it disingenuous to say otherwise.  The 1,500 strong EU Battle on Salisbury plain was joined by troops from the 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, and 4th Infantry Brigade

Take note that whilst a British Brigadier was in charge of the force during the UK’s period of command;

He takes his orders from Brussel and not from the UK’s operational headquarters.

This is another of Cameron’s lies. The defense of our country will be given away to the EU. We must be absolutely mad.

Turkey and the EU’s Visa free travel deal

This will bring them right down to our borders under the Schengen deal and you can bet your life that the poorest will break their arms to get to England. The traffickers are running rings around our border controls and will bring them in.

Over 10,000 immigrants were picked up this past week and many are heading this way.


We are being lied to and we will go under as the immigrants arrive.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3602683/Invasion-EU-army-Worried-Euro-tanks-park-lawn-Minister-late-here.html#ixzz4A3ogw8aE
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Blair the ultimate megalomaniac

This is the man who misled the British people and took us into an Iraq war which cost the lives of nearly 200 servicemen plus the wounded, plus over a hundred thousand of Iraq civilians. He sent our forces in on the cheap, thanks to Blair and Brown the MOD couldn’t order machine guns, body armour and various other equipment.

Untitled Untitled

His reason for this was he didn’t want anyone knowing he was planning for war whilst talking to the UN!  As a result we put in men under resourced, men who had to be rescued by  American forces like some cheap banana republic forces. He shamed some of the best fighting forces in the world.

woman 1

This is also a man who allowed over 3 million immigrants into Britain and turned his back whilst we became, as the French said Londonistan. he has debased his office by flogging himself on the world to anyone who would pick him up.

Now he acts and speaks like has some authority, telling us that we are on the road to ruin if we leave. Like Cameron he has no credibility other than his ability to muddy the waters and tell us endless immigration will be good for us. Loads of money, various high value homes in London and other bases and a total contempt for those who are without homes, cannot even ascribe to homes, GP are out of their reach, schools over subscribed with immigrants and so on. So why are we listening to this self serving ex Politian. 


Over 10,000 immigrants picked this week, now we have the Royal navy acting a day trip ferry service, picking up immigrants and taking them into Europe where they don’t belong. Thousands are waiting at Calais and other ports, ready to make their way and land anywhere on the South coast.

cameron 1

Cameron has gone from curbing migration to now saying it is better to have unlimited migration, where ever they come from to protect the economy.

This referendum is about one thing and that is sovereignty and Democracy. Our ability to make our own laws and decide our future.

Juncker has already said

” He will make our lives a misery if we stay in”

Where is our pride that we allow the jumped little man to threaten us.

Cameron has rigged the election and the vote will rest on the postal votes. We know two things about Prescott’s postal vote and that is they are wide open to fraud, also that the many of the immigrants don’t speak English and will do what the Muslim fathers will tell them to do. This is what Cameron and Labour are relying on by dependent immigrants. The electoral commission will do exactly what they have done before and that is nothing. 


Before its too late

Cameron’s divide using race and religion

Yesterdays foul cartoon depicting the Leave Campaign as violent skinheads actually crossed the Rubicon.


Operation Black Vote part funded by the LEFT WING Joseph Rowntree so called charitable trust (aren’t they supposed to be non-political)  who gave OBV £72,000 and a further £35,250.

The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation also gave £35,000 last year.

women 2

The director of OBV Simon Wooley points the finger at us as  disgusting and violent skinheads. What has prompted this is the audacity of the people who feel that the unaccountable and totalitarian State called the EU is not for us.  

Op Black vote

This comes about because we have a Prime Minister who is a  plain and simple liar and a cheat to boot. He has systematically run down our country and has beggared himself on the world stage to bring in big business to back him.

The following was not formally on the G7 agenda but was put last second thanks to Cameron

“A UK exit from the EU would reverse the trend towards greater global trade and investment, and the jobs they create, and is a further serious risk to growth,”

Rubbish of course

The G7, Merkel and Cameron are in agreement to make the indigenous population as slaves to big business. Germany used slave labour to achieve growth  during the last war, ask the Balkans and France. They are still doing it but now they are supported by big business and our pathetic pygmies in our House of Commons.

This is the House of Commons which was the highest where democracy was concerned and gave it to the world, and now these disgusting people want to give our  1000 years of democracy away. 

We have to fight fire with fire, we are up against the WHOLE of the establishment working under CAMERON auspices.

More than 6,000 economic  immigrant picked up in the last two days, all heading this way what does Cameron think of this



Women’s Rights

rebels death suffragetThink of what it took for women to have the right to vote, now they are going to give it away.

Further to that they have no rights whatsoever under Islam and that is rearing its head. Islam in this country is already treating our women like trash.

If you still want the right vote and secure your children’s future then


News at Sky and Cameron

It is quite disgusting that Sky News saw fit to air the views of very young children on the referendum.
Children of this age have nothing to compare with and they are wide open to  scurrilous negative campaigning by the media and Cameron.
Sky News have now joined the governments invective berating this country. Pretending to be impartial is not good enough.
Asking the youngsters as to whether they are going try to change their parents mind is again, quite irresponsible. This was a very infantile attempt to reach out and support the remain campaign
Is this the control Cameron talks about? of course not and we in England are going to be swamped by Africa and other nations. Following soon are the Turks; Cameron is lying about them too.
ISIS is sending its Jihadists into Europe and then on into England. They are supported by a very large number of radicals, in other word a substantial Fifth Army in England. What would the government do if a large body of Christians became a Crusading Army. They would send in the army and police and imprison many of them, that is what they would do.
This is exactly what ISIS wants: to shut non-Muslim Europe down, to close the schools and places of culture and have people trembling in their beds, in this end they are supported by those who spend all of their time appeasing them.
This is something the Labour party are good at because they hate our Englishness, yet there are people who support them despite the fact that they are made of the elite who couldn’t give a stuff about the working class. Do you know anyone who is elite and Labour and is poor?
The EU. Turkey has been accused of sending ill and unskilled Syrian refugees on to Europe while blocking the exit applications of skilled professionals. Now there’s a surprise for you and guess where they will end up.
The Prime Minister is so worried about his constant lies and obliteration of the facts that he has refused to take part in debates with any serious opponents because he has no answer to their questions.
What sort of a Prime Minister is he that he cannot debate the most fundamental question this country has ever faced. He is completely and utterly frightened of his opponents. It shows what a cheat and liar he really is.

The broadcasters have given him uncontested slots on prime time slots on television, this is truly pathetic and shows too that they are not impartial.

Cameron misled parliament. This is the highest constitutional crime in our parliaments history, which is why it almost mandatory that anyone who does it must resign


North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg called for an inquiry into claims the Prime Minister was plotting with the boss of a multinational company about how to make the case for the UK remaining in the EU before he had even concluded his renegotiation deal.

A leaked letter detailing the secret plan is alleged to have been sent to Downing Street 11 days before Mr Cameron finished his EU renegotiation deal on February

Readers should Email Mr Graham Brady MP Chairman 1922 Committee  and make their views known



The truth of what will happen


It may happen yet


Brussels – 13th October

The former British Chancellor of the Exchequer had been elevated to the position of Prime Minister with almost obscene haste. It was not, however, as he had hoped and envisaged, coming in as it did on the back of a dead PM, cabinet ministers, backbenchers and a major offensive on the Continent. He had been summoned to Brussels post haste and his helicopter was now coming in to land at the rear of the headquarters of the European Commission. An escort ushered him in at great speed introducing him, somewhat unnecessarily, as the new British Prime Minister. Glancing quickly around the table the PM recognised the heads of government for Brussels, Germany, France, and Spain, along with the Vice President for the European Commission.

Totally ignoring any niceties the President of the Federal Republic of Germany took the lead. ‘Prime Minister, what the hell is going on here? We have collected information from the dead bodies of the terrorists, which identify them as being English! This is quite clearly supported by the death of your PM, members of your Cabinet and others. Almost a 50 people have died today, murdered by British terrorists, so presumably you have some sort of explanation?’

‘President as you are aware we too have taken casualties and-‘

‘Yet but no bombs or civilian casualties,’ the Belgian PM interrupted and was visibly angry, ‘so do not even think of evading the question.’

He looked coldly at the Belgian PM. ‘I understand and sympathise with that but this meeting cannot be about recrimination. Our government has lost its Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet, backbenchers and quite contrary to your remark civilians too. The British public, I might add, know all about bombs having experienced them first hand on many occasions and as for your attitude, sir, I object to it most strongly. He fought back, recognising that there was no other way.

‘You are quite right, Prime Minister, ‘the German President pulled back, ‘tell us what you know

‘The truth of the matter is that we know very little indeed. The English Independence Party, as you well know, has been a thorn in our side but once we convicted and jailed the leader and of course proscribed the Party itself things cooled right down. Admittedly there have been the odd occasions when we have had to come down hard on some individuals but nothing of any real concern. Most recently, however, there was an incident, which aroused the interest of Special Branch and may have some bearing on today’s event. This concerns the death of a detective constable under most unusual circumstances which was linked apparently to the death of an ex-soldier from the Parachute Regiment. however, that incident is still under investigation and as of this moment there is nothing positive to connect it with today’s activities.’

‘Are you saying that there may be a link?’ asked the French PM.

‘Quite possibly. At a brief meeting held in my offices today with the head of Special Branch and Chief of Police we have agreed on one thing and that this is the work of a highly organised and very professional group of people. Until today there has been absolutely nothing, no nefarious activity then suddenly this!’

‘Very well,’ said the French PM, ‘let us address the fundamental question, why?’

‘It is simple,’ the German President interjected, leaning back in his chair as he spoke, ‘and we should have recognised it straight away. What we are dealing with here is an English right wing movement with military connections. These attacks are against the symbols of the European movement and the government that took England into Europe against their will, that much is glaringly obvious. What I really want to know is how on earth did they get this far?’ He turned to the PM and said icily, ‘either your antiterrorist department is totally and utterly incompetent or these people are ghosts. Which is it?’

The British PM sat stony-faced declining to answer.

‘But what do they hope to achieve?’ The French PM looked puzzled, shrugged his shoulders then raising his palms upwards said, ‘Why start a war you cannot possibly win? Surely they realise how futile it is, especially if they are as professional as you seem to think?’

‘I think I know why,’ the Vice President spoke up. ‘We all thought that the present British government had crushed the English spirit and defeated the anti-European movement but it is obviously not the case. For whatever reason they are fighting because they believe that they are in with a chance and that, gentlemen, is what concerns me. What do they know of that we don’t?

‘We all hoped that the transition into Europe would take place without too much resentment and that may well have been the case had there been a different party in charge, but that of course was not to be. We in Europe have forgotten how bloody-minded the English can be. Let’s face it us Germans above all should have remembered that, France too for that matter.’

The British PM slapped his hand on the table. ‘I cannot accept what you say, Mr President. Are you implying that we in the Party are directly responsible for the current situation? How idiotic can you get? Now we are really into recriminations.’ ‘Why not? It is true!’ the President snapped back. ‘The English were dragged into Europe screaming and shouting with no opportunity to vote. A situation which we without exception managed to avoid. Yes and before you say anything we were all too some extent involved in this deception.   ‘Mark you; however, things would most certainly have been different if you hadn’t actually waged a class war against England itself. You yourself are Scots and you know damn well that it was essentially a Scottish cabal and political appointees ,that disparaged and ultimately destroyed England and the entire English nation; not the European Commission. It was your party that stripped the English of their pride scorned their faith and turned them into third-class citizens in their own country. That prime minister was never part of the European agenda. You destroyed freedom of speech with vindictive laws by adding even to European laws whilst waging a class war in your own country and that once again Prime Minister, was a mistake no one else at this table made.’

The PM flushed with rage and spluttered, ‘Is this the reason you brought me here, because if this continues one moment longer I shall leave.’

‘Where would you go’ The President’s contempt was all too evident.

The French minister intervened. ‘I think, monsieur, that what has been said is essentially true. In France we do not hate or persecute our own people or force them to absorb other religions. We are one nation and the people of France are proud of being French even while being part of Europe.’

‘I really have had enough of this,’ the PM stood up.

‘As you wish,’ the Vice Presidents tone was cold. ‘Your security Prime Minister is lacking, so much so that I feel we must now take over the task of tracking down these people. Special Branch will therefore be under our command and control until such time as this matter is resolved. Please issue immediate instructions to that effect. We will expect – no, shall we say demand – total cooperation from you, the police and Special Branch.’

‘Demand! You cannot demand anything but you may ask.’ The British PM was by now furious.

Just at that point the Belgian Deputy Minister burst into the room. ‘My apologies, Monsieur Vice President but this is of the utmost importance. We have just received a call.’

‘A call? Does this relate to today’s events?’

‘Yes sir.’

‘Very well then. You can speak to all of us.’

‘The caller, sir, was brief and said look under St George for England on the internet. We have conducted a search on the Net, sir, and picked up a message, copies of which are being printed off now and should be here within a minute or two.’

‘What is it about, man?’

‘Monsieur President, it appears to be an ultimatum! I think, sir that you should read it for yourself.’

‘Very well, hurry!’ The strain was beginning to show all round and for the next three or four minutes there was total silence, each man contemplating, wondering what was to come. An administrator entered the room and began to distribute the copies.

‘Mother of God, what have we here!’ The Belgian Prime Minister spoke for all. ‘Nuclear devices! Five of them at least! It must be a hoax, somebody please tell me that it’s a hoax!’

The German President waved his copy resignedly. ‘I have a feeling that much of it is probably true as it accounts for what has happened to date. It is in fact beginning to make sense to me now as each move these people make clarifies their purpose. They have shown us and are still showing us that they mean business.’

He paused and looked around the table. ‘The situation is no longer serious, gentlemen, it is critical. We cannot of course bow to their demands as all that we have worked for since the Second World War will be destroyed overnight and that is clearly not an option. Each of us is aware that there are some in the union who would welcome the opportunity to break away so if we allow this demand to succeed, who knows what would follow.’

‘Perhaps it’s a bluff. Maybe they don’t have nuclear devices. ‘The Spanish PM did not sound too hopeful.

‘I have a feeling in my bones that they do,’ said the French PM grimly, ‘but how could they break away? Surely they will fall at the first fence’

‘For a while, monsieur.’ The German President sat back in his chair. ‘But I have no doubt in my mind that these people know where they are going and how they are going to get there. Unless we stop them in their tracks they will inevitably link with friends in both America and the Commonwealth.’ He paused, clasping his hands and placing them against his lips as if in prayer then spoke again. ‘Slowly but surely they will gain strength. Without England both Scotland and Wales will suffer in the long run and well they know this.’ His voice rose. ‘We were wrong these people are more than just terrorists. We are up against a well-organised English revival movement. They are out to reunite Britain, calculating that once they are back on top the tide will turn and both Scotland and Wales will beg to re-join the Union.’

‘Mon dieu, whose side are you on!’ the French PM sounded incredulous.

‘Monsieur, to beat them we will need to understand them and what they are about. For example I do not believe that the people who carried out these acts today will seek to take power.’

The British PM’s head shot up. ‘My God, the English Revival Party! Do you really think that they are behind this?’

‘Not the attacks no. You were, I believe, right on that score. The events today have clearly demonstrated that they are professional soldiers but I believe there is a link between the attackers and a political party and the English Revival Party would seem to fit the bill.’

‘So where do we go from here? You will note that it is Brussels that is first in the firing line.’ The Belgian PM sounded very agitated.

‘Not immediately. They say that they will demonstrate their ability to set off a device if we do not agree. To me that would indicate a certain reluctance to use these weapons. In that case it implies there is a weakness in their plan, which we may be able to use to our advantage.

‘I believe we are looking at a daring but essentially desperate move. They are calculating that by demonstrating their ability to set off one of these devices it will frighten the daylights out of us to the extent that we will fall at the first fence and give in to their demands. however, I do not believe we should surrender to their ultimatum. On the contrary I propose that we respond immediately by informing them that the European Union will not be intimidated and back that up by sending in a European force to deal with the situation.  ‘Gentlemen I have done much of the talking and assessment. The point is do you agree with my conclusions and if so, do you accept my initial proposals?’

With the not surprising exception of the British PM, all agreed. ‘Very well, we must assume the very worst which is that a substantial number of people are likely to be involved. However many there are, they must be found and crushed out of existence. I am sure you will agree with me that we have no option but to be as ruthless as they are in this matter.’ He stood up and paced the room before coming back to his chair. ‘It is evident that under the circumstances we cannot totally rely on the British forces to deal with the problem as there may be some involvement. Hence my suggestion is for a selected European force.’

The British PM rose to his feet. ‘I object to that remark, British forces do not mutiny. In fact, I do not subscribe to the scenario you describe at all.’

‘That comment, Prime Minister, clearly demonstrates your naivety and your government’s complacency. Little wonder that these people have got as far as they have so sit down please. Your government no longer have any credibility here as you have put the whole of Europe in danger.’

‘How dare you.’

‘For God’s sake, Prime Minister, sit down now please. ‘The Vice President showed his anger. ‘It is we at this table who will resolve this problem, not you.’

The PM sat dowry his insides in turmoil. These bloody bastards had him. There was no way he could walk away and well they knew it.

The Vice President continued, ‘If we are going to flush these people out we are going to have to move fast, very fast and aggressively too. We will start by sending the absolute cream of our anti-terrorist teams to London immediately. Time being of the essence it will be necessary to take over Special Branch facilities and those of SB who are not needed will be moved out. ‘I suggest also that the intelligence side of the operation be under French command, this due to their long and successful experience in anti-terrorist operations on their own front. I further suggest that for the purpose of this operation English will be the language used so bear that in mind when selecting commanders.

‘Now, we have absolutely no idea what we are up against in terms of numbers. On the one hand there could be very few, shall I say, troops on the ground, on the other hand we could be faced with a great deal of resistance. A European force therefore must be deployed commensurate to the task in hand to support our intelligence activities backup searches and, considering the circumstances, deal with the very real possibility of attack.

‘I am convinced that it is going to take large numbers to flush these people out in the short time available, so I suggest that France, Germany, Spain and Italy between them deploy a minimum three thousand specialist forces with immediate effect. Combat forces to be under the command of Germany who will also dictate the type and number of additional troops to be supplied from each country. I further suggest that the specialist forces go in by air with the additional combat troops and vehicles following on via the Channel Tunnel. As for the British government they will be responsible for the initial administration of these troops.’

There was an audible gasp from the British PM. ‘You cannot be serious. You are talking about an invasion of England. I can assure you sir that we will not stand for it.

‘You will stand for Prime Minister. In fact you are going to have to stand for it. Have you forgotten that you are no longer an independent nation? Let’s face it, we cannot invade what is already ours, so put the message across that we are coming and tell them also that we are coming to save England from these madmen. You know damn well that we cannot fight them here so the fight must be taken to them. You seem to have forgotten already that half of your Cabinet has been wiped out along with the Prime Minister, and you sir, are probably next. There are no options open to us, we must therefore move so fast they will not know what has hit them.’

‘What about the American people? They will be furious.’ The PM was absolutely desperate now and looking for loopholes. No matter what these buggers said or thought he had no doubt that the indigenous population of England would unite once again. They would see it as an invasion.

‘Perhaps they will, but what are they going to do about it attack Europe? Don’t be a fool man.’ He looked around the room. ‘I take it we all agree?’

The French Minister was first to nod his head. The others followed.

His voice laced with contempt and sarcasm, the Vice President turned to the British PM. ‘May I suggest you join us. Don’t forget that without us you are dead, figuratively or otherwise.’

The PM, unable to utter a word nodded his head. In his heart he knew he had no other choice but he also knew that they were wrong and that in England all hell was about to be let loose.

Bureaucrat Juncker and the “Leave Camp”

When Juncker said he would make our lifes a misery;  he certainly will. If we stay in he will load us with endless diktats, having his revenge, enjoying it and feeling free to destroy England once and for all,;

Yet our politicians are voting for it!!

Isn’t it interesting that the man who propelled Cameron into office, Steve Hilton a man at the very heart of government has delivered a devastating blow to Cameron’s propensity to lie, his penchant for misrepresentation.

Mr Hilton, with all credibility states the following;

taking back power from arrogant, unaccountable, hubristic elites and putting it back where it belongs.

In people’s hands. How can anyone argue with that.

We have well over a million immigrants who should not be here, murderers, rapists, paedophiles, violent people coupled with Islamists who feel that our women are complete trash, and that is precisely what they feel.

cologne attacks

Cologne had a violent experience of this by Arab and African men. Over 1000 men roamed the streets and committed over 500 serious crimes, from sticking their hands down women’s pants and straight forward rape.

Mostly Pakistani men showed us what they think of English women in Rotherham, Bradford, Sheffield, Rochdale etc. yet in both places the authorities tried to cover it up. That is the hold Islam has on our police and local authorities. Is this what English women want?

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Africa and the Arabs are on their way here; many in Calais with Islamist Turkey ready for visas this year.

Cologne 2

Don’t believe Cameron, they are coming and he cannot do a thing about it.