Cameron and Milliband still prevaricating

This must be Cameron’s biggest PR stunt yet, this synthetic display of righteous anger over the 1.7 billion demand from the EU fools no one, coming just before the election at Rochester. Of course he will not pay it on the 1st of December, but he will pay it, maybe a week later.

This election stunt (was this dreamt up by the EU to bolster Cameron’s hand) to show us that Cameron is not hand in glove with the EU. This will not  quash UKIP support, far from it, the electorate are simply not that stupid. So we are now going to paying out 21 0r 22 billion a year and rising to this unelected totalitarian regime across the water, add another 11 billion a year on aid plus 55 million in tax benefits to east Europeans at home etc.

Talk about us being taken for a ride, the English taxpayer is a cash cow, nothing more or less. Whilst people at home are struggling to stay alive we have a world wide free NHS system and if you come to England, homes benefits etc. Is it any wonder that there are thousands of economic migrants at Calais ready to risk their lives trying to get here. If they do, the first port of call is a nice room and three meals a day at any one of our nice little hotels, the mind boggles, is it any wonder that UKIP is on the rise.

Cameron talked about UKIP’s tone on immigration on the BBC’s Asian network, what does that mean? all UKIP want is to control our borders using a point based system like many others, including Australia, what is wrong with that. This innuendo is typical of Cameron, UKIP is not racist and it about time that Cameron and his blasted cohorts give it away.

We do not want to be under the thrall of an unelected totalitarian regime, they are not democratic and Cameron’s obsession with them is totally and utterly unforgivable.

Milliband wants to limit the EU’s freedom of movement rules! how, the EU have already said most emphatically that it will not happen, the answer is no.

He also wants a crackdown on employers who use immigration to undercut wages, by that he presumably means legislation. Can you believe the cheek of this man, presumably Ex Prime Minister Brown should now be brought to account as should Milliband because  (according to Andrew Neather) they deliberately gave us an open border to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity“, as a result  Brown and his cronies ensured that wages were automatically  undercut. So I suggest that this proposed legislation should be retrospective and we can bring Brown and these hypocrites to justice.

The Rochester election will give the public a chance to show these unbelievable hypocrites in government, and the opposition that the English taxpayer is fed up to the back teeth at being taken for a ride. The referendum should be brought forward and Cameron’s endless excuses about what he is going to do should be put on the back burner where they belong. Cameron cannot be trusted, he and his MPs should be looking for a job because they will not be in government for much longer.

As for the EU, get out of our lives and stop telling us what to do and the same goes for socialist Scottish MPs.

Vote UKIP they are the only Party that represents us, which is why UKIP they are feared.


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