Turkey now four more!!

AbuseTurkey will be joined by Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania and we, yes we are going to give them 2 billions pounds to help them their way.

For God’s sake what has gone wrong with our government and the left wing of politics, not only giving billions of pounds away whilst so many of the indigenous population  are struggling to get by.

The ordinary people voting in must be absolutely mad if they cannot see what they are about to do. Over 88 million people from the poorest states, 74 million are Islamist; people who think we are Kuffars, non believers as such they looked down at us and believe that their religion is such that they can take us over.

Most of these people have made a mess of their country and want to do the same here. It is not the economics that we need to worry about, it is our very existence. It is why I say that ordinary voters are walking over the cliff with their eyes closed.

Cameron is aware of all this and yet he is leading everyone by the hand, for no other reason that he is indebted or besotted with big business and the cartel at the very top who are concerned with making us all nothing more than industrial slaves.

Let us not forget the violence either that will ensue, most of these people are not truly civilised as we are in this country. It has taken the left to expose us to the unmitigated violence that has allowed rapists, paedophiles. burglars, murderers and ordinary violence on our streets. Women in particular will be subject to this, Cologne  was the thin edge of the wedge, in addition we have seen what happens in this country.

Rotherham rapists and 1400 girls but believe it or not they were protected by the police and local authorities! They were frightened by them. Who will look after our women  when we are inundated by those who think British girls are trash. Girls doused in petrol and told they would be raped next, victims were all white girls. The PC brigade made sure they were NOT protected.

This referendum is about our safety, we must control our borders and take back our sovereignty


At the local election show the left that they are not wanted and vote for UKIP the only party that represents us


Let them in

Tim Walker the Head of immigration and nationality had removed the deterrent legislation put in place by Michael Howard. Straw raised this with Blair who said it was not an issue, however, a 150,000 arrived in 1998. later on Blair made it known that anyone who encouraged integration was a racist!

Turkish flag

This new tolerance spread around the world, benefits, public housing and immigrants raced to Calais. They destroyed their identity documents and the new immigrants rose to 360,000  despite the incredible increase in asylum seekers Blair signed the EU asylum seekers and immigration bill!

When the eight European states were due to become members of the EU, other EU countries along with Germany planned to delay entry for 7 years, Blair however said “lets be good Europeans” as a result over 1 million poles came to Britain.

To read just how totally incompetent Blair and his government were read (as I am) Tom Bower’s book on “Broken Vows” You don’t need Chilcot’s enquiry  which will no doubt be a whitewash, just read this.

We are now informed by the office for National Statistics (an official analysis) that Britain has become 10% more crowded as a result of unfettered immigration. That’s why people cannot find schools for their children, no housing, not able to see a GP and a NHS serving the whole world.

Soon the Turkish government will send hundreds of thousands of poor Turkish people via the EU to invade our shores. A Country that is becoming more Islamic every day, a country where up to 26% of the population support Isis. Think of it 26% out 74 Million support Isis yet Cameron is in favour of it.


It is very clear we already have huge problem as a result a fifth column let in by the New Labour Party, but the Marxist Labour are still waiting for them with open hearts.

The media is trying to say that we as  the British are Anti Semitic, how dare they even go down this path. This is what happens when the left and Muslims get together. Have we not noticed how the Islamic world hate Jews.

Despite all this the Jewish community support the labour Party; you pay your money – – –


Or become an Islamic State

Its your choice. We can show the Labour party next week what we think about giving our country away.


A new low

hammondHow far is Cameron prepared to go to rig the referendum., pretty low I would say.


Blair sold honours and himself but Cameron is selling of his manifesto to the Unions for their voters support in the referendum. This shows that the whole edifice is corrupt to the core, the government, civil service (started off by Blair but now in gear) and the whole establishment.

This is what happens when you take educated idiots out of school and give them responsibility which they are not ready for. Blair took office and didn’t know which way to turn, which is why he made promises which ended up as disasters.

Like Cameron he is full of chat and ideas which go nowhere. Cameron is a classic upper class schoolboy a real bully. You would be hard to find a statesman amongst the Tory party hierarchy, you have to come down to the everyday person to find commonsense and patriotic men and women.

In my time I have disagreed, like many others, with members of parliament but I have never seen such greed, lies, deceit and avarice amongst what is really such a small group of people.

The one person who should be protecting the country is a man who is determined to ensure that his country is given away to an undemocratic and totalitarian state. He is taking the side of big business and all those associated with it to give them what they want, not what is good for the country.

Furthermore this emphasis of the economic side is nothing more a distraction, shifting the goal because the problem is immigration which is now already huge. Very soon after the referendum Turkey will be on the move and we will be totally swamped by Islamists and Cameron knows that.

It is why I have said before and will say now, that if this goes the wrong way because of a rigged referendum then we will see civil violence on a massive scale. People like the English Defence etc. will see a countless thousands flocking to join, the police will be overcome and you will need the army. If Cameron cannot see this then he is a bigger idiot than I thought.

Those who are on the remain party now (God knows why) will after a short while will see how wrong they were and they too will move over. We are being run by fools.


Or take the consequences.

Water under the bridge

Brussels – 12 October

09:35 am



The president of the European Court of justice sat back comfortably in his official car, shuffling the papers on his lap. Eventually he selected page six which carried a brief summary of the hearing about to take place. Today at 10:15 am the court was to sit in plenary and the case concerned the British member. He looked up and out of the window. Strange, even as a German he could not help but feel some sympathy for the British for unlike France, Germany and Italy, for example, who were virtually unchanged, Britain had now been totally dismembered with the English in particular, overwhelmed by immigrants, fragmented and completely stripped of their nationhood.

  There was a Scottish Parliament and a Welsh Parliament, but England was now comprised of no more than eight assemblies and did exactly what she was told to do and no more! Even now he found it hard to comprehend how a British, government under Scottish direction had taken such a perverse delight in destroying the United Kingdom!

  To think that at one time, and not so very long ago either, the very word British was synonymous with respect and if one was honest the United Kingdom had throughout its past set a shining example to the world too. Unfortunately far too many British people blamed Europe for the downfall of their country, he was well aware of that. Hatred for the Commission also, he and others were well aware of that too. The way the British Government had handled entry was very much to blame of course. Had they not been riddled with such hatred for England’s upper and middle classes, things might have been totally different today.

  He sighed a deep sigh; really it hadn’t needed to be this way. Still all water under the bridge now. Glancing down at his watch he saw it was 9:36. Good, they were almost at the end of Ave John Kennedy and like all Germans he liked order. In particular he set great store by punctuality.

  Peter Brand, Clive Crispin Dick Atkins, Janet Ainsworth and Roger Clarke closed in on the car, as they too liked punctuality. The Brussels hit was going to be very much on the same lines as the Luxembourg hit. This was no coincidence as both Peter and Nick Ashton had spent much preparation time together and had come to the conclusion that this method of attack, subject to fine tuning and local conditions could be applied to each target and offered the best chance of escape.

This, bearing in mind the overall complacency in Europe, was a realistic view as politicians had become very comfortable complacent and on the whole felt quite secure in their day-to- day travels within Europe.

  Peter had made it quite clear to Harry that, while he appreciated the difficulties involved, he wanted the front windscreen on his transit van made of a clear plastic with a facility to fall flat onto the bonnet! It had been a tall order considering Harry’s commitments but he had risen to the occasion, doing a fine job on the vehicle

  Peter watched the vehicle approach, three hundred yards, two hundred, one hundred. ‘Now!’ Peter snapped out the command. They had practiced this move many, many times so by the time the vehicles were fifty yards apart Dick Atkins and Janet Ainsworth had hit the release handles on either side of the frame and slammed the screen forward. At thirty yards Roger Clarke had swung the transport front on to the oncoming car and escorts and braked to a halt.

  The President had just started to put the papers in order when his driver reacting to the imminent threat, slammed on his brakes thus throwing him forward. The driver of the car was an old pro and had in fact felt a little uneasy about the van when he first spotted its approach from some distance away. Instinctively he knew that his only chance was to reverse at high speed, leaving the front escorts to deal with the threat.

  Unfortunately for him Clive beat him to it. The hollow point came through the windscreen tearing the driver asunder while the screen separating the driver from the rear virtually exploded, sending thousands of tiny pieces of glass and

shrapnel into the body of the President.

  The escorts with no time to dismount died under a hail of bullets from Peter and Roger. Behind them the four by four had stopped twenty yards to

the rear and left of the Presidents car at which point both Kevin Barry and Liz Hicks leapt out and proceeded to wipe out the two rear escorts with sustained bursts of fire. Mere seconds later Barry had lined up his shoulder fired anti-tank weapon and sent a missile into the heart of what remained of the car. It was just about then and thanks to Luxembourg that things first started to go pear shaped as unknown to them and within five minutes of the first hit taking place in Luxembourg a warning message had been flashed to the Prime Minister and Minister for Defence in Brussels.

  Almost immediately the Defence Minister had the Chief of Police on the phone. He was terse. ‘No questions, I want properly armed units dispatched now to protect the President of the European Court of Justice and I mean right now, move.’

He spat out the last word.

  They started the break for Rue Claus only to see blue lights flashing as two police cars raced down Claus to intercept.

‘Chris!’ Peter shouted, ‘it’s much too quick, something must be wrong, the bastards are on to us already!’

  Clive shot a glance to where Kevin and Liz were. ‘Hells bells, there are more of them and closing in on Kevin and Liz too. ‘You’re right! Christ only knows what’s happened but we have been sussed. Go, Roger, go like hell!’

  As they raced away, the reality of the situation suddenly hit Peter. Bloody hell, we are not going to get out of this. Looking at the others it was plain to see that they all knew it was finished too but no one was going to say it. He braced

himself against the swaying of the vehicle then yelled, ‘OK I  say we have no choice. If we let these bastards take us, then no matter what happens we will never get out of jail, not ever.’

  Janet was pale but full of guts. ‘Well, fuck them; I’m not spending the rest of my life behind bars with a bunch of butch bandits.’

  Dick raised his UMP and shouted, ‘I’m in so go for it.’ There was a thud and the vehicle lurched as they hit the kerb on rue Claus. Roger heaved the vehicle around back on line shouting ‘Come on, you bastards,’ then died instantly as he took a

bullet through the head from a marksman already in position. The vehicle careered back across the road, hitting the kerb the other side, its transit rear doors bursting open.

  Peter was first out, yelling and pumping rapid shots from waist level at the rest of the police who had already screeched to a halt around them. Hard on his heels came the other three. Crouching and firing, they went straight for the two police cars broadside, ignoring the one to the right. Their sheer aggression momentarily took the police by surprise and by the time they had covered half the distance three policemen had died, but death was upon them and they all knew it.

  Dick and Roger went first, hit by a barrage of shots by the now recovered police, then a bullet from the right took Janet through the abdomen then out the other side, tearing her innards apart as it did so. She dropped her weapon, clutching

her stomach in sheer agony then sank slowly to her knees. Two more rounds from the police to the front smashed into her chest, forcing her body back onto her haunches. Arms splayed out as she fell back already dead, shoulders resting back on her heels. Her head flopped backwards, exaggerating as it did so the smooth white curves of her throat. A tear as if in sorrow ran slowly down one side of her face mingling with, and then coming to rest in her soft damp curls.

  Peter had got to the first car, killing two of the police as he closed in. Then his ammo ran out. In his heart he knew that the others were dead so he could have run into the traffic, as there was always a chance, but he didn’t hesitate, he swerved and raced for the car on his right continuing to scream obscenities as he did so. Almost immediately he took a hail of bullets and was dead before he hit the ground.

  Kevin and Liz Hicks in the four by four saw the action taking place as they closed up. Without hesitation Kevin accelerated towards the car on the right ploughing into it, killing another three policemen who had taken cover during the firefight.

  Liz threw herself out of the vehicle and as she hit the ground rolling she briefly glimpsed Janet’s dead body. Almost at the same moment she saw Kevin and Clive breaking away from the four by four firing rapid bursts as they did so, then she was up on her feet firing too. Dodging around the police car hit by Kevin she saw him and Clive die reeling under the impact of bullets, but it gave her a momentary chance and she took it.

  She raced for the road and traffic and relative safety knowing the police would not dare open fire for fear of hitting members of the public; but before she could get in and amongst the cars completely, there was a shot followed by a searing pain in her thigh. She half stumbled around the bonnet of a car, then swung around to face two policemen coming straight for her but as she had anticipated, hesitating to use their weapons. Liz, however, had no such qualms and she could see the mixture of surprise then fear on their faces as she went straight for them. Her tenacity despite her wound, plus the snarl on her face was enough to make them hesitate further and that was fatal.

 In a split second she had taken them both out screaming out loud ‘Sod you, Sod you!’ Adrenalin still pumping she whirled around and dragging her leg made her way down the road where civilian cars had now stopped. Liz headed for one

but as she approached she saw the startled driver reach to lock his doors. ‘Fuck you too!’ she screamed, putting a burst through the window into his head.

  She wrenched open the door and ignoring the pain in her thigh heaved him out and pulled herself into the car.  Expecting the worst at any moment she slapped it into gear and mounting the Pavement, tore off, bumping her way back

onto the road three hundred yards further on.

  She shouted with glee. ‘By God, Liz, you lucky bastard! You may make it yet now slow down and try to disappear.’ Twisting and turning, she took every turn she could in her attempt to throw off any pursuit. Suddenly spotting a multi-

storey car park she took a chance and drove into it, still talking out loud to herself. ‘Right, Liz, calm down and think. One thing for sure is that you are not going to get far on your own with a gammy leg.’ At the second level she spotted a relatively quiet spot, parked the vehicle and waited, head low, applying pressure as she did so to her wound, which was by now bleeding profusely. She didn’t have too long to wait as seconds later a woman pulled up just three spaces away. Liz got out of the car

as quickly as she could and limped towards the woman who was by now, busy getting something out of the boot.

  ‘Get in the bloody car,’ Liz snarled. ‘Get in or I’ll blow your fucking guts out.’ Emphasising the point she jabbed the muzzle of her weapon hard into the woman’s side. Terror-stricken the woman scrambled back into her car. ‘Now listen I don’t care if you speak English or not. You’re, going to do as I say and if you so much as squeak, you’re dead. Do you understand me, you bitch.’ Once again she jabbed the muzzle hard into the woman’s side, causing her to screech with a mixture of pain and fear.

  She spoke, and in English, ‘Yes I understand.’  ‘Good, we are leaving town so let’s move and take it easy.’ An hour and fifteen minutes later, and much to her

amazement they had crossed the border with nothing more than a wave of passports. The woman while inwardly terrified had managed to compose herself and chatted fairly naturally as ordered. During the drive Liz had taken her medical dressing and applied to the leg and thank God had stopped the flow of

blood. At the first safe opportunity she ordered the woman to pull off the road into a wooded area.

  ‘OK, stop the car here. Now get out because we are going for a walk into the wood.’ The woman started sobbing incoherently.

  ‘Come on, come on, I am not going to hurt you. I am just going to tie you up for a while. Don’t worry, I will telephone someone soon and tell them where you are.’ Five minutes later she walked back to the vehicle. She had hated doing it to an

innocent but there was no option but to shoot her, as there was far too much at stake at this stage of the operation.

Further up the road she made a phone call and three hours later a courier picked her up, taking her to a safe house where someone was waiting to treat the wound. only then did she allow herself the luxury of tears.

  It was at 09:30 as planned that the first of four explosions took place at major intersections, with smaller explosions rapidly following. It was these explosions that had assisted Liz by hindering follow-up so aiding her in her miraculous escape. The diversionary explosions designed to aid them had come too late save the rest of the teams. Fate had dealt them all a deadly hand but despite that they had achieved their main objective in more ways than one. Brussels was in total and utter chaos, services were completely overwhelmed and the local

population was in a state of blind panic. Fifty-three people lay dead with many more wounded. Foxtrot and backup had won the day but had paid a terrible, terrible price for success and her dear, dear friend was dead. As had many others before them, the European Commission had thought England was dead, only to discover she would not lie down. Against all the odds Liz had made it and was safe but she wept openly for the others. The President was dead but at a heart-breaking cost to the force.


Just six men

Heathrow and Stansted airports,

15th October 5am


Sir, We Are At War

Just six men

The pilot of the first C130 aircraft carrying troop and vehicle carriers fixed his eyes on the land rover to his front, smiling wryly at the red message which said, ‘Welcome, follow me’.

A mere moment later the craft was blown to smithereens by ground to air missiles. Vehicle carrier petrol tanks which were full exploded, turning what was left of the aircraft into a ball of fire.

  The pilot of the second aircraft in the stream witnessing the explosions frantically pulled back his joystick in an attempt to pull clear of the carnage but it was too late, another missile hit six feet below the cabin sending burning men, vehicles and aircraft spiralling down to the ground where it exploded on impact.

  The pilot of the third aircraft in the stream gasped with horror then almost immediately reacted by banking to the port warning others as he did so ‘Hullo red bar three hullo red bar three, red bar 1 and 2 destroyed by missile fire, abort, abort landing over.’

  There was no alternative and command control on hearing the call sent out an immediate order for the remainder of the aircraft to return. The aircraft following the stream hurriedly banked away to port and made for home.

  All it had taken in each location was four Royal Marines supported by two regular SAS troopers. Just six men in each of the airports had put paid to the airborne invasion of England. British troops had made their presence felt . . . and how.


Another lie exposed

Wall Street Journal Editorial:

“The problem—apart from the blunt political threat to a stalwart ally—is that Mr. Obama is stating his policy choice, not what is inevitable. The U.S. is negotiating a trade deal with the EU, but the talks haven’t been going well in part because of the demands of the EU’s multiple special interests and French economic nationalism. The talks might extend into the next U.S. Administration, and they could fail.

…The Walls Street Journal’s advice to British voters is to ignore Mr. Obama, who is a short timer, and vote in June based on what would make Britain stronger and more prosperous.”

Thank you Wall Street



Cameron our despicable and detestable PM

TreacheryCameron our Prime Minister, stood next to  Obama and proceeded to threatened Britain!!

 What a fool he is if he thinks that a man like Obama, who has demonstrated his dislike of Britain will frighten us.

How dare this man come to our country and try intimidate  us. Cameron too has truly gone overboard in going along with this.

MPs should now put their country first and gather together 50 names to declare a no confidence vote for a Prime Minister who is trying to terrorise  his country.

Obama is the man who removed the bust of Winston Churchill and sent it back. In the meantime he replaced it with a bust of Martin Luther King.

Obama Cameron

Obama is the man who went right out of his way to drive BP into the ground. He hates us all right. He sees the Queen because his wife likes it and its good for his image; and that is all.

This referendum is now rigged.

Cameron has separated his party, and lost his activists. Now he has separated the country because we can no longer rely on a fair vote; as such we cannot accept it. The end result of this will be a disconnection between the ‘remain and leave party’.

Because it is rigged there will be a reluctance to accept it and a true possibility of violence.

 That is what Cameron has done  to this country.



The sniveling hypocrisy of the Americans

hypocritesEx United States treasury secretaries have the audacity of telling the British Public to throw away their sovereignty and subject themselves to an undemocratic, unelected regimes across the water.

George Shultz, Michael Blumenthal,  Robert Rubin,  Lawrence Summers,  Paul O’Neill, John Snow,  Henry Paulson, Jr.  and Timothy Geithner.

Just who the hell are they to tell us what to do and why should we listen to these hypocrites, Obama too. We should be aware that whatever the Americans do, they first look at how it will affect them. The Americans are fair-weather friends and cannot be trusted. They are the most arrogant nation on earth and presumptuous to the utmost degree.

What irks me most is the bewailing from our Prime Minister and his denouncing of Britain, constantly belittling us, telling us that we cannot survives outside as a democracy and above all using the Americans to pour their scorn upon us.

obama hypocrite

We are now seeing the true side of the Tory Party, we now know where the real “Bastards”  are, they are in government and on the side of Big Banks, Corporate companies and overall vested interests; they are not on the side of the British people

Cameron and his followers are totally and utterly disgusting. Cameron is a liar and seems to be proud of it. Having supported the Tory Party all of my life I would now support ANY means to get them out of office.

We need a new party UKIP or a combination of people who believe in Britain. We must wipe out the Tories whatever it takes, there are least four million votes out there, no one should vote for the treacherous Tory party at the next election.

Further to this, the Tory party is wholly intent on subjecting us to an absolutely massive immigration; we are now under threat.

Vote for sovereignty and vote for our country. The Tory Party are about giving our country to Islam; don’t let them.

Fishing Industry

FishermenThe cost to our fishing industry at least 5 billion per year.

We used to have the largest fishing fleet until we joined the EU

Now 23% of the entire fishing quota goes to a single Dutch trawler the Cornelis Vrolijk and it lands all its catches in Holland.

This “Common Resource” given away by that treacherous Edward Heath ensured that we ended up with 13% of what was our fishing industry. In other words it was destroyed.

An appalling act of this common resource is that “discards” must be brought back to shore so that millions of fish could be discarded to landfill sites!!

At one time a man called Joe watt said he threw back up to 700 lbs of cod a day into the sea compared with 110-130lb of fish he brings to the shore. Are we surprised that fish has become so expensive.

People were forced to burn their boats whilst Spanish fishermen bought up our quotas.

Trawlers Whitby_early_1950_s_no1

By leaving we can take back our fishing and those who lived and worked sea can go back; more cheaper fish and more jobs and more vessels built by our industry.

We can be great again ignore these people who constantly say we are not good enough, running down our country, it is appalling.



This is what the remain campaign are trying to do, all of this talk on economy and how we will end up living in huts like hermits is nothing more than a distraction.

Hundreds of migrants clashing with vigilantes in Paris is nothing more than the thin end of the wedge. Many of those caught up revealed that they were determined to reach England. Hardly any of them are asylum seekers they are young men from all parts of Africa looking for a better life in England.

This is what the EU offers; violence, flooding our country with murderess, rapists, paedophiles etc. people that we are not allowed to deport. people who despise our way of life and our Christianity.

The real reason to leave the EU is to regain our total sovereignty, make our own laws and put our judiciary back where it belongs in the arms of the people.

I am sick of the remain camp who are running down our country; Macron has a cheek coming on the Marr show where he is allowed to say that we would end up like Jersey.

No we wont Macron, the truth he is worried because who is going to pay for his farmers etc.

The EU is frightened because it is we who have kept them alive, without us they will sink into the abyss. That is why we should ignore Merkel’s poodles; it is why we should ignore the out and out lies coming from Cameron’s camp. It is because we are strong that they want to beat us down.

Remember a vote in will let in 75 million Turks and let us not forget that Cameron is ignoring the 300,000 immigrants already coming in.

Our health service has buckled, people cannot see a GP, schools are unable to cope and we are ready to fold as a country.

Do not let it happen, this is our country and if we want it to remain so then we had better VOTE OUT on FREEDOM DAY.


 A  man who insulted Britain by returning a bust of Winston Churchill

A hypocrite

Do not vote for traitors