Panorama’s hatchet job on Farage

Darragh Macintyre did his best to rubbish UKIP, a foul job given to an Irishman, I wonder why; maybe we could now ask Darragh if he could do an expose on BBC secret funding.

Perhaps he could tell us why the BBC, funded by the taxpayer in order that they may be impartial (loud laughter here) is taking millions from the European Union without declaring it.

The only way to find out what was happening was to prise it out using the Freedom of Information Act. Why then did they try to hide this fact, in fact they sort to conceal its source it by calling it ‘other grant income’

There is clearly EU bias here, certainly no impartiality that’s for sure. How much influence did the EU have in deciding to rubbish UKIP via Panorama, was this a thank you for millions of secret funding?

Darragh talked to Farage about scrutiny or was that for other people and not for his employer, surely he must now realise that his attempt to rubbish UKIP has shown us that his integrity is clearly in doubt. He  self – righteously accused UKIP of bad practice whilst working for an organisation, who we all know is totally left wing in their attitude and deeds and secretly taking millions of pounds from the European Union; where is the impartiality here.

The BBC taking tax payers money and boosting  it up from another tax payers source; the EU. You can be sure that when the EU give money (even our money) away they will I am sure, want something in return.

Stick to real crooks Darragh and check out your employer.

Selling off the family silver, even when the tunnel makes money. Soon someone will step in and takes our 40% then we the taxpayer will pay the price later on.

It is bad enough that we have to wait for the EU to tell us that we can build a power station using a French company. This is Britain or was, where is Cameron’s pride, it is I believe in Markel’s handbag. Is there any leader in this country who has faith in who and what we are. Where are the men with gravitas and a sense of pride in their country.

I will tell you where they are, they are in UKIP where everyone is proud of who we are. People  are now sick of the small minded and pathetic MPs in parliament. Now we are run by self serving MPs in Parliament who are themselves run by an unelected regime across the water, soon they will be run by an Islamic Sharia state, and that will be three governments.

Are we surprised that UKIP has come about, we need a strong right wing government before it all hits the fan, and we are getting close to that.

Vote UKIP and get UKIP and forget the everlasting attempts to smear us.