Much has been heard about Corbyn this past week or so and unfortunately, there are those who see him as a breath of fresh air!

He is however a very dangerous man, ‘I am one of the people’ is a complete sham, he is nothing more than a revolutionary,  but clever with it.

Corbyn is has opened his arms to what he calls a broad church and that allows him to welcome Trotskyists. Communists, the IRA and every one else who hates Britain; all revolutionaries.

This man has said that he will not if necessary press the nuclear button, which has made his so called debate on trident a complete and utter sham. What he is saying is that he will do nothing to protect the people of England if and when the time comes.

John McDonnell took the stage and within five minutes he was dripping with hate and potential violence. McDonnell is the epitome of the left wing Marxist party which is what they now are and proud of it. He said virtually nothing about the country and its problems, he is more concerned about insurrection.

Who are these people who are giving such a welcome to this evil party and as for the young men a women do they actually realise what they are advocating.

Marxism has never worked, it has however ended the lives of millions of innocent people.

UKIP is now the only way out for those who love their country. Liberals and the Green Party are just as foolish, intent also like the Marxist party in flooding England with immigrants. England is hated by the EU and the Marxists and are intent on stamping us out of existence.

Who is the person from the QE QM hospital who told RAF Sergeant Mark Prendeville to leave the A@E waiting room because he could offend other patients, in other words Muslims, who else would complain.

The local paper should seek to find the guilty person or persons and ask them to apologise.

The QE QM should hang it’s head in shame. The people in this country are simply fed up of these people who spend all of their time on bended knee to Muslims; how could they have done this.

Millions didn’t fight and lose their lives for our freedom so that those who have come here to sponge of us should change our way of life.

We must get our country back.






Boots on the ground in Somalia, how idiotic can you get. The enemy will break their necks to butcher our troops and where will he be then.

We are not the worlds policemen and our troops are not toys you can play with, get out of the nursery Cameron; it is time you went.

Lies, more lies and traitors.

The left are continually telling us that migrants are good for the country as a whole whilst ignoring all else. The New Schools Network found that high levels of migration is creating a ‘perfect storm’  38,000 migrant children need a primary school in England this year, a rise by 160%.

Houses are given to migrants to the detriment of the indigenous population added to which there are also benefits. Schools, hospitals and doctors are also struggling to stay viable.

The level of migrants alone is unsustainable and it is we who will take the brunt of it. Not just our tax payers money but equally, if not more important, is what it will do to our society which is already under threat. We are a Christian society, forget those who say we are not Christian if they were in a society that was lacking in Christian ethics and a Christian way of life they would soon know the difference.

Thanks to unrelenting wholesale immigration we now have murderers, rapists and violent people walking our streets. We have jihadists at every corner and quiescent mosques just biding their time. They have all worked out that our politicians, judiciary and police are weak and they are always the victims.

Merkel’s offer of open doors to the Syrians has opened the floodgates, Germany is now a Christian country in real  danger of being overrun by people who are not just different but have a violent religion. Women are in clear danger because Muslim men treat their women with overall disdain. Those women who bare their arms and legs and as we know, go totally overboard will be regarded and treated like trash; that is the fact of the matter.

The same has happened here, Rotherham’s sexual exploitation by Pakistani men coupled with the lefts bigoted councils has resulted in up to fourteen or fifteen hundred girls being raped, some as young as 12. Apart from the councillors did the local Muslims knew what was going on, of course they did but they were white and Christian and treated accordingly.

Cameron is not going to do anything to protect this country, migrants in all their forms will continually pour in to our detriment. He will certainly not do anything to protect our borders but on the other hand he will work something out with the EU that will allow him to come back and pretend that he has done the deed.

What Cameron wants is what is important, Cameron first and country second. This man really does regard the general public as plebs. If we haven’t worked now that this man is even far more deceitful than we ever thought, then we need our heads testing. He is classic and believes that who and what he is allows him to dictate to us.

Peter Oborne carries on the medias tradition of slating Farage, stating that Farage must quit to save the party! This is the man who has taken on the traitors in our government and the unelected bureaucrats in the EU, and has ended up forcing Cameron and his cohorts in government to give us, the people a referendum. Of course he must lead the party and Carswell should be there to support him, not sulking because he didn’t fill Farage’s shoes.

We must vote UKIP,  Farage is right it is the future in Europe that we should be looking at. The EU is a total disaster an ideology that has gone horribly wrong. A EU that has now become a real danger to our country.



Borders and migrants

V W must be mad, why on earth would they compromise their world wide and well respected car industry for a fly by night car salesman trick; how stupid can you get. Quite frankly they now deserve every and anything that is thrown at them.

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary should ignore the EU. Control your own borders and set an example to Cameron and his cohorts. Cameron may be Merkel’s poodle but there is no need for you to do the same.

People should remember that when these migrants and jihadists are taken in and given passports they will set a bee line for the UK and we will end up taking in more than a million, that coupled with the four million brought in by Labour will break England.

You will have noticed that these people will come in to England and be given a home and benefits but what about the endless thousands of indigenous people waiting for homes. It is clear they will be in the back of the queue with the rest of the Christians.

How many of the Syrian’s we will be taking from the camps are Christian? Bearing in mind that the Muslims are killing of Christians by the thousands, should we not be looking at them first.

It is typical of Cameron that he ignores his military advisors, after all who is he to decide on military complexities when it will affect all of the forces. The man is toxic, look at what he has done to our forces, as for our Navy he has made it fit for the usual pond in Hyde Park where others sail their craft.

14.5 Billion per annum for the EU, out of which we get 6.3 Billion back (our own money of course) and 12 Billion per annum (rising each year) for aid.

26.5 Billion a year!!

yet England is suffering because of our debt, NHS, housing, social services, old people, police and our Armed forces devastated.

What does it matter if Cameron feels good about it, but there again you would if you were born with two silver spoons in your mouth and millions to spare, not to mention four or five holidays a years.

What are we doing bringing in China and the EDF to take charge of our energy supplies, it is bad enough that Labour allowed EDF and France to take over our vast knowledge of nuclear power, now that has been compounded by bringing in China.

What has happened to English politicians, where are the patriots, I despair, English politicians will sell their granny if it puts a tanner in their pot. I regard most of them as traitors and come the next election I will not vote for traitors.

Vote UKIP we have to put UKIP MPs in parliament. They are the only party who represent us, the indigenous people.


Hungary is right, if only our government protected our way of life in the same way.

Anyone with an ounce of common-sense knows full well that we cannot accommodate the Syrians. As for the economic migrants and above all the jihadists who are flooding into England, home grown and otherwise, only fools would allow this to happen; unfortunately that is what we have in government.

The Islamic movement in England is biding it’s time, which is why they say nothing.

The social cohesion of England is now under serious threat, thanks to the idiotic EU and the the truly pathetic MPs we have in our parliament. We are now heading for civil unrest.

The only man who has shown common-sense throughout is Nigel Farage.

The BBC with it continual blackmail and disinformation in it’s news reporting should lose its licence. After all whose side are they on?

Vote UKIP and delete what is left of the Labour party. Put us in power so that we can have a patriotic party, a peoples party.

UKIP party of the people

We now have Jeremy Corbyn in charge of the extreme left wing Labour party.

Those who have voted for it should absolutely ashamed of themselves. By default the front bench are now friends of Hamas, Hezbollah, IRA and ISIS; so too are those who voted him in.

Anyone with a shred of decency should not support a man who is so manifestly against all that is British. A man who has already given a gross insult to our servicemen by not singing the National Anthem and contemplating wearing a white poppy on his attendance at the cenotaph. I think the person who said he should be shot echo’s the voice of the majority of people in this country.

He and his party are an insult to the British people.   

Vote UKIP because now is the time to put in place the peoples party in lieu of this parody of the so called Labour party. They have divorced themselves from the British public. The real Labour party of old would shun them.

Above all this man should not be given any security details, his past shows that he is not to be trusted.

Cameron – Churlish

To ban Dr Fox from an intelligence role because he took part in the conservative rebellion last week tells you all you want to know about Cameron, even though non of the three men chosen had cabinet experience. The word is vindictive.

Corbyn sings the Red Flag in celebration then waltzes off to take part in a rally to bring in even more immigrants. How many of these young men, and there are far too many of them! are true refugees.

On the other hand the new leftist Labour party have a leader (and by default) and followers who have now become friends of Hamas, Hezbollah the IRA and the horrific murder of anyone who stands in their way. What has happened? many of the indigenous people of England clearly now revel in violence in its most dastardly form.

The Labour party has been quite deft in infiltrating its followers into position of power; the BBC and Charities etc. as such now they have Corbyn they are now dangerous to the whole of the indigenous population. It goes without saying that the right ‘must come up to the plate’ and be prepared to take them on.

Len McCluskey is over the moon. he is now in a real position of power.

He who pays the piper call the tune.

and that is McCluskey

They say Corbyn is no thug, but he is unbelievably stupid if he cannot see that both Trident and NATO have kept the peace in Europe. This man is not a leader, he is, however, weak and by being so is without doubt, the enemy of our country.

It is one thing to stand on a soapbox saying don’t do this or that, without I might add, any responsibility, then put him in as the leader of the opposition.  Andy Burnham has stated he will stay in the party and fight for it, rubbish he is more concerned to be on the front bench than his country.

Polly on the Andrew Marr show today showed what you can expect from the left when she lambasted David Blunkett, a well respected member of the Labour Party as a ‘rent a mouth’ Just like Derek Hatton she is nasty and into intimidation etc. We saw what happened in Scotland where people were intimidated and assaulted because they didn’t agree with the left.

This is what the people on the left are really like, the real violence doesn’t come from people like the BNP, it is the left who are the main culprits.

UKIP will now have to appeal to the voters even more, then pull in disaffected Labour supporters and those from the LibDems and Green party who have lent their weight to Corbyn. They must try to be the second party, but let us not forget one good thing, we are starting with four million votes.


Marine in jail for murder

The new revelations about the court martial should not be a surprise. For those who have not served in the forces I will tell what every old soldier knows about a court martial;

“Wheel the guilty party in”.

As for the poor barrister who has been insulted! clearly a very well educated fool and vindictive to boot,  the rest of mankind should ensure that she eats alone.

The BBC are still telling the world that we have opened up our hearts to the refugee problem. Typical of the BBC, it is of course a lie, This is what happens when you besotted with the left. They keep telling us that they are impartial; please, a ferret and a rabbit a more impartial. They have no credibility any more and have too much influence. What we actually need is an  right wing channel to counter them.

The BBC should be sacked, all of them.

Vote UKIP, soon we will be up against the EU spending our money on advertising and Cameron telling everyone we should stay in the Euro, not because it helps us but because it suits him politically.


It is time to put him in parliament. Trouble is can parliament deal with a man who speaks the truth.

Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly.

The recent crisis has shown us (apart from all else) what a totally useless organisation the EU is.

What would they do if we got attacked, the truth is nothing and we would once again be fighting for our lives.

As for the left, and I mean left in this country, it takes but a moment to have them screaming how bad we all are and totally lacking in humanity. Wait a minute though, aren’t they the people backing Corbyn, a cheer leader for the IRA, Hezbollah, Taliban and every other butcher around.

Clearly the left support mass murder, genocide, child molestation and slavery, why because Corbyn has a penchant for the butchers, history shows this and yet they support him!!

What ever happens we must not let this man anywhere near info on security, it would be like giving info to the Guardian or the Russians.

What is the lefts view on Anjem Choudery preaching violence, what too is their view on the black flag of Jihadi fundamentalism being flown at the main gate of a Tower Hamlets housing estate, how many people there are living in a house supplied by the state.

Why are we letting in Jihadists who received training overseas. Why are we not sending them (along with their families) back to where they came from.

This country is rapidly moving towards civil disorder it is one thing to come down on a centre right wing supporter but what will they do when it explodes; and it will. The Muslim community are given the right to do what they will and  they are supporting the Jihads, have you ever seen them come out and say no, this must stop, pigs might fly.

Any one hurt in this country as a result of terror can lay the blame on Bush and Tony Blair and the last two government for not realising what they are up against. The jury is out.


The future of England

This is now in dispute, during the first and second world war we fought to protect our Island and our way of life. We were a Christian society, confident in who we were and brought up on Christian ethics, but times have changed and we are fast becoming a minority in our own country.

If we want some semblance of who and what we are then we must vote for UKIP, they are the only party that truly represents us.

We now have Corbyn and his fellow travellers. I cannot believe that they have put aside his penchant for those who kill without mercy and are giving him a voice. This is the Labour Party who will now go to the left and beyond. I have always said they are dangerous, even more so now.

Soon  Cameron, the EU and corporate business will break their necks to hold us in the EU, if that happens then we are doomed as a nation.

I will not vote for traitors, vote UKIP a patriotic and English party.