Much has been heard about Corbyn this past week or so and unfortunately, there are those who see him as a breath of fresh air!

He is however a very dangerous man, ‘I am one of the people’ is a complete sham, he is nothing more than a revolutionary,  but clever with it.

Corbyn is has opened his arms to what he calls a broad church and that allows him to welcome Trotskyists. Communists, the IRA and every one else who hates Britain; all revolutionaries.

This man has said that he will not if necessary press the nuclear button, which has made his so called debate on trident a complete and utter sham. What he is saying is that he will do nothing to protect the people of England if and when the time comes.

John McDonnell took the stage and within five minutes he was dripping with hate and potential violence. McDonnell is the epitome of the left wing Marxist party which is what they now are and proud of it. He said virtually nothing about the country and its problems, he is more concerned about insurrection.

Who are these people who are giving such a welcome to this evil party and as for the young men a women do they actually realise what they are advocating.

Marxism has never worked, it has however ended the lives of millions of innocent people.

UKIP is now the only way out for those who love their country. Liberals and the Green Party are just as foolish, intent also like the Marxist party in flooding England with immigrants. England is hated by the EU and the Marxists and are intent on stamping us out of existence.

Who is the person from the QE QM hospital who told RAF Sergeant Mark Prendeville to leave the A@E waiting room because he could offend other patients, in other words Muslims, who else would complain.

The local paper should seek to find the guilty person or persons and ask them to apologise.

The QE QM should hang it’s head in shame. The people in this country are simply fed up of these people who spend all of their time on bended knee to Muslims; how could they have done this.

Millions didn’t fight and lose their lives for our freedom so that those who have come here to sponge of us should change our way of life.

We must get our country back.





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