Borders and migrants

V W must be mad, why on earth would they compromise their world wide and well respected car industry for a fly by night car salesman trick; how stupid can you get. Quite frankly they now deserve every and anything that is thrown at them.

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary should ignore the EU. Control your own borders and set an example to Cameron and his cohorts. Cameron may be Merkel’s poodle but there is no need for you to do the same.

People should remember that when these migrants and jihadists are taken in and given passports they will set a bee line for the UK and we will end up taking in more than a million, that coupled with the four million brought in by Labour will break England.

You will have noticed that these people will come in to England and be given a home and benefits but what about the endless thousands of indigenous people waiting for homes. It is clear they will be in the back of the queue with the rest of the Christians.

How many of the Syrian’s we will be taking from the camps are Christian? Bearing in mind that the Muslims are killing of Christians by the thousands, should we not be looking at them first.

It is typical of Cameron that he ignores his military advisors, after all who is he to decide on military complexities when it will affect all of the forces. The man is toxic, look at what he has done to our forces, as for our Navy he has made it fit for the usual pond in Hyde Park where others sail their craft.

14.5 Billion per annum for the EU, out of which we get 6.3 Billion back (our own money of course) and 12 Billion per annum (rising each year) for aid.

26.5 Billion a year!!

yet England is suffering because of our debt, NHS, housing, social services, old people, police and our Armed forces devastated.

What does it matter if Cameron feels good about it, but there again you would if you were born with two silver spoons in your mouth and millions to spare, not to mention four or five holidays a years.

What are we doing bringing in China and the EDF to take charge of our energy supplies, it is bad enough that Labour allowed EDF and France to take over our vast knowledge of nuclear power, now that has been compounded by bringing in China.

What has happened to English politicians, where are the patriots, I despair, English politicians will sell their granny if it puts a tanner in their pot. I regard most of them as traitors and come the next election I will not vote for traitors.

Vote UKIP we have to put UKIP MPs in parliament. They are the only party who represent us, the indigenous people.


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