Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly.

The recent crisis has shown us (apart from all else) what a totally useless organisation the EU is.

What would they do if we got attacked, the truth is nothing and we would once again be fighting for our lives.

As for the left, and I mean left in this country, it takes but a moment to have them screaming how bad we all are and totally lacking in humanity. Wait a minute though, aren’t they the people backing Corbyn, a cheer leader for the IRA, Hezbollah, Taliban and every other butcher around.

Clearly the left support mass murder, genocide, child molestation and slavery, why because Corbyn has a penchant for the butchers, history shows this and yet they support him!!

What ever happens we must not let this man anywhere near info on security, it would be like giving info to the Guardian or the Russians.

What is the lefts view on Anjem Choudery preaching violence, what too is their view on the black flag of Jihadi fundamentalism being flown at the main gate of a Tower Hamlets housing estate, how many people there are living in a house supplied by the state.

Why are we letting in Jihadists who received training overseas. Why are we not sending them (along with their families) back to where they came from.

This country is rapidly moving towards civil disorder it is one thing to come down on a centre right wing supporter but what will they do when it explodes; and it will. The Muslim community are given the right to do what they will and  they are supporting the Jihads, have you ever seen them come out and say no, this must stop, pigs might fly.

Any one hurt in this country as a result of terror can lay the blame on Bush and Tony Blair and the last two government for not realising what they are up against. The jury is out.



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