Cameron – Clegg too

Here we are yet again, with the North struggling under the most difficult circumstances and why, for no other reason than we have not come to grips with the devastating  flooding by making enough money available to do the job properly in the first place.

Charity or otherwise  does not start at home with Cameron and Clegg, they are too busy strutting their stuff on the world stage.

They are giving our taxpayers money to others overseas whilst saying  “GET STUFFED” to those who suffer here.

What has happened to this country, we are run by the minority and have now become second class citizens. We need a new right wing government, but can we wait for the next election?

Cameron is out to betray us long before then, like the EU he has already decided that England must go.

Vote for UKIP and as for the other parties in the same mould, stop bickering; by default Farage has been singing this song for 16 years.

If you want to get out then get together.


Cameron and the EU

They are already starting to rig the vote.




Cameron and the game begins.

‘France and Germany could offer us a deal on migrant benefits’

How kind and totally predictable.  We know Cameron treats the indigenous population with almost undisguised contempt but does he really feel that he, and his treacherous cohorts think that we will fall for this deceit.

Cameron cannot in any way be trusted.

If we don’t know that now, then we in England will go down with the ship. His decision to stay with the Euro is political and has nothing to do with what is best for Britain. The Euro has failed completely in every way but what is worse is the migrant immigration into this country, we are being wiped out as a nation, particularly England. We all know it, but so does Cameron and he doesn’t give a damn.

The race to bring Turkey into the Euro will be the final straw, 75 million Muslim Turks will have access to this country and bearing in mind our economic strength they will come in their absolute thousands.

Soon Germany will be giving out residence permits to the hundreds of thousand migrants they have taken in and they too will make a bee-line for England, couple that to at least a million immigrants who have already worked their way in illegally into England because we cannot control immigration, and the writing is on the wall.

Remember the furore when Farage talked about the immigration of Romanians and Bulgarians, but a short period of time has shown us he was absolutely right; this however, is peanuts to what is about to happen when a Muslim Turkish state, many of whom support ISIS will be part of the Euro.

Cameron’s debacle in Libya and not forgetting  Sangin  in Helmand, where even now he is sending in troops to be slaughtered, and for no good reason. Cameron should realise that British troops aren’t toy soldiers to be moved around when and where he feels like it. They should be used for a very good reason and it is not playing games in Helmand.

Maybe  he feels that after a decade of indecision (yes a decade) a law protecting troops from greedy treacherous lawyers will be coming into effect, (perhaps?) but he is only doing this because a referendum is coming up and he wants to cement his pathetic little case for staying in.

If he wants to keep Britain safe then he should bring all of the government to bear on the radical and fifth column immigrants in this country and stop those who are continuing to sneak into this country. Putting them in hostels, giving them money and using the courts to give them extended stay is not the way to do it.

It is clear from the existing news that we are more than capable of not only holding our own but leading the way. Merkel has a strangle hold on too many British politicians, the question is why?

The truth is Cameron is not fit to be a Prime Minister and those who support him bring shame on us all.

Vote for Nigel Farage he represent the indigenous population unlike the current parties, particularly the Tory party,

Cameron & women front line troops

Cameron wants women front line troops because he cannot raise enough men in the territorial army. His suicidal effort to save money by reducing our forces has got him worried.

As for women in the front line he clearly hasn’t a clue. Women as sub mariners or based in a camp where they can come and go is one thing, but what about the real front line! I will give a couple of samples, when I was in the Parachute Regiment in Borneo we used to leave base camp and go over the border carrying 16 days special rations on our belts and water carriers etc and close on a 100 lbs in our bergen.

A 19lbs rifle and to top it all we used to cross grain, that meant going up and down steep hills so that no tracks were left. In ambush two men would lie side by side of up to 3 days, when you wanted to pass water you simply rolled over and did it (another reason for not having homosexuals,) It would be a truly special woman who could have done that.

What about the Falklands, could women again carry 70 or 80 lbs of kit, walk up to 50 miles and then fight; I doubt it.

Camerons PC brain will end up with special forces in particular, reducing their standards because women will not be fit enough. As for fighting there are endless examples of men going to the wall in a fight, that will not happen with women. Could some one tell this foolish man that woman are different and to forget the feminists. This will come back to haunt him.

It is time to put this man out to grass and above all it is time for MPs to come to front. Forget loyalty to the party this is about loyalty to our country.

Cameron’s stooge Douglas Carswell should now be kicked out of UKIP and back to the Tory party where he can hide like the rest of the spineless you know what.

Did you read the mail today, Hamed Said sneaked into this country hidden in a lorry. He has been given leave to stay for 5 years and is now waiting his wife to join him. In the meantime he is given a room for 18 pounds a week and benefits of £115 a fortnight. No doubt when his wife and half his family arrive they we get a house and a damn site more benefits. How many more are like him, we already know that there is now more than a million immigrants unaccounted for.

Listen to Cameron, Major and others like him and our country will go and we as the indigenous population will be wiped out.

Vote for UKIP. The writing is on the wall.

Andrew Marr Show

Joan bakewell being a true and nasty left winger, saw fit to be personal to the Deputy leader of the UKIP party on an issue unrelated to politics.

Andrew Marr quite rightly got her in line by saying don’t get personal, however, that is like telling a crocodile don’t eat meat.

John Major started off by sounding like a statesman and ended up coming up with foolish scare stories, QED.

Now Andrew should give an equal amount of time to a NO candidate, who better than his guest today from UKIP.

Cameron and Major

First of all Major should get back in his hole. He did enough damage with ERM.

Eurosceptics should now speak out, forget gags, have some courage. The public are sick of whining MPS who haven’t the guts to speak out.

Cameron is a complete and total lose.  What it must be like to have the whole of the Euro nations laughing at you, realising that you are totally gutless and a pathetic little man.

Isnt it a good job that the soldiers you put out to fight have real mettle, despite the fact Cameron and others will stab them in the back at the first sign of anything political coming at them.

We have got a real job defeating the in crowd at the referendum, first we have Cameron who will lie and cheat to obtain his end. Secondly we have the Marxist LABOUR who will call upon every immigrant ie Brown client state and not to forget the postal vote which has one thing in mind and electoral fraud.

The Electoral Commission will allow this anomaly to persist so all in all we are now going to have a system whereby Cameron, the EU (dishing out money to the BBC ) Marxist Labour and the electoral Commission will ensure the days voting and it’s reliability are gone.

THANKS TO TRAITORS we are about to lose our country.

Vote for UKIP the only people to fully represent the indigenous population.


Forget the dinner and the so called positive remarks made by Cameron. If he stood in a torrential downpour and told me it was raining, I wouldn’t believe him.

He is prepared to lie at every stage to achieve his political aim.

As far as I am concerned he has no credibility and brings great shame on this country.


Cameron has failed in every way possible, however, this man is determined to have us subjugated by an unelected totalitarian regime across the water.

This man is disgusting and has total contempt for the English indigenous population.

He is hoping that the immigrant population will sway the day. Our real big problem, however,  is that the Electoral Commission is totally on board with postal votes, which we all know is completely open to fraud and will alter the referendum.

This is now what we can expect with the establishment. Corruption is now the order of the day.


Recent articles have branded Cameron as gutless etc, the truth of that is he is gutless, and a lot more beside that.

We should have learned by now that he is totally deceitful and places himself and his party above the well being of the country.

He is obsessed with staying in Europe, despite the fact that they are a failing and undemocratic organisation and above all a true menace to this country.

Like that scoundrel Blair he is determined to make his mark on the world stage, however, he is too late as we all know him for what he is; his legacy will follow him. Even the unelected and others in Europe have sussed him up as being full of you know what and will treat him accordingly.

His largesse with taxpayers money is nothing more than disgusting and as for his suicidal break-down of our forces, the man really should be brought to account.

Unfortunately Trump is right, there are more Muslims ready to fight against our country than we have British soldiers. Any man who has served his time in our armed forces will know that we can be overwhelmed very quickly on the battlefield. This is because we do have the necessary manpower, airforce and seapower behind us any more.

Our aircraft carriers and aircraft are not going to be much good in five or ten years lf we come under attack now, our enemies (and we have plenty, in and out of our country) are not going to wait whilst we balance the books. Cameron has failed to fully protect the country, sending money overseas whilst our forces reap the cost.

We should no longer wait for 2017 before the referendum, it should be now. We are already under attack by immigrants, If we do not know who we are letting in then it is time to bolt the gate. Our way of life is under attack from all directions, including our faith.

This is not an Islamic country, forcing us to eat our meat slaughtered by knives (sharp or not) allowing radical Imams and Madras schools to flourish and generally allowing Muslims to virtually do what they want, including a separate judicial system, is moving us towards civil disorder. This didn’t need to happen but thanks to totally gutless politicians who believe anyone’s culture and country is better than the one they live in, then they have sown the seed and it is growing.

Isn’t it interesting that the vote to ban Trump from entering the country was in excess of half a million but that was closely followed by 450,233 agreeing with him! But this was ignored by the BBC. Why on earth do they the call the BBC Auntie I do not know, after all they nothing more than left wing apologists.


We must vote for UKIP as they are the only one who speak the truth and represent the people.


There will be no hiding place” If that is not a direct threat to his MPS I don’t now what is. CORBYN talks about being reasonable but at the same time is allowing violence to those who don’t agree with him, sounds very familier to many of us.

Jamal Owda entered this country on the back of a waggon then proceeded to claim asylum. This allowed him to be given somewhere to live, weekly pocket money, free NHS and education if required.

Just another immigrant taking us for a ride but hang on, he then ochestrated  a major criminal organisation bringing in endless immigrants using forged passports and earning  7 million pounds. All under the noses of our police, border security and benefits system and was only brought to account thanks to info by the Greek police!

You really couldn’t make it up and now he is going get aid whilst he fights extradition to Greece.
The wife and children of a Jihadist should be granted British citizenship, this is the ruling of the London High Court, why? Wives and children should be sent home, this is another ruling which will make more of the indigenous population in England more radical.

Labour brought in the postal vote because they knew it could be manipulated and has been, further to that the immigrant population will certainly vote for Labour, they made sure of that, as such the immigrant population is now changing the face of Britain to the detriment of our Christian population.

The vote in the House of Commons to send further aid in terms of aircraft etc was over the top. Let us face it we were not looking at war, just an extention of a simple boundary. War is using ALL of our armed forces to meet a common enemy. The common enemy, which is ISIL is, despite all the rhetoric, is Islam. Semantics make no difference, the fact that it is a perversion of Islam is undisputable; it is still Islam and as we have seen Is supported by many Muslims.

During the last war there were many Prussians who took a different view to Hitler and his followers, but in terms of defeating them we classed them as one common enemy. Right now this country and others are under attack and we need to deal with it head on.  Those are against us should be deported without fail, but Cameron hasn’t the guts to deal with.

Migrants will get half of new homes, and that is underestimated, so Farage was wrong again then!! I have worked all my life for my pension, which is moderate and I still have to pay 20 per cent tax and yet these migrants come in who have paid nothing and generally hold us in contempt get a house, benefits and so on whilst many of the indigenous population struggle.

So we are still propping up India then, far be it for us to upset their Nuclear or space programme.

Good old Britain, let’s keep grinding our heels into the indigenous population.

VOTE UKIP how else are we going to help ourselves.