It is time to do something.

Cameron’s new blitz on EU immigration is quite clearly rubbish, some of it is old policy and some haven’t been fully acted on.

The £500 million saving, produced by the Office for Budget Responsibility, relates to savings over a period of 5 years. In the meantime we are paying £5 billion every year in tax credits to migrants, yes £5 billion!!

What can we do about it, absolutely nothing because we are bound to follow EU law. England is being sucked dry, the indigenous population are being squeezed by our old enemies and they are loving it.

Apart from which they use our NHS, schools and take up so much housing that many of the indigenous population are having to live with their parents,  couples have practically zero chance of getting in on the housing market.

We need a right wing government who will look after the people of England and not Chancellor Merkel’s poodles, who put an unelected and corrupt state over and above our interests.

We need to put in UKIP and a leader who speaks the truth.  If I stood in the rain and was getting soaked, I would not believe Cameron if he said it was raining.

Half of Scotland hate the English and the other half are concerned only with how much money will they lose if they vote no. Wales is totally indifferent and Marxist Labour are more interested in a revolution and beating down the middle class, so it is time for England to make it’s stand.

Vote for UKIP, it can make a real difference and will protect our interest.


Cameron’s fudge

It is worth pasting part of Nigel Farage’s response to Cameron’s article in the Telegraph yesterday. When will people realise that Cameron is not on our side, he is the cheer leader for Chancellor Merkel and the new Reich.

Forget all the rubbish about letting in Red Ed and his Unions, if the large immigrant population and the extreme left want a Marxist government, then let them vote for it, in the meantime we should vote for UKIP, if enough of us do so then can make them kingmaker and frustrate any attempt by the Marxist Labour government to ruin our lives. We need a government and politicians who believe in England and it’s people, a government that truly represents us.

England is being destroyed by those who should be protecting it. We have so many immigrants that the indigenous population are hard put to get even a 10 minute session with a doctor. The chronic shortage of housing too is down to immigrants, every one knows that but even now politicians and the left are trying to blame everyone instead of coming out with the truth.

We have a fifth column in this country, many of whom, quite cheerfully go out to the trouble spots to do their training, then brazenly tell us what they are going to do when they come back and plan further atrocities.

Do you love Great Britain and England, if you do then must try to save it. In the first and Second World War millions gave their live for it; all you have to do is vote.

Nigel today

“And this brings me to the real issue, the one that Mr Cameron and the rest of the political class repeatedly skirt around, the one that makes his benefits promises just so much window-dressing.

The problem with mass migration is not so much the misuse of benefits by a minority – though that is wrong – but is the impact of mass, low-waged and unskilled labour upon the wages, employment opportunities and services in this country. I have been campaigning for years, not on the point of benefits, but the impact of the sheer numbers.

Even Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, couldn’t help but allude to the subject last week as he talked about a “staggering” 25 per cent slump in demand from Europe for British exports, combined with what he described as the effects of “more labour supply than we had previously thought”. He went on to comment that we have “severe” structural problems due to a “chronic” shortfall in housing. Yes, these things are related.

Just look at the way that growth is disproportionately helping the rich, who benefit from cheap labour supply, while the low-waged see pay cuts and freezes. The Local Government Association tells us that there will be a shortfall of 130,000 primary school places in the next three years, caused almost entirely by migration and a soaring birth rate among first-generation migrants.

Open-door immigration from ex-communist countries with GDPs wildly different from our own has resulted in a situation where the lives of millions of our citizens are affected by an issue over which, due to our membership of the European Union, we have no control. But the Prime Minister is promising to bring in measures that will affect a few thousand people, rather than deal with an issue that impacts on the lives of millions.

What Mr Cameron’s article in The Telegraph yesterday really shows is the fear in this Government of the public’s anger, and its impotence in the face of its obligations to European law.

No amount of warm words or glib promises will provide any confidence that the Government has either the will or the desire to act effectively on migration. Nor will they change the fact that such action is impossible while Britain remains a member of the European Union.”


The demise of Cameron, politicians and England

You can go back many years and see the damage done by the Labour party but it is from 1997 that the real damage has taken place.

It was Blair’s government that pursued multiculturalism and stimulated political correctness to the point where the indigenous population were to frightened to speak. They quite deliberately opened our borders to millions of immigrants to adulterate our indigenous population. They call themselves a broad church! the Labour party of yesteryear would turn in their graves at their disloyalty to their country and its people.

What they did was to  destabilise our social services and create the housing shortage because of the amount of immigrants, they showed contempt for us by fawning to immigrants, Islam, and terrorists.  They attacked our impartial civil service, compromised our security service and lied to parliament that then took us into wars which caused the death of many soldiers and Iraq civilians; so who is it, and why is it that people votes for them?

In their final act of treachery, Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon treaty, in that treaty it gave the right to Brussels to overturn any decision by our immigration control and asylum tribunal. No wonder Jose Manual Barroso was smiling as he said

” From this document, a new Europe is born”

Cameron has now taken up the cudgel and is now bludgeoning the people of England with words and lies. Look at me he cries, I am working for Britain. In the meantime Merkel the German chancellor is rolling about, laughing her head off. Her poodle is on a long leash, now and then she will give him a bone; but she makes sure there is no meat on it.

Is it any wonder why the people of England now view politicians, with the exception of UKIP as a bunch of self-serving and in too many instance corrupt and worst of all paedophiles, who clearly protect each other and use the information to garner their own ends.

Red Ed rushes off to America, practically begging the now defunct president to pat him on the head so he can come home and say I must be important, foolish, foolish man.

Clegg is desperately looking for something important to say so that he can get rid of his image as a turncoat to the public. Right he now he has decided to go above the foreign office and Cameron by castigating Putin; he has clearly lost it. The left wing Liberal will gravitate towards Marxist Labour, controlled by Unite and others and will take control at the next election, after which they will find some way to proscribe UKIP.

The only way out of this is for the Tory Party to ditch Cameron and put a man in place who will hold an referendum before the next election. and they will win hands down, get on with it or find another job. It is called representing the people.

I suggest that the UKIP main advertising campaign slogan at the next election should be

 ‘Do not vote for Merkel’s poodles, vote for England’


England, on the cusp.

In 1999 I finished a fictitious book, the title of which is “Sir, We Are At War”

Brian Jefferson, an ex colonel in the Special Air Services, has raised a fighting group with a view to taking England out of the hands of Europe and back under the control of Parliament. Some are highly trained and skilled soldiers others are just ordinary people who long for the day when England will again be a sovereign state.

They know that to succeed they must kill without remorse, but are they willing to die for their cause.

In today’s world and based on those who, in parliament and the Lords abuse their power, my book has more to do with the truth than otherwise.

I must say here and now that Frederick Forsythe has no need to worry about my foray into the world of politics and intrigue!

Below, read what Molly Anderson has to say; food for thought.


God bless England

Pangbourne 29 September


The unofficial member for Hampshire was Molly Anderson. She was without doubt an extremely pretty girl but her looks certainly belied her toughness and sharpness of mind. At 23 she was typical of many of her age who were now actively beginning to rebel against the loss of identity, violence, intimidation and nationhood. Surprising really how it was the younger generation who venerated most those who gave their lives in their millions to protect Britain, coming to hate the fact that the ultimate sacrifice had been in vain and that Britain had now been virtually destroyed from within.

She glanced around the workshop. There were at least 150 people already present in the room; a good turnout thought Molly. Precautions had been taken of course and a number of guards had been posted in the general area.

Fortunately N & J Engineering who were a very old company were tucked away in the woods close to the small town of Pangbourne, and the usual evil cameras which plagued people’s lives were missing from their premises, which made security that much easier. The ever-present threat of discovery was something that the ERP had learned to live with. All knew that the State was aware that they still existed as an underground movement, and also that various activities took place from time to time.

She was uncertain as to whether they still perceived the ERP as a real threat but was comforted by the fact that the party had received information from a fairly reliable source stating that the PM had said privately that as the Party was actually proscribed, nothing they ever said or did would change the status quo. Care however, was still the order of the day. Let us not forget, she thought, that there were at least nine people serving fairly long sentences for being patriots. Her blood began to boil. One day, she thought. . .

Molly forced herself to calm down. John was right, the spirit of freedom had to be kept not just alive but burning. She and her colleagues had to keep reminding people of what had been lost, especially the younger generation, all of whom had been subjected to the most awful propaganda in schools by the left wing establishment.

She began, ‘my friends, let me first of all thank you, congratulate you even, on your courage in attending tonight. I am truly proud of all you because despite the obvious danger to yourselves and your families, you are willing to demonstrate your love of freedom and England.

‘We are all aware that these past years have been devastating. After all, who would ever have thought that we could have lost or suffered so much in such a relatively short space of time? ‘During this period our way of life has been changed beyond all recognition and real civil liberty, as we know of course, is now a thing of the past.

‘In the last century we fought two world wars and played ,no mean part in saving Europe from a most evil regime. We could stand proud of our achievements and sing “Jerusalem” and “Rule Britannia” without recrimination. Remember when the Proms used to be on at the Albert Hall. Of course you do, millions used to watch it on television while countless thousands in the park opposite joined in the music, waved their flags and sang their hearts out proud to be English and proud of their great country.

‘Sadly all that has now gone, as you know this fascist lot via their nasty and even more pathetic supporters soon put a stop to that on the basis that it was jingoistic! Do you recall the words of “Rule Britannia” and the bit that says we shall never be slaves? Well it’s no longer relevant as slaves we most certainly are. We are slaves because we no longer have true freedom of speech. We are slaves because we are told what we can say, and we are told what to do and when to do it. I take it you have all heard the new words sung to the tune of “Rule Britannia” in German and Belgium bars? Let’s face it we have become a joke. Like the article said in that well-known German paper, “England has lost its balls.” What do you feel when you hear that – anger, shame?

‘Let me tell you what I feel. I feel full of rage, cold hard rage, but I can live with it for now because I can feed off it. It makes me more and more determined that, whatever it takes I will never rest until we in this country can feel free again. Free to speak the words I want to speak without looking over my shoulder. Free to criticise those who attack us on our home soil. Free from what are now clearly the state police.

There was a huge roar of approval from the crowd, which spontaneously broke out into ‘Jerusalem’:

And did those feet in ancient time

Walk upon England’s mountain green . . .

Molly let it run for a short while then raised both her hands and quiet descended once again.

‘The Thought Police, supported by the actual police, tell us what we can say and what we cannot say. They tell us what parts of our language we can and we cannot use. Ironically a language that we gave to the world is denied to us. There are those who have the audacity to say that we have no culture and that from the time of the Romans and subsequent invasion of these shores by our Nordic friends England has been adulterated, a melting pot, so how could we, the bloody English possibly have any culture worth saving? Well, we do have a culture and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

‘Ours is a culture of compassion and tolerance. We were and still are a civilised country and well they know it. The traditional English reluctance to overreact has been used against us time and time again but this lot Brussels and others have forgotten the one English trait they should never have forgotten, a trait that served Europe so well during the last two world wars.

‘I know that what I am about to say has been said so many, times it has almost become a cliché but it is also a truism. We in this country are at our most dangerous when pushed and have our backs to the wall. Well, that has happened; we have been well and truly pushed and we most certainly have our backs to the wall. Therefore my friends, we are about to become real bastards.’ There was a huge roar of approval

‘How did we in England let this happen? Well, let us not forget that by the time the elections took place in the nineties the Scottish extreme left had completely high-jacked the British trade Union movement and so to the Party. Following the then shadow Prime Ministers success at the polls, the Scots left wings blatantly anti-English and anti-monarchist were able to take control of the government and dictate policy.  ‘Since that time we have witnessed a slow but sustained attack on the very heart of England and its institutions. An attack I might add is based on pure class hatred of both the upper and middle classes.

‘Then of course, came the slow realisation that the EU actually offered them the very opportunity they had been searching for, an opportunity to create or become part of a totally new and super socialist and Marxist state. The vehicle for this would be the European Commission headed by what was in reality the German Nationalist Socialist Party. By the way, do not be surprised at my earlier use of the word fascism as applied to an essentially left wing government because that is exactly what they are – fascists.

‘Tell me, how many times have you heard the phrase “we ignore history at our peril”? Cast your minds back now to your history lessons on Europe and you will recall that both communism and Nazi Germany came in on the backs of the working classes. Hitler, for example, was intent on dominating Europe, creating a racially pure state in the process of doing so, but we are all aware of the horrors that Germany under Hitler spawned. Let me continue, I have used the word fascism and you have every right to hear my justification for the use of it so I believe it is important that I define it within the context of England today. You my friends, may well end up being very surprised.’

‘First of all, it would be far too simplistic to define it as right-wing extremism because that of course is how most people view it. Consider this; Hitler was absolutely ruthless in his efforts to hold on to power and the state. A hallmark of fascism if ever there was but there again, so was Stalin and he was a communist who hated fascism! Both men were authoritarian each despised democracy, demanding loyalty at all times to the party machine and neither, you will recall, was responsible to an electorate.

‘Let us not forget also that both men were cult figures, the pop idols of their day and for a while revered by the masses. Each of these felt that they were leaders of a superior form of socialist government and were proficient at setting up scapegoats and dehumanising people. For example, while Hitler eliminated Jews, gypsies and homosexuals, Stalin through his paranoia murdered millions of his own. So tell me who was fascist and who wasn’t?

‘So can we apply these elements of fascism to recent British governments? Are we justified in doing that? Believe me the answer is yes, we most certainly can. Who would argue that we do not have a leader who is and always has been authoritarian? How many MPs, your so-called representatives, have ever challenged his leadership on anything other than issues close to their left-wing ideologies? They stood by when the government of the day emasculated the House of Lords. They approved and embraced European legislation despite the fact that it undermined the two basic principles of our constitution; rule of law and the supremacy of parliament.

‘They have conveniently ignored massive inner corruption in Europe and within their own government disparaging those who have stood out against it. They had and still have the utmost contempt for their white indigenous constituents and, last but not least they were and still are totally subservient to the party machine, not bothering to pay lip service even to democracy any more. Freedom of speech and freedom of association are dead.

‘Believe me, this form of fascist ideology is little known, especially where the general public is concerned. It is based on a sort of racial nationalism and, would you believe, started its life with the German Nationalist Socialist Party. The majority of German Socialists hate Hitler for the downfall of Germany and have adopted a new form of Neo Nazism. This form of racial nationalism encompasses all and is known as the Third Way.

‘Take note, however, that it is reserved strictly for those who adhere strictly to the National Socialist principles, which is why their membership comes only from those on the left, extreme left, Trotskyites, Marxist communists all of those in fact who have outwardly changed their colours to make themselves more selectable and electable. They are, to a man, prepared to abandon their principles and their country for personal gain. Many of those who already have some sort of position in society and are prepared to advance this sort of Neo Nazi Ideology are subsequently placed in positions of real Power.

‘It is no coincidence that rich businessmen and cronies have ended up with peerages and/or positions of power within the government. Paying in many cases for the privilege! Is it now beginning to make sense to all of you?’ Molly raised her head, looking out over the crowd and without waiting for an answer said, ‘Tyranny, subjugation cronies, placemen, and lies, political control of the civil service, police and the media. Massive immigration coupled with the deliberate destruction of family life against all conventional wisdom. The destruction of the latter being vitally important to them because families are the bedrock of society. Destroy one and you destroy the other.

‘Can you now see why fascism and Marxism with its inherent evil has taken root in England? Our politicians adopted and adapted the New Nazi Ideology and in the process of doing so kept hold of and cherished one of Hitler’s tenets which I am sure many of you will be familiar with: “The great masses of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.”

‘By God they have lied and continue to lie. From the first day in office they have continually deceived the people, practically making a virtue of it but like all dictators petty or otherwise, they have not learned from history. History has taught us that the great masses yearn always for freedom as God did not create us to be slaves. Throughout history the people have eventually asserted that right and as a result dictators and their administrations have inevitably fallen. Always they have fallen and so will this one.

‘Allow me, please, to continue and show you how the cloak of fascism fits this government so well. I am sure that many of you recall also the early attacks on the so-called forces of conservatism in England. This of course was a truly evil attempt to blame all the ills of society on the middle and upper classes of society We are good they are bad, designed to set one part of society against another.

‘They made a mistake, however, and got the timing wrong by starting this planned attack on the English nation just a little too early. There was an outcry by the good people in this country and they found it necessary to pull back. Not to worry though, as a quick change of tactics would suffice. So racism and the newly coined homophobia were identified as an easier way forward and so began a new and concerted attack on the English as a nation of bigots, homophobic and Islamophobics.

‘The Government’s spin doctors or more correctly propagandists, paid for by the taxpayer and aided by the chattering classes went into overdrive, peddling in particular the image of the English as a nation of racists, which inflicted great damage both here and overseas. They portrayed England as a nation that should be ashamed of its history, likening it to colonial thugs. In doing so they choose to ignore the fact that the English Parliamentary institutions we established in far-flung places installed democracy and, in the process of doing so, brought peace and stability where previously none had exist

‘Uncontrolled mass immigration has been deliberately ignored, in fact encouraged, with absolutely disastrous and as we now know fatal consequences for many. We are all aware that a huge fifth column now exists in England the leaders taking their orders from masters overseas. September 27th gives further witness to that, with over three hundred innocent men, women and children butchered.

‘We now have a judiciary whose independence can no longer be taken for granted following official political indoctrination and Party pressure. Police chiefs now are far too eager to follow party political lines. Cronies put into positions of power without due regard to their abilities, showing loyalty only to the Party machine.

‘Meritocracy, one of their original buzzwords downgraded to mediocrity, a result of which is that any crisis that inevitably occurs turns into a total disaster due to lack of executive skills. They have attacked the main body of the police, putting them completely on the defensive, forcing people to attend indoctrination courses. The fire service old age pensioners making legitimate protests, even the innocents at school have not been spared.

‘Multiculturism, another evil but effective tool designed to hasten the loss of our identity, rammed down our throats. The Christian faith continually undermined.

‘It goes on and on, crack a joke, make an innocent remark, pass a justifiable comment express a religious opinion and you can find yourself being dragged through a court or tribunal. There you will most likely be publicly berated and humiliated by the very people who were once there to protect your interests. Like the Soviets of old you can now be punished for not conforming to Party ideology. Families forced to suffer humiliation by default and young children branded and cowed into submission.

‘Ironically it has been one part of the system of government that has been the most efficient for as planned people have become afraid to speak or argue a case for fear of being hauled before the courts with its subsequent results for all of the family. ‘There you have it, tyranny, subjugation suppression of Dissenters, dehumanising, the list goes on and on, none of it spontaneous but a deliberate long-term plan to break down the social and moral fabric of England so that it could be rebuilt to the new order. New Fascism the New Reich.

‘Finally let me put all of this into perspective. If there is one thing I can say with total conviction it is this, when you have a government that is authoritarian and demonstrates total contempt for democracy, truth and the people, you have fascism.

‘When you have a government that openly practices the dehumanisation and destruction of a perceived enemy within, you have Marxism and fascism.’ Her voice rose. ‘When you have a government that suppresses dissent by a process of subjugation and repressive legislation you have Marxism and fascism. When you have all of these, you have Marxism and fascism in all of its forms.’

She paused for breath, her face flushed with anger. ‘If history has taught us anything at all, it is that time and time again when a nation suffers loss of freedom and speech then death and destruction inevitably follow. Somehow, my friends, we are going to have to contain and limit the latter while dispensing with the former.’

The crowd erupted and there were cheers along with further renditions of ‘Jerusalem’. Just at this point a colleague came from the wings with a worried look on his face and whispered to Molly. Her face hardened. Turning back to the crowd, she once again raised her hands and called for quiet.

‘My friends I have it on good authority that a member of Special Branch has somehow managed to infiltrate our meeting tonight.’  There was a huge roar with people immediately glancing left and right their faces showing a mixture of anger, fear and apprehension.

‘Wait, wait!’ Molly’s voice carried above the crowd. ‘Let us not forget that 99.9% of us here tonight are true patriots and friends so do not let one person present amongst us destroy our faith and trust in one another. I will say this to the traitor in our midst we will eventually find out who you are and from tonight forward you will never sleep in Peace again.’ We will find the bastard, Molly, don’t you worry about that’ the voice rose loud and clear above the anger of the crowd.

‘OK but for now if they want anyone it will be me. It won’t be for the first time either. So let them come and get me and to hell with them. As far as I am concerned our day will come and I for one will remember their treachery, so go home now, God bless you all and God bless England.’

There were many calls of support.  ‘God help them if they do take you, Molly,’ shouted one. ‘They will end up with one hell of a fight on their hands.’

The voices eventually faded off into the night and silence descended. Whatever shape or form it takes, thought Molly, let it begin. I am ready.

Vote for UKIP


EU Hypocrites

Below is a comment in the daily telegraph, without doubt, it is the truth of the matter.

Slowly but surely we are being dragged down into the gutter with Germany and France. These are the people who Cameron has sided with, pretending to be a Eurosceptic whilst playing court to an unelected and totalitarian state.

Cameron has no intention of leaving this foul mess, he is in up to his armpits and so are most of his colleagues. They are lying and cheating us every step of the way, despite all, we have learned that many at the top are now in thrall to Russian businessmen to the point where they even brag about it back home; selling themselves for money; how disgusting.

Nothing has changed my mind about our politicians, no shame, no morals, no convictions and how much can I get out of this. All pretence of representation of the people has gone, true democracy has gone.

Oh for Margaret Thatcher, a patriotic woman and a conviction that we were the best and she was going to keep that way. What have we got now, a prime minister who has an unhealthy conviction for gay marriages, with an even more unhealthy conviction that a corrupt and unelected EU should rule over us.


“The stench of hypocrisy is almost unbearable. Germany and the rest of the eurozone trade far more with Russia than Britain does, buying billions of pounds worth of gas and propping up Vladimir Putin’s regime. Yet Europe’s proposed sanctions on Russia have been carefully designed to inflict as much pain as possible on the City of London, while shielding other economies from collateral damage.

The European establishment rightly wants to punish Mr Putin, whose behaviour has been appalling – but only if it is the Anglo-Saxons who bear the cost. German companies will still be able to sell their wares with impunity; Italy will continue to light and heat itself courtesy of Moscow; and France will deliver its warships as promised. But British workers will lose their jobs to satisfy Europe’s desire to be seen to do the right thing.”

God knows that we need a party that puts Britain first and restores our sovereignty and pride.

Vote for UKIP




Before the ink was dry on every newspaper Cameron started his onslaught on Russia, forget the thought that, whilst most of us knew that it was Russia’s support to these anarchists that encouraged them to step outside of the bounds of decency. Cameron should have played his hand quietly and waited for the United nations to lead the way. He did not have the full facts at his hand, just supposition.

Like Blair he is trying to be a world leader but he is not. he has talked about sanctions on Russia’s oligarchs, billionaire businessmen, whilst accepting hand-outs from some of  them. In addition to which he is calling for an immediate arms embargo whilst supplying military equipment to Russia!

To cap this he has placed François Hollande in an embarrassing position by suggesting he withdraws from supplying warships to Russia. Hollande will not do that, and I bet under the same circumstances, neither would we.

This is just another one of Cameron’s continual lack of judgement, all he has done is caused a political upset with France. The world is in an uproar with a Sunni Shia war taken place, backed by Iran who are also waging war against Israel by proxy using Hamas, Russia is now on the warpath all thanks to the EU trampling around in Russia’s backyard and all the time Cameron is warbling away.

The EU is an empty vessel, a committee of 28 states controlled by a German Chancellor more concerned with Germany than any moral dilemma. So if we found ourselves in a war can you imagine the chaos that would result. Right now the last of our aircraft carriers go the knacker’s yard, the new carrier will not be ready for years and we have in waiting US aircraft which are grounded because they are faulty.

We got rid of the Harrier for purely political reasons and left ourselves without a sea Harrier. If by any chance we were on the receiving end of a rogue state, who could we rely on? the answer is nobody; by the time the committee came up with anything we would be dead.

If the Tory party wants to stay in power then get rid of Cameron and his continual lack of judgement, call a referendum before the next election and they will be re-instated with a massive majority.

The truth is that we will have to continue voting for UKIP to ensure that they become kingmakers in the next government. We can now see that the Liberals have  abandoned all pretence and are showing their true left wing colours and are joining arms with our new Marxist Labour party. Remember that the left invariably hate their own country and their people. It was the left wing Labour party who deliberately set out adulterate the indigenous population by letting in up to three million people.

We must vote for UKIP

Cameron’s Eurosceptic Cabinet

We saw Philip Hammond, fresh from doing his bean-counting bit on our armed forces being interviewed by Andrew Marr. You could be forgiven for thinking that here is a real Eurosceptic, however, there he was peddling lies about we need a real change on how the EU is run. He then went on to say that if it didn’t come about he would vote to leave!

Michael Fallon is already well on the way to a complete reversal of his principles, just like Hague, a good job and suddenly he is becoming a Brussels advocate.

What we are never told by these people is what change?  Cameron refuses to spell out in detail how he is to approach renegotiation with the EU. The reason why is obvious, it is because he and the EU would have to make it clear that proper renegotiation is never going to happen. President Jose Manuel Barroso made it clear that there would be no renegotiation on the free movement of people because it was fundamental position in the EU. That plus the  heinous Convention on Human Rights leaves the EU to adulterate our population and put every kind of criminal on our streets, along with murderers and terrorists.

We should pull out of the single market and in one move get rid of the practices shovelled onto us by the European commission, which of course make us uncompetitive, not forgetting too the energy market. How many more windmills on and off shore are we going to put in place, all of which are lining the pockets of German and other foreign competitors whilst despoiling our countryside and fouling the sea.

Liam Fox, John Redwood, Gove (tell Cameron to get another Whip) and Owen Patterson should now be making the case for an immediate referendum because they know, without any doubt, that the public are still being lied to about renegotiation.

If they think that the indigenous population are fooled by Cameron’s PR stunt then they are equally foolish. Why is it when we have intelligent people, they are so damned unwise as to believe that the public are so reckless; we know Cameron cannot be trusted.

Now we have Cameron on his way to beg Juncker to give Lord Hill (who is this man) him a portfolio worth talking about. You can see it can you not, please help me Mr Juncker, and he probably will because the German Chancellor will tell him to do so. What have we come to in Britain, beseeching our historic and current enemy for favours.

I have long since said that we now have a different species in Britain, we are the last generation to have pride in who and what we are. Our current MPs and leaders have no shame, no sense of pride and above all, no sense of being British.

Vote for UKIP, we may let in Labour, but if we put enough UKIP MPs in place then they will be there to protect us.

If we don’t then it really will be a case of;

   One People, One Empire, One Leader.

 Chancellor Merkel



EU interventionist and appeaser?

Thanks to the interventionist policy of the EU and the US, we are now skirting around a potential war with Russia. The self styled democrats in Ukraine managed to overthrow an elected president, but they were only able to do this by foreign intervention i.e. the EU and the US.

Whatever we think of Russia, it was foolish to tread so heavily in Russia’s back yard, now we have to live with the consequences. Pubescent leaders in the main European countries decided to cross swords with a man who is authoritative and schooled in the old Russia. He has kicked them up the backside, now they don’t know what to do with someone who fights back; and is really dirty.

He has got them on the run and above all he now has Crimea. Germany and France will make a noise but will fall short of making life to difficult for Putin. In the long run trade for them is more important than an aircraft, even a commercial one.

Cameron should shut up along with his defence secretary, because he will not get the support needed from the EU. As for the US let us not forget they are fair weather friends, especially under Obama who is simply not an admirer of Britain. Obama ‘would drop us in it’ without even a glance backwards. Cameron like Blair is too ready to supplicate any of the US presidents to the point of embarrassment.

Cameron’s lack of judgement is such that he should not implicate himself in any foreign policy. His totally fake utterances on Juncker were revealed in his ‘high five’ salute. What else can you expect from a man who has sacked two of his most effective and loyal ministers, by making a perfunctory gesture and including women in his cabinet. The down side is that these women are already dabbed with mediocrity and probably without any justification.

The Tory party always make a thing about loyalty, how on earth can you give loyalty to a man who is so disloyal to his friends; and treats the public with so much disdain.

Cameron will lose the election,  MPs have cause to be worried about their seats and the money that comes with it, the public are more perceptive, but even the MPs cannot see that! Thanks to Cameron and his disloyalties UKIP has now got more potential voters; Cameron is now quite clearly, a millstone around the neck of the Tory party.

As for Gove he should stiffen up his backbone and forget the humiliating Chief whip’s job and get on the back benches, there he can call for an immediate referendum and ditch Cameron’s phony referendum in 2017.

Guten Morgen Mr Juncker

Watching Cameron doing a high five with Juncker was nothing more than ‘toe curdling’; how pathetic can he get.

Here we are, still a force to be reckoned with globally but our Prime Minister, true to form is sucking up to Juncker! The German Chancellor appointee comes from a country of just over half a million people, and is now lording it over Great Britain!

So now we have it, Juncker under the jurisdiction of the German Chancellor Merkel, are now our Lords and Masters, all thanks to British politicians, who have now become the worst form of low life. We are now betrayed by those who are purportedly there to protect our country and us; such is our everlasting shame.

Common Law, Magna Carta, Habeas corpus, British justice and law, bypassed  by Strasbourg. British Parliamentary Democracy has now come under the flawed European countries, all directed by Merkel through her accomplices.

Throughout all of this Cameron is determined to keep us in the totalitarian state called the EU. Like the gay marriage Cameron forced through, you cannot help but wonder why, what is it we don’t know about Cameron?

We know he is not going to get the reforms we need but he still tries to fool us by holding out false hopes. I am now 76 but I have never felt so much shame and disgust as I do for Cameron, not withstanding self serving MPs who support what he is doing under the heading of Democracy; a misnomer if ever there was.

Freedom and the right to decide who rules us is being denied by Cameron and his MPs.

Now they tell us that support for UKIP has gone, well it hasn’t, there are still plenty of patriots outside of parliament. We must vote for UKIP. If we want to be something more than third class citizens in our own country then we must do something about it.

I will not vote for collaborators.


God help us all, we now have women in the cabinet because they are women. Esther has set the scene, flashing a bit of thigh and a make-over to boot. Let us hope that she can do more than show a leg and put on a bit of succulent lipstick.

Cameron is the only one who hasn’t realised yet that the public know that his shuffle is all about tokenism. Furthermore he has taken his most effective minister in his government and sacked him; how could you be so foolish.

If I was Nigel Farage I would have a long talk to Gove, Cameron didn’t deserve such a first class minister, to diminish him and make him a fool, and in front of the Labour Party and the pathetic teaching unions, who have spent years in turning out youngsters who leave school and cannot speak properly, or do any of the things we used to do when I was 11.

As for making his cabinet more Eurosceptic, forgive me if I fall about laughing, does he really think that we are going to fall for that, they will all go native in about two to three weeks.

Listening to Michael Fallon the new defence minister on the news today, and his banalities with regard to Europe, he is already singing Cameron’s tune. We cannot get any meaningful reforms on Europe; we all know it, Juncker certainly knows it and Cameron and his MPs know it.

We are being lied to by the Prime Minister and his MPs. His Eurosceptic MPs will do nothing, it is all about rhetoric. It is all a typical PR stunt by  Cameron. Why does he think that anyone outside of Eton has nothing between their ears.

Tory ministers are blind to the obvious, the one man who should have been demoted is Cameron, it is he who will lose the election.

Give Farage his 20 seats or you will all start having to work for a living. We know that there are too many MPs who have more than enough money, so losing doesn’t matter too much to them, however,  I suggest most should start looking for jobs now.

Vote for UKIP if you want your country back, or would you rather have the new chancellor of the New Reich.