The future of England

This is now in dispute, during the first and second world war we fought to protect our Island and our way of life. We were a Christian society, confident in who we were and brought up on Christian ethics, but times have changed and we are fast becoming a minority in our own country.

If we want some semblance of who and what we are then we must vote for UKIP, they are the only party that truly represents us.

We now have Corbyn and his fellow travellers. I cannot believe that they have put aside his penchant for those who kill without mercy and are giving him a voice. This is the Labour Party who will now go to the left and beyond. I have always said they are dangerous, even more so now.

Soon  Cameron, the EU and corporate business will break their necks to hold us in the EU, if that happens then we are doomed as a nation.

I will not vote for traitors, vote UKIP a patriotic and English party.


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