What an absolute cheek, calling UĶIP MEMBERS EVIL!

This from an IRA sympathiser and an advocate for Mao, who by the way killed over 45 million people.

When it comes to evil then the left and the Marxist Labour party are a hard act to follow.


Immigration and war

A net migration of 336,000 thousand people, nearly a thousand a day is; is simply not sustainable. As for Romania and Bulgaria, they are already past the 50,000 people that Farage and migration watch stated. Where are those who sneered when this was said, out of site as is usual.

Now Cameron is part of a fast track scheme for Turkey! The schengen agreement will not stop them coming in. Our Christian way of life is being destroyed day by day and is being destroyed by those whose job it is to protect us.

Cameron knows exactly what he is doing and the effect it is having. The EU is all about deleting England and thanks to people like Blair and Cameron and cohorts they a doing a good job.

As for the so called war in Syria the case has not been made and there are too many unanswered problems, never the less we should go after them. What about the 70,000 men who are ready to fight, this is nothing more than Cameron’s usual waffle.

When are we going to get a MP who will stand up and say quite clearly, that the endless numbers of young men coming into this country and Germany should be taken to a place of training (an deserted Isle perhaps? ) and trained. Let them fight for their country instead running off like gutless chickens.

Cameron keeps talking about keeping our country safe, but that is all he does. If he wanted to protect his country he could start by rounding up the fifth column along with those who have been to Syria an send them back home along with their families. As it is we have Sergeant Blackman in jail whilst those have been to Syria and carried out their murderous activities are walking our streets living of the taxpayer.

Our government is nothing more than sickening. Take the parachute regiment soldiers under a attack by Ireland, a nation whose citizens murdered over 3,000 men women and children yet that hypocritical country concluded a deal under that most revolting Blair to ensure its murderers go free! whilst they are chasing our soldiers to the grave. It was an enquiry that was never going to do anything but find the paras guilty.

So here we are, in 3 months we have over 10,000 immigrants, yet we know most of them are not Syrian who are are seeking a place in Britain. Life sentence prisoners let out for xmas, murderers, rapists, paedophile, robbers and god knows what else roaming our streets, and the blame can be leveled squarely at our miserable and pathetic little politicians.

If ever there was a case for a new party whose main aim was to represent the people then here it is. Corbyn is forming one and doing it with the aid of the Unions and the left wing infiltration in our society.

We now need a centre right party and we have, it is called UKIP. Vote for them otherwise England will be wiped of the face of the earth.


He may be socialist but he has shown that unlike cameron he does have steel. He has led the way in facing up to terrorists and cameron is following on behind him, much as he does with Merkel.

Having devasted our forces he is now seeking redemption by throwing money at the armed forces. He needed to do something about the 35 million hole left by the labour government but he didn’t think it through, which is why we needed to cap in hand to our allies to seek out Russian submarines because he got rid of our hunters.

Cameron does things on the hoof, which is bad. Getting rid of twenty thousand trained soldiers was in itself manic.

Had Cameron thought about a little bit longer he has actually got rid of four times his “strike brigade” already trained and ready to go into action.

Talking about the brigades in terms of policemen is again foolish, they will have to be fighting men. If he actually wants policemen then he should adapt and come up with something like the gendarmes.

Ten years before his new fast brigades are ready, makes him look even more foolish than he really is.

Cameron,s Battle plan

Cameron wouldn’t know a battle plan if it hit him between the eyes.

He is now so exited with the decision of the United nations to bomb Isis that he cannot see that there a two things which are important, the first of which, is securing the ground and that means troops.

The only time we won a war without securing the immediate ground is when the Americans dropped a nuclear device.

yes we can bomb but unless you secure the ground and move forward you will get nowhere. During the second world war, we fought the Germans,  Korea and Japanese too. Our forces thought on many an occasions we bombed them unto submission, then the troops went in and out they came.

I have also said that it should be local forces  who fight islam, supported by our superior forces. It really is about time that they put their heads above the parapet, saudis too should be brought to account, they have done tremendous damage and continue to do so.

It is typical of the United nations that they have ignored this fundamental fact. What is needed an agreed commander who will plan strategically to herd Isis into a bottle neck from which there is no escape, at which point they can quite literally wipe them out.

As for keeping us safe cameron should wipe out the radical imams in the uk and seek out those who support them ( the security forces know who they are) take away their passports and send them and their families to the caliphate. As for allowing trained fighters back in the country, that is nothing but lunacy, but what can you expect with a government who lacks the courage to implement the laws of this country so that they apply to all.

This government and the last one is quite literally afraid of Islam,  they disgust me.

Vote for ukip, the left will destroy this country and England will cease to exist, which is precisely what the new rich an Marxism want.

The new opposition

Did you watch yesterday’s daily politics? Joan bakewell let slip that they in Lords are the new opposition to the elected government !

The opposition is unable to do its job, so in steps the Lords.  Has it got through to that sad foolish woman that the opposition to the government is elected and it is not the Lords position to be the loyal opposition.

Further to that her patronising ,comment reference men,s day let them have their little day showed us that this left wing woman is not worth listening too.

In today’s programme we saw the usual left wing guests on the programme  Ried was allowed to rant on and on and on, this was in keeping with the anti tory rhetoric. Have they forgotten that the tory party were elected. We are now looking at a concerted attempt to by the overall left to ensure that the government is unable to move ahead on its manifesto.

Every day that passes shows us that the not so loyal opposition is unfit to govern. The pacifist fool that leads this Marxist party needs to be put out to grass. The labour Marxist party should go back in time and look at the real party, a party who wanted change, but who were  loyal and patriotic to their country and party.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the forthcoming referendum will not be a fair referendum. For a start the Lords desire to include 16 year old has one thing in mind, they believe the youngsters will vote to stay in, that coupled with Cameron desire to stay in backed up by nefarious means shows that the referendum can be ignored and has no merit.

Cameron will not give a fair referendum, it is as simple as that.

Vote for ukip they are the only party that represents us. The left have now infiltrated everywhere. It is now time for the patriotic people,s party to raise it,s head.
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If anyone thinks that Cameron would support a no vote if he doesn’t have a successful renegotiation, then they will need their head testing.

Cameron already knows  that he will not get a successful renegotiation, this man is characterised by his deceit. We will have over three million more immigrants (not asylum seekers) by 2017 according to the European Union, this does not take into account that they are fast tracking Turkey with over 75 million; the great bulk of these people are quite poor.

If we as a nation cannot see that the four million brought in by Marxist Labour and coupled with current immigration, nearly 600,000 thousand this year is really very bad for us.

These people coming in are mixed with those who want to work ( and are entitled to under EU legislation)  and, murderers, rapists, burglars and above all terrorists; determined to do us harm. Cameron will do nothing to protect this country, he has given up.

Our social services and homes are now so stretched that they are falling apart, yet it is the immigrants who end up being looked after and not the indigenous population. The only people screaming for them to be let in are the phonies who are well awash with money so they can afford to be philanthropic. They do not have to wait for treatment or struggle to get a place to live.

Every day we see them telling us how we should behave whilst living the good life. It is a fact in England today that we governed by the minority and it is about time that we sorted it out.

Soon we will have a referendum, when it comes the so called conservative party along with the EU will spend endless amounts of money to keep us in. Cameron, Osborne and their cohorts are just like Marxist Labour, SNP and the Liberals all absolutely determined to hand England over to the New Reich.

They have abandoned  England, between them they have bankrupted us, we are non sovereign and our culture has been thrown out of the window; who are we?

Right now Cameron cannot wait to see us totally under the reign of Europe. Quite clearly he is not a conservative, not a traditionalist, he is as I have argued for a long time, more left wing than anything else. Like most people on the left he is quite prepared to desert his country at a moments notice.

Cameron is Prime Minister because he likes being a Prime Minister, that is all he cares about and he along side Osborne , is more than happy to sell his country to the highest bidder. We are owned by everyone as long as it is not England;  France, Saudi and now China.

Shame does not come into it anymore, dishonour and humiliation is now the name of the game.

We have one patriotic party in England and that is UKIP. So what do we do? vote for traitors or patriots; it is time to make our minds up.





Today on Daily Politics we had Kieth Starmer who likes to stay on the fence, as much as possible. Francis  O’ Grady, articulate but in my opinion manipulative, then along came the  political commentators from the Sun and The Guardian all very left wing.

Facing them in splendid isolation was Suella Fernandes,  Conservative. Jo of course was asking the questions, this is the same Jo who when she asked UKIP Suzanne Evans on the show, she ensured that her researchers came with every nasty bit of so called journalism. because she never intended to ask any questions; this is unfortunately is what Suella had to tend with.

Jess Phillips did her little bit about Men’s rights. What is it about Labours women that makes them so incredibility nasty; further to that she was so opinionated, and so very intolerant.

Jo guest’s show that she still lack credibility as an interviewer; she should watch Andrew Marr.