The new opposition

Did you watch yesterday’s daily politics? Joan bakewell let slip that they in Lords are the new opposition to the elected government !

The opposition is unable to do its job, so in steps the Lords.  Has it got through to that sad foolish woman that the opposition to the government is elected and it is not the Lords position to be the loyal opposition.

Further to that her patronising ,comment reference men,s day let them have their little day showed us that this left wing woman is not worth listening too.

In today’s programme we saw the usual left wing guests on the programme  Ried was allowed to rant on and on and on, this was in keeping with the anti tory rhetoric. Have they forgotten that the tory party were elected. We are now looking at a concerted attempt to by the overall left to ensure that the government is unable to move ahead on its manifesto.

Every day that passes shows us that the not so loyal opposition is unfit to govern. The pacifist fool that leads this Marxist party needs to be put out to grass. The labour Marxist party should go back in time and look at the real party, a party who wanted change, but who were  loyal and patriotic to their country and party.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the forthcoming referendum will not be a fair referendum. For a start the Lords desire to include 16 year old has one thing in mind, they believe the youngsters will vote to stay in, that coupled with Cameron desire to stay in backed up by nefarious means shows that the referendum can be ignored and has no merit.

Cameron will not give a fair referendum, it is as simple as that.

Vote for ukip they are the only party that represents us. The left have now infiltrated everywhere. It is now time for the patriotic people,s party to raise it,s head.


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