Cameron,s Battle plan

Cameron wouldn’t know a battle plan if it hit him between the eyes.

He is now so exited with the decision of the United nations to bomb Isis that he cannot see that there a two things which are important, the first of which, is securing the ground and that means troops.

The only time we won a war without securing the immediate ground is when the Americans dropped a nuclear device.

yes we can bomb but unless you secure the ground and move forward you will get nowhere. During the second world war, we fought the Germans,  Korea and Japanese too. Our forces thought on many an occasions we bombed them unto submission, then the troops went in and out they came.

I have also said that it should be local forces  who fight islam, supported by our superior forces. It really is about time that they put their heads above the parapet, saudis too should be brought to account, they have done tremendous damage and continue to do so.

It is typical of the United nations that they have ignored this fundamental fact. What is needed an agreed commander who will plan strategically to herd Isis into a bottle neck from which there is no escape, at which point they can quite literally wipe them out.

As for keeping us safe cameron should wipe out the radical imams in the uk and seek out those who support them ( the security forces know who they are) take away their passports and send them and their families to the caliphate. As for allowing trained fighters back in the country, that is nothing but lunacy, but what can you expect with a government who lacks the courage to implement the laws of this country so that they apply to all.

This government and the last one is quite literally afraid of Islam,  they disgust me.

Vote for ukip, the left will destroy this country and England will cease to exist, which is precisely what the new rich an Marxism want.


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