Immigration and war

A net migration of 336,000 thousand people, nearly a thousand a day is; is simply not sustainable. As for Romania and Bulgaria, they are already past the 50,000 people that Farage and migration watch stated. Where are those who sneered when this was said, out of site as is usual.

Now Cameron is part of a fast track scheme for Turkey! The schengen agreement will not stop them coming in. Our Christian way of life is being destroyed day by day and is being destroyed by those whose job it is to protect us.

Cameron knows exactly what he is doing and the effect it is having. The EU is all about deleting England and thanks to people like Blair and Cameron and cohorts they a doing a good job.

As for the so called war in Syria the case has not been made and there are too many unanswered problems, never the less we should go after them. What about the 70,000 men who are ready to fight, this is nothing more than Cameron’s usual waffle.

When are we going to get a MP who will stand up and say quite clearly, that the endless numbers of young men coming into this country and Germany should be taken to a place of training (an deserted Isle perhaps? ) and trained. Let them fight for their country instead running off like gutless chickens.

Cameron keeps talking about keeping our country safe, but that is all he does. If he wanted to protect his country he could start by rounding up the fifth column along with those who have been to Syria an send them back home along with their families. As it is we have Sergeant Blackman in jail whilst those have been to Syria and carried out their murderous activities are walking our streets living of the taxpayer.

Our government is nothing more than sickening. Take the parachute regiment soldiers under a attack by Ireland, a nation whose citizens murdered over 3,000 men women and children yet that hypocritical country concluded a deal under that most revolting Blair to ensure its murderers go free! whilst they are chasing our soldiers to the grave. It was an enquiry that was never going to do anything but find the paras guilty.

So here we are, in 3 months we have over 10,000 immigrants, yet we know most of them are not Syrian who are are seeking a place in Britain. Life sentence prisoners let out for xmas, murderers, rapists, paedophile, robbers and god knows what else roaming our streets, and the blame can be leveled squarely at our miserable and pathetic little politicians.

If ever there was a case for a new party whose main aim was to represent the people then here it is. Corbyn is forming one and doing it with the aid of the Unions and the left wing infiltration in our society.

We now need a centre right party and we have, it is called UKIP. Vote for them otherwise England will be wiped of the face of the earth.


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