Today on Daily Politics we had Kieth Starmer who likes to stay on the fence, as much as possible. Francis  O’ Grady, articulate but in my opinion manipulative, then along came the  political commentators from the Sun and The Guardian all very left wing.

Facing them in splendid isolation was Suella Fernandes,  Conservative. Jo of course was asking the questions, this is the same Jo who when she asked UKIP Suzanne Evans on the show, she ensured that her researchers came with every nasty bit of so called journalism. because she never intended to ask any questions; this is unfortunately is what Suella had to tend with.

Jess Phillips did her little bit about Men’s rights. What is it about Labours women that makes them so incredibility nasty; further to that she was so opinionated, and so very intolerant.

Jo guest’s show that she still lack credibility as an interviewer; she should watch Andrew Marr.