If anyone thinks that Cameron would support a no vote if he doesn’t have a successful renegotiation, then they will need their head testing.

Cameron already knows  that he will not get a successful renegotiation, this man is characterised by his deceit. We will have over three million more immigrants (not asylum seekers) by 2017 according to the European Union, this does not take into account that they are fast tracking Turkey with over 75 million; the great bulk of these people are quite poor.

If we as a nation cannot see that the four million brought in by Marxist Labour and coupled with current immigration, nearly 600,000 thousand this year is really very bad for us.

These people coming in are mixed with those who want to work ( and are entitled to under EU legislation)  and, murderers, rapists, burglars and above all terrorists; determined to do us harm. Cameron will do nothing to protect this country, he has given up.

Our social services and homes are now so stretched that they are falling apart, yet it is the immigrants who end up being looked after and not the indigenous population. The only people screaming for them to be let in are the phonies who are well awash with money so they can afford to be philanthropic. They do not have to wait for treatment or struggle to get a place to live.

Every day we see them telling us how we should behave whilst living the good life. It is a fact in England today that we governed by the minority and it is about time that we sorted it out.

Soon we will have a referendum, when it comes the so called conservative party along with the EU will spend endless amounts of money to keep us in. Cameron, Osborne and their cohorts are just like Marxist Labour, SNP and the Liberals all absolutely determined to hand England over to the New Reich.

They have abandoned  England, between them they have bankrupted us, we are non sovereign and our culture has been thrown out of the window; who are we?

Right now Cameron cannot wait to see us totally under the reign of Europe. Quite clearly he is not a conservative, not a traditionalist, he is as I have argued for a long time, more left wing than anything else. Like most people on the left he is quite prepared to desert his country at a moments notice.

Cameron is Prime Minister because he likes being a Prime Minister, that is all he cares about and he along side Osborne , is more than happy to sell his country to the highest bidder. We are owned by everyone as long as it is not England;  France, Saudi and now China.

Shame does not come into it anymore, dishonour and humiliation is now the name of the game.

We have one patriotic party in England and that is UKIP. So what do we do? vote for traitors or patriots; it is time to make our minds up.