UN’s Francois Crepeau

If Monsieur Francois Crepeau wants to talk about restriction of rights and Nazi Germany then he should direct his attention to France where his fellow French speaking citizens sent men, women and children to the gas camps on behalf of the Germans.

Let us not forget also the Srebrenica genocide by Ratko Mladic  (VRS). A  weak United Nations Protection Force represented on the ground by a 400-strong contingent of Dutch (Dutchbat)  stood by whilst the town was captured.  8,000 men and boys were butchered and thousands of women raped, and this educated fool in the UN wants give the British lessons!!

The Bill of Human Rights was going to happen and that was five years ago and was again promised during this election campaign; it must be delivered. Clegg has gone but already Cameron has found another reason for not getting on with it.

To hell with the schoolboys outfit called the SNP, Dominic Grieve and others like minded. We in this country are being inundated and the white indigenous population are being squeezed out of their traditional towns and no good will come of it.


Defence of the Realm

Cameron has abdicated his responsibility for the Defence of the Realm. Both he and Osborne have become as idiotic as the left where defence is concerned.

We are struggling as a nation to do what needs to be done, however, Cameron continues to give countless billions away to corrupt countries whilst denying our forces the money to do their job; borders on treacherous.

Aid should be cut and diverted to defence. Are they so stupid that they cannot see what is going on in the world and what’s more we are right in the middle of it. How many people will have to die before they do what needs to be done.


Cameron. Here we go again

Cameron has had 5 years to do something about the iniquitous Human Rights Act – it was all Clegg’s fault etc.

Yet he has fallen at the first fence by omitting it in the Queens speech.

Michael Gove Secretary of State for Education was far to good for his job so, at the behest of the Teaching Unions he was kicked out by Cameron and replaced by someone more amenable.

Now Michael Gove has come back as Justice Secretary with a view to repealing the HRA, however, Cameron has once again turned tail and Michael will be nothing more than a talking shop; he must be sick.

Cameron is pathetic, he waves a big stick, talks a lot but like Blair he ends up doing little or nothing. Take the referendum he is asking for nothing of any consequence and will in the end take it and pretended he has done wonders. Has he learned nothing from the election and the voters and why they voted for him.

People are totally sick of liars and want to take back control of their lives, that is why he was elected but already he is going backwards. We need another Margaret Thatcher, some one with conviction and resolution not some one ready to turn tail at the slightest provocation.

Human rights

Like the EU the Strasbourg Courts along with the HRA introduced by Labour (who else, they are such a menace) are not content unless they are in total control of our Parliament.

I am sick of people quoting Winston Churchill as being one of the arbiters of the act, he did not intend it to be turned into something quite as stupid as it is today. He did not intend for it to harbour rapists, burglars. paedophiles and  evil murderers, how many people have suffered as a result.

I would suggest that people like Shami Chakraabarti, Benedict Cumberbatch, Vanessa Redgrave and Simon Callow to name but a few should come up front and say, the next person in England who suffers from these criminals walking our streets, then they will take the full consequences from the relatives or others; bring them to account and let them suffer.

Neither did Winston envisage that the soldiers of this country would be sent to war and fight with one hand behind their back. He certainly did not envisage shyster lawyers working with men and women looking for a hand-out on the backs of our soldiers.

We in Britain under common Law have not suffered unduly but people are now suffering under the HRA. Freedom of Speech, however,  has suffered under British Courts. Under the Bill of Rights it states that Freedom of Speech should not be impeached or questioned, tell that to the countless parents who have had their children taken away without any recourse  by over zealous Social Services and backed up by the courts. Then these same courts ensure that no one can say a word under the penalty of prison.

This is a most foul and pernicious ideology ever. We have to go back over 75 years to the point where people were spirited away. How have we come to this; where are our MPs.

Cameron will not be forgiven if he back-tracks on his legislation as promised to the people; personally I have no faith in the man what so ever.

Get on with the referendum, every one knows that you cannot renegotiate. We can all see that he is hanging on by his fingertips. I am sure that Merkel cannot stop laughing in private at his futile endeavours.


An article states that cuckoos have largely vanished from much of Britain, however, in northern Scotland their numbers have increased.

Even cuckoos know that when it comes to being looked after you are better off in Scotland than England.

Scotland has now sent its erring school children to our parliament under the collective name of SNP. Soon they will be cocking their nose at the Speaker. Are these the people who want to run Scotland?

NHS and Hospices

Today’s news is ‘Dying Without Dignity’. My beautiful wife died from Pancreatic Cancer on February 4th this year, six months from being diagnosed.

We discussed and made plans for her death and I said I wanted her to die at home. She, however, felt that it wasn’t fair to do so, how will you feel she said?

So we talked to the Pilgrim’s Hospice and a senior nurse came out to see us. The end result was they put us in touch with District Nurse and their own carers. The District nurse came once a week and was superb.

During the last week of her life the District Nurse organised a bed in our front room. My wife now said she didn’t want to leave our home or me, I pulled up the settee and sat next to her for the time remaining.

During the evening less than 48 hours before she died, she said to me that this is our last night together, how she knew I do not know. By the morning she could no longer speak and was very restless, at the end of the day she was in a bad way and was suffering.

I called the out of hours surgery and the doctors came  by 2am and she gave my wife a small amount of morphine. By 3:30am she was truly suffering, I called again and within the hour another Doctor came out and gave her a larger dose of morphine, she was then sick even though she was unconscious. The Doctor then called the Hospice before she left and they sent out a carer who by 5am had changed my wife’s clothes and her bed; she was wonderful and caring.

I was then contacted by the Hospice around 7.30 who said we should bring her in to the Hospice. By 9 am their ambulance came to the house, by 10 am they had checked her over and she was in a private room.

I continued to hold her hand, I had promised her that I would hold it right to the end. At 3 pm the priest came, blessed her and prayed over her for half an hour. At 4:30 she left me.

I wanted to stay with her but the nurses said to me, give us five minutes and you can come in, which is what I did. They had placed a rose next to her head and I sat down, again holding her hand, and talked to her for an hour or more, what I talked about I really don’t know.

Why I am putting this on face-book?

It is because the NHS during this period were excellent and coupled with the Pilgrims Hospice were overall wonderful.

Yes there was ‘lack of dignity’ but not to do with palliative care, it was to do with the cancer which made her helpless and the way that I had to help her to cope with it, something no woman would want.

Maybe there is a lesson here a combination of Hospices and NHS it worked for us. Perhaps the government could give a charitable gift to these hospices once a year. The point is it did work and perhaps it is a way forward.

Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy

Yes I am talking about the Marxist Labour party. Now we have endless knifes being thrown at Miliband, hoist by his own petard but what of the MPs senior and otherwise who kept telling us he was the best thing since white bread.

They were liars weren’t they, we must support the leader even though he was wrong, why? if they thought he was wrong was there no one there enough principle to come out and this is wrong for the country.

Of course not because the Marxist Labour Party put itself above the country, that is what is important to them.

Now we have listen to the phonies all over again.

Britain’s Sick Society

So the ‘cake debacle’ has ended and once again Christian beliefs have been trashed. The lawyer from the equalities commission who spoke on TV news this morning was interesting for what he didn’t say. There was a point where he virtually gagged, because he couldn’t say the word Christian.

I don’t belief in sodomy but it has now been accepted (but not I believe by the general public) however, the Gay lobby’s attempt to ram it down our throats by trying to force people to conform to their will is a very bad move indeed and I have no doubt they will be ‘hoisted by their own petard’ and well they will deserve it. Someone somewhere at some stage will not accept it, and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Tim Loughton, the former children’s minister, said he is considering the deploying the “nuclear option” of naming members of a suspected Westminster paedophile ring on the floor of the House of Commons; so why hasn’t he done it. Who has got through to him.

Janner was given a peerage by Blair after being accused of child sex abuse. More cases have come to light yet the Crown Prosecution Service refuses to charge him because he suffers from dementia! He gets cross party support too, why? are some of Parliaments Gay Community involved.

Why is it that our MPs are so disinterested in sexual practices being employed against poor defenceless children. The truth is that the very people who are there to defend the population, are themselves suspect in the most awful of crimes, that is why.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and others of his faith are more concerned about so called social injustices than they are of protecting the Christian faith or children; they are of no use to anyone.

Maybe it is time for us to move across to Roman Catholicism. Their view on homosexual acts is clear, they regard as contrary to the ‘Natural Law’ and they do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual relationship between a man and woman. we have had enough of these alternative lobbyists telling us what is right and what isn’t.

We have the education department telling us that it is right to teach very young children about the seamier side of life. I don’t know what is worst Geraldine Shackleton, headmistress of St George’s Bickley Primary School, in Bromley bringing in the police (they ought to be totally ashamed of themselves and so should she) to deal with a nine year old playing swords with a ruler, or teachers being prepared to introduce homosexuality, lesbianism and transgender to very young children.

When I was a child the police would have had to jail the whole class, on the other hand the police in those days knew what they were there for, and it wasn’t to berate a youngster because he did what children do, he played games.

Children are at school to learn, life and its vagaries will catch up later when they are more able to digest it. I like many others knew nothing about this seamier side as a child (40-s and 50s) and did not suffer for it.

I believe that talking or  writing books for young children give sexual stimuli to those involved, a form of sexual arousal and no parent should put up with it. We are drawing children down into the depths of depravity, where are those with some clout, why aren’t they doing something.

We need a full scale enquiry making sure that those in charge are not themselves tainted or open to pressure, we have had enough whitewashes.

Hypocrisy & Labour Marxism

How many of the Marxist Labour party are now saying that Marxism under the auspices of Ed Miliband was wrong, yet every one of them gave him their full hearted support. It shows that with doubt Labour MPs put their party before the well being of their country; and still people voted for them!

A head teacher has just endured a six month ‘disability hate crime’ by describing an autistic pupil has having special needs. How truly pathetic and sinister.

Who set this up, Marxist Labour of course. They drafted a politically motivated 2003 Criminal Justice Act. The definition of ‘Hate Crime’ is any incident

which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.

Talk about a licence to vent spite or otherwise. So whether a crime has been committed or not it makes no difference, in go the police to destroy another innocent persons life.

Remember Ed had made a pledge to the Muslim community to make Islam phobia a hate crime. What a wonderful time Islamist would have made with that.

It didn’t finish there of course Harriet equality laws take precedent over the Christian Communities as a result two Christian people have their guest house in the news because they didn’t want homosexuals and have paid the price. Then we have the Belfast ‘Gay Cake’ row, equally pathetic.

Victoria Wasteney, 37, was disciplined for alleged bullying and harassment after Enya Nawaz, 25, told managers that she tried to convert her to Christianity because she prayed for her. Hang on, how many Muslims have actively converted Christians, how many have been taken to task by the police or others.

In 1999 I finished a book and in that book I have a chapter ‘God Bless England’ which could have been written today outlining the above, including the judiciary whose independence can no longer be taken for granted, setting themselves above Parliament.

This is why the Labour party as a whole, are in my view extremely dangerous. They are not for the people and the more left they are the more violent they become.

MPs of all parties have abdicated their responsibility and are more interested in what they can get out of the system instead of working for the people.

Vote UKIP they must now get this foolishness behind them, apply common sense and remember why people voted for them.

See chapter ‘God Bless England’





It was inevitable that Farage would come back into the fold. This man has taken a movement from nothing to obtaining four million votes. Whilst as some journalists say, UKIP are still represented by their MP that is a load of hogwash. What really matters is that their views are not represented.

On Daily politics today we still had leftie Jo saying it was a bit like Soviet Russia because Farage came back. They cant help it BBC broadcasters are infused with left wing rubbish and on the whole the whole of the left are out and out fascists and ready at a moments notice to defy democracy and create violence.

The fight now begins to mollify the British by coming up with re-negotiations that on the face of it seem ok, however, we will be saying goodbye to a historically proud and democratic nation called England. If the public are conned by Cameron and say yes then that will be a starter gun for people like Junker. The only people who want us to stay in are the business community who see fatter pay packets for their shareholders.

This referendum is about a free and sovereign state, that is what it is about. Scotland will go, the writing is on the wall. Our trident and submarine base and the construction of or warships will be in a country where half of the people hate us.

Support UKIP Farage has already made a huge difference to our politics, so support him.

Every one keeps saying why did Labour lose, it is easy no one wanted Marxist government supported by a nasty anti English socialist Scots party and revolutionary Unions; that’s why.

Support UKIP