MOD gags Paras.

The MOD has gagged Paras and told them not to discuss the RAF’s role in saving Paratroopers stranded in a minefield. Surly the RAF used what they had, and it is the MODs fault that helicopters fitted with winches were not dispatched.

If senior officers are portrayed in a negative light, is it because they have something to hide? We have seen over the past few years how the MOD has much to be castigated for, over manned with many of the staff not up to the necessary standard as a result of which, many have and are paying the price.

Telling the Para’s not to wear their uniform is a certain sign that they have good reason not to be held up to the light.

Cameron staring into the camera yesterday when his guru told him to, has fooled no one. It was so obvious and hypocritical knowing what we know about his obsession with the EU. Does he really think that the voters are fooled by this? someone should tell him that a lack of a good education does not mean a lack of intelligence and we are all aware of the fact that he dare not cross Merkel.

Blaming Clegg has nothing to do with the fact that he has been five years doing nothing about immigration and its problems. As for a 2017 referendum (snigger, snigger) it is pathetic, we should be having a referendum 6 months after an election,

let us face it Cameron it is our country not yours and if anyone is going to give it away to an unelected regime across the water it should be the people and not you and your cohorts.

Finally I am sick of Cameron’s constant remarks about UKIP and the people who support it, nothing would make me support the Tories now, they no longer represent the people, it is the establishment and those who have enough money to get what they want and that includes not paying taxes.

Lord Harries of Pentregarth has stated that Prince Charles Coronation Service should opened with a reading from the Koran, where do we get these bloody fools from.

If he gets his way (anything can happen in England today) perhaps he will want to open with the concept of 72 virgins with their “full grown”, “swelling” or “pear shaped” breasts and help us understand why Jihadist are prepared to murder men, women and children for this indulgence.

There are just over 5% Muslims living in England and many of them are busy converting women to Islam. What would happen if we attempted to convert Muslim women to Christianity or led them to the streets.

It is no surprise that there is Islam phobia in England and idiot Bishops (OK he is from Oxford) spouting foolish notions will certainly harden the stance by most people.

VOTE UKIP they are the only people who represent the English speaking nation.


‘The British people to have their say’

I have listened to Cameron’s speech today, this much I will say and that is he makes a pretty speech, but that is what it is, a pretty speech.

He talks about England and our desire for  freedom and sovereignty, however, to him alone that is meaningless. He has already come the conclusion that England is nothing more than a  province to the EU and is intent on making that a fact of life. He does not understand that the people of England are committed to freedom and sovereignty and dressing it up to accommodate the desires of Germany to be dominant in all ways shape and form, will not work.

His five ways forward are worthless and would involve 28 countries working in harmony and that is not about to happen, committees don’t work.

He talks about the World Wars and how we have moved forward etc. he ignores the fact that Germany lost the last two wars and decided that another approach was needed; they are still wedded to monetary policy and domination of Europe. They are determined to rule Europe and all Cameron’s bluster will not escape that simple fact.

Cameron’s  attempt to inveigle us into the EU brings nothing but contempt to us all.

Vote UKIP because we need truth and not deceit and a referendum in 2015.


Cameron – Gamechanger

Here we are again another speech by Cameron, no doubt he will promise us everything and nothing. Invoking Margaret Thatcher will fool no one. Margaret was a conviction politician and honest, no one doubted her except the left wing politicians because she knew them for what they were, a bunch of  perfidious people whose aim in life was to destroy England and its people.

Cameron couldn’t hold a candle to her and neither could the treacherous bastards who stabbed her in the back.

It has been made clear that there will be no renegotiation, we know it and so does his cronies in Parliament. Cameron and his MPs are like little children, most of us who have had children have experienced them putting their hands over their ears and saying no, no etc. because they didn’t like their parent telling them they are wrong. That is what they are doing and it is why they will try to deceive us so that they can get their own wretched way.

Cameron’s speech is all about deceit, it has already calmed the fears of his pathetic MPs because they think that the plebs will say good old Cameron, he will do the job; they truly are a pathetic bunch of you know what.

I was glad to hear Theresa May comment on immigration but within day days the doubt crept in, things weren’t what they were meant to be. Cameron’s speech will be the same, not today but tomorrow and we could or maybe we would etc. another cast iron guarantee that will turn out to be made of jelly.

The amount of immigration is high, very high and England and it’s people are feeling the pain. The well heeled establishment tell you that they know this but the medication is based on it will get better tomorrow. Rubbish they are all liars and they only answer is to vote for UKIP, they are the only people who represent us, Cameron doesn’t, he represents Germany and so does the left wing.

We need a strong right wing government and that will be UKIP.  

Theresa May

Well done Theresa May at last action instead of procrastination, however, I would have liked these radicals banned forever, not 2 years.

Perhaps Theresa May has the makings of another Thatcher. We certainly need someone with guts to sort out the EU and give us our freedom back. As for Cameron he bears the imprint of the last person to talk to him, so cannot be trusted in any way shape or form.

I am sick of those MPs who keep saying that if we can renegotiate and have a referendum in 2017, it is the right way to do it. It is rubbish and we all know it., there is no meaningful renegotiation.

What we need a referendum 6 months after the election with a new leader advocating OUT. Building up the no vote by giving citizenship to endless immigrants who will vote to stay in is an approach that will lead to disaster.

Cameron is about to make a speech, for once something he is good at. As usual you will get, now you see me and now you don’t, whatever he says will mean everything and nothing.

Those who say we cannot survive without the EU are total losers and defectors and have no place in an English Parliament. They have turned their back on the endless problems we are having due to immigration being out of control and the tremendous harm it is doing to England and the indigenous population.

Vote for UKIP otherwise you will end up with the SNP and Marxist Labour. The SNP will be all about enhancing Scottish interests to the detriment of the English by blackmailing a Marxist Labour party, who by definition are all about class war, can you imagine it! They will be aided by the BBC and many of its presenters (funded by us) and other left wing organisations and of course, revolutionary Unions.

Its often been observed that a certain type of British Lefty hates Britain, you see it all around us- and they reserve particularly hatred for Englishness.

In 1942 George Orwell made this acute remark:

England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is the duty to snigger at every institution.

If ever there was a more truthful saying, that remark epitomises every Marxist Labour and left wing supporters today. Blair attacked the institutions from the day he took office, despite that people still vote for them. Why on earth would you vote for those who wish to harm the Nation and its people!

The Left wing in all of its guises, along with the EU people are now well on their way of achieving their objective, deleting the English Nation and that is a fact of life.

VOTE UKIP and protect England

Charles Walker Vice Chairman 1922 Committee

Can we lay one thing to rest and that is UKIP is not against immigration and we are not waiting for the day when we can deport Polish citizens.

I know it, the people know it and above all Charles Walker knows it. What we are against is unrestricted immigration and that is a totally different thing.

Let us forget all of these lies and continue to forge ahead.

Our social services are under a great strain, schools and hospitals are buckling under the stress of trying to cope. The people of England are well aware of this, they are also aware of the fact that they are becoming second class citizens in their own country.

We are and have imported murders, rapists. burglars, jihadists and have allowed them on our streets. Multiculturism has been an absolute curse and has relegated Christianity to just another faith, a faith that the police and various obscure bodies are too ready to come down on at a moments notice.

Islam, a faith that has made it clear to all and sundry that we are nothing more than unbelievers and should be wiped out. The Islamic community can be judged by their actions, whatever happens they do nothing and have made it clear that they simply do not want to integrate, in the meantime Sharia law is allowed to flourish.

The EU an unelected totalitarian regime, under the auspices of Germany, supported by the Tory Party takes away our freedom. We have existed under the Magna Carta for centuries and in that time we have had justice, however, times have changed for the worst. Recently a man was pursued and placed in jail on the basis of a citizen in that country who saw him close to a fire, despite the fact that he had nothing to do with it. Then again a man and woman with their sick child were also hounded and placed under terrible duress thanks to the EAW. Andrew Symeou another man extradited to Greece where he spent a year in prison and denied bail.

We do not need Corpus Juris in this country, it is contrary to our system of innocent before proven guilty. Clearly England under the Tory and other parties is on a sick and destructive  path.

So let us get back to Charles Walker, I have no doubt that his time in America has imbued him with the a typical puerile American ‘let us kick arse’ hence his comment in the Sunday Mail; so let us join him!

Who is this total Pratt who has decided that anyone who votes for UKIP is malicious and destructive,

I love my country states Mr Walker, crap Charles, is that why your are on your knees before Angela Merkel the German Chancellor.

I love my country and whilst you were prancing about in America I served 12 years in the special forces, you on the other hand are in thrall to the New Reich, so don’t even try to give me or other UKIP members a hard time because I exercised my vote,

my vote not yours Mr Walker, I can put my mark anywhere I want.

You do not have the right to malign people for exercising their vote, didn’t they teach you that in America. You are right about one thing and that is no deals, who the hell wants a deal with an MP who is gagging to give his country away.

Other MPs who believe in their country and freedom have been given the green light by this man, if you love your country then get out now and join UKIP. If you don’t then you can join the rest and suck up to Germany.

Vote UKIP and you will get UKIP

Vote TORY and you will get Germany for your master.

UKIP A new voice for the Tory party and the real Labour party.

The Tory party seeks to assure themselves that they can overcome the 42% vote for UKIP.

So we can assume that they will give the same attention to each and every seat they contest i.e.  246 Tories visited the seat, 50 made one visit, 60 made two visits, 90 made three visits and 46 made four visits; the leader of the Party Cameron made 5 visits. Still they lost.

The Tory party should not take heart, if you blitzed the seat and still lost, you had better come up with a real alternative. A good idea is to put a man in place who we can trust and who isn’t in thrall to Merkel, however, you will not and of course you will go down. Forget the pundits who are already telling us how Cameron will win etc. so far they have all been wrong.

If you can convince Cameron to give us a referendum 3 months after the next election and state that he will advocate leaving the EU, then you will have a chance. The trouble is Cameron will say anything to achieve his aims, and simply cannot be trusted; and that is your problem

The Whole of England knows that there will be no substantial renegotiation, so does Cameron. The only way we can get out of this unelected and totalitarian regime is by voting for UKIP.

The Tory party, Marxist Labour party and the foolish left wing Liberals have yet to learn that when you take away or ignore the rights of people by denying them a truly important vote you are encouraging violence. The writing is on the wall, take note the people are totally sick of lies, deceit, corruption and above all arrogance.

UKIP and the people of England have a new enemy and they are called the SNP a party whose aim is to destroy the union so that they can become independent. The Scots will vote for them and wipe out Marxist Labour in Scotland, they will then support the Marxist Labour party to achieve their aims and will care nothing for English voters, whom they clearly hate.

The only way round this is to vote for UKIP to make them the kingmakers. For years we have had to listen to Scottish MPs foisting their left wing socialism on us. Let us not forget the Scottish Cabal in the last government who took us into endless wars and left us totally broke and in the gutter.

Get the Scots out of our parliament, they are bad news for England.

Ed can scream all he wants, the Marxist Labour are part of the liberal elite, Ed wouldn’t know a worker if you stuffed him up his nose. Isnt it funny that all of these people as so well off! they all live in magnificent homes, with homes on the side and send their kids to high class schools whilst denying the same for your kids.

Remember Harriet Harman, she wasn’t going to send her kids to a comprehensive, that’s for the workers, however, she campaigned so that no one else could go to a good school; another total Marxist Labour hypocrite.

Blair, a millionaire now, has more homes than he can count, or is it his wife? Two more Labour Party members who talk about the workers but make sure they have nothing to do with them; except sending them off to war to get killed or maimed.

If you love your country then VOTE UKIP do we really want to give our freedom and swap it for a Marxist Labour party with a Scottish SNP calling the tune.


The will of the people

This was manifested in the vote of the people in Rochester and Strood, never the less the turncoat William Hague states that 42% of the vote is something they can handle at the next election, such complacency and arrogance is now typical of the Tory party.

A vast amount of foreigners are granted citizenship here than anywhere else in Europe. Cameron has taken a leaf out the Marxist Labour book. Foreigners granted citizenship are more likely to vote for the party that let them in, by 2017 Cameron hopes that immigrants will vote to stay in the EU too stymie the indigenous vote, hence the vote in 2017.

The European Court of Justices have made their mark and are now in a position to control the investment banking industry and are well on the way to decimating our wealth creating city. Each day shows us that the EU is an abomination, a curse on our society, but Cameron and his cohorts like it so the rest of us can go to hell.

Emily Thornbury, like Livingstone and MP John McDonnell has shown the true side of  the Marxist Labour party. Anyone who saw her on The Daily Politics show in the past would know that she is a sneering party political hack, one of the Liberal Elite. You know the type, I am all for the proletariat but don’t ask me to send my children to the same school as them etc.

Others in her party have done the same thing. As for the other two, encouraging violence shows that they are closer to the BNP than you think. What if a UKIP member advocated violence, the BBC would have devoted its total news for 3 days on it and the police would be knocking on the door at 3am.

The Marxist Labour party do not represent the general public and certainly not the Labour party of old.

Liberal Ed Davey has now decided that those who criticise the largesse on overseas aid is a little Englander, just who does he think he is, well the public at Rochester and Strood have made it clear that 349 votes is all they are worth. the Liberal party represents no one. They always were a totally foolish and idiotic party and soon they will go back for another 60 years in the backwater.

Islam has found its feet in England, protected at all levels they feel they can do what the want. Educated men are now practicing and planning violence against us, men are systematically raping our women. This has nothing to do with being poor or out in the cold, no job etc. Are these the men Cameron was calling for, how will he ensure that a lawyer, doctor or a member of the police force has not been turned prior to being put in place. The safety of our country comes before canvassing votes for the forthcoming election Mr Cameron.

Children in white rural areas are being forced to go on compulsory visits to Mosques, the parents should tell the Education Establishment to go to hell; we are not here to apologise for being white.

Harlow besieged by Irish Travellers, why on earth do we allow these people to make English resident’s life a misery. It is about time these people were sent back to Ireland where they belong,

Over 2 billion to the EU but France’s finance minister thinks its hilarious because he will get 1 billion euros out of that, tell the public that Cameron.

Vote UKIP you may as well because it is the only way we can get some representation. On the horizon is SNP and Marxist Labour, it is too awful to contemplate. The way out is to vote UKIP and make them the kingmakers.


Bill Cash MP

Bill Cash has stated the following;

The EU has become an undemocratic German Dominated Europe.

Germany and France with a few small states have the power to determine European decision making.

This is what Cameron wants us to stay part of, a German dominated Europe. Despite all of his protestations he is quite happy being in thrall to Germany, a country that will not lie down until it has complete domination over Europe. At that time it will revert to type and God help us all. As for Bill Cash he knows that supporting Cameron will help him to make it happen; full of rhetoric and nothing else.

Winston Churchill’s views on Europe.

We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed

Cameron wants us totally absorbed and in a state of servitude or submission to Germany, what did they teach him at Eton, certainly not pride in his country. His own dream does not include a sovereign England but one crushed under immigration with Sharia law on the march coupled with German dominated law.

Parliament and its laws which have (despite setbacks) governed us with fairness for hundreds of years, flushed down the pan, aid and abetted by Tory MPs, Marxist Labour and the foolish and treacherous Liberals.

Vote UKIP tomorrow and beyond, do you love England, then now is the time to start a fight back. There is only one party who truly represents us and that is UKIP.

Winston Churchill loved Britain and fought (despite his age) hard for it, as did all of those people represented by poppies at the Tower of London; don’t let them down.


People with convictions allowed to join police

What has gone wrong with the establishment, and what has allowing people with convictions to be policemen  got to do with racial diversity!

Steven White, the chairman of the police federation of England and Wales said;

‘The public need to have the utmost confidence that police officers are of the highest calibre and integrity and I have grave concerns about anything which could undermine that’.

That sentiment is supported by virtually all, so why are they going down this totally absurd path? Cameron with his skewed vision of England is sacking so many good and professional men in the armed forces, so why are they not offered the chance to continue to serve their country by serving in the police force. How many times have we heard that it is difficult for ex forces men to re-establish themselves in civvies street, for Gods sake can’t they do something right for once and apply some good old common-sense.

The English are still having problems with flooding in the West country, most of it due to lack of money, yet Cameron and his deputy are giving 600 million to alleviate flooding overseas, can you believe this!! Cameron and his largesse with our money is no longer a joke. Like Blair he is more concerned as to how he is viewed on the world stage, still we know he is just a grandstander. When it comes to a vote in the election, remember that those in this country with flooding problems, he deems you as second in line in his grand aid scheme, so vote accordingly.

Tomorrow there will be another chance to put the Tory party in their place, bear in mind that they no longer represent the indigenous  people, so in Rochester and Strood vote for Mark Reckless. Ignore John Major and his rant against UKIP. Let us not forget that this man ruined the lives of well over a million people by them having to have their homes repossessed, after which he blithely carried on with his cricket.

He tells us that we are anti immigration, rubbish, anti British, absolute total rubbish, anti aid, yet we are renowned for our generosity by all, Anti foreigners, even more rubbish. If I am anti anything it is people like Major who cannot get their own way, stamping their foot. He should hold hands with Clegg and they can stamp all day in unison

What Major really means to say is, I am quite happy with England being swamped by foreigners, who cares if our social services are being ground down and as for the EU and being in thrall to them, whatever the consequences it suits me fine; after all when you have money it isn’t a problem is it.

Major should bear this one fact in mind and that is we all have a vote and can use it as we will. Choosing to vote for another party should not merit idiotic statements by a man who ruined the lives of so many people.

Vote for Mark Reckless and UKIP tomorrow.




Sir John Major, Tories and Cameron’s legacy

John Major that bastion of country life, cricket and all things British; but hang on isn’t he another arrogant Tory who tends to view the real bastions of English life i.e. its people, as bastards. This man who gave us the exchange rate mechanism (we were forced out) Black Wednesday, which saw more than one million households facing repossession; rates which doubled and went up to 15% but Major was alright, he had money. So why should we listen to Cameron’s unofficial negotiator, Cameron calls us fruitcakes and loonies and Major calls us bastards; give me one good reason why we should vote for the Cameron and his Tory cohorts. The EU is irreconcilable with independence and that is a plain and simple fact. Cameron knows that, and it is typical of his treachery that he tries to hide that fact behind his so called renegotiation. His determination to keep us in the EU is on par with forcing gay marriage down our throats, the one thing that bothers me in both instances is why; how many in our government have their arms up behind their back? Something is not right in the Tory Party, they are now centre left, endemic with errors and a total lack of judgement from top to bottom. Why are the Tory party so surprised that we are more than suspicious  of their motives. “Something is rotten in the state of Demark” never was a remark so apt. A cast iron guarantee of a referendum, tossed to the wind, we will solve the immigrant problem, oops we cannot because the EU and Merkel won’t let me. To his own party, we will allow you to debate and vote on that  heinous European Arrest Warrant, instead of which they tried a pathetic  little trick in Parliament to get it through. Read the Sunday Mail and the current instance of a poor man under a EAW hounded from pillar to post for starting a fire in Greece, which he didn’t. Guilty until proven innocent! The EAW has no place in our society; but Cameron would like it, along with curbing the press freedoms, and let us not forget the open house for developers and foreign wind farm companies to run rampant on our green and pleasant land and make a buck. This is the Tory Party! no longer can we expect them to look after England, they have now passed it all over to those who will and are, raping our country. While we are at it we will bestow the world with our NHS and give endless money to the poor people of other countries so that they can go back home and build second homes. You can call it rhetoric but when it comes down to it, that is exactly what we are doing. We have no money and the indigenous people are suffering for it, yet we are giving 11 billion pounds away to corrupt countries just to salve the conscious of rich people like Clegg and Cameron. 55 million a day to the unelected EU who haven’t balanced their books for well over a decade, whilst in England people are struggling to stay alive. Scotland too, who on the whole hate England get at least £1300 per person more than the English and have a say in English laws whilst theirs remain sacrosanct and so it goes on. It is time to rise up and vote for a party that represents England and its people, we can start with Mark Reckless at Rochester and then the general election. Either we vote for UKIP or we will get the SNP and Marxist Labour, who are the next best thing to BNP as they advocate violence (ask MP John McDonnell) or we will get Cameron and the SNP, in which case they will extract more goodies for Scotland and we really will become serfs. Vote UKIP