Nigel’s stunning victory in the European elections was marred by, what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to divert voters away from UKIP.

The Party lists were in alphabetical order, and at the top of the European list was ‘An Independence from Europe Party’

I have two questions for the electoral commission;

  • Why was it allowed.
  • Who funded the party.

There was never any indication of fraud in all of our past elections, and then, thanks to the Labour party, came the postal vote along with deliberate attempts by ethnic communities to sway the direction the vote went.

Postal votes should be out and the old system reinstated, then perhaps an area like Tower Hamlets would not take 5 days or more to count the voter’s intentions.

What is going to happen on the general election, The Labour Party rely on immigrants votes, ‘they know where their bread is buttered’

England has gone down hill at a rapid speed, I wonder why?


After the European election

Predictably Nigel had his political earthquake, despite the quite unbelievable torrent of abuse levelled at him and his party by the media and main party leaders.

His emphatic win, and the rise of the far right in France and others are sending out a very clear message to the EU and Germany, a truly powerful vote that is saying; we want change and now.

The arrogance of the EU, when votes in France and Denmark said no was palpable. It is not what we want said the EU so vote again; even then democracy was on a very slippery slope.

This was fascism, and we would do well to understand that UKIP saw this and has fought against it. This is why UKIP cannot be linked to any one of these parties; UKIP is against Fascism.

Europe is a complete failure, didn’t the founders of this movement wanted us to link to Germany to get rid of Fascism, instead of which they are now responsible for the rise of nationalism across Europe.

Today leaders are meeting  to discuss what to do about this rise, Cameron is there of course, but he is not there because now wants to represent us, he is there to see what sort of stitch up he and Merkel can come up with to keep the masses quieter and put them back in their holes. Germany does not want us to regain our sovereignty; Cameron has already decided that Germany is our leader, God forbid.

Blair has raised his head again espousing his views on Swedish television, what it is about the labour party that makes it so damn hypocritical. Have we forgotten already that it was Blair and the likes of Red Ed that caused the immigration problem in the first place?

Their open door policy, Andrew Neather an aide to Blair let it be known that it was a deliberate policy with a view to changing the face of England, designed to ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity’. Well he did that we had the biggest explosion of immigrants in a thousand years, yes a thousand years. Yet Blair had the cheek to call UKIP nasty! What would you call a party that did that to its people?

Thanks to Blair and his socialist party we went into the Iraq war for the wrong reasons, as a result 179 British soldiers were killed and over 2,000 seriously injured; it is estimated that over 100,000 Iraq civilians died; that is the legacy of this megalomaniac leader. Why has he not been arrested, a judge gave 10 years to a marine who lost his way in a battle, something is wrong.

Coming back to Cameron, he has treated the English public with total contempt and is still doing so and it will be the undoing of the Tory party. Nigel, if he is tempted to enter a pact with the Tory party will lose all his support. Forget the media and various articles stating that a pact must be made to keep out that foolish man we know as Red Ed.

An in out referendum before the next election, otherwise the Tory party are dead.

We must continue to vote for UKIP and put UKIP men and women in parliament, and let us be the kingmaker, it can be done.

European Elections

Politicians were on the air this morning, trying to tell us this is a blip and that nobody will vote for UKIP this way at the next general election; even now they are completely and utterly complacent.

Hague the ultimate turncoat, talking about 2017 and Cameron’s referendum, which we all know is a complete  load of rubbish.  Marxist Labour will get in, which will mean that Labour can safely say that the public have had their say and voted to stay in, and that is it, where we are concerned.

If by a absolute miracle the Tory Party win the vote by a slight majority, with UKIP as the kingmaker, then we have a Prime Minister who will try every trick in the book (including secret pacts with Germany) to keep us in the European Party; some referendum that would be.

The English people will lose out in every way. The only answer is to have a referendum before the next general election. By coming out of Europe we can renegotiate all that is good for us, Europe also, and retain our sovereignty.

We have heard politicians come up with, why have they voted for UKIP as if those who voted for UKIP are mentally retarded, and dear me,  we must come up with something that keeps these idiots happy.

It is not hard to see why the People Party has done so well. The people of England are sick of seeing our high streets and villages change out of all proportion, the social fabric of this country and our National identity are under severe threat,   particularly in London.

Thanks to the Labour Party four million immigrants came to this country between 2001 and 2011. This as we all know was a deliberate act, designed to ‘rub our noses in it’

Almost half a million were allocated local council or housing association homes. Over 105,000 were from eastern states that had joined the EU. We now have 1.2 million immigrants who live in social housing.

Yet over 1.8 million British born people are on the waiting list for homes!

Welfare, Labour, housing are all under severe strain yet these schoolboy’s politicians are going around saying, why have they voted for UKIP? Can you believe it!

We have Islamists that are actively seeking to undermine our society, extreme radicals taking their orders from overseas and a Crown Prosecutions Services who has been shamed, as we all have, by the American justice system. They would not spend vast amounts of money sheltering Hamza’s family. Islam has far too much influence in this country and it is very disturbing.

Above all we are being ruled by a corrupt and unelected government called the EU and supported by British politicians. This to me is simply unbelievable and I regard it as treachery at its worst.

This is why I voted for UKIP and I suspect many others have very much the same reasons.


Sir,We_Are_At_War-Original- cover

hello everyone, this is my first post ever, so you will have to bear with me.

I believe whole heartedly, that we in England should be in control of our own destiny. Unfortunately we now have so called politicians who have succumbed to the Brussels machine and have turned their back on the freedoms that were won by millions of British and allied soldiers. As for the people of England, they now treat them with contempt, lying at each and every turn.

Back in 1999 it was clear that England was under an attack, not externally but internally, it was an attack on the so called conservative forces in England.   It was an evil attempt to blame all the ills of society on the upper and middle classes, we are good and they are bad all designed to one part of society against the other. So began a new and concerted attack on the  English as a nation of bigots, the chattering classes went into overdrive describing us as a nation of racists and likening us to colonial thugs.

Multiculturism, another evil but very effective tool designed to hasten the loss of our identity, rammed down our throats and the Christian faith continually undermined. Crack a joke, make an innocent remark, pass a justifiable comment, express a religious opinion and you could find your self being dragged through a court  or tribunal. There you will most likely be berated and humiliated by the very people who were once there to protect you interests.

Uncontrolled immigration was deliberately ignored in order to rub the English nation’s nose in the dirt and so it went on and on. The EU an unelected regime across the water, supported by far too many of our MPs began to rear it’s head and have virtually taken over our judiciary and stamped their mark on our once supreme Parliament. Now they make our laws and tell us via their puppets in Parliament what to do.

Every one has a vote except the English. They have taken away our right to rule ourselves, treating the people with total and utter contempt One day I asked my self what would happen if we  became a downtrodden minority in your own country? What if the very people tasked with defending it had destroyed your homeland! How would you feel if a non-elected body – consisting in the main of your historical enemies – controlled it! Would you kill or be killed to get it back? On the basis of these questions I began to write this book, it is fiction; or is it?

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

The book Title is

Sir, We Are At War

  Prologue   The world is changing faster than anyone could have predicted. Regimes that appear stable, whatever their position within the political spectrum can no longer feel, secure in the fact that their own particular ideology and aims will survive into the next decade.

Consider the following, Islamic insurrection coupled with interventionist foreign policies supported by aggression and pre-emptive action. The continued expansion of the European Union along with the proposed controversial constitution, despite absolutely clear objections by the majority of people in England.

The on going destruction of the family unit in England recognised by all as the comer stone of every society throughout the world. The continual erosion of free speech and civil liberties by means of insidious legislation, this being an area of real concern as the perception as to what is right and what is wrong is clearly determined by those in power. And of course, the fundamental question on everybody’s lips is, why?

Involuntary mass surveillance increases day by day with, even now thousands of CCTV cameras, watching and continually tracking the movements of people daily without it must be said, their consent. People are being sucked slowly but surely into a surveillance society and the lack of a resolute opposition leaves us vulnerable. It can safely be stated that a limitation on the freedom of speech, expression or vote leads inevitably to oppression which, in turn leads to anger then violence.

The author, who served in the Airborne forces, saw first-hand the effects of occupation policies, both at home in Britain and abroad. In 1999 all above had an influence on his motivation to hypothesise. What if the government of the day forged even closer links with the darker forces within the European Union resulting ultimately in total loss of sovereignty and identity of the British people? What if the British parliamentary system completely lost its counter checks and balances and ended up being totally subservient to Europe, would it result in passive acceptance, or in an active and passionate bloody resistance?

Would patriots be prepared to fight for their way of life and their freedom? What if England’s indigenous population was subjected to uncontrolled immigration and as a consequence became third class citizens in their own country. Finally what if the people of England said enough is enough and decided to take back their country and their freedoms.

History tells us that ‘cometh the moment cometh the man’. Such a man is the central character of this entirely fictitious novel a patriot who, along with others is prepared to put his life on the line to support his beliefs. Again history has demonstrated that through time immemorial, forces have always been marshalled to right a wrong and fight for what are their gods given rights. The team that has been drawn together by our central character to meet this challenge draws their emotional strength from each other and a determination to be free again. Finally our central character chooses the name of his operation with care as Appolyon is a dark and vengeful angel who rises from the depths…

Organisation English Resistance Army: The Committee members   Brian Jefferson– an ex-colonel In the Special Air Service. Twenty years in the force and countless high-level operations have enabled him to make friends and establish contacts at the highest level both political and militarily, particularly in the United States. One would not suspect due to his demeanour that he came from an upper class family with a strong military background. This too has ensured that he has many friends and contacts in British military circles. Brian strongly believes in a United Kingdom, freedom and British sovereignty. The fact that all three have been lost fills him with a cold rage and he is determined to re-establish the status quo. Over a number of years he had using his expertise and contacts built up a small but highly professional force whilst developing an audacious plan, first of all to gain England’s independence then make Britain whole again. He is helped in this task by the new Governing Party’s on going and naked contempt of the indigenous population and a Prime Minister whose arrogance and contempt for British institutions and its people have become legendary.

Peter Grey– served in the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment for twelve years then a further nine years in the Special Air Service during which time he became a Warrant Officer noted for his skills, dedication and overall ability. It was this among other things that caught Jefferson’s eye and as a result Peter subsequently worked with Brian on many high- level operations. Eventually they became firm friends; a friendship that continued to flourish once they had both left the Forces. Peter too hated what had become of Britain and like others felt shame about what had become of England. Born in Oxford and grammar school educated at a time when children were taught to be proud of their country he was ‘anti Euro’ and despised the government for its unbridled bigotry.

Harry Green– Londoner, served eighteen years as a Marine Commando, nine of those years were spent as a senior non- commissioned officer in the Special Boat Squadron. A genial nature gives lie to the real person who is actually very tough, extremely competent and one hundred per cent reliable. Having left the force he now runs the family bakery with his wife Mandy but he shares the dreams and aspirations of both Brian and Peter whom he met on an advanced sabotage course where they subsequently became friends; despite the well-established rivalry between the Royal Marines and the Parachute Regiment.

Bruce Candid– journalist for a centre right-wing tabloid, a well-respected paper with the highest circulation in Britain. Bruce an ex-Oxford honours graduate does not have a military background but his many years as a political journalist have taught him the difference between the everyday politician with their endless lies and deceits and those with evil intent. Over time Bruce became convinced that the core of the governing Party had one aim in life and that was the total destruction of the upper and middle classes and so by default middle England. He has taken every opportunity as a political writer to warn the general public of the Party’s long-term plans never hesitating to name names and places, despite the endless attempts by the government to vilify him. A phone call from Brian one day followed by a long lunch was enough to convince him that here was a man to whom he could relate and above all support so he joined the committee of the ERP.

Mark Cotrell– recently retired after 34 years’ service is an ex-chief superintendent of the Metropolitan Police with 34 of those years spent as head of the anti -terrorist unit. Few knew of the many IRA and Islamic fundamentalist bombs that failed to reach their targets thanks to the skill and dedication of Mark and his team. His anger and disgust with the governing left wing Party began as a result of the many IRA sympathisers ; contained within which he had reason to believe culminated on many an occasion in information being leaked to the detriment of British troops however, despite his conviction he was never able to prove it. This anger and disgust has also been strengthened by the firm belief that police forces were being used in a way that was never intended and that was to persecute and intimidate the general public. A good friend of Bruce he too has become a member of the committee dedicated to freeing England.

Professor Joseph Lake– is a nuclear physicist recruited by Bruce Candid with whom he once shared a room with at Oxford University. An introvert at heart he had once found joy and happiness in his wife Helen and their son Tony, however, all this changed when his son was murdered by the IRA, after which his wife died of a broken heart. Despite being a Christian subsequent moves by the Party to appease the IRA had poisoned his mind and released a hatred for the government and its leader that he never knew he was capable of. A particular irony is that the Professor has no feeling either way with regards to Europe and is motivated purely by his hatred of the government. A willing member of the organisation he has now become the key to the whole operation.

John Taylor– leader of the English Revival Party, previously held the position of Shadow Home Secretary for the Conservative Party. He has always been firmly against full membership of the European Union having recognised from the very first the inherent dangers and the true nature of the beast. He subsequently registered his disgust with the Conservative party by resigning the whip and voting against Europe on every single occasion. He realised too that the Conservative Party had clearly lost its way and was selecting its leaders in a way least likely to offend the chattering classes. He felt also that not only had they lost the collective will to fight but that they no longer represented the will of the people. Drawing like-minded politicians to him he formed the English Revival Party, although he knew in his heart of hearts that it is was all too late. However after being contacted by Brian he subsequently became convinced that Brian’s plan offered a way forward where previously there was none. Come what may he was determined to take it and so became an eager member of the committee.

The Bakery 22 August 2016  

Brian Jefferson sighed as he prepared to leave for his meeting at the bakery in Kensington. Yet another obstacle to overcome – one of many since this had all began. Of necessity four of the six founder members of the ERA (English Resistance Army) were not cognisant with the final and vital stage of the operation and had now to be informed’

His thoughts raced. They will understand, I know they will, after all how could I have possibly let them in on the plan before it was complete, Mind you, if they do accept it both the European Commission and this Fascist puppet government will have much to fear.He glanced at the clock. It was time to leave for the meeting certainly the most important to date. Everyone had to agree to the overall plan; there simply wasn’t any room for doubt as commitment had to be complete.

minded and influential people in both the states and parts of the commonwealth. If there was one thing for example that the Americans understood and revered above all else it was freedom and democracy and they knew only too well that old Europe had taken it away from England. He reflected on some of his discussions with friends and spoke quietly to himself. ‘Europe is about to learn that England will not be taken by subterfuge. We are ready to act but timing is critical and the countdown has started.’

To all intents and purposes it was a day like any other at the bakery and a seductive smell of freshly baked bread mingling with the aroma of ground coffee beans permeated the restaurant. The bakery was always busy, particularly in the mornings. It was therefore very difficult to keep track of anyone who came in and out. This of course made it an ideal place to meet as members of the committee could enter over a period of say, one hour or more, take refreshment and then at an appropriate moment make their way through the door marked TOILETS and FIRE EXIT taking but a second or two to slip through another door marked PRIVATE ONLY and thence upstairs.

Harry Green took ownership of the bakery following the death of his father. His dad often used to say, it’s a good business Harry, as people always want to eat. Work hard and you will find that this place will give you a good living and a good life. It won’t make you rich but you can certainly be independent and that my lad is a blessing at any time.’ What would he think now if he knew what went on upstairs! He shrugged, eighteen years in the Royal Marine Commandos had taught him a great deal about death and while he wasn’t about looking for it he was prepared to do whatever was needed to bring democracy back to England. Dad had taken part in the Normandy landings and had been anti-European all along.

‘Think of all those poor bastards who died fighting to free France he would sap and all the while the buggers couldn’t wait to get into bed with the bloody Germans! And now both of them are bleeding us to death.’

He looked at his watch. It was 10:45. He caught the eye of his wife Mandy. She nodded her head understandingly as by now she knew exactly what that look meant. Naturally she knew of the existence of the ERP but actually very little about it as an organisation. ‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you,’ Harry told her. ‘Just recognise that what we are doing is for our country and our kid’s future.

He took a last look around then made his way upstairs dipping his hand in his pocket as he did so to reach for his key. Each of the committee had one of course to be used on occasions such as this. Slipping inside he locked the door after him as he knew he was the last Person to enter, he then applied two additional bolts for added security. It paid to be cautious as the England of old was dead.

Brian who was finalising his notes looked up and smiled. ‘Good timing Harry today is an important day and we have much to talk about.’ Taking the cue, Ex Chief super Mark Cottrell broke off his conversation with Peter Grey. Despite the fact that he had no military background he never tired of discussing tactics with Peter. The sheer professionalism of the Parachute Regiment never failed to impress him. It seemed like a lifetime ago since he had tried to enlist as a regular in the Airborne Forces only to fail due to a defective eardrum. Without doubt it had been one of the bitterest moments in his life and he had taken quite some time to come to terms with it but eventually he had. He took to consoling himself with the thought that the police service was after all a force in itself and could offer a good career. It took a great deal of time plus hard work combined with total dedication before becoming a chief super retiring the past year after 34 years in the force. The most demanding of those years had been as head of the Anti-Terrorist Unit during which time he had demonstrated his ability track down a number of those who had perpetrated acts of terrorism in England. A task which had been made a hundred more times difficult by the reluctance of those in government to tackle those who preached hate and practiced violence.

First the IRA, then the religious militants who, time and time again demonstrated openly their contempt for our values and way of life. If the government had cracked down on the terrorist movements in the same way that they were prepared to crack down on dissension within the public, many lives could have been saved.

Thinking about it made his blood boil. Over many years Irish republicans from all walks of life had come over to Britain enjoying all the benefits that Britain had to offer, and then repaid us by murdering English men, women and children. Ireland thought Mark was and still is to some extent a difficult problem and we should have pulled out years ago and let the Irish government get its hands dirty for once. A British PM, pro Catholic pro-Irish and pro Europe thought he could solve the problem by giving all to the Irish government and the IRA by releasing IRA killers, jeopardising also the lives of British airborne soldiers by handing them over to a so-called inquiry. Clearly a case of wheel the guilty bastards in if ever there was.

As for Northern Ireland the whole of the Protestant community has swung behind the UVF. They now, along with the rest of the British public, totally distrusted the British government having experienced at first hand their treachery. I wonder thought Mark, how many British soldiers and others have suffered as a result of information supplied by British left-wing Republican sympathisers? That too would make for an interesting inquiry and would be more to the point. As for the continuing threat from religious militants, that too would have been easier to contain were it not for the fact that the government had long since abandoned all pretense of controlling our borders such as they were. As a result thousands of sleepers are now in the country, many of them active and we have no idea who or where they are. To date more than 360 people have died as a direct result of terrorist activities.

My God what a bloody awful mess we’re in. What have these bastards done to our country? He shook himself, Ah well we now have a chance to put things right and the time is ripe for us to fight back and deal with them all one by one.

Brian raised his hand imperceptibly, giving a slight nod to Peter at the same time. Peter was the second in command and directly responsible for the setting up and co-ordination of the units. Numbers too had risen dramatically under his direction and new groups had been formed. It would be best if Peter started the meeting thought Brian, better to be on a high when the professor was called for. Peter stood up. He did not in fact need notes, actively disliking too much information on paper. As usual he had every little detail fixed firmly in his mind where, as far as he was concerned, it belonged. There had to be some sort of list of course in case something happened to him but as of now only he, Brian and Harry were fully aware of its contents. However, in the unlikely event of anything happening to two of them, a procedure was in place, which would enable Mark or Bruce to gain access.

‘Gentlemen, over the past six months we have added six more four-man groups to the 36 groups already established. That gives us a force of 168 fighting men and women. To anyone on the outside that, considering our aims and objectives, would I am sure, sound derisory. However, I am happy to inform you that our stringent policy of recruitment over these past two and a half years has quite clearly paid off.

38 of these men are ex-SAS; 27 are serving, making 65 in all. There are 42 serving members of the Parachute Regiment many of whom are non-commissioned officers, senior and otherwise. In addition there are 51 ex members. We have 23 ex members of the Royal Marine Commando and six serving. One of these is an officer plus three senior non-commissioned officers. We also have a number of men from that most British of regiments the Brigade of Guards.

‘All in all gentlemen we have four experienced officers; three warrant officers and 28 sergeants! Rank however is not important as all are prepared if so required to act as soldiers under designated command. What is important is that, with an average of ten years serving the colours, we have almost 1700, years of experience to draw on! I don’t know about you but that gives me a very warm glow. Finally we have our eyes and ears in The Yard. Thanks to the policies of a politically correct Metropolitan Police Commissioner we have been able to recruit those who are true to their country and cause. ‘We are all aware also of the fact that many committed but untrained civilians have formed or are beginning to form resistance groups. Now while this has its good side, it obviously has a bad side. The good side is that Special Ops are concentrating their efforts on these groups both here and over the water. This, as no doubt you will appreciate, is of great assistance to us; however, the bad side is fairly obvious in that we cannot have amateurs going off half-cocked, causing others and us untold problems.

‘Following the most recent attacks by one of these groups in Birmingham, senior members under my direction have moved quickly to contact both the leader of this and other groups. Suffice it to say that all have now been convinced that it is in their best interests for now to submit to an overall control. To this end we have put appropriate senior members in place to act as training and liaison officers. I have also decided that a small numbers of these groups will be allowed to continue acting as bait to keep Special Ops occupied. This will be done and coordinated under the direction of ex officers dedicated to the task. ‘Some of our specialist troops are also beginning to train a number of these groups up to a standard sufficient for our needs. When so required we will be able to call on very substantial numbers of men and women all of whom are prepared to fight under our command.

Let me make it quite neither clear at this point that these potential resistance troops will not under any circumstances be a party to our main operation and are not aware of our specialist force as such nor will they be until the action begins. Even then they will have little or no access to detail. ‘For your further information most but not all of these groups have been recruited from the countryside both north, south, south west and Home Counties in particular where, as we know, hatred of the government is at its highest. You need to bear in mind that where many of these people are concerned they have a real axe to grind and we will have to exercise strong control over them. Memories are long; names have been kept and many are simply seeking vengeance.

With social controls long since having lapsed, people now feel that they have little or nothing to lose. ‘With a number of exceptions we have avoided recruitment of our main fighting group in London and strong pro-Labour cities relying for the most Part on recommendation. Neither can we afford to have anything filtering back to union leaders who are and always have been the paymasters of the government. We must always remember also that many of the extreme left still reside in these organisations as well as the government and that the Red Flag not the Cross of St George is still their banner. With that in mind, most of our fighting men and women with one or two exceptions have been scrupulously selected.

‘Back to the main force, understandably little if any training per se is required. If we have been limited to date it is in the provision of small arms and explosives. Our enemies aided by this government have ensured of course that we are defenseless by transferring all production of arms to France and Germany, not forgetting our navy of course now built in French yards. What is left of our land, sea and air forces are now so badly armed, stretched, adulterated and generally lacking in resource that we would be hard put to last a week in the event of an attack on these shores. As for mounting an attack, Germany and France have ensured that our disastrous fight in Iran alongside the Americans was our last venture.

‘Finally political correctness has served to diminish the effectiveness of what is left of our fighting forces to an alarming degree. The sort of men who have traditionally made up our fighting forces have for the most part voted with their feet and left the forces. Thank God, however, for small mercies in that we do have some elitism left.

‘Coming back to arms, we do have friends of course and while it is extremely difficult to smuggle the sort of arms we require into the country we have, thanks to a small special unit had some success. In fact, God willing, we are about to receive a further substantial amount of small arms and state of the art equipment and I might add within a further two weeks we will hopefully also be in receipt of an additional thousand pounds of Semtex of the non-smell variety. This will bring us up to three and a half thousand pounds plus. In the hands of our specialist forces combined with our tactics and overall strategy plus the incredible support of our friends outside the shores of England, we will strike fear into the hearts of the New Reich and our fascist government.

‘I can sense a degree of doubt, gentlemen, and to some extent, and because I know each of you I can understand your scepticism. Also I am certain that some of you are thinking that so far this is rousing stuff but that when push comes to shove you anticipate having to contend with a raft of potential traitors from within the party. Most importantly you are also probably thinking that while we can win a battle we can never win the war. Well, I would ask your patience while this meeting unfolds today and ask you to hold this thought in your head. Tactics, gentlemen, is one thing and strategy another. I have talked so far about people and numbers. I have talked too about small arms and explosives plus the support offered by our friends. Well that was the cake, so let us now move on to the icing.’

Peter sat down. This was the cue for Professor Joseph Lake to stand up. He had waited a long time for this moment – Oh God how he had waited. Tony his son had died, no was murdered, 19 years ago shot in the head by the IRA. A momentary lapse of concentration that’s all it took, and he was gone. The unit had been patrolling one of Belfast’s streets with Tony in the rear, a witness said later that a young woman passing by appeared to trip and fell towards Tony. Without thinking he had reached out and caught her just as she reached the ground and for that brief moment took his weapon out of the ready position, at which point two men stepped out of a shop doorway. Using silencers, one shot Tony in the back, the other in the head. In an instant they disappeared back into the shop. It took another ten seconds or more before the next man dutifully looked back but for Tony it was all over. He laid motionless, blood draining from his head over the pavement edge and into the gutter. The woman too had disappeared. Having engineered the death of a man, whose only sin was to reach out his hand to help her.

Helen had cried for what at the time seemed like an eternity. Eventually the tears stopped but the pain remained, never diminishing and on each new day that had dawned he had looked into her eyes and saw her suffering. Despite all as Christians they had tried so hard to forgive, taking some comfort from the fact that the killers had been caught, convicted and sentenced to life. He remembered clearly the moment when Tony left for Ireland.

He had spoken quietly to Helen. ‘Mum what we have here is religious hatred, Catholics against Protestants. Someone has to keep the peace; someone has to stop them killing each other.’ That had been so typical of Tony how he missed him. When the then British Prime Minister used a private soldier who had been tried and unjustly convicted for murder as a political pawn he had been sickened The turning point however, came when a British PM had acquiesced to an inquiry on an action that had taken place thirty years earlier! Even now he could feel the anger rising up inside of him. Here we had a man prepared to endanger the lives of British soldiers doing the dirty work of government for nothing more than political and personal gain. One would have thought that even a British Prime Minister who was both Catholic and a Republican at heart would have put the lives of British soldiers first!

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the release of IRA prisoners including the two who had murdered Tony. Both he and Helen had watched the gleeful IRA reunion with their friends and relatives on the television. It felt as if the British government were spitting on his son’s grave. Helen’s wounds reopened and she never recovered, dying just two years ago. In reality of course she had died the day Tony died: her grief simply too much for her to bear. Following the death of Helen he had poured his heart out to his good friend Bruce who had given them so much unstinting support in the years gone by since Tony’s death. After her funeral had taken place they had walked to a quiet spot, with Bruce continuing to give comfort. He recalled the words spoken to Bruce on that day ‘My whole family has been destroyed, others too and in the most evil way. What I want is for this treacherous Government to pay a heavy price for all of the hurt and pain experienced by my lovely Helen and other mothers. As a Christian I am ashamed to say it but I am full of hate. I want revenge but I don’t know how to go about it. ‘

Bruce had gone quiet for a moment then speaking quietly He had said, ‘I fully understand how you feel, Joseph. Religion is a damn curse; we have all seen that in Ireland and now it is here as radical Islam have imported their hatred of all that is Christian into our society. In years to come this is clearly a challenge we will all have to meet. How I do not know but meet it but we will.’

Then came the day when Bruce contacted him and said, Joseph the time has come to change the status quo and there is in fact, much you can do to help. I know that you are not wholly against Europe as are the greater majority of the English; however, you’re wholly justifiable hatred of this government, coupled with your particular expertise, can assist us, but there is one major drawback. I cannot divulge anything without first receiving one hundred per cent commitment from you. You may object to what I ask you to do but once you are, in, there will be no going back. I cannot stress that point enough, it will be a one way journey and a dangerous one at that.’

He hadn’t hesitated. ‘Bruce, whatever you are a part of I know will not be bad and must inevitably be a good and just cause. Just tell me what you want from me and on my word I will do it.’ Now he gathered his thoughts to address the Committee. ‘My friends, the icing on the cake as Peter so aptly put it is three relatively small attaché cases each containing a small but potentially devastating nuclear device. The devices are absolutely deadly at ground zero with a lethal range of five miles. The fourth is close to completion and will be available within two weeks; he sat down.’

The Plan

For at least a minute there was a stunned silence then audible gasps. Apart from Brian, Peter and of course Joseph, no one had any idea as to what had been going on. Bruce Candid broke the silence. ‘My God, Peter, when I recruited Joseph I never for the life of me envisaged you using him this way! What are we getting into here? Talk to us please and tell us that this nothing more than a bad dream.’

Brian got to his feet. Bruce’s reaction did not surprise him at all. Considering the information they had just been given he had in fact expected a much stronger initial reaction so it bode well. ‘Gentlemen, first of all let me say that no one – absolutely no one other than those directly involved – could be informed of this project until now. Let me also say that if having heard my reason for initiating and developing this project you disagree with it, we can reverse the process and disband because that gentlemen, would be our only option. ‘To date we have agreed upon one thing and that is to free ourselves from this New Reich, this new and evil form of fascism and re- establish a wholly English Parliament headed by the Monarchy, discredited though it is and in the process become once again a free and independent trading nation.

‘To state that this is difficult would be the understatement of the millennium. However, you will recall that quite some time ago I told you I had a plan in mind that would and could allow us to achieve that aim. At that time I asked you to trust me and work with me until the day I was ready to tell you what that plan was. Well that day has arrived and I can tell you now that my plan had always envisaged devices of this nature. The difficulty was finding the right man to assist. Imagine my feelings when Bruce introduced me to Joseph, because without the help and commitment that only a man like Joseph can give, we could never have hoped to succeed. ‘You all know and understand but it is worth mentioning again that once we start activities our enemies will stop at nothing to crush us out of existence. When I say enemies remember that we have to consider those from within as well as those from without and there are many of them.

All of their resources will be brought to bear on us and this government, as we all know to our cost, has eyes and ears everywhere, having where necessary used legislation to create a vast army of informers. ‘We must never forget for one moment that  Labour has become New Fascism; they have achieved this because at the top of the Party there are some very clever people. I am not talking about elected members of course, as they would have trouble crossing a busy road with that lot. No, those who have been selected are extremely clever and over time their policy of subjugation, selective and repressive legislation has proved to be very effective indeed, so much so that very few people are prepared to speak out any more.

Government cronies, placemen in the upper house, a corrupt and politicised civil service, and judiciary too, along with much of the media, all have ensured that anyone stepping out of line will at best expect to be crushed publicly and at worse imprisoned. They always make absolutely sure that it impacts on the whole of the family too. Never forget that these people do not allow themselves the unnecessary luxury of a conscience, not even when many British soldiers get killed.

‘Now that we are under Corpus Juris there is no difficulty in putting people away for months on end without appearance or public charge. We live in a climate of fear and suicide among the younger generation in particular has reached unprecedented heights and that gentlemen, is just the enemy within! Then we have the New Reich; that is what it is, make no mistake about it and, as we are all too aware, ifs over here controlling our lives. Predictably the European Commission has already used its powers to ban political parties who are anti- Europe both here and in member countries. I am thinking here of Hungary and Poland in particular. I often wonder if they fully realised that when the time came to join Europe they were simply exchanging one unpleasant regime for another!

To the best of my knowledge the English Revival Party are the only really active underground party left in Europe. ‘Our friend John as we are all aware, has already spent twelve months in prison on trumped up charges yet such is his conviction that he sits here with us today risking all for the love of his country and freedom. ‘Democracy as we all knew and understood it is dead and large sections of the English population are angry and frightened too, in a way that we could never have imagined.

Even so as a nation the English are still so damned civilised that you will never bring them out on to the streets in scenes reminiscent of Romania when the people toppled Nicolae Ceausescu or Belgrade and the fall of Slobodan Milosevic. The government is well aware of this so the action to save England needs to be limited and executed in such a way that over the short term it will rouse the people and Prove to be devastatingly effective. This, gentlemen, is the crux of the matter, hence the devices which will play their part by allowing also this effectiveness to be maintained over an extended period so giving England time to re-establish itself both economically and militarily.

‘What we now have therefore is the ability to move forward inflicting hopefully, limited damage both here and in Europe. Our plan is bold, to say the least, but one thing needs to be made absolutely clear, if in the next half hour we all decide to move forward then we do it on the basis of winning. No cold feet, no second thoughts, nothing. It must be to the finish – all or nothing, gentlemen, all or nothing. ‘Soon I will give you all of the facts but before I do it may well be worth looking back and reminding ourselves what we are up against. Bruce, at this point I would like to draw on your journalistic expertise, knowledge to go back over the facts, as we know them. I do appreciate that this request is a bit sudden but under the circumstances I think it is best to remind ourselves as to why we are here and what we are about.’

‘Bruce?’ Bruce got up and moved forward to take up Brian’s position. He actually had great faith in Brian and despite the fact that he was still mentally reeling from the impact of Joseph’s short but devastating speech, he just knew that the man had nothing evil in his hear! So for the moment he dismissed his concerns and began to concentrate on the task in hand. Fifteen minutes later he sat down and knew that his own summary had struck home. Faces had perceptibly tightened and the determination was all too evident.

This time it was Harry’s voice, which cut through the air.  ‘Look, as far as I am concerned there is no choice and I for one am not prepared to tum back now. As for the people of England, we know damn well that the vast majority have had a real gutful of these bastards. Come on Brian; tell us what you have in mind and how you intend to use these nuclear devices.

‘Thank you, Harry, succinct as ever. Gentleman in outline the plan is based on the following. It will inevitably become necessary to prove our intent and above all determination to both Europe and this government that we intend to succeed in our action and, believe me, we will. In a nutshell we are going to place nuclear devices in each of the following cities, Berlin, Brussels and Paris. The fourth, however, will in fact be the first and hopefully the only one to be exploded with detonation taking place at a point out to sea. The New Reich will therefore be faced with the reality of a nuclear device and the hitherto unthinkable i.e. the possibility of further nuclear ground blasts sufficient virtually to wipe out these city centres.

‘Once we have given them our ultimatum, you can be sure that they will pull out all stops to find us and the devices, which is why we will only allow them 48 hours to comply with our demands before the second detonation takes place. During that time they will use every means at their disposal to seek us out, attempting to set up a dialogue, but of course they will not succeed. We more than anyone know the danger of communicating and how it operates. Time is not a luxury we can afford so there will be no dialogue, just compliance.

‘Prior to the first and hopefully only explosion, a warning along with coordinates will be given to world shipping to stay clear of the designated area. It is anticipated that the first device will be exploded exactly 24 hours after the ultimatum. Prior to the warning but note, on the same day of the ultimatum a number of attacks will take place both here on the mainland and in Europe. These attacks have a triple purpose, the first is to take out eliminate – call it what you will – those who have made the most direct contribution to the destruction of our England. Secondly and most importantly they will demonstrate to Europe that they are dealing with a very determined, well-armed and above all an extremely professional force. Thirdly these actions are designed ultimately to draw a European force into invading these shores. The vast majority of the English, I can assure you, will not tolerate this, and I for one would not want to be in the shoes of anyone at that time in giving vocal support to Europe.

The Americans too have no love for “old Europe”, France particularly, and, while they may not get too excited about a nuclear device or devices going off, they will in the end, I believe, stick with their real friends.’ Mark leaned back in his chair and said, ‘Well, they say that truth is stranger than fiction and so it is.’ Brian smiled. ‘Rest assured, gentlemen, I can promise you this, the moment they decide to invade England, they are all dead in the water, right back to the main operation.

Following the UK and European attack and the ultimatum subsequently issued to Brussels it is intended that their period of grace will last exactly 24 hours, after which time we will explode the first device. It is, I believe, inevitable that the first device will need to be detonated. I base this on the belief that when the moment of decision arrives, Brussels will take into account our actions and come to the conclusion that while we pose a serious threat, it is not likely that we possess nuclear devices. They will therefore state publicly that they will not give into terrorists etc.

‘Twenty-four hours after the ultimatum we will, of course, prove them wrong by exploding the first device out at sea. The hawks, I am sure, will assume that the chances of us having further devices are minimal. They will also assume that as our first device was exploded at sea it is an indication of weakness and that we do not dare to attack the cities. No doubt they will threaten us with retaliation – even maybe limited war – but that is the most unlikely scenario, as our government despite all would be forced by the military to threaten a response. This too they will understand and appreciate. ‘Initially our action will cause extreme confusion, anger, confrontation then rhetoric, but we will not be moved’ My belief and firm hope is that ultimately the decision will be to send in a combination of Euro police and armed forces to flush us out whilst branding us as terrorists.

I further believe that for what must be obvious security reasons they will not even consider relying on the British mainland forces to do the job. This would work in our favour as contrary to what they in Europe may think, the world our long lost relatives and in particular America will view it as an invasion, which is exactly what we want to happen. ‘To put it bluntly, gentlemen, the moment they decide to move in so to speak, we will have them by the balls’

On the basis of fight or flight you can be sure that Italy will capitulate very quickly as history has demonstrated that Italy has never wasted time in getting on the winning side. Even they recognise the fact that they are simply not an aggressive nation, as for Germany well politically they will not be able to bear the idea of being thwarted by the British yet again, so they may well surprise us. The French- German alliance is strong, as we know, so France will most likely stand alongside Germany’ A super state led by France and Germany is something they will not want to see compromised. If my plan for a limited invasion does take place, these two with others following will lead it’

‘So let us consider the worst-case scenario, what if they call our bluff and decide not to come to the party? Well, there can only be one response, gentlemen we carry the fight forward and detonate the second device and that explosion will take place in Brussels. However, we will not detonate until the capital and its people have received numerous warnings and ample time to evacuate. Rest assured that whether we explode the third device or not, we will bring absolute chaos to Brussels.

The third device will be placed in Berlin but, believe me, we will not need to detonate as Berliners too will be panicking long before the Brussels deadline. The ultimatum will be met I can promise you that much. ‘France under more normal circumstances would fight certainly, but these will not be normal circumstances. You can be absolutely certain of one thing and that is the French would never allow Paris to suffer the same fate as Brussels. Another point to bear in mind is that while the French are an anarchic lot, which of course is part of their charm and why we love them, the public in France have never forgotten the huge losses suffered by French and allied forces during the First and Second World War. This of course is why in the first instance they turned to Germany in order to avoid any repetition of those losses.

If we needed to explode a device in Berlin then France will know that it will be next in line. It will then do what France does best and that is in order to protect the interests of France and its people they will withdraw. ‘No one knows better than I that the plan is truly audacious and does depend, to a large extent but not completely, on the Europeans reacting accordingly. Nothing, however, is gained without some risk and this fact you need to accept. I also want you to understand and take on board one other fact and it is this. We have to be totally and utterly ruthless as there is no room whatsoever for squeamishness. ‘We fight to win or we don’t fight at all and learn to live with the consequences.’

Brian glanced around the room. Both Harry and Joseph looked set and determined and as for Bruce and John, while concern etched both their faces, acceptance was explicit in their silence. Brian knew, however, that he had to continue being brutal and drive the message home. ‘People on both sides will have to die. How they die and in what numbers is all going to be down to the response we get from Europe. What I will promise you is that we’re not going on the rampage with nuclear devices or explosives. On the other hand we’re not going to win without them – and we certainly won’t win if we’re not prepared to use them. Part and parcel of our success will of course be based on what we do prior to offering the ultimatum. By that I mean we will have to demonstrate to these fascists just how professional and above all how determined we are. By the time the ultimatum is eventually delivered you can be sure of one thing and that is they will treat us and our threat with the utmost respect.

‘I reiterate, they may not in the first instance believe in our ability to set up a nuclear strike in each one of these cities, which is why we must demonstrate clearly both our ability and determination to do so. No dialogue to take place and absolutely no extensions under any circumstances, so make your choice. If the decision is to continue then Peter will outline the task ahead, with detailed planning to group commanders taking place at a time and place yet to be decided. I want to hear your decision gentlemen, and make it now, before you leave this room. What is it to be, freedom for England or the new Reich?’

‘Brian surely this requires a little extra thought,’ Mark spoke his first words since the meeting had begun. ‘It is after all a huge decision to make.’ Brian’s riposte was immediate and explosive. ‘Why for God’s sake. Mark, we couldn’t win when we had some semblance of a democracy and opposition to boot, feeble though it was. Where are we now? Democracy has been virtually extinguished, opposition neutered and we’re now part of a fascist state. What other way could there possibly be? You know full well in your heart that there is no other way, no alternative other than a limited war. A political option simply doesn’t exist anymore.’

He didn’t wait for Mark to respond. Looking around the room he went on, ‘We are not the first in Britain, alone many millions before us have died fighting for freedom from oppression. What makes us so different? This isn’t some bloody game we are playing here and there is no further time to cogitate. After a great deal of effort everything is in place and ready to go, so either you want to fight or fight to win or you don’t. The choice is simple so what is it to be, tell me now and I hope to God you are all with us?’

Mark, somewhat abashed, bowed his head while his mind raced with thoughts. Could Brian be right? Was it really as black and white as this? But all of a sudden it was as if the ghosts of all of those who had fought and died for freedom in both world wars had risen up and screamed at him, and his mind was made up. ’Brian I really don’t know what came over me; of course I am with you and all of all the way. On that you have my word.’ A chorus of assent followed and they were through. ‘May God bless us all, thought Brian and especially those of us who will not make it?