Is this what we really want!

Take  a good look at these three, are we really so stupid as to allow  them to sit in judgement and destroy England. A Marxist government, a revolutionary Union boss and a woman in charge of a fascist party. However it is done we in England cannot and must not allow it. Scotland has put itself on a course that will see violence manifest itself, turning the clock back 300 years. When it happens they will have no one to blame but themselves.

We must vote UKIP and have true English MPs in parliament.





Nigel Farage once again speaks the truth

The truth by Farage

This is the truth of the matter, soon if Red Ed gets in power ISIS and others like them will flood our country with individual Jihadists, who in keeping with the  fifth column that resides in England will wreak havoc.

When are we going to listen and stop paying court to the unelected totalitarian EU, who already have done untold damage to this country.

Here we must get rid of these elevated schoolboys leading this country. They have absolutely no common-sense and are led by the minority fools that seem to abound everywhere, particularly on the left wing BBC and of course Sky.

On Sky News this morning where the paper headlines are read, Sam and the Lady sitting next to him gave glowing references to Russell Brand! Where have these people been, Brand is clearly an educated fool, to talk about him as if he has something to offer this country and its people is foolhardy. This is what I mean when I say ‘minority fools’.

Where are the Statesmen or women, leaders who follow the latest gimmick or listen to these people are worth nothing, this is why we have gay marriage and spouting vulgarities to tiny children in Schools. It is lewdness and offensive to the extreme.

It has taken Farage to deal with the main issues of the day, defence, the NHS, Immigration and its real threat to our way of life. Migration watch has stated that between 1997 and last year 65% of the country’s 2.7 million housing units were headed by a foreigner and from 2005 to 2009 the figure rose to a staggering 89%; we needed a home built every four minutes to accommodate that increase. This is where we are, we are sleepwalking into darkness, so let us wake up.

Virtually all of this can be laid down to New labour with the two Ed’s in senior positions. Even now Red Ed will not put a cap on immigration. The immigration shadow minister on Daily politics under interrogation refused to consider their abject failure in the past and wanted to talk about the future. The truth is that they are prepared to do it again.

We need a man of Nigel Farage’s stature in Parliament. Everything he has talked about has made sense and has turned out to be true. We are about to cross the Rubicon, a mistake now could wipe out England. I don’t think the English people will be prepared to take this lying down; civil disorder is on the way.

VOTE UKIP we need UKIP MPs in parliament; Cameron has had his chance and ignored the obvious.


Cameron and UKIP


Cameron should stop digging, UKIP voters saw him for what he was a long time ago, nothing more than a PR man and speechmaker. There is more to life than that and it is why he has never been able to connect with the electorate.

Someone should have told him long ago that the average man is able to take two and two and make four, so treating the working population like a load of erring schoolboys was not the way to build friends.

As we saw later he was arrogant and foolish enough to ram Gay Marriage down our throats, despite the fact no one wanted it. Stonewall will not be happy until it has groomed every young school children in the more sordid of life styles. The truth is that is happening now, fancy asking a very, very young child if he is happy in his body! What a foul and evil thing to have done. Parents should speak out now.

Now Cameron is courting the UKIP voters having once called them fruitcakes and loonies. Why would anyone vote for a man who saw them in that light.

UKIP should continue to vote for UKIP and put MPs into parliament so that we can have a say. If you vote for Cameron and he gets in he will once again discard UKIP voters and we will have let down Nigel Farage who has campaigned for the people of England tirelessly.

Farage deserves to get into parliament, he is a consummate politician, speaks the truth. The media and the left have done everything to rubbish the party, that’s how afraid they are of the UKIP voter. left wing supporters have been sent out to do their bit, but the people have realised as to what is going on and are ignoring it.

To me one of the worst things Cameron has done is to compromise the defence of this country preferring to send our money out largely corrupt politicians in other countries.

He talks about how much he is spending yet we have two aircraft carriers in dock with no aircraft to put on them. Warships have been reduced to a pathetic and dangerous level and we cannot even patrol the sky without meeting Putin’s men, further to that we are reduced to asking the Americans to check for subs in our waters.

Professional soldiers are being dangerously reduced on the basis that we can use reservists in lieu of. I am well able to make comment on this and I can tell you that is a dangerous move.

Look at the adverts for reservists particularly where it states you only need to give 19 days per year of your time. I can tell you that it takes a lot longer than that. The truth of it is that, once again Cameron is treating everyone like an idiot.


Red Ed and the SNP


Ed on the Andrew Marr show today kept on telling us that he would ignore the SNP. What a joke, he knows and most important of all is the fact that we know he is talking nonsense.

Ed will be under attack, not just from the SNP but the 129 revolutionary  union sponsored potential MPS. He cannot AND WONT IGNORE THEM.

Those gurus Ed is paying to tell him how to act in front of an audience will do nothing to eradicate the real Marxist underneath. This man is dangerous because like all of the Marxists he is more concerned for his party than the people.

The SNP is telling us that even if we have a majority Conservative government Nicola will keep them out, that will clearly make them illegitimate and we should kick them out.

The legitimacy of any government is still derived from the consent of the people,

and no smug Scottish Nationalist is going to take that away. By the way this also applies to the EU, there is no consent by the people of Britain to be governed by an unelected totalitarian state.

Nicola is playing a dangerous game, all designed to have us kick them out of the union. I say give them what they want and get rid of them and let the people of England vote to send Scots back over the border.

Why are we giving Welsh plaid so much time, this woman doesn’t even have a seat and with very few supporters.

Hani al Sibai a known terrorist wanted by so many is still walking the streets of London, all thanks to another of the Labour parties idiocies i.e. the Human Rights Act. Quite frankly I blame Cameron he has had 5 years to sort out this foolish and dangerous act and has done nothing.

It is about time we took the bit between our teeth and ignore this act, Take action now and immediately deport this man and others.

Vote UKIP now more than ever do not be fooled by Cameron, it is UKIP seat we want so that we can make a difference.

Cameron is asking UKIP voters to come over because is frightened that UKIP will have a say in the next government. Farage has brought us so far. The old Labour and ex Conservatives should vote for UKIP their policies make sense. We can still support Conservative policies whilst putting UKIP policies to the front.

Marxist Labour will not rule out more immigration, so stand by whilst millions more come from all parts of the globe.

So vote UKIP


Marxist Labour and it’s stunning hypocricy

NicolaThat sly Marxist Red Ed has sunk to a new low, there are depths to how low this Marxist party can descend to, including doing a deal with the SNP, who wants to break up Britain..

He has used the death of hundreds of people for electoral purposes, using lifeless bodies floating in the Mediterranean as a weapon. Now he tries to tell us that it wasn’t his intention to blame it on Cameron. Ed is a down and out liar of course, because that is what he intended to do.

Red Ed was a senior advisor in the in the New Labour party, a party that lied to the people and misled parliament. They took us into Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of which, hundreds of soldiers died and were maimed and up a 100,000 Iraq people died. Further to that they landed us with 3.6 million immigrants and totally trashed Britain’s economy. Today our schools suffer through overcrowding, housing is now in short supply and our overall social services are in total disarray.


Are they sorry, of course not the whole of the Marxist Labour party have collective amnesia. We all know that old saying “It wasn’t me guv”

Now we have Len standing by to add his pennyworth, another Trotskyist

What is happening in this country?

Ralph Miliband fled to Britain in 1940 to avoid persecution. maybe he did serve time in the Navy but whatever he didn’t like who or what we were and persevered with the causes of Marxism till his dying day, and in doing so passed his ideology it down to his sons; now we have Red Ed carrying on his work.

I am sick of these people who come to our shores for protection and immediately want to change who and what we are. Why didn’t the Marxist Milibands go to Russia for asylum, there they wouldn’t have had to change anything.


James Kirkup in the telegraph seem worried because Cameron has talked about the English, giving us a little graph and saying is this the right thing to do.

Mr James over 81% of England is still white and English and only 1.4 million of Indians reside here. most of them now seem to be in the media. Once again anything to do with England is fair game for bringing the flag down. Is there anyone in the media who are proud of being English; I doubt it.

Forget Cameron and his come back to us call to UKIP members. What is important is the fact that we have the maximum of UKIP seats. If Cameron is the largest party then UKIP can still use their seats to help prop him up (we certainly would ignore Marxist Labour) and give us a say.

Don’t let Cameron dissuade us from UKIP seats Farage has worked hard to get us where we are today, Vote UKIP and get UKIP. Whatever happens the SNP and the revolutionary union. are going to be in the driving seat.

How can any Englishman or women give their vote to those who want to destroy England is beyond me.



UKIP is still standing tall despite the fact that there is a conspiracy by the whole of the media to deny a fair ground to operate on.

Read the Telegraph or Mail etc. and you will find those who write the articles tell you a daily basis that UKIP is going down for all sorts of various reasons. The media feel that if they say long enough the people will believe it.

Adolf Hitler said

  “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

and that is exactly what is going on.

How pathetic that they should emulate this monster.

Vote UKIP and let us have some truth.

Have you noticed that Juncker’s comment saying that there be no renegotiation whilst he is in office has been ignored by Cameron, the man really is a charlatan.

Marxist Labour’s BBC


Yet again today Andrew on Daily Politics was holding a labour man to account and guess what, they pulled the plug again.

Andrew should insist that a who ever did it should apologise on his programme otherwise he will lose credibility.

The leadership debate with Evan Davis was pathetic. Davis spent all of his time trying to besmirch Farage and accusing him of things he didn’t do.

He had an opportunity to let us see inside Farage but blew it. Evans clearly did come across as one of the metropolitan Elite, and trying to browbeat Farage didn’t work, it just showed that Evans lacked credibility.

Vote Farage, we need him in the house to bring sanity and truth.


Fascist SNP

A Marxist labour party held in place and dictated to by the SNP will have no democratic legitimacy to govern England.

Further to that Trotskyist MPs put in place by revolutionary unions are not representative of English voters.

If they try to do this then the indigenous English voter will be entitled to resist in any way possible.

SNPEd will try to do a deal, getting into power is more important than the well being of the country. Labour first.

What has happened to the once stalwart Labour party that they should now get into bed with the Socialists and Trotskyist parties. We all know that they do not have the well being of the country at heart.

We should let the Scots go now, the Union is finished.

Anti -Semitism is on the rise and I am definitely not one of them, however, if Ed gets in and teams up with the Scots it will rise even further and the Scots will have lost their place in our recent history and become our enemy.

Nicola has made it clear that she regards us as the enemy by threatening England on a daily basis.

So be it.

Ignore Cameron and Vote UKIP. We will need UKIP to protect our interests.

Farage has shown his mettle, despite all that has been thrown at him by the media. Remember that he is on our side.

Last weekend anti-fascists and Left-wing activists from outside of Kent descended on UKIPs campaign in Kent; this is what we are up against. Who sent them out, Marxist Labour or the Unions? 

I watched daily Politics yesterday and saw the Shadow health secretary rescued by the BBC. He was floundering as a result of Andrews questioning so the BBC pulled the plug and took him off the air Such blatancy, they no longer feel the need to hide their prejudices.


Defence of the realm


Putin’s ambassador threatens Demark with the nuclear option and sends his tanks out.

We can assume that had we not have a nuclear option he would feel free to threaten us also. Yet we have these silly fringe parties and the SNP wanting us to abandon the trident.

The SNP doesn’t want it but they certainly want to come under NATO and the American nuclear umbrella, such hypocrites.

Cameron would rather spend vast amounts on overseas aid instead of protecting the realm.

british soldiersThe Tory party should commit right now to spend 2% of the GDP on defence.

We could reduce the Admirals in the navy by at least three quarters and the Captains by 200 or more.

Juncker has ruled out any negotiations whilst he is in office. So 2019 is two years after the planned referendum. in other words;

no serious renegotiation are now possible.

What is your excuse now Cameron, in truth you are now exposed for the charlatan you really are.

Prove us wrong, Juncker has saved your face, you can now commit to a referendum this year. Make the announcement this week.

Vote UKIP for truth we have already seen the BBC once again trying to denigrate UKIP by fiddling the debate.

Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear that she will ignore the vote if the Tories have the largest party. This is a frightening turn of events.

Scotland is on a dangerous path stirring up the English voter and will only have itself to blame when it blows up in its face.


The left have it


A programme that was biased in all respects.

Dimbebly held up his hands and said; this was and is a fair audience. This from a typical BBC journalist! he was wrong of course.

The BBC are a left wing organisation who wouldn’t know fairness if it came up and hit them in the face, and we have to pay for them.

Take a good look at the photograph below, this is about what is to happen.

Vote UKIP we must have enough seats to make a difference. Cameron saying come back to us is too late.

Or he could try in the next week to say

1/ A referendum to be held by the end of this year.

2/ Commit to a 2% of GDP for defence

3/ Reduce aid down to 3 billion.

Will he, I doubt he simply doesn’t have the guts or inclination. Like Blair he believes that God has put him there to lord over us.

Vote UKIP, this is really the last chance or do you want a pugnacious Scottish woman to ‘bring us to heel’