Enemy within

Hungary and Australia are doing the right thing by protecting their borders and putting their people first. Our government spends all of it’s time playing silly b—-s and have no idea what to do next.

If ever there was a reason for getting out of this foul and evil organisation called EU, then just look at the absolute mess that they have made of mass immigration. Can you imagine if we were completely in and there was a European Army, and we  came under attack. By the time Juncker finished off his drink and Germany and France got round to it;  we would all be dead.

Cameron is prepared to do anything to keep us in this monstrous thing which has spent most of its time trying to destroy us. The true enemy of England is within our government. MPs whose true purpose in life is to feather their nest and secure their future and the Lords practically full of sycophants, all capable of grasping more money in a day for doing absolutely nothing; this is more than most people earn in a week.

Cameron and his so called conservatives do not have their country at heart and it is about time we learned that unmistakable truth.

It is time to vote for a true and patriotic party called UKIP, a party that represents England and its people.

As for the left they are run by foolish people, so what else can you say.

Why are we spending another half billion on Faslane. Scotland will go and we should start building a new submarine base in England. Spend the money in England and produce more jobs here.



No balls Cameron

This is not new, we have all known this for a long time, not only that but Merkel and Juncker are well aware of it, which is why they walk rings around him.

It will not be long before the immigrants, especially the Muslims will start telling us where we have gone wrong and why we should change our ways.

We are now facing unprecedented danger, as a Christian country we are slowly but surely being wiped out and our way of life will soon be a thing of the past. Blair was instrumental in taking it forward by attempting to turn us into provinces, thus starting the EU move on destabilising England.

The last government carried the move forward by introducing repressive legislation.  Did we not notice that all of a sudden if we cracked the wrong joke, make an innocent remark, express a religious Christian opinion you could find yourself, at the behest of some Labour leftie dragged through a court or tribunal, there you would be publically berated and humiliated by the people who were once there to protect your interests.

The judiciary, are they still on our side?  As for the police they were intent on sapping your will; and still are. Be quite, shut up and say nothing controversial and you will be OK.

Once again have we noticed that any complaint against you (if you are an ordinary person) you can be sure that the police will drag you away, without due regard to your age and hold you to account. What on earth happened to guilty until proven innocent! Have you ever heard a politician comment against this.

We had the Magna Carter but the EU, with Cameron’s blessing have stymied that with the EAW; which brings me back to Cameron. He is not interested in England, he is interested in big business and it is big business and Merkel who guides him on his way, taking every last vestige of English independence away from us.

The EU a failure both economically and morally, a complete and utter disaster, flooding   our country with the worst form of despots and terrorists whose aim in life is to destroy us whilst living off our backs. It is clear that Cameron is deceiving us on a daily basis, it is not his country he is worried about; its getting what he wants.

The country is moving inevitably towards violence whilst our Prime Minister and his pathetic cohorts prance around with the proverbial finger stuck where it shouldn’t be.

Vote UKIP, have you noticed that Farage has been right all along. I for one will never vote for traitors.

American soldiers

A brave attack by American soldiers disarmed a terrorist. Soldiers are taught to make instant decisions and this one saved the lives of countless passengers and presumably them also. They deserve great credit.

Can you imagine if it had been a train on the way into London, those who would have tackled the gunman would have been the first be arrested, had their fingerprints taken and spent hours in a cell. The gunman under health and safety laws would be taken off, given breakfast and his weeks spending money.

These men were given bravery medals almost instantly, here they would be charged with assaulting and tying up a poor little prisoner.

Am I being a cynic, well the truth is no, we have lost our sense of justice and the police and judiciary make that obvious on a daily basis. We are now a mecca for murderers, rapists, paedophiles, mugging, you name it they are all on the streets and paid for by the English foolish taxpayers.

Vote for UKIP, Farage speaks the truth too but he is under attack from the BBC and the left. Corbyn’s obsession with political murders and religious hatreds is more attractive to these people, that is until you need to rescue them.


Theresa May

Theresa May another pathetic MP or Home Secretary done up by the French. What is it with British MPs who are so easily fooled. I am sure that the French cannot believe that the imbecile English MPs are so supine.

We have got to get rid of these people especially Cameron who has no interest what so ever in the fate of England.

Voting for UKIP as the main party is now an option.

Those who support Corbyn are by definition anti-Jews, support radical Islam in it foulest form. support the IRA who have murdered over 3,000 people here, attacked and tried to eliminate Thatcher and her government and so on. Is this what we have come to, what is wrong with todays young people. They need to experience what violence really is and not just read about it.

Corbyn is not only a fool, which is why the Unions and (judging by the lack of response by the BBC) back him. Can you imagine what the BBC would say if UKIP declared an interest in the above. It would never get off the air.

VOTE UKIP. Nigel Farage would make a better MP and Prime Minister than Cameron; he is a patriot.

The sale of Great Britain

GIP are selling London Airport and already the consortiums are vying for space. If you have money our governments have no qualms about putting Great Britain up for grabs.

The EU backed by Cameron is intent on destroying for ever our ability to control our borders, because they are well aware that it destroys Nations and they can (as they already do) step in and take total control. The EU is a foul organisation.

They are of course stupid because, as in the last war they have forgotten that the indigenous population will fight back; and we are not a nation to be taken lightly.

We now have people who have decided (or not) that they have had enough of ISIL and want to come back to the UK. They must never be allowed to return. Unfortunately Cameron is in charge and has no feeling for England and would sell his grandmother rather than rock the boat.

Am I alone? I am so sick of what is happening in England and how we are treated so badly, and taken for granted. What is the point of working hard and then have any rag -tag-and- bobtail coming into this country and getting it all for free. Now they believe that violence is in order and we should get out of the way!

Now is the time to vote for UKIP, the Labour party are being consumed by their own monster and our government is prepared to hand us over on a plate to the EU. As far as they are concerned we are nothing and it is all the fault of our treacherous politicians; It is time to bring back hanging.

A great country is being destroyed by its own people. It is the fault of our politicians and no one else.

Vote UKIP they believe in us and our country. Don’t let the left, centre left and immigrant vote to destroy our country.


Cameron, Mr Deceit

One in six of the workforce are from overseas! when the apprentices are ready for work, where will they get jobs?

This is another of Cameron’s knee jerk moments, all of it designed to keep the plebs happy, but nothing actually works. The only thing that will really work is to bring immigration right down to ten or fifteen thousand. He cannot do that of course, so he has abandoned it.

He now has a new trick up his sleeve

 He is going to manufacture a row with the French President to make it look like he is defending our interests.

We can only assume that the French President will go along with this in order that Cameron puts his seal to EDF building a new power plant next to the old one at Hinkley point.

Can you believe his lack of sincerity, I know I can.

We all know that renewables sources such as wind farms etc. will not keep the lights on, ask Germany.  We are closing down all gas and fired power stations (thanks to ED’s policy, my God the damage Labour have done to us) in actual fact we need more gas fired power stations to back up renewables, it is cheaper and a damn site more reliable.

Nuclear power needs to run all of the time, it is called ‘Baseload Electricity’  we need it when the wind doesn’t blow etc. renewables are a waste of time as you still need power plants, so how could our government be so idiotic.

Our energy policy is foolish and Cameron is prepared to give the go ahead when the President of  China visits Britain in October. What else can we sell off, what else can our pathetic little politicians give away to foreigners. Boneparte or Germany didn’t need to conquer England, English politicians are  giving it away.

We used to be a Great Nation, now we are being sold off piecemeal by snivelling MPs and their leader who talks big and carries a little stick. MPs should be made to go around with traitors stamped on their foreheads. They should also be forced to spend a year in France where they could be taught how to protect their countries interests.

At the next election Labour will be in its heartland, a Commie and or Marxist party where they can sit on their brains whilst the world goes on. We on the other hand can be the second or first a party. By then the people will have realized that UKIP does have their interests at heart and Dan Hodges can do a naked fandango on the steps of the Albert Hall.

Vote UKIP and vote for patriots.


Rooked and put upon.

We the indigenous people, are under attack in every way possible in England; what the hell has gone wrong with this country.

The Lords and parliament bring nothing but shame upon us, greedy ravenous politicians, but what is worse is the fact the majority of these people have turned their backs on England. We have far more traitors in our government than leaves on a tree.

Our Prime Minister is forever making speeches but does nothing at all to protect his country, he is more concerned with Merkel and the EU. More concerned with dispensing aid to corrupt countries whilst others suffer here.

We are under assault from immigrants whose main aim in life is to get ashore and live the good life without ever having had to pay a penny.

People are struggling to get along whilst immigrants swan it in hotels, get pocket money whilst they are waiting for the good times, which will certainly come along.

The opposition is typical in that they have caused this problem and all they are concerned about is the use of our tongue, don’t say this word or that word, denying us the use of our language. This is the party of repressive legislation and this government is going the same way.

We all knew that we have an International Health Service, bring them in and the English will pay for them. In the meantime NICE decides who will live or die because we cannot afford to spend money on the indigenous population.

We are under a real threat from terrorist both abroad and most importantly here, but our government hasn’t the courage to deal with it. The terrorists go off overseas to get their training then come back here to plan their assaults, supported by many of their compatriots, and we let them; the mind boggles.

The left wing unions and their supporters are determined to bring this country down whilst our government whistles in the wind. Have we forgotten that it was the unions that made us the sick man of Europe.

Above all we have the EU, The New Reich who have done so much damage to our country whilst we sit idly by. How many moles does Merkel have in our government.

We must dig ourselves out of this hole, before the people of this country react and they will.

Remember that the only people who are prepared to raise the flag for England are UKIP and their supporters, and we already know that there at least 4 million of them, with more to come.

This is our last chance we must vote for UKIP and leave the EU and then address those who have deserted our country.



Obama is not England’s friend, quite the contrary, but we can deal with that.

The real problem is that once again the US has come up with yet another foolish compromise. Foreign policy is not something they are very good at and the deal with Iran will come back to bite them.

Israel is the one country in the world that will not go down on bended knee,  if necessary they will take the world with them. That is the mistake that Obama has made.

Vote UKIP and be independent of both the USA and the totalitarian regime across the water.


They should move to as quickly as possible to an automated system, in the meantime simply sack them all and pull in other competent drivers. They could teach them to drive these trains in no time at all and negotiate a sensible wage and pensions.

We can all remember how it was that the unions totally decimated British Leyland with their stupidity.

Get serious with them and those who have lost their holidays, money and are kept from work, then it is time to take individuals to task. Ask them in person for their money back.


The French attack

The French are not about to be blamed for the Calais problem and they are absolutely right.

It started with the Labour (where else) and has been compounded by an untrustworthy and cunning  Cameron. He has had 10 years to sort out the Human Rights Act but failed.

He has failed because his mind is on one thing alone and that how can  he tie us into the unelected regime called the EU, despite our opposition.

He is afraid to tackle the French because he needs them on renegotiation and to him that is more important than rampant immigrants forcing their way into our country; affecting all our social services and housing.

Cameron has already given up controlling our borders and by the way he has three holidays to catch up on, so over to you Mr Hammond; tell the plebs that everything is OK.

How did we get such snivelling gutless politicians in our parliament.

What a mess our R.A.F. is in thanks to the total and utter incompetence of our ministers. We are the fourth largest economy and we have ended up with a pathetic line of defence. Under the circumstances the R.A.F. will not be able to protect our interests and the defence of this country. This is treachery most brazen from those who are there to protect us.

We need a strong right wing party like UKIP to protect the indigenous population from the spineless fools who have taken hold.

Much worst will come if we let Cameron drag us into that failed totalitarian New Reich across the water.