It is clear that from the recent comments by Cameron that he has come off the fence, neutrality is out of the door.

We are now into scare tactics because Cameron has already lost the argument and has given up on our borders; come in Turkey, we will even pay you money to do so.

It is our national interest to be sovereign and England is not in need  of a New Reich to tell us how to behave; in any way shape or form.

How can anyone in England (apart from the left) subject themselves to an unelected totalitarian regime across the water. Soon we will be paying homage to the millions who gave the lives to put Germany back in their box but, for what purpose if we give our country away during the referendum.

Today we have  a British Prime Minister and his cohorts who are  desperate to have us under the heel of Germany again; a revolting act, a total betrayal.

We must never allow this to happen, whatever the cost. we should publish the names of all those MPs who are prepared to vote for the staying in. This way we can vote for patriots as opposed to those who are prepared to sell our country to an unelected regime.

The choice is simple patriots or traitors. Why vote for an MP  who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

Of course the moment we are in we will see that immigration will soar to an unprecedented high, remember that the whole thing is a long term process of wiping out England as a nation and they will send over immigrants right left and centre.

We must control our borders Cameron has already succumbed with undue haste. He believes in Europe and not England.




The Lords

The Lords have come back and bitten Cameron on the backside. If he had done what he set out to do and reformed it, he wouldn’t have this problem today, however, like Blair he is always going to do something but never actually gets round to it.

Our forces are under attack again by avaricious lawyers because once again he was going to sort the Human Rights Act,  but he didn’t.

He was going to renegotiate prior to a referendum (forced into it by UKIP) but he wont because he is continually on the retreat. You can be sure that he will, however, make a deal with Merkel who is determined that Germany will rule, come what may.

We now have unprecedented numbers of immigrants on route to England interspersed with murderers, rapists, paedophiles and radicals; adding to the ones who are already walking the streets of England.  God knows how many actual ISIS are amongst these people. Our population is increasing at an alarming rate and as a result our social services are going under, schools, housing it is all under attack;

above all England is under attack. 

The EU is a complete and utter disaster and all Cameron can think of is how can I get past these plebs and do what I want to do; shackle England to a corpse.

Last night saw the Lib/Labour Marxist pact act like the opposition in the Lords. The Liberals have just eight MPs and have the audacity to counter the Chancellor of this country for doing what he said he would do, prior to the election. Marxist Labour too having lost the election saw fit to do the same.

Whether the Chancellor was doing right or not is not the point. The Tory party were elected and delivering their mandate, it is not for the Liberal and Labour party to circumvent the Tories out of spite, by acting as an opposition in the Lords.

Let us face it most of these people in the Lords are spongers picking up taxpayers money for doing very little. Far to many have nothing to give, no experience, no wisdom, just spite.

The Prime Minister should bring them to heel by getting rid of the inevitable dross that makes up the Lords. It should elected with the Lords representing the peoples votes. On the other hand Cameron will come up with another speech and do a bit of fancy footwork and we will still see the unelected still coining it.

Are we ever going to see a party in this country that actually represents the people! I suggest not under the Tory party and certainly not under the Marxist Labour and the pathetic Liberals, who despite all still want us to be receptive to any migrant who wants to come in.

Vote UKIP, for Gods sake, can we not have a party who represents the English Nation.



“Democracy must take second place to the higher imperative of euro rules and membership.”

So says Anibal Cavaco  Silva, Portugal’s constitutional president, he has refused to appoint a Left-wing coalition government even though it secured an absolute majority in the Portuguese parliament and won a mandate to smash the austerity regime bequeathed by the EU-IMF Troika.

This is the EU that Cameron and his cohorts are yearning to join, where is the democracy, the truth is there isn’t any.

Every day that passes makes it quite clear that we shackled not just a corpse but that it is already quite putrid.

Yet Cameron cajoles the corporations to leave, they who have everything to gain and nothing to lose, low wages and more profits. Unlike the people of England who have everything to lose.

 He wheedles his way to get Obama on board and manages to persuades (how?) Xi Jinping the Chinese president to put his oar in. So what the hell has it got to do with them! This has to do with the indigenous population of this country.

The real problem is that Cameron cares not a jot for the plebs but he does care about Merkel and an unelected regime across the water. He has no faith in the English speaking peoples and has shown us that he, like the Marxist Labour and the Green party  is totally on board with diluting England and its people, with unfettered immigration; where ever it comes from.

If we stay in the EU then England will be wiped out. Germany has waited 70 years to grind us down. Who would have thought that they would be virtually sponsored  by a British Prime Minister and his useless and ineffectual MPs.

This referendum is only possible because of Nigel Farage and UKIP. Without him Cameron would spit in our faces and totally ignore the electorate, we should remember this.

 This is why we should vote for UKIP and its patriots, a party that truly represents the people of England.



Cameron says no to sugar tax, despite not having read the official report he put in place. This is not surprising because he is too close to the conglomerates who run the food markets.

Just like the banks who brought ruination to our country, with no one being brought to account, it is the establishments and the EU that are foremost in his mind, after all it is these who will back his inordinate desire to stay in the EU.

Juncker has just stated that;

“The European Union faces an age of comparative economic decline”

the comment  shackled to a corpse was never so true. Further to this European Commission Officials have said Cameron’s key demand that benefits will stop for four years has proven to be complete and utter nonsense. He may have it a few months, no more.

Everyone knows that Cameron’s demand for renegotiation Is nothing more than total rubbish. We know it, his MPs certainly  know it but above all Cameron knows it.

There will never be a stage where Cameron will lend his weight to leaving the EU. He will lie and cheat to achieve his ends. This man is not fit to be a Prime Minister because he is not Patriotic; He is a Merkel’s man and wedded to the EU whatever it may cost his country.

The new tactic by people smugglers sending economic migrants to Cyprus will achieve their aim. They will achieve it because this government is completely gutless. Really they should be put on a boat or whatever and be sent immediately back to the camps. What we will actually get his Cameron’s platitudes and they will end sucking our life blood away, which is what most of them do.

Is it surprising that the right wing is gaining ground everywhere. Look at what has happened in this country, the left have infiltrated everywhere, the BBC, charities, establishment, church and judiciary and have brought us nothing but ruin.

It is time for the right to take over and represent the people of England who have been ignored for far too long.

The Tory Party, Marxist Labour, Greens and the SNP are more or less the same. It is time too for the Scots to get out of our lives and the rest of the parties relegated to the back benches.

Vote UKIP if you want your lives back, freedom of speech and social services we have paid for.

English first, the Scots are not the only ones who are patriotic.


Britain’s treacherous Prime Ministers

First we had Blair and his cohorts who misled parliament, then led us into war which cost the lives of at least 147 British soldiers and others maimed. At the last count over a hundred thousand Iraq civilians too; I wonder how many Hail Marys that took.

More recently Brown sold off our State owned British Energy  to the State controlled French Power giant EDF.

Then Blair and Brown sold off Westinghouse the worlds leading expert on pressurised nuclear reactors to Toshiba for £3.5.

Today we have a deal where EDF and China will build a new nuclear power plant at Hinckley. Cameron will tell us that we will benefit, but we all know the real truth. We are now in hock to a violent regime in China and a French State controlled power giant who will have no qualms about squeezing us dry in terms of energy costs.

We have also had a Scottish Cabal under Blair who whilst in office and since  has denigrated England.

Then there was Brown who sold off our gold at the bottom of the market, encouraged immigrants and multiculturalism to the detriment of Christians, and was part of the system that brought in nearly four million people, again much to the detriment of England. Despite Brown and others rhetoric most of it was a deliberate attempt to lower the indigenous populations wage bill by giving our jobs to lower paid workers from Europe. Yet they still vote for Labour and Marxism!

Cameron too is fully aware that this will continue and he is now compounding this by lending his weight to bringing Turkey on board.

Sooner than later immigrants in Europe will be given EU passports and that added to Turkey and we will sink under the mud, which is the foul and unelected EU.

This is what will happen because we do not have anyone in power who believes in England any more and Cameron heads the list. He is blissfully unaware of England’s concern because he can only hear that little voice in his head that tells him; this is what I want.

Cameron and others have turned us the English into courtesan’s and are selling us to anyone who has spare quid; they do not believe in England only themselves.

They have made fools of every one of the indigenous population in England. We are most unfortunately,  blessed with traitors at the highest level.

The only way out is to vote for UKIP Patriots otherwise we will be subjugated and ruled by Germany.

She lost the last two battles but is within an ace of winning the war.

Don’t vote for traitors. Remember all of those who died for us, vote for Patriots; Vote UKIP.


The New Stasi

Now we have a deputy headmistress of Fairfield High school in Bristol, proudly proclaiming that a group of  volunteer girls have been assembled to spot sexist language, any kind of sexist language.

Are we to take it that the governments official guidelines have been adapted from the East German Stasi? and who by the way is this deputy headmistress, who has pulled together a bunch of snitchers to spy on other classmates. What has happened to freedom of speech that any self-serving individual can decide what words we use.

German Democratic Republic (DDR) apart from Spies and informers Stasi, the East Germany’s feared Ministry for State Security were adept at taking totally normal citizens of East Germany who betrayed others, quite often under serious threat: neighbour’s reporting on neighbours, schoolchildren informing on classmates, university students passing along information on other students, managers spying on employees and so on. What will happen to any child who makes a so called sexist remark!

Call it what you will, but Stasi fits the bill. Here we have a government that has allowed official guidelines to be used in the most sinister way. Janice Callow should think twice about using children to spy on others. Please what on earth is cupcake all about! as for sissy and don’t be a girl, all I can say is grow up. Finally what about the mothers of these snitchers, are they actually proud of what they are being asked to do.

We need to vote for UKIP and bring some sanity back into our lives. This Prime Minister has lost it; freedom of speech, 300 years of press freedom, innocent until proven guilty thrown aside and subjugating himself to the foul unelected EC on our behalf.


Such hypocrisy

Three generations under one roof, what a fallacy. Much is now made about new homes, but what is not said is the fact that these new homes will most certainly be the usual boxes. Just enough room for two adults, one child and an oversize bathroom for the second child. Quite often too, nowhere to put anything other than the roof or garage.

For this the average developer will command an inordinate price. As for building the homes is it any wonder that towns and villages are dead set against these developments.

If they selected lets say 30  homes for each town and village to be built, and in accordance with the local architecture,  built too so that they have enough room for a family to grow up in, then there would be less hassle.

Cameron ensconced with Merkel and Hollande, just like Ed, hacked off and leveson, up to no good.

Leveson seeks to limit press freedom after 300 years because some whatsit doesn’t like being caught with his trousers down, and Cameron, despite the fact that The EU is an unelected totalitarian state and failing too, is determined to keep us in.

This isn’t about the country, most Tory voters want out, but it is about Cameron; Like some spoiled schoolboy he probably goes home at night stamps his foot and keeps saying but I want to stay in, but I want to stay in. Just like the gay marriage he will totally ignore the peoples wishes and what is right for England.

We now have a Tory government who wants us to be subjugated by Germany, despite the fact that millions died to us keep us free. What is worse is a Marxist opposition who will clearly sell us out to our enemies. From the top down they believe in violence whilst ensuring that we will not be able to defends ourselves when the time comes.

Condoning the foul act of spitting in someone’s tea is nothing more than an indication of what is to come, the BNP are insignificant when it comes to sheer nastiness. Any moderate Labour man who goes along with this Marxist government should hang their heads in shame.

This then is the time to vote UKIP, remember they are the only party that represents the indigenous population. The others want to see England wiped out once and for all.

Out Campaign & Judges

Lord Rose is just another one whose values depend on who he was talking to last. What is about some of these people at the top, why are they such hypocrites; what happens to their principles.

Why on earth would he align himself with Blair and Mandelson, two men who are more than economical with the truth. This act alone would destroy any credibility he has, in fact he probably has already done that by doing such a U turn.

The yes campaign  have no argument other than to produce scurrilous lies about what will happen to us if we leave. These are the people who call us, the indigenous population, quitters.

By the way we have more than our fair share of murderers, rapists, paedophile and burglars on our streets running wild and that is because we are actually in the EU.

They are ready to have us subjugated by the EU and Germany (one and the same thing) because they have no faith in England, but why should they; part and parcel of the EU is to decimate England which is what they are desperately trying to do.

Call us quitters if you will but treachery is by far greater charge and they are guilty of it.

What are Judges doing, like policemen they are there to uphold the law and not to make it. It is said that they are drawn from left wing chambers and as such are unrepresentative; but isn’t that true of most left wing politicians; when have they actually represented the people.

The judges would be better taking umbrage with the police who have decided that innocent until proven guilty is no longer the case in this country, but there again they probably agree with them, they obey their masters overseas.

Its hard to believe, but what is it about the left that they hate their country so much. The more these people have the worse they are, nothing will ever affect them and they know it. Thank God for the bulk of the indigenous population who are full of common-sense and love their country.

If Judges and self important actors want to put their oar in then get elected , otherwise shut up. Benedict Cumberbatch uses the media to say I would like to talk to May about immigration. Such arrogance, who the hell is he; Theresa May should tell him to get elected and not demean herself by talking to him.

Vote UKIP the only party that truly represents us.


Cameron’s conference speech was all about telling us what he thought we needed to know. I sincerely hope that people will not be fooled by this tissue of lies and deceit.

He has one thing in mind and that is to bind us to the EU whatever that takes, despite the fact that it is a failing so called super state.

Just like gay marriages, you do wonder what hold people have on him?

We have just been called ‘quitters’ can you imagine being called quitters by those who are by definition traitors!

A person who is not loyal or stops being loyal to their own country

These are the people who want us to be subjugated to an unelected regime of people , loyal only to Germany, and they call themselves patriots!  Millions died so that Germany could be put back in it’s box and here we are again,   Our politicians and corporate business working together because it suits them and not our country.

Drive down wages and flood our country with anyone they can get over our so called borders, that is what they are about.

We had them in the Second World War, politicians and some of the upper class bowled over by Hitler, ready to betray us, thank God for the real Britain’s men and women.

Neither the Tory Party or that Fascist infantile  party that used to be called a labour movement can be trusted.

Vote UKIP a party that truly represents us, a party of patriots.