Lock them out

Nicola Sturgeon has once again said the SNP will lock out the conservatives.

I have a better idea the English public can lock out every SNP MP and refuse to buy any Scottish product.

We too can make their lives a misery.



Scottish National Party

Scottish National Party

Scottish National Party

This is a party which, with Marxist Labour will seek to destroy England.

We saw during the last government that New Labour were very clearly anti- English and anti-middle class. These were the people who let in, quite deliberately up to four million immigrants. It is no surprise that they will be buoyed by the immigrants during the voting for a new government.

Further to this Marxist Labour are supported by the Unions, up to 146 potential MPs are paid for by them.

The unelected totalitarian regime across the water want England decimated too. Blair started this process of breaking down England into fourteen provinces. So now we have Scotland and its Saltire, Wales with its flag, the Euro flag whilst England’s flag is classed as a racist emblem by the left.

Never was a vote more crucial than this one, England is now literally on the brink of a complete break up. Should this happen then inevitably there will be civil disorder, it is difficult to see any other alternative.

I believe that the Marxist Labour and the SNP are going to wake up England and will rue the very day.

Vote UKIP. Every true Englishman and woman must come out to vote.

Romanian and Bulgarian Immigration


Official figures now show that 187,370 Romanians and Bulgarians were given National Insurance numbers over the course of 2014 after immigration rules were relaxed. This was up from 27,700 for the previous year.

This represented a 576% increase in the numbers of migrants from the two most deprived countries in the European Union who registered to work or receive state benefits in the space of just 12 months.

So the truth of the matter is that Farage was right, despite the lefts attempt to rubbish it. We are slowly but surely being sucked under. Obliterate England that is the cry from the left and the EU.

Vote UKIP. The Grey vote and those who don’t normally vote should go to the polls and rescue England.

“Red Ed a liar”

Dan Hodges, journalist, Labour party and ex GMB trade union official, has laid bare Ed’s volte face on Syria. Those that watched the debate would have seen Ed showing off his new colours, ‘hell yes I am really hard’ etc.

He told us he had been called into a room following a call from president Obama, He said I listened to them, made up my mind and said no.

Dan Hodges makes no bones about it and said it was a lie and a total misrepresentation  about what he did on the Syria vote. Ed told Cameron that he would be prepared to support military action but would need some concessions. Cameron agreed to all that he asked for.

In the meantime members of the shadow cabinet and Downing street began to have concerns over Miliband’s intentions over the vote. Red was warned by the Labour whips that there would be significant backbench rebellion if he supported action. On that basis alone Red decided to vote against the government.

Dan Hodges said it was an act of political calculation and opportunism  borne out of political weakness. He concludes by saying

Stand up to Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin? Ed Miliband wouldn’t stand up to Diane Abbott.

Red Ed is everything we have all thought him to be, however, he will get the immigrants voting for him because it suits their purpose. The SNP too are getting more and more dangerous, therefore the people of England must make each SNP MP  Persona  Non Grata. They have now clearly made themselves the enemy of England; let us face it we have enough home grown enemies in England without adding to them.

Why are we so intent on stopping the followers of ISIS from leaving these shores, it doesn’t make sense. We want the fifth army, men and women out of England. Radicalisation will not be defeated by taking their passports away, they will always be a source of danger to the public. For goodness sake if they want to go, then let them go.

Vote for UKIP, England is now seriously in danger from within and without. We need an English party who will seek to protect England.

We need an English parliament, and an English broadcasting service. The SNP have made up their minds to move away from the union; so the Union Jack will go.  Bring back Trident to England and all the ship building and tell the Scots to sell their goods elsewhere.

Vote for England, Vote UKIP. 





Whether you agree with Cameron or not (personally I don’t like him and will not vote for him) he answered Jeremy Paxman question’s fairly directly and in a reasonable way, so too with the audience.

Ed Milliband gave nothing but sound bites and clichés, attempting to take on Paxman and getting slightly aggressive, showed that he had lost the argument.

What ever happens, we are still in this country facing a real problem. Despite Ed saying that he will take on Salmond the truth of the matter is that he will be bound hand and foot by the SNP.

Labour showed us last time that the well being of the  Labour party is more than important than the country. He talks about the middle classes as though he actually feels for them! when in fact they hate the middle classes; that was demonstrated last time. They will seek and get their votes from the immigrant population because they have, and will still continue to look after them.

So now the future of England comes down to mostly immigrant votes and a Scottish National Party whose aim in life is to break England. Add that to the regime across the water who also want to  break England and we have a problem.

We need to vote UKIP, failure to do so will see England sink into the mud.

Vote UKIP and ignore the deliberate attempts by the media and otherwise to denigrate us; especially  the BBC.


Nicola Sturgeon, Salmond and clearly Red Ed in Marxist Labour have decided that, what ever the result of the next General Election they intend to deny the Conservatives a say in government and will hold England to ransom.

In addition to this they intend to break up the union.

So they have unequivocally made themselves the enemy of England

The Scots, in their foolishness have decided that the English will stand for it.

This hatred of England will rebound on Scotland. If Salmond is right and a few million of Scots try to bring us to heel, then they had better be prepared for a fight.

The first thing we can do is make it impossible for SNP MPs to conduct their business here by peaceful means. The Farage incident makes it clear that incitement and disturbing the peace is now out of the policeman’s remit.

We can put an English voluntary ban on purchasing any Scottish product food or otherwise.

We can end the contract for Type 26 frigates to be built on the Clyde, BAE should relocate the warships to made at Portsmouth. Over half of the Scots hate England on that basis how many Scotsmen could we trust to build our ships.

If Scotland is intent on bringing down England then why should we entrust our warships to the self confessed enemy of England.

Cameron’s lack of judgement has ended up with Scotland building the next generation of our warships in a country that hates England, whilst demoting Portsmouth.

We should now be looking seriously at a new base for Trident in England. The money earmarked for rail transport will go a long way towards it.

Let the Scots go, it is what they want and above all I am sure the England will be glad to get rid of these continually whining Scottish people.

We need to vote for UKIP and give them enough seats to make difference. This is not about fringe parties this is about the continuation of England, this is important.

We saw what the left (in whatever guise) did with Farage by targeting his family at his local. This was not a joke but a deliberate attempt to deny an English vote and intimidate a leader of UKIP. When it comes down to fascism it is the left who actually practice it. These people are dangerous and are backed by virtually all Labour MPs (A labour MP and Lib Dem on Daily Politics would not condemn it, just weasel words) and of course the BBC who went out of their way to make this man a local hero. The BBC of course are the same people who gave Anjem Choudary a platform, a member of a banned terror group.

Vote UKIP, it is our only chance for England to survive.

Tim Stanley Telegraph

The Farage family’s flight from the Queen’s Head is going to add to Ukip’s sense that it is being singled-out and demonised – as, indeed, it palpably is. Aside from the question of whether or not this is unfair, it’s also hysterical on the part of the protestors. If they really want to fight xenophobia, they would do better to challenge the EU’s immigration policy. While Ukip wants a colour-blind point-based system, the EU operates nationalist protectionism: free movement within its borders but tight limits outside, kept in check with the use of almost military force. In Greece, people who have shot and killed migrants have walked out of courts free men.

Vote UKIP otherwise you will get the left and the violence that goes with it.

Theresa May

She said there was “increasing evidence that a small but significant number of people living in Britain – almost all of whom are British citizens – reject our values”.

She said “hundreds” of British citizens had travelled to fight in Syria and Iraq. OK so let them stay there and stop worrying about those who have crossed the border; they have made a decision so let them live with it. Why should we worry about getting them back.

She went on to say that the government wanted to defeat extremism in “all its forms”, but said “the most serious and widespread form of extremism we need to confront is Islamist extremism”.

If they reject our values Theresa May then why are they here. Take their British Passports away and get rid of them. A Party Political Broadcast will do absolutely nothing, and well you know it.


Daily Politics

Wasn’t it absolutely typical of the BBC and Jo to give a platform to that sly looking man, who along with his fellow travellers targeted Farage at a family Sunday lunch. Where were the police, is disturbing the peace another law swept under the carpet.

As for the panel, with the exception of the Conservative they would not condemn it, ah yes, if it was true etc. etc. They are without doubt wretched people. What I would like to see is young UKIP members doing exactly the same to the man who organised it, the Lib Dem family and so too for the Labour party member.

It is a sign of the times; right or wrong does not come into it. What did Norman say ‘they are disliked’ as a party, how truly pathetic. Does he think the Lib Dems are popular and as for the Labour Party look how evil they are.

Jo of course carries on the best traditions of the Anti-English BBC, bias and propaganda, and put the worst possible gloss on everything and at the same time looks so pleased. It is about time they were put out to grass. Why should we support a load of left wing propagandists with our money.

Vote UKIP for the SNP and Labour will do more than bankrupt us this time, they will bring violence onto our streets.

England 2015

England is now unedifying, why; it is because the rights of everyone transcends basic morality.

We are all aware that marriage between a man and woman is the only way to bring children into this world. Every self respecting organisation knows this, so does the church yet we now have children brought into the world by people ‘just to make a buck’ or because I want one, and Cameron brings in gay marriage.

A mother has borne a child for her ‘gay’ son! why should I be denied being a parent, that is what he said! and there you have it. We have crossed the Rubicon, Gays, Lesbian, anyone, I want a baby! it is my right. There is no thought for the future of the baby in question, or the harm that may be wrought upon him.

The legal age for girls to have sex is 16 yet the NHS have a C Card scheme allowing young girls to use it 6 times for condoms. What sort of government sets the legal age for sex at 16, yet allows our health service to circumvent it. The NHS are breaking the law; no nurse GP or parent is involved, this is a disgusting state of affairs.

Scotland Yard too appeared to have lost their “moral compass”, by taking details from birth and death records in the past, without the consent of the children’s families and got away with it. Today with the exception of the security services we have almost got to the stage where we are simply policing ourselves. How many citizens would go to the police or help anyone without fear or trepidation, not many.

Cameron set up the Leveson enquiry which allowed the police to hound journalists, a sledgehammer to crack a nut. The real truth is that politicians and the police too, are fearful of a truly independent press. We are now beginning to see the need for a free press with the paedophiles in the establishment, each one protecting the other.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are fighting for survival in this country, something I thought would never happen here. Say something controversial and some little leftie will bring the whole establishment down on you.

We need a different government, a right wing government who will bring back freedom and sovereignty to this country. We mustn’t allow the establishment to crush UKIP, which is what they are trying to do; they are truly fearful of it.

The writing is on the wall, SNP, Marxist Labour and the Unions are banging on the door, don’t let them in.