2050 Pathways Analysis

Christopher Booker of the Mail has told us of this legislative madness that has now gripped parliament i.e. we are going to phase out gas with petrol and diesel! Guess who pushed it through Parliament, why Red Ed of course. Another wide eyed piece of irrationality  by a man who still has no idea as to how this can happen,

A British government will be tasked with meeting an impossible task of working out how it could be done, It envisages a future where in five years we will embark on an wholesale switch from gas, coal and other fossil fuels to electricity. Just stop and think of the implications of that, is it any wonder that we have so many problems in Britain today and all based on the fact that we have the worlds biggest idiots running our country. Where, apart from all else are we going to the necessary supply of electricity. How many wind farms etc. are we going to need and how are we going to back them up when the don’t work, they are not fit for purpose even under today’s conditions.

God help us, it is time to put the foolhardy eco-warriors on an island and forget about them; they have now become dangerous.

Vote for sanity and freedom from these foolish rules. Vote UKIP


A Fat but Booming England

A European Court of Justice has said that being overly fat is a disability. Have you ever heard such an irrational and ridiculous comment in all of your life. The English are being taken for a ride every day, now they want us to save people from harm who are nothing more than gluttonous.

For gods sake tell them they are fat and to stop eating. We have all noticed that there are many people in these mobile units prancing around the street because they are too fat to walk.

The projections in the World Economic League Table state England economy  will be larger than Germanys by 2030, also that we have overtaken France to become the worlds fifth largest economy. Where would we be now if it wasn’t for the Albatross called the EU which is clearly holding us back. Business regulations alone have cost us much and every day the unelected EU and the Courts of Justice think up different ways to shackle us.

The Tory party have lost all sense of direction and are walking into a hail of fire. They simply cannot get it into their heads that Cameron, who isn’t trusted by anyone I know, will lose the election. This is a man who couldn’t get a majority when the Labour party were on the canvas, down and out for the count.

There are two ways to win the election with some sort of a majority, one get rid of Cameron. Two put in a man who will give us a referendum six months after the election, in this way they will get a majority.

The alternative is a unashamed Marxist government supported by what is left of the Liberal party and the Greens but above all held in power by the SNP whose sole purpose will be to see the end of England, aided in every way by the New Reich. Let us not forget that it was a Scottish Cabal under Tony Blair who started the destruction of England and our institution, he has much to answer for but he is protected by the establishment. A Marine sergeant was put in prison for taking out a terrorist in an operation, but Blair who is responsible for many British soldiers deaths is free to make his money, his protection comes from the very top of our government and civil service.

The blatant attack of marriage in the last government, laws which allowed Christian to be hauled before the courts because they wanted to practice their faith. The Tagging of ordinary people who expressed their view as homophobic, racist etc. attacked by a government who ostensibly were there to protect them. Truly a Marxist government supported by the SNP will see England ground into the dust.

The last Labour government introduced the new drinking laws, a café culture they called it. We can all remember the outcry by the police, doctors the public and many councils as to how foolish it was. So it has turned out to be, we are inundated with youngsters overflowing with cheap booze supplied by supermarkets and take away shops. There is now violence on the street and the NHS is wasting it’s valuable time looking after drunken kids.

Take into account the fact that GPs were given extra money for doing nothing and freed  of doing their full job, looking after people in a proper manner and we had a government which was totally irresponsible or they knew what they were doing? It comes under the heading of breaking down social order in England; they will not be happy until they have obliterated England.

The England we knew has gone, but we are still essentially Christian in everything we do. We see it all around us in our everyday lives. There is still kindness all around us, people who are prepared to help. We cannot judge who and what we are by the total idiots on the TV and medias penchant for saturating us with total rubbish.

England still has much to offer despite the attempt by unpatriotic politicians to adulterate the indigenous population. It will need however, politicians who believe in England and our freedoms; each day we are seeing secrecy by our politicians, judges and the police. The worst aspects of the last war are on our doorstep, we have lost much of the freedom to speak and now freedom of expression is being attacked.

It is time to vote for a Party like UKIP made up of people who actually love their country unlike many of our politicians in thrall to the EU and Marxism.

VOTE UKIP if you love your country. Remember Marxist Labour take many of their votes from people who have no time for England other than what they get out of it and your pocket.


For those who died in the tragic accident in Scotland, sincere condolences to their relatives. I am reminded of an unknown quote

“There is no foot so small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world”

memories are all we have.

To all else who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ


To all those Anti-Christs who celebrate Winterval, Winter light festivals or The festival of lights a miserable socialist Christmas to you all.

Cameron’s ire

Cameron has fined mark Reckless £3000 for general election leaflets made prior to his election, in addition he has personally come out against two of Theresa May’s advisers because they didn’t want to break their civil service terms to campaign for the party; now they cannot stand for election. He is beginning to sound like Clegg, soon he will be stamping his feet.

Lost migrants have now surpassed the City of Cardiff, over 350,000 people, thousands of passports given out, 10,000 passports stolen under the last government, sham marriages where 85% of grooms are foreign students, hundreds of murderers on the streets, rapists and every other criminal you can think of, not to mention literally thousands of Islamic radicals out there waiting to pounce.

A Libyan arms dealer, two ‘British Jihadis’ and 17 illegal immigrants taken at Dover. The arms dealer carrying an order for 18 million worth of arms, this is where we are at. Where did he get the money, was it from the Islamic community?

Now we have 9% of social housing is given to foreigners, that means that 9% of the English are denied a home. Still they are only second hand citizens in their own country, so why worry.

All of this can be laid at the doorstep of this and particularly the last government. Politicians who haven’t the faintest idea of how to govern a country and its people. No commonsense, no guts and above all no patriotism, and they all bear imprint of the last person who kicked them up the posterior. Unfortunately the last comment may find favour with some of them.

Then we have the unelected EU and the courts who have decided that those who cannot control the urges for stuffing food are disabled. The implications for this are horrific and will impact most strongly on the indigenous English population. Do you think that they don’t know this, of course they do. We are being beaten into the ground and our politicians have the proverbial finger where it shouldn’t be.

Cameron said that changing the rules the EU rules on migrants would be “at the very heart of my renegotiation strategy for Europe“, however, Merkel, head of the New Reich has said that she will rather see us leave as that is a step too far.

So why is Cameron still talking about a 2017 referendum? he is doing it because he can, just like some silly little schoolboy. There will be no beneficial negotiation, everyone knows that, but like his unfortunate obsession with Gay marriage he is determined to do what he wants to do; the man has no credibility in any way shape or form, he cannot be trusted and this is a bad place to be in.

They will lose the election because he and his party are treating the English public with total disrespect.

One thing I always told myself about Salmon was that he was a consummate politician but I never thought he would be foolish enough go down this road where his hatred of England would allow him to threaten us. His policy is to create hatred between Scotland and England and he is well on the way, he and the Scots would do well to hold back as they could find themselves in a most unpleasant environment if they irk enough people. Take your threats elsewhere Salmon whilst there is still time.

We must vote UKIP in otherwise a total left wing SNP, the greens, Clegg’s little boys and a Marxist party will rule England under the auspices of an unelected regime across the water. If this happens then England will disintegrate and civil disorder will surly follow.


I am surprised that Farage is not lower down in points after the conspiracy between the Tories and the media, highlighting every single thing that he does.

The breast feeding was a typical example, his response was normal where he expressed an opinion, but we have now learned that the lack of freedom of speech has now come down to expressing ones own opinion.

Remember the last government who give a nasty tag to any one who did not conform to their beliefs. We are one step away from jailing some one for speaking their mind out loud. The communists and the Nazis were the forerunners of this.

Our press and media who likes to talk about freedom are the main instigators here.

No boots on the ground.


Once again Cameron has said one thing and meant another. The first of the boots were the SAS tracking and taking on ISIS. Now we have ‘low hundreds’ of soldiers training and working along Iraq troops in their fight against ISIS, again with combat troops on protection. What is the distinction with combat troops training and fighting, and combat troops on protection, non I would say.

ISIS will have one thing in mind and that is to attack, probably in force and obtain live soldiers so that they can murder them and post it to the net. The so called combat troops on protection are there to try and avoid that.

After all that has happened, Cameron is allowing mission creep in Iraq. How damn foolish can you get, first he has compromised our defence on land and sea, denying funds to the military, so that he can salve his conscience by sending billions of pounds of our money to corrupt and wealthy countries. Secondly he is ignoring the real threat on our doorstep with Russia, what will he do if Russia downs one of our planes, protest! you can be sure that Europe will not help and it will not be enough to bring in NATO.

Fighting Islam on our own is a mark of stupidity, you cannot excuse it through innocence or inexperience, it is foolishness.

I watched Jo on Daily politics interrogating Susanne Evans, you notice I used the word interrogate, she was intent on rubbishing UKIP and every twist and turn. It was pathetic, she probably feels quite good about it but I suggest she takes lessons from Andrew Marr on interviewing, but there again she like most BBC broadcasters she has to do what the left wing hierarchal tell her, whether she likes it or not. Is it any wonder why they do not have credibility.

Child benefit could be capped for two children, I have lost count of how many times I have said that, why does it take so long for the penny to drop.

Nicky Morgan Secretary of State has ignored the Battle of Waterloo, a battle to beat all battles. Out numbered we fought and won, Napoleon was beaten once and for all and Europe changed; Nicky had no room in her diary for this momentous occasion. Perhaps the French President  has had a word in her ear!

Now to the Magna Carta and the fact that we are about to celebrate it’s 800 anniversary. Cameron has once again said one thing whilst meaning another.

Remember this:

No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgement of his peers, or by the law of the land.

First of all Cameron intends to delete, ‘by lawful judgement of his peers, or by the law of the land‘ and insert the EAW where you are guilty unless proven innocent, we must take time to realise the implications of this. He is also going to allow the tax office, that bastion of mediocrity, to deduct money from your account guilty or not, for disseised above insert unjustly. This office had every item of paperwork necessary to set my tax when I came back from France, never the less they made a total cock-up of it and told me that I owed them the over 800 pounds. My local MP did his best but they came back with a letter that said ‘ it was our mistake etc. but we intend to claim it off you because we have a year to rectify our mistakes, this year they have taken it all, pensioner or not. These are the people who will raid your account.

Perhaps Cameron would like to write another article and tell us why the Magna Carta is rubbish where he is concerned.

I am sick of the Marxist Labour party telling us that allowing our borders to remain open under the Schengen agreement was a mistake. let us get one thing right:

It was not a mistake

It was deliberately done to ‘Rub the rights noses in diversity’

Done to radically change the country; Andrew Neather

What sort of party would do this to their own country, Labour would and did.

The Scottish National Party have signed a pact with the green and Welsh nationalist so that they can put the Marxist Labour Party in power, this would allow them to control parliament and finish off the English once and for all. The Scots are now playing a very dangerous game and will create civil disorder and violence. I for one will not accept a Marxist government held in place by the anti-English Scots, revolutionary Unions and the Welsh.

The English will have every right to do whatever is necessary to obtain their freedom.

Vote for UKIP

 We now need a strong right wing party to protect our interests and our freedom, this is the final stage of wiping out England as a nation state. 



Isn’t it typical, all of the video footage shows one thing and that is Russell Brand slagging off Farage. I am fed up of the bias shown by the newspapers and the BBC.

The BBC have shown us what a bunch of left wing fools they are by highlighting  that total twit Russell Brand, do they really think that everyday people take him seriously?

Newsnight was a complete embarrassment, do it properly or get off the air.

As for David I lost all respect for him after 9/11 where he chaired and had leftie Yasmin Brown alongside him. This was a typical left wing BBC programme where 3,000 had just been murdered and we allowed Muslims in the audience being allowed to scream hate at Americans, this was despite the fact that there were many others who died, including the British.

The spineless left wing BBC and many of it’s presenters should cast aside.

Election May 7th 20-15

It is fair to say that many of Cameron’s cohorts are now frantically searching for jobs that will allow them to maintains a life style afforded to them by Parliament and taxpayers.

On the other hand how many really good companies would want an ex politician, who likes to divide his time to increase his earning and above all give his or her spouse a nice little earner, again on the taxpayer? not in the real world, that’s for sure.

Cameron will have an eyeful when UKIP confounds to political class, the left wing papers, BBC and obtains at least 13 to 20 seats, or even more. The English too will now have to take into account the SNP and Salmon, who hates England and its people. When he said he is going to turn Westminster upside down, he means it, if he is coupled with a Marxist government that will mean real trouble for the English; a bridge too far I believe for the English.

It means that the English population must come out in force to make UKIP a kingmaker. We cannot be ruled by a Marxist government and Scotland, remember that the last government was a Scottish Cabal and look where that left us. Remember Red Ed and Balls were senior member of that government too and look where that left us.

If we ensure that UKIP are kingmakers then we can have an election 6 months after the election and let the people decide. 2017 for an election is another PR wheeze by Cameron because he has decided to leave politics then; it is the sort of thing that scoundrels do, we used to call them scallywags at one  time.

Read the UKIP Manifesto which is now beginning to look like a manifesto for England. It is worth mentioning defence where this government has sacked 20,000 soldiers to save money whilst increasing it’s aid overseas; which is now getting close to 12 billion! In today’s world we cannot afford to sack professional soldiers, 80,000 servicemen backed up by the TA is foolish to say the least.

Somehow we must end up with an English parliament that looks after it’s citizens. We will not get that with  a Marxist government ruled by the Unions and Scots.



Cameron’s obsession with the EU


Spain has an unbelievable 50% youth unemployment, Italy is declining rapidly and turning on it’s immigrants, and who can blame them. A quarter of the Greek’s are unemployed, yet the monstrous EU carries on as if nothing has happened.

This is the EU that Cameron is intent on us staying with, we have hundreds of murderers and rapist and God know what else roaming the streets. Islam and jihadist are running amok in England and we the indigenous population have no say what so ever, why? it is because Cameron in his high mindedness and total arrogance has decided that we are not capable of making the right decisions.

He will not win the next election, the fruitcakes and loonies will see to that. If I was a Tory MP I would move now, the only problem is that they would be just as useless and avaricious in UKIP as before.


Vote UKIP and keep out the SNP and become the Kingmaker  

Turkey and Cameron

 Cameron has opened his Europhile arms to Turkey, first Romania and Bulgaria where he said that they would not be a problem but already there are more than 100,000 of them sending at least £500,000 per day to their country. The Romanian Central Bank states that 41 million pound has left the UK in 3 months! Happy days, we are promoting potential millionaires and high flyers in Romania and all out of our taxpayers money.

Traian Baseccu the President has said this about England:

‘Social protection makes it more comfortable to be unemployed than do manual labour’

How very true, so thanks to all your English idiot taxpayers for making it so, and thank you Mr Cameron.

Now Cameron wants to inundate this country with a Muslim state! Turkey has a population of at least 73 million with a Muslim population between 75 to 97%. On the whole Turkey is not a threat to anyone but that is not a reason for welcoming vast amounts of Muslims here. Look at the problems we already have with the ever burgeoning and vocal Islam.

What is Cameron up to? what are his plans for England. We already know that he has dismissed freedom and the right to rule ourselves by virtue of the fact that he is intent on keeping us in the unelected, corrupt and totalitarian EU. Is he in favour of an Islamic state in England, it certainly appears to be that way.

There are more than 12,000 foreign criminal in England today, with 700 murders and 500 rapists.

This was uncovered by David Hanson Labours immigration spokesman, who in keeping with Labour’s total hypocrisy blames the Conservative Party, yet we all know that once again that it was labours policy of deliberately bringing in migrants that set this in motion, however, we have become a total magnet for criminals of all types and economic migrants, all thanks to our politicians.

Yes migrants are good for England but only under proper control and not used by the business community and politicians to drive down wages

Immigration is the real reason why wages are kept down and business directors are coining vast amounts of personal money.

This is why Farage is right, we need proper control of our borders. Those who are against UKIP, which is the left and business community, rail against us for not wanting foreigners, because it pays them to say so; they don’t want control.

Once again it is not about anti immigration but we do want to control our borders.

We are losing our country, thanks to compliant and totally pathetic politicians who look to their pockets and personal status forgetting that they are there to protect the indigenous English. Nothing will change unless we change the politics of this country and elect patriotic English men and women to an English parliament.

Cameron will go but we must vote UKIP to hold the balance of power. SNP and Marxist Labour will bring this country to the point where civil order will become a reality.


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