He may be socialist but he has shown that unlike cameron he does have steel. He has led the way in facing up to terrorists and cameron is following on behind him, much as he does with Merkel.

Having devasted our forces he is now seeking redemption by throwing money at the armed forces. He needed to do something about the 35 million hole left by the labour government but he didn’t think it through, which is why we needed to cap in hand to our allies to seek out Russian submarines because he got rid of our hunters.

Cameron does things on the hoof, which is bad. Getting rid of twenty thousand trained soldiers was in itself manic.

Had Cameron thought about a little bit longer he has actually got rid of four times his “strike brigade” already trained and ready to go into action.

Talking about the brigades in terms of policemen is again foolish, they will have to be fighting men. If he actually wants policemen then he should adapt and come up with something like the gendarmes.

Ten years before his new fast brigades are ready, makes him look even more foolish than he really is.


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