Germany has just reported that they have lost 130,000 immigrants

That is right, lost them.

They have absolutely  no idea where they are.

I will tell them where they are, they have infiltrated via the existing immigrants, gone to ground is an expression we all understand

We already have at least 350,000 people who shouldn’t be here but we have given them National Insurance Numbers just in case!


This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.


End it all now.


Truth and Cameron

Never the twain shall meet. Cameron now has the government machine concealing facts, while pumping out propaganda for the leave campaign.

Michael Gove’s claim that the PM’s referendum deal can be torn up by EU judges was backed by legal experts yesterday. The whole point about the European Court of Justice is that it stands above the Nation States.

People say that they are confused, why? We must not allow Cameron to distract us from the whole idea of a referendum. It is to give us back our complete sovereignty and allow us to move forward without recourse from the outside world.

Cameron continues his ‘Porkeys’ telling us he could decrease migration below 100.000, yet the official immigration statistics show us that issues of National Insurance Numbers, without which, no one can work or claim benefits, were given to;

630,000 people of which 209,000 were Romanian and Bulgarians

So 257,000 immigrants arrive but 630,000 want the right to works!!

A difference 373,000 immigrants!

In October Turkey will be able to travel under the Schengen agreement.

If we are not out by then we are in serious trouble. The wrong vote and we will be finished as a nation, and that is a pure and simple fact

Germany is expecting 2.5 million more refugees on top of the 1.1 million that arrived last year; that should raise some hackles.

There are thousands more right now trying to get in England, laying siege to the tunnel, and we already have a fifth of rough sleepers in London who are Romanian.

The attack on women in Cologne has died a death because the police are not able to identify those concerned.

Relations between EU countries are strained to a breaking point.

We must get out and increase spending on our armed forces, particularly manpower and planes for our carriers  HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales. 

Initially the ships will carry helicopters! From 2020, however, our punch will be delivered by   modern American planes in 4 years time! perhaps we could ask Putin to hold off until then!



Muslim Turkey

Speaking at a civil society dialogue meeting on ‘Turkey’s European Union Membership Process’ in the northern Samsun province on Thursday, Turkey’s EU Minister and Chief Negotiator, Volkan Bozkır said that an agreement was made with the EU on visa liberalization for Turkish citizens starting from October 2016.

“An agreement was reached on visa liberalization and hopefully in October this year Turkish citizens will be able to enter without visas to countries in the Schengen area,” said Bozkır.

Do not ignore this warning

World War Three

A truly massive army is preparing to invade Syria, with Saudi and Turkey as the main players.

On the other side is Russia, Iran and Syria

It is to be hoped that Cameron will close his mouth and not say anything silly about our hollow force.

It would take Russia but a moment to wipe out our two aircraft carriers lounging in port. Remember them? no aircraft, no seamen and wide open for attack.


Lets build up our forces again, we are in a dangerous world

The Rt Hon. Michael Gove, MP, Secretary of State for Justice

 Wilderness school in hedge End brings in a Specialist Police Team to harass and interview a young lad for googling a “Politically Incorrect Website”

This Politically Incorrect site was UKIP!!

Forgive me but UKIP gained four million vote last time around and it is the second largest party.


It brings to mind the behaviour of state forces in Zimbabwe,  Syria, Iran or other nations in which,

state heavies criminalise and punish the expression of certain political views.

In the first instance it is no wonder that we are behind educationally in many areas when we have left wing teachers more concerned about planting their left wing views in their pupils heads rather than teach, however, to do something so foul to a young lad is beyond belief.

The worst part is that the father will be helpless to protect his son. The establishment and the police will ensure that.

They say don’t mention the Nazis but here we have a clear expression of a violent form of thought police. Remember the Nazi Police State was to ensure that everybody did as they were told – or paid the price, in this case the Specialist Police Team via the politically left wing teachers. 

 Children’s loyalty could be developed with a policy of indoctrination via left wing teachers and education. This is what is going on here and it is a worrying state of affairs; what is going on in this country?

Cameron is using the establishment to bully people into voting his way, whilst Muslim immigrants are now blatantly creating no-go zones in London and other towns because the police and government have given up on trying to curb them. Sharia courts too are disregarding the law of the land in favour of their own.

This is Cameron leading by example; do as I say or.



The foul EU

Parliament BrusselsBrussels time bomb: EU burying power-grab laws until AFTER referendum

Strasbourg and Brussels two parliaments for power hungry EU politicians

We, yes we are paying for it

This is what Cameron and his disciples want, forget the country

me ,me, me



France Socialist President calls for “RIGHT WING” governments to be kicked out of EU.

Is it those who want out, are they right wing?

Sweden “I think that most people feel that we cannot maintain a system where perhaps 190,000 people will arrive every year – – in the long run our system will collapse” Wallstrom said

Norway. The Grønland district of Oslo looks like Karachi, Basra, and Mogadishu all rolled into one. People sell drugs openly next to the Grønland subway station, violence is epidemic, and the police have largely given up. It’s not Norway or Europe anymore, except when there is welfare money to be collected.

We will be subject to over 70,000 million Muslims from Turkey having access to our country not to mention Africa and the middle east.

Have you noticed how Cameron and his cohorts have shifted the debate over to benefits and away form immigration.

That’s because our borders will be wide open and we will be inundated.

Ignore Cameron, Blair and their accomplices. They don’t love England, they are more concerned as what they can get out of it.

I will not vote for traitors to give our country away

Ours is a large economy, outward looking, why should we act like some backward country and plead with those who cannot hold a stick to us.

Cameron running around Europe like some demented salesman looking for a pat on the head and a sweetie makes me want to throw up. 




Boris is waiting to see what Cameron is going to offer him today. If it is good enough he will back Cameron.

This has nothing to do with what is best for the country.

What a disappointment this man has turned out to be.

Cameron’s Shame

I am not asking for anything new or something impossible. This is already a compromise on a compromise

Cameron’s words!!

He went in asking for virtually nothing and came back with less. He tried to cross swords with the EU and they beat him about the head with flat blades. So much for the lions roar.

Can you imagine what the EU would do to us in the event of an in vote. Despite the fact that they clearly need us more than we need them, they are so bureaucratic, so absorbed with themselves and above all so fiscally incompetent that we are well rid of them.

Coming back to Cameron, he above all knows what he has is simply farcical, and does not benefit Britain, yet he still determined to try and have his way.

This is all you need to know about Cameron. He doesn’t love Britain, he is self-indulgent, self serving;  reminds you of Blair doesn’t he. Oxford elite has shown us that they don’t like people disagreeing with their views.

I saw Kate Hoey on the News this morning and I was impressed with her analysis of Cameron’s deal. I was even more impressed by her obvious devotion to Britain, above party politics.

To me she sounded like the older generation of Labour supporters who disagreed with the Tory (of which I was one, but no more) party but loved her country. A far cry from that Anti-Semitic, terrorist apologist that leads the Marxist Labour party now..

The people of this country will not be taken in by MP careerist’s or can I have a seat Mr Prime Minister in the Lords or whatever.

They will lose the vote and Cameron must go, but who will replace him. Personally I would go for Jacob Rees Mogg, here is a man who would totally revitalise the Tory party, a patriot in the true sense of the word; above all a man I believe you could trust.

Let us face it the word trust is no longer synonymous with the Tory Party.

Gove has put Boris to shame. Boris and his indecision has done almost irreparable damage to him.

Vote UKIP and for Gods sake get the ‘out parties together’ and forget party politics

Governments and the police

Governments and police are now descending on the public for complaining about the influx of migrants and in many cases arresting them.

This is the most foolish thing I have ever heard of, don’t complain or we will put you away. I cannot think of anything that will do more to aggravate and rub the public the wrong way.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with race or hate crime (hate crime another iniquitous law) this is a deliberate attempt to deny us freedom of speech.

The more I read of this Tory government the more I believe that we must have a right wing government to release us from this ever increasing  tyranny.

Domination and injustice we can expect from Germany’s EU but it shouldn’t happen here.

We have had over 1,000 years of English Nationhood starting with  Alfred King of the Anglo Saxons.

In the words of Simon Keynes;

Soldier, law – maker, statesman educator and scholar, not to mention ship – builder . . .all were . . .inseparable (from) his determination to the discharge the responsibilities  of his high office for the good of his subjects and in the service of God   

He died on the 26th of October 899 after a reign of 28 years

What do we have now, nothing more than a bunch of self serving die-hards. To hell with the subjects and forget God, we are too busy molesting and persecuting  Christians for speaking out loud. As for Nationhood we are going to give it away to an unelected regime across the water; so that’s that.

May God forgive them, because I will not.