Lied and lied and lied again

Are we supposed to feel sorry for these senior conservatives because Farage pulled a fast one on them, as for Mark Reckless, he like Douglas has put his money where his mouth is. What I cannot stand is those in the party who disagree with Cameron but keeping their powder dry.

Daniel Hannan is a case in question, I have listened to him speak and ask myself, what on earth is he doing in the Tory party. If he does not agree with their views on immigration and particularly the EU, then he should get out and work towards getting us out of the New Reich. Its not a Tory/UKIP deal that’s required, it is doing what is right for the country.

Michael Gove too, he should go over to UKIP after being served up as a lamb by Cameron to the teachers union. What sort of Prime Minister gets rid of one of his best ministers at the behest of a union whose main claim to fame is taking our children to the bottom of the ladder internationally.

Finally William Hague, here we have a real turncoat, a man who tossed his principles aside when the time came and now he going to come up with a Tory piecemeal with regard to England. We need an English Parliament with an English flag flying over it.

Let us get to the lies, Grant Shapps made a great deal of Mark Reckless and his lies. Personally I believe  he took his cue form the Prime Minister, have we forgotten that he lied repeatedly to the people to get into power. He is lying right now when he talks about a referendum after renegotiation. We all know that his negotiations will be so pathetic that Merkel will give them to him, with hardly a glance backwards and we will be firmly in the grip of an unelected regime across the water. Cameron will do anything to circumvent that referendum, forget his I am a patriot and love my country believe that and you will believe anything.

Cameron has already made this great country look a fool on the international stage, cutting our once great navy, air force and soldiers down to a point where we would haver a hard time defending ourselves. No aircraft carriers, allowing us to go out and meet an enemy, and they are out there. the RAF flying on a wing and a prayer and Cameron putting out on the dole, some the worlds most professional soldiers and replacing them with week-end soldiers.

The GR4 fighter bombers too are a pathetic response to a cry for help from a country we helped to devastate. The fighters have to fly from Cyprus and be refuelled because we lack carriers and aircraft, what if we lost that facility then Italy perhaps or Spain.

Vote UKIP and get UKIP


Boris 29/09/2014

Boris tells us that ‘Jumping into UKIP’s arms only helps Milliband’

There is one clear answer to this Boris and that is to represent the people of England and not Merkel New Reich.

Vote UKIP and you will get UKIP

The truth about Cameron

Mark Reckless an ex conservative member, during a meeting of the 1922 committee, asked Cameron why it was that they had sent out millions of European election leaflets saying we had brought back control of justice and home affairs from the EU and now we were opting back into every measure that mattered?  Cameron then defended the European Arrest Warrant in passionate terms!

So there you have it Mr Democratic does not believe in Habeas Corpus, an act that was passed by English Parliament in 1679 to protect the people,  laying down procedures for the use of the writ, set penalties for officials ignoring the act and closed certain loopholes in the use of habeas corpus. The Habeas Corpus Act covered only criminal charges.

  It guaranteed that a person detained by the authorities would have to be brought before a court of law and produce the reason for his detention so that the legality of the detention could be established. Innocent until proven guilty.

The “Napoleonic Code,” which continues in France and other countries France, maintain protections of a suspect and ensure a fair trail but use a presumption of guilt until proven innocent, however,

it allows people under investigation to be held for lengthy periods before a charge is ever filed.

Also, the investigator and the magistrate are the same person. So it is the investigator who is deciding to hold the person i.e. there is no bail hearing before a judge like in English common law. There is also no right to silence. You can refuse to answer but the court is allowed to draw adverse conclusions from refusing to answer.

Cameron is an out and out Europhile to the extent, where he is prepared to ditch an act that has kept us safe for nearly 350 years. Cameron also said that if we got back the powers we wanted as a nation then Britain would be like an associate member, so Cameron is not serious about renegotiation, typical PR man, now you see it, now you don’t.

Despite Cameron’s promises (nearly all of them meaningless) you will still find the Scot’s MPs and the welsh voting on English laws etc. The Scots in particular have shown us that they are there for the pounds shillings and pence. So any measure passed where they vote in an unconstitutional manner should be ignored. Every English MP should ensure that this the case.

Cameron on Andrew Marr this morning lacked credibility, he knows that he can do nothing about the disgusting immigration of thousands of poor East Europeans flooding to our doors, and is helpless in the face of the real problem and that is Sharia law, and the contempt of our system by violent radicals living of us but doing their best to bring us down one way or the other.

Civil disorder is inevitable in this country now, and it will all be down to gutless politicians who don’t have what it takes to do what is right; protect England and its people.

I despair at the English MPs who are allowing this to happen on their doorstep. They are not going to change Cameron’s high handed approach overseen by Merkel and the EU, so they should go to UKIP and start representing the people, isn’t that what they are there for?

Cameron’s England for scroungers

10 million is claimed  in unemployment benefits to European migrants who have left Britain and cannot find a job, what on earth are we doing in this monstrous EU.

First time buyers are to be offered 20% discount on new homes, is this for the indigenous English, if not then just watch how this will be skewed so that foreigners can get in on the act and make a quick buck; watch this space.

Cameron’s call to tackle ‘psychopathic terrorists’ is nothing more than scaremongering. He is like Blair, dying to go to war to bolster his esteem and considering how he has degraded our forces (and is still doing so ) you think he would shut up. The US is  doing the job quite well with its so called allies but you still wonder why they are putting in the effort.

Take Egypt alone it has the largest and most powerful force in Africa. 500,000 active troops, 800,000 in reserve and 400,000 para-military, a superb Egyptian air defence, navy and command centre.

Saudi army has 150,000 active troops, the RSAF has  many aircraft and an advanced offensive capability. Saudi navy has 50,000 officers and men plus 12,000 marines. The Saudi Arabian National Guard is composed of 100,000 men with a tribal militia of 25,000 men. it also has a Strategic missile ability.

If you now take into account Jordan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates you would be looking at a force that would frighten the western world so what are we doing? These people are more than capable of dealing with the IS and it is about time that they put their own house in order.

Saudi is the birthplace of Islam and until now the absolute authority on Wahhabism, they are also the founders of ISIS but ISIS seek to take the reins and are now a threat to the Saudis. So the time has come for them to fight their own battles, they will either fight or run, however, I suspect they will fight because the modern Saudi will not want to be under the mantle of ISIS; let us leave it to them.

Nicky Morgan endorses a controversial sex education resource for school. Why is she going along with these voyeurs, these busybodies are an absolute menace. Getting it off by teaching what should be the unmentionables to small children, should be put in the dustbin. What is it about Cameron’s government and their obsession with unwholesome side of sex. Stop teaching vulgar and obscene lessons to the young. Parents should put paid to this and now.

Next stop the asylum seekers is the Grand Burstin in Folkestone, come in, we will pay the £40 a night, 3 meals a day and before long you will have a home and endless benefits. Don’t forget to email your friends at Calais, Eritrea or wherever they are, tell them that these English are absolute fools, get over here quick.

UKIP is the only party that will stop this madness, if you think that Cameron will, then you have another think coming. Five years after he took power he is now thinking about the Human Rights act and will look at it during the next election. Five years time (if he is in power) he will talk about immigration, however, we will be so smothered by then with immigrants it will no longer matter.

Our country is being ripped apart whilst Cameron makes his speeches and Red Ed jumps on the next shovel designated by the Unions.

If you love your country then it is time to make the right decision and vote UKIP, why, well it is because Farage speaks the truth as we all know it, and isn’t it about time that we gave UKIP a chance. What we have now is charlatans, imposters and swindlers.

Vote UKIP and make them the powerhouse.

Frightened Cameron

Weeks of sitting on the side-lines, or should I say beach, ignoring pleas for help and now on the first day of the UKIP conference, he recalls parliament. Such a pathetic little man, if he represented the people of England he wouldn’t have to come up with these measly schemes to take the limelight away from UKIP.

It makes me and others more determined than ever to get this man out of power; and UKIP will do just that.

Red Ed and his party move forward with their archetypal middle class war, soak the rich and punish those who work hard. The mansion tax where only 0.3 per cent in Scotland  would pay the levy, the Scottish government would get 10 per cent of the proceeds. I had hoped that the yes vote would win, however, we still have them and like true socialists their hands are perpetually out.

The Marxist labour party controlled by the unions will bring more than discord if they win the next election, they are very dangerous people.

An 88 year old woman falls and is knocked unconscious yet she is ignored by a Dr Uwagboe because he is not trained in first aid! Have I lost something here, he trained at the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons, qualifying in 1989 yet he ignores a woman who needed his help, why, because is not trained in first aid! What on earth has gone wrong in this country. We need a strong right wing government to bring some sense into this government where they have completely lost their way.

Brussels are at it again, outdoor equipment now facing stringent emissions tests, why are we allowing this unelected regime across the water to dictate to us; Germany is never happy unless it dominates.

Cameron’s foolish approach to our military is coming home to roost because as stated by the former head of the RAF our air force has been reduced to bare bones. Cameron has also compromised our navy, we have a carrier with no aircraft thanks to this government.  Our Prime Minister, who would rather spend absolutely Billions of our money on overseas aid, propping up governments and giving aid to those who simply do not need it, rather than equip our navy with Crowsnest and aircraft.

Crowsnest has been brought forward, but we should never have been is this situation. A gap of four to five years in our operational defence is a scandal. Still our aid has helped India pursue its vision in space; pity about the desperately poor Indians in the ghettos.

Anjem Choudary carries on with his incendiary speeches secure in the knowledge that the government will do nothing. Now the police are protecting him from right wing groups, poor lad how can he plan to attack us if he is pursued by right wing groups. These groups will get bigger and bigger because this government and particularly the last have failed totally in protecting the people of this country.

We have allowed the fifth army to get stronger and stronger and now we have to deal with it. Sharia Law is becoming more and more prevalent in England, there is one law and we should make that clear; if they don’t like it deport them.

Vote for UKIP if you love England; freedom.

Hilary Mantel and daily politics

What is it about the left and their primitive hatred of the English. This past week has seen the uglier side of Scotland, they too are to the left and that has much to do with their problems. Anything to do with the Labour party and it’s masters in the unions produces this truly ugly side. Have you noticed that is never the actual right that promotes violence, it is the left.

Hilary Mantel’s attack on Margaret Thatcher may come back to haunt her, I personally abhor violence in a democratic society but I can see how people would react if their voices were not heard, however, Margaret Thatcher, despite some limitation took this country from being the sick man of Europe (once again thanks to the Labour party and our unions) and made it whole again.

Watch out  Hilary there may be a person who will take it personally that you disparaged the second greatest Prime Minister this country has had; in future I suggest that you should be careful when you walk in the garden! What a truly nasty and pathetic person you really are.

Cameron may be first saying he wanted English votes for English laws, however, he is playing politics with our future. He has not stolen a march on Nigel Farage as Farage actually believes in England and our need to be free.

Cameron has shown yet again his total lack of judgement during this Scottish debate and how easily he is led by anyone who shouts loud enough. Brown shouted and Cameron was first to jump on the shovel.

Whatever happens Scottish and Welsh MP should no longer vote on English Laws and that should take place immediately, no more procrastination.

I watched Reed Ed on the Andrew Marr show, he was without doubt the most insincere and devious politician yet, and that is saying something.

No more Scottish MPs voting on English laws Ed, end of story.

We are all sick and tired of Scottish left wing politicians

If we want real change and full representation then we need UKIP and an English Parliament. Turncoat Hague should bow out now and forget piecemeal politics.

Another left wing equalities spokesman Gloria De Piero (God forbid another Harriet) is back into the class war, dividing one part of society from another, just look at the Labour legacy in Scotland. She doesn’t like the middle class and private school- educated people. So who does she like, is it the low class and those who depend on the middle class to help them buy their tablets and spend most of their dole money on tattoos and living of benefits etc. Who is she? middle class, upper class or just another nasty Labourite telling us what nasty people the English are.

There is no need to send in Special forces to combat ISIS, let the Arab League put its own men on the ground and we can back them from the air; it is about time they sorted out their own mess.

The Imams who are now calling for the release of hostages are behind the eight-ball. Did you notice them on TV, did they look like their were integrating. No, they are who they are and have no intention of becoming part of our society and that is the real problem, and it is not going to go away.

They are queuing up at Calais to invade England, the land of plenty for everyone except the English. It is about time that we stopped looking after other countries poor. Only UKIP can do what is necessary.

If you love England then join UKIP and vote for them

Cameron’s biggest Faux pas

‘But for the skin of my teeth’ Cameron nearly presided over the break up of the Union. Outgunned by the scheming Salmond in every way shape and form, when it came deciding how and when the referendum took place. Cameron then sat back waiting for a no result but it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Agh a YouGov poll took place that said Salmond was on his way to a yes victory! quick let’s get the three main leader up to Scotland and give them what they want. The last, and disgraced ex Prime Minister Brown can and  will make the rules and we can confirm it and to hell with what England has to say. What an unholy mess and Cameron is our Prime Minister, God forbid.

In the Mail on Sunday Cameron has attempted to put a gloss on what has gone on and typically has tried to come up with, I knew what I was doing, however, we all know the truth of it. The devo-max option will inevitably transfer almost all of the most significant powers to Scotland not forgetting The iniquitous Barnet formula.

Forget Brown, who had no right to maintain the Barnet formula, the equally discredited politicians who confirmed this, had no right either in going along with Brown’s rosy vision of the future.

Now we need an English Parliament, headed by a strong right wing government and that government should be UKIP. Enough is enough we cannot accept these three leaders doing whatever they want and treating the English electorate with complete indifference and total contempt.

Scottish MPs are out, and from now on in they should be treated with contempt. No more voting on issues that have nothing to do with them, the West Lothian question must be dealt with right here and now. Brown’s ‘United States of Britain’ is here to stay and England will be the power house.

Scotland having control over their own domestic policy is one thing but if these grubby politicians think that England is going to be excluded they have another think coming. Scotland and welsh MPs should no longer vote on English issues and that is that. What we actually need is an English parliament, not something cobbled up by Hague and others.

This debacle has shown us that relying on Cameron and his so called referendum for the EU in 2017 is a complete disaster in the making,

Cameron has no intention of allowing us a fair vote

He cannot be trusted and will find some way of stacking the odds against us by reducing his negotiations down to something acceptable to Merkel.

Don’t trust him

It is time to change the politics in the UK, remember that all three leaders are in thrall to Merkel so if you want freedom then you must vote for UKIP. Nigel Farage is the only politician who fully represents us; isn’t that what we want? someone who is on our side.

The EU is clearly not on our side, they have given us murderers, rapists and paedophiles on our streets and numerous immigrants. Now The European Arrest Warrant is coming our way,  you are guilty until you can prove your innocent.

 Soon Innocent until proven guilty will be a thing of the past, because Cameron is signing up to the EAW. Does that sound like a democratic Prime Minister, no it doesn’t, it sounds like a man who has already made his mind up; I’m in Merkel and I will bring these idiots with me.

Vote UKIP and join now.



Total and utter ineptitude

In the Daily Mail today on page 9 you will see three people side by side who, following Gordon Browns rash promises are attempting to bribe the people of Scotland. They, without recourse to the English people are intent on changing our constitution. None of them have any authority to offer any bribes to anyone, so why do they do it. They should be brought to account and now.

We have seen Red Ed doing shady deals behind closed doors to shackle the press, so he has history. Now we have Cameron and Clegg doing the same thing with our constitution. It is bad enough to have Brown in his arrogance making the running but to have elected leaders racing to toe his line is beyond belief and above all crooked.

We have got to this stage because once again we are subject to Cameron’s bad judgement, Salmond has run rings around him and is continuing to do so. He know that if they vote yes Cameron will collapse and will do anything to avoid antagonising the Scots.

These three leaders are nothing more than useless, not one of them has ever had a proper job, neither has any gravitas and I wouldn’t employ them in sweeping the streets. They may be very well educated, but lack any common-sense. I am sure that there are so many people out without this type of education that could leave them standing. Lack of a good education does not mean lack of intelligence.

I have never been so sick of politicians and as far as I am concerned they are nothing more than traitors to their country. This high handed approach employed by all of them is more than annoying. They are not there to ignore the people they are supposed to be there to represent us, but never do, they represent Germany and the EU.

Cameron is kept in office by his  cronies and we should make sure that he and all his cronies are kicked via the next election. Labour voters too should desert the labour party, they should ask themselves what has the Labour party actually done for them. They have deliberately set out to adulterate the English population and encourage the Muslim society in every way to the detriment of the English;  so much so that Islam will vote for them at the next election despite the ethnicity of its leader.

If Scotland votes yes it will impact on England in every way possible and who started it? the Labour party of course under Blair, who was determined to break down our institutions, and now we are left with the results, just like the Iraq war Blair he will end up saying ‘it wasn’t me gov’

But we have  UKIP and a leader who has the gravitas and is a conviction politician. We should now be looking at Nigel Farage as our next leader, it can be done; Labour and Tory voters should vote for UKIP, Scottish MPs in or out should be ignored.

The English voter are able to do this, let us have a man who demonstrably speaks the truth and is not afraid of doing so.

If you love your country vote UKIP and get these charlatans out of our English parliament and that includes the New Reich too.

Stop Snivelling Cameron

Cameron your heartfelt pleas to Scotland is demeaning to us all, if the Scots want to break up Great Britain, then let them go. They are concerned with one thing and that is self,  if that means spitting on England and destroying Great Britain then there is nothing we can do about it.

If they vote yes, then we should not forgive them and England should make them pay the price; give them nothing but grief.

 Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed signed up to a commitment to maintain the Barnet formula, stating also that they were committed to a series of guarantees by Brown the last disastrous Labour MP. Who the hell are these people, what makes them think they can continually trample on the people of England without anyone having so much a say so.

I am sick of English MPs who have forgotten what they are there for, and that is to represent the people of England. UKIP will continue to increase it’s lead over the main parties, it is the only party to fully represent the people. Parliamentary treachery does not go down well with the English population, so do your job or get out; before UKIP puts you out.

Whatever happens we should make sure that Red Ed’s Marxist party will not be able to beat us over the head with Scottish MPs, they should not have any say over English legislation. Soon we will also get rid of Germany and the New Reich under the auspices of the EU regime across the water.

Freedom must be foremost in every English man and woman’s head. Take a look at the way we are treated by our own political leadership let alone the EU. We must regain our sovereignty, to do  that Cameron must go and UKIP must prosper.

I would like to see a mass rally by the English that will fill up the whole of Westminster and to hell with Blair’s panic measure to ban people. We could get 10,000 people from the countryside alone.

If you love England Vote UKIP. The Scots aren’t the only people who love their country.

Look at this. no wonder they don’t want him in Parliament. A real English Prime Minister in waiting.




Scotland , the tide has turned

At seventeen and a half I joined the Parachute Regiment;  after training I was posted to the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment. Why am I saying this? it is because the 2nd Battalion was virtually Scottish from the top down. I and others like me were a small part of the unit, however, it was enjoyable in every way and many friends were made.

During training my Scottish friends had me learn to play the Sash on my mouth organ (the sash my father wore) so as I could irritate others who did not support Rangers FC or celebrate the King William  3rd victory; I learned other tunes too. At that stage I had no idea as to what ire that would bring and played it with merry gusto when asked. Now I wonder what Alexander Webster, one of my friends at the time would think of this anti- English tirade. Does he hate the English so much? I hope not.

The tide has turned, and this tirade and invective against the English will come back on Scotland. The SNP has produced a bitterness against the Scots where there was non, now you see fit to spit on your friends;  it tells us all we want to know and proves Scotland is nothing more than a fair weather friend.

Telling us that you vote Labour and end up with the Tories, that’s what democracy is all about. As I said earlier we have had to put up with far too many left wing Scottish MPs, and we didn’t want them either. For goodness sake what has Labour done for Scotland, every time they get into power we all end up broke.

Tony Blair a labour leader did a deal with Sinn Fein Gerry Adams and released Irish terrorists, and comfort letters went out telling terrorist that they were not wanted. This whilst The Parachute Regiment was literally hounded, despite the fact that the first shot was not fired by them. That’s the Labour party.

Blair took us into a war where endless British soldiers were killed and many wounded and over a hundred thousand Iraq people died. That’s the Labour party.

Brown was a total disaster and carried on the Labour party’s desire to rub the nose of English people by deliberately setting out to adulterate the English. That’s the Labour party.

Brown now talks about a ‘United States of Britain’ who is he to raise his head and start telling us that we change the constitution. That’s the Labour party.

During this parliament the Labour party took us down into gutter with their total and utter stupidity. That’s the Labour party.

Now the Scots tell us they are annoyed about the Tory party having voted for Labour, please, give it away, I don’t vote for the Tory party either I vote for UKIP.

If you want to be better off then don’t vote for the now Marxist Labour party, vote UKIP. Why vote for a party who have been so disingenuous over so many decades;

 I mean, what have the Labour party done for Scotland.