Cameron’s views



Once again Cameron has come up with one of his endless speeches on what should and shouldn’t be done. He talks about the internet and how we must make sure that it is not a “safe haven” for jihadists.

Am I missing a trick here, Cameron and other before him (in particular the Labour government) have made England a “safe haven” for terrorists. They can burn our flag on the streets, butcher our men women and children, parade next to our soldiers being brought home in a coffin, with banners calling them murders etc. and nothing is done, absolutely nothing.

However we do look after their relatives in a very generous way, the wives and children of these terrorists we give them homes, support and of course our money; you can bet none of these is on a waiting list. The whole thing is outrageous

Is it any wonder that right wing groups a forming when the government of the day gives so much to our enemies residing here in our country.

Much is made, and quite rightly too, that children suffer immensely because of being born out of wedlock, single mothers and that most hateful of terms “My Partner” Again Cameron has championed marriage but under his time in office he has done nothing to promote marriage, he has been to busy advocating gay marriage which no one wanted, why?

In the meantime his education secretary has backed Ofcom asking small children questions on Lesbians, homosexuals and Muslims all under the heading of British values!! What sort of people can look a small child in the eye and ask these question? to my mind only sick people.

This is a country where they would rather give an innocent child to gay parents than give it a home with a traditional married couple. We are becoming decadent. Where are those people with clout who can call this to a halt, or do we have wait for ordinary people on the right to resolve it.

Clegg believes we should not tell people how to live, what a totally miserable get out from a man in his position.

Churchill is being celebrated today and so he should. I was enjoying Jeremy Paxman’s view on Churchill right up until he interviewed that pathetic man on the lowering of the cranes; a symbolic moment which has been remembered by the whole world. He brought the whole of that memory crashing down because we had a bunch of trade unionists who had to be paid to do it, why, because they didn’t like him.  How bloody typical that it was trade unionists and their politics of envy that soured the moment.

Jeremy Paxman should have left out that miserable interview with that pathetic little man and left us with the memory, what a dismal man he really is.

Churchill was human and in his life he gave us everything, warts and all. He was a man of the moment who stirred the nation with his oratory and supplied the moral resistance required at that time. That is what we and others at his state funeral were remembering; without Churchill we would have lost the war, it is as simple as that. A man without equal.

Vote UKIP for truth and a chance to be English and proud of ourselves.




Harriet Harman employs her new weapon on the road to the election, she targets men. It is in keeping with the Marxist Labour party as they regularly trade on hatred, so Harriet’s misandry coming to the fore is not something we should be surprised at. They are nasty people.

The Marxist Labour party, the SNP backed up by the Greens (Old Liberal Party) is something to worry about. Labour have already shown us that the country always come second to the Labour party. When push comes to shove they will drop us like vermin and give the SNP all that they want.

This is no longer an election, it is a fight for England and our way of life.

We have to counter this by voting UKIP, forget the conspiracy by the media to denigrate UKIP. Daily Politics yesterday was an example of Jo from the BBC going backwards in her attempt to rubbish UKIP by bringing up comments from years ago etc. most of it unfounded. So forget the left wing comments, insinuations and ambiguities and concentrate on what is good for this country.

We need seats for UKIP to counter the above, and remember we are up against many immigrants who vote for Labour; we cannot have them decide the fate of this England.


Cameron’s Farce


A seven way debate will be a disaster, and who have got to thank for this, it is of course Mr bad judgement Cameron. his insistence on the Greens (Liberals with funny left wing hats) has already turned the debate it into a farce.

My God what we need is another Margaret Thatcher, a conviction politician and a total patriot. What have we got, a Tory party full of self serving poodles all of whom wouldn’t know a patriotic bone if it hit them in the head.



The more you succumb to the gay lobbies indulgences and left wing ideologies the more we slide into all that we know is wrong.

Asking young girls and boys about gay sex, lesbians and whether their views on Muslims conforms to their interrogator’s  twisted view on life is bordering on debauchery.

Ofsted inspectors are not there surly, to intimidate young children and brand them as bigots for not coming up with the right answer to questions that should not be asked.

Will the Ofsted Inspectors now go to an Islamic school and ask young Muslims their opinion on homosexuality. and when the wrong answer comes back (which it will) will they brand them as bigots.

Who is the ‘tall bald man’ in charge of these questions, let us see what sort of man it is that draws young children into the net of immorality.

Where is the education Secretary, we know her views changed on same sex marriages. What are her views on pertinent questions being asked of young children with regard to gay and lesbians. If she reads a story to her young son at night, does she as a responsible parent question him on his views! can she do what Ofsted does and that is look a small innocent child in the eye and talk about lesbians and gay men.

We have seen that decadence starts at the top in parliament and now it has permeated down and involves children. The whole thing is ugly.

Where is Mumsnet? do they approve of young children being interrogated?  if not then say so out loud. I cannot believe that any parent would allow this to happen, protect the children; that is what you are there for.

Vote for UKIP for truth. Don’t worry about the Greens, they are Liberals wearing a different coat because they know they have been rumbled. They are still the same bunch of idiots, left of the left and are as woolly as ever.

English votes



The Tories are prevaricating, Cameron’s has become famous for his ‘things to be done’ but more famous still for his endless PR bluster. He cannot be trusted to look after England and the indigenous population; England is being sold down the line.

The SNP are playing a dangerous game. More and more people are fed up with Scotland and it is time for an English vote to decide whether we want them or not.

Maybe it is about time that we put a barricade up over all the entry points to England; Give them what they want and let them stew. It is simple we can all remember the time when we all said don’t buy Irish goods.

More over stop giving the Scots £1600 more per head than the English, we have enough people sponging off us anyway.

Vote UKIP and you will get UKIP and let us hold the balance of power.

The Chilcot enquiry is obviously a conspiracy, the establishment has become corrupt and Tony Blair dominance is more extensive than we think! I bet that Red Ed and the Labour party is glad that he voted so many times against an enquiry.

Those who were involved in the Iraq deception are now sitting pretty, not so the dead and wounded soldiers, Iraq civilians and the violence now sweeping the world

VOTE UKIP and let us get the truth up front

Truth, a casualty in our parliament



To date all that has been said about the Iraq war has been a whitewash, that I believe is the consensus of opinion by all.

The Chilcot report will follow the same path, by the time those responsible have had their say (no doubt time and time again) and lines will have been redacted you will end up with a report that means nothing and will go on and on to the point where it becomes ancient history; and that is exactly the way it was always meant to be.

The people wanted to know one thing and one thing only, did Tony Blair secretly resolve to provide Bush with backing for a war in Iraq supported by Lord Goldsmith and others.

It was a simple as that, one would have a hard time telling us that it would take 6 years and counting to resolve that.

The Father of the house on question time today made it clear what he thinks of this report, and he should know.

 Truth is clearly irrelevant here. What is relevant is whether the establishment are such fools as to think we actually believe what they say; unfortunately they probably are. It is a sad fact of life that we are now almost inure to the perpetual lies from our politicians.

It is no wonder that the parties detest Farage it is because he speaks the truth about what is going on in England today.

 Truth conforms with reality; a principle completely out of date with our modern politicians.

Cameron was asked today in question time, to confirm that we will continue to spend 2% of our GDP on defence, he declined to answer. If he had been asked to confirm o.7 GNI commitment to aid, he would have said Yes, Yes, and Yes again.

Supporting many corrupt countries with our aid money is more important than the defence of our country.

Cameron’s response to Mark Reckless question was to say that UKIP wants to privatise the NHS, he was clearly being economical with the truth.

Read below UKIP manifesto

The National Health Service

UKIP will ensure the NHS is free at the point of delivery and time of need for all UK residents.

– We will stop further use of PFI in the NHS and encourage local authorities to buy out their PFI contracts early where this is affordable.

– We will ensure that GPs’ surgeries are open at least one evening per week, where there is demand for it.

– UKIP opposes plans to charge patients for visiting their GP.

–We will ensure that visitors to the UK, and migrants until they have paid NI for five years, have NHS-approved private health insurance as a condition of entry to the UK, saving the NHS £2bn pa. UKIP will commit to spending £200m of the £2bn saving to end hospital car parking charges in England.

– We will replace Monitor and the Care Quality Commission with elected county health boards to be more responsive scrutineers of local health services. These will be able to inspect health services and take evidence from whistle-blowers.

– UKIP opposes the sale of NHS data to third parties.

– We will ensure foreign health service professionals coming to work in the NHS are properly qualified and can speak English to a standard acceptable to the profession.

– UKIP will amend working time rules to give trainee doctors, surgeons and medics the proper environment to train and practise.

– There will be a duty on all health service staff to report low standards of care.

Juncker wants a divorce, give it to him now.

If you want the truth then vote UKIP.

Muslim Council of Great Britain and Protests

They have taken umbrage at Pickle’s letter, why?

Until Islam came along we did not have (other than the IRA) violence, the threat of violence or the systematic rape of English girls by Muslim men, or the constant threat of making our country an Islamic state.

What have the so called Muslim Council done to eliminate any of this, nothing. What we do have is Muslims who are determined to dress differently, apply their own law and cause dissent where ever they go.

It is time for us to have our own country back and if Islamist love your own so much then go back home, however, they wont as you would rather we sunk to the same level that prompted you to leave your own country and come England for freedom.

The Mayor of Rotterdam is absolutely right.

Vote UKIP and let us take back what is ours, a Christian country at peace with itself.

Take note are we going to vote for a Marxist government headed by a man who deliberately kept quiet about the fact that the British economy “was about to fall off a cliff”.

A man also who was also part of a deliberate attempt to adulterate the English indigenous population so that they could rub the rights nose in diversity! This from a man who was an English MP!!

This man was part of a government who landed us with up to four million immigrants, which has played havoc with our schools, housing and NHS.

He was part of a New Labour government that deliberately lied to the people and parliament and as a result many brave soldiers died and were injured in a war designed just to please Bush. Blair is now protected by Chilcot without due regard to those who died, he and others who knew what was going on should be tried for war crimes.

Chilcot is making sure that everything is under wraps until the election is over.

What does it take for people to realise how foul these people in the Labour party are. It is now possible that Red Ed will team up with the left wing  Greens, who want to cover our landscape with windmills and soak us dry on energy prices. Red Ed will team up with the SNP whose whole declared aim in life;

is to cause maximum dissent in our parliament whilst doing their own bit to fleece the English for all they are worth.

Finally the Unions will at last have their own revolutionary way with us. It was Thatcher who rescued us before, who is there now?

I predict that if this comes about then the combination of an undemocratic EU and the above will be civil disorder or worse.

I believe that Tony Blair’s use of the Serious Organised Crime bill to protect the Labour Party from massed marches around parliament and so denying the freedom to protest will certainly need to be established again, but if it comes to that it will be too late.

It is my personal belief that the English people will have had enough and that immigrants in their thousands deciding who rules this land will be one step too far.

My book written in 2000 has already predicted much that has happened. Ctrl+click to open

VOTE UKIP they are the peoples party, and actually represent the true indigenous people.

Conversion and persecution.



Have I missed a trick here! Another Christian, a nurse named Victoria Wasteney was disciplined by the NHS for alleged bullying and harassment for praying for a Muslim. Bullying and harassment!!

How many Christians have been targeted by Muslims and the Islamic community for conversion to the Islamic faith, to the point where some have committed acts of violence. In fact how many are being targeted right now and how many Muslims are being brought to account by the powers to be; none.

If you do not believe in Islam you are an infidel, or a more derogatory term is Kafir  a word widely used by the Muslim community against Christians, despite the fact  that they both believe in God.

Have you been approached by a Muslim with view to converting you to Islam?

Put it on Facebook or approach the government.

This is another situation where there is one law for the Islamic community and one for Christians, and that extends into Sharia Law. Clearly Christians are being persecuted for their faith, here in England and overseas by peace loving Islam where they are being murdered. What we now need is for Christian fundamentalism to start raising it’s head, and for that we must look to the fundamentalist Carmel School of thought:

Carmel Christian Centres should be supported and increased to counter the insurgence against Christian beliefs. It is no good looking to the government or the Queen for protection. The government is still frightened of Islam and the Queen will not speak out to protect the faith she once promised faithfully to protect.

The letter from the government to the Islamic community has not gone down very well, they seem to be slighted. This surly is typical in that they are permanently walking around with a grievance. It is not us but you who are the problem, despite the fact that it is they who have placed themselves on the outside of our community.

They do not like who or what we are, they don’t like our customs our dress or our faith but they do like our beneficence.

They came here because they presumably they hated violence and the lack of respect afforded by their own country to their families and in most instances too they were poor, with no way of getting out of it. Now they bask in what they left behind and we are left threatened by them.

Isn’t it typical that Pickles talks about protecting Muslims from violence, some how he has his facts back to front.

Tell that to the 52 people who died at Russell Square on the 7th of July in 2005 or Lee Rigby hacked to death on an English Street.

  Who by the way is threatening Jews? apart from a very small minority of idiots which you will get anywhere, in any society, it is certainly not the English community. So my message to the Jews is stay, you are welcome.

The Jews are and have been part of our society for a very long time. The fact that the media and polls have asked selective questions about the Jews, tells you more about the media’s penchant for divisive news and the need to sell papers.

Now we seem to have a classical anti-Semitism by Arabs against Jews which has manifested itself in this country, however, Jews do not need to feel afraid of the indigenous English society despite, what others might say.

Farage is right, our complacent  politicians are guilty of moral cowardice. Full of self righteous fools, who have allowed the Muslims to run rings around them and in doing so have allowed radical Islam to gain substantial ground in England.

Now they are a threat to our society; and these same blubbing politicians think that a whimpering letter to Imams will solve our problems. May God help us all.

VOTE for UKIP and a party that fully represent us.

Christian Persecution and Sheer Hypocrisy




So the persecution of Christians goes on at government level. A Christian Magistrate has been disciplined because he quite rightly thought it better that a child should be brought up by a traditional family rather than by a Gay couple! He was found guilty of serious misconduct and has been ordered to go on an equality course.

It is The Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice who are guilty of misconduct for allowing politically correct sources to destroy our Christian values, and being prepared to put babies into the hands of Gay couples.

This Magistrate should tell them that he is not prepared to allow his Christian beliefs and ethics to be sullied. Tell them what to do with their equality course; his beliefs should not be tarnished by unwholesomeness. We have become a sick society when  the highest office in the land backed by Cameron puts a child in jeopardy for political correctness.

We have seen already that the establishment has taken steps to protect paedophiles in our parliament, that what they think of children; fodder for unwholesome sex and apparently murder.

Where is Justin Welby of Canterbury and John Semetu of York whilst this takes place, why promoting Marxist ideology by coming up with foolish talk. The last Archbishop of Canterbury wasn’t worth his weight in salt and by God we have another one who is just as foolish; Christians they are not.

 However, Does Justin Welby and Semetu actively support this view, do they really think that handing over a baby to Gay couples is right or is it wrong.

Someone should tell them to start putting what weight they have against those, who are quite clearly ensuring that those who hold Christian values are now being disciplined and excluded from jobs in public offices or other employment for being Christians and expressing their views. We have already had to endure the Gay couples and their supporters who destroyed a couple of guesthouse owners for expressing their view. In my opinion that was a deliberate attempt to use those people as a warning to others; it is now becoming dangerous.

Where is the Queen and her vow to protect our faith, clearly she has given up.

Remember Chancellor Darling and his comment in August 2008, we are entering a 60 year low in the economy, he clearly knew what was about to happen. 

Now we know that the Miliband and Ed Balls knew “that the economy was about to fall off a cliff”  a year before it happened, which is why Ed Balls wanted a snap election in 2007

They were more concerned about protecting the Labour party than the country, they wanted to get out and blame the next party for the fact that the economy was going down in the dumps. 

Why is anyone apart, from immigrant and benefit cheaters in this country voting for this foul party and why are we voting for the Tory party who are more concerned about persecuting Christians and landing us with gay marriage and protecting paedophiles in their own ranks.

We are being inundated with Immigrants swarming over from Calais courtesy of the French and the EU. Trained Jihadists in their hundreds are back in our country and ready for action. Theresa May tells us it is irresponsible to talk about the obvious, a fifth column.

The SNP are blatant in the fact that they are going to come into an English parliament in order to make trouble, and each time the English public are meant to sit back and say that’s OK; but it isn’t.

It is time to wake up and vote for a party that truly represent the indigenous English public. It is time to vote UKIP the people’s party.

Farage has only one thing against him and that is he speaks the truth

We have to save our country and it wont be done by liars, PR men and foulness