UKIP party of the people

We now have Jeremy Corbyn in charge of the extreme left wing Labour party.

Those who have voted for it should absolutely ashamed of themselves. By default the front bench are now friends of Hamas, Hezbollah, IRA and ISIS; so too are those who voted him in.

Anyone with a shred of decency should not support a man who is so manifestly against all that is British. A man who has already given a gross insult to our servicemen by not singing the National Anthem and contemplating wearing a white poppy on his attendance at the cenotaph. I think the person who said he should be shot echo’s the voice of the majority of people in this country.

He and his party are an insult to the British people.   

Vote UKIP because now is the time to put in place the peoples party in lieu of this parody of the so called Labour party. They have divorced themselves from the British public. The real Labour party of old would shun them.

Above all this man should not be given any security details, his past shows that he is not to be trusted.


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