Hungary is right, if only our government protected our way of life in the same way.

Anyone with an ounce of common-sense knows full well that we cannot accommodate the Syrians. As for the economic migrants and above all the jihadists who are flooding into England, home grown and otherwise, only fools would allow this to happen; unfortunately that is what we have in government.

The Islamic movement in England is biding it’s time, which is why they say nothing.

The social cohesion of England is now under serious threat, thanks to the idiotic EU and the the truly pathetic MPs we have in our parliament. We are now heading for civil unrest.

The only man who has shown common-sense throughout is Nigel Farage.

The BBC with it continual blackmail and disinformation in it’s news reporting should lose its licence. After all whose side are they on?

Vote UKIP and delete what is left of the Labour party. Put us in power so that we can have a patriotic party, a peoples party.


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