Cameron – Churlish

To ban Dr Fox from an intelligence role because he took part in the conservative rebellion last week tells you all you want to know about Cameron, even though non of the three men chosen had cabinet experience. The word is vindictive.

Corbyn sings the Red Flag in celebration then waltzes off to take part in a rally to bring in even more immigrants. How many of these young men, and there are far too many of them! are true refugees.

On the other hand the new leftist Labour party have a leader (and by default) and followers who have now become friends of Hamas, Hezbollah the IRA and the horrific murder of anyone who stands in their way. What has happened? many of the indigenous people of England clearly now revel in violence in its most dastardly form.

The Labour party has been quite deft in infiltrating its followers into position of power; the BBC and Charities etc. as such now they have Corbyn they are now dangerous to the whole of the indigenous population. It goes without saying that the right ‘must come up to the plate’ and be prepared to take them on.

Len McCluskey is over the moon. he is now in a real position of power.

He who pays the piper call the tune.

and that is McCluskey

They say Corbyn is no thug, but he is unbelievably stupid if he cannot see that both Trident and NATO have kept the peace in Europe. This man is not a leader, he is, however, weak and by being so is without doubt, the enemy of our country.

It is one thing to stand on a soapbox saying don’t do this or that, without I might add, any responsibility, then put him in as the leader of the opposition.  Andy Burnham has stated he will stay in the party and fight for it, rubbish he is more concerned to be on the front bench than his country.

Polly on the Andrew Marr show today showed what you can expect from the left when she lambasted David Blunkett, a well respected member of the Labour Party as a ‘rent a mouth’ Just like Derek Hatton she is nasty and into intimidation etc. We saw what happened in Scotland where people were intimidated and assaulted because they didn’t agree with the left.

This is what the people on the left are really like, the real violence doesn’t come from people like the BNP, it is the left who are the main culprits.

UKIP will now have to appeal to the voters even more, then pull in disaffected Labour supporters and those from the LibDems and Green party who have lent their weight to Corbyn. They must try to be the second party, but let us not forget one good thing, we are starting with four million votes.



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