Lies, more lies and traitors.

The left are continually telling us that migrants are good for the country as a whole whilst ignoring all else. The New Schools Network found that high levels of migration is creating a ‘perfect storm’  38,000 migrant children need a primary school in England this year, a rise by 160%.

Houses are given to migrants to the detriment of the indigenous population added to which there are also benefits. Schools, hospitals and doctors are also struggling to stay viable.

The level of migrants alone is unsustainable and it is we who will take the brunt of it. Not just our tax payers money but equally, if not more important, is what it will do to our society which is already under threat. We are a Christian society, forget those who say we are not Christian if they were in a society that was lacking in Christian ethics and a Christian way of life they would soon know the difference.

Thanks to unrelenting wholesale immigration we now have murderers, rapists and violent people walking our streets. We have jihadists at every corner and quiescent mosques just biding their time. They have all worked out that our politicians, judiciary and police are weak and they are always the victims.

Merkel’s offer of open doors to the Syrians has opened the floodgates, Germany is now a Christian country in real  danger of being overrun by people who are not just different but have a violent religion. Women are in clear danger because Muslim men treat their women with overall disdain. Those women who bare their arms and legs and as we know, go totally overboard will be regarded and treated like trash; that is the fact of the matter.

The same has happened here, Rotherham’s sexual exploitation by Pakistani men coupled with the lefts bigoted councils has resulted in up to fourteen or fifteen hundred girls being raped, some as young as 12. Apart from the councillors did the local Muslims knew what was going on, of course they did but they were white and Christian and treated accordingly.

Cameron is not going to do anything to protect this country, migrants in all their forms will continually pour in to our detriment. He will certainly not do anything to protect our borders but on the other hand he will work something out with the EU that will allow him to come back and pretend that he has done the deed.

What Cameron wants is what is important, Cameron first and country second. This man really does regard the general public as plebs. If we haven’t worked now that this man is even far more deceitful than we ever thought, then we need our heads testing. He is classic and believes that who and what he is allows him to dictate to us.

Peter Oborne carries on the medias tradition of slating Farage, stating that Farage must quit to save the party! This is the man who has taken on the traitors in our government and the unelected bureaucrats in the EU, and has ended up forcing Cameron and his cohorts in government to give us, the people a referendum. Of course he must lead the party and Carswell should be there to support him, not sulking because he didn’t fill Farage’s shoes.

We must vote UKIP,  Farage is right it is the future in Europe that we should be looking at. The EU is a total disaster an ideology that has gone horribly wrong. A EU that has now become a real danger to our country.




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