Boris and ‘kippers’

Boris has shown himself to be another educated twit, perhaps buffoon more aptly describes him. Today in the Telegraph he talks condescendingly  about chatting to a ‘kipper’ about corner shops and some obscure person from Albania etc. What does it take for these people to understand that those who support UKIP are not about race (which he throws in as an aside) but about controlling our borders and the free for all that sees every man and his dog racing for the UK to sponge of us.

What is wrong with controlling those who enter here so that we get the best of the immigrants. What is wrong with the fact that we do not want every communicable disease brought our shores, let us remember that we got rid of tuberculosis disease; only to have it re- introduced by Asians.

Boris from his lofty perch has decided that ‘kippers’ don’t even know what they believe in, what an arrogant and foolish man. Below is what all believe in, it is instinctive in every free Englishman, however, It is hard for those to believe whose natural tendency is to function better under a German fist.

UKIP is a patriotic party that promotes independence: from the EU, and from government interference. We believe in free trade, lower taxes, personal freedom and responsibility.

UKIP believes in Britain becoming a democratic, self-governing country once again. This can only be achieved by getting our nation out of the European Union and reasserting the sovereignty of Parliament.

As a party we are unashamedly patriotic: we believe there is so much to be proud about Britain and the contribution it has made to the world. We believe that Britain is good enough to be an independent nation, trading and building harmonious relations with the rest of the world.

We believe Britain must get back control over its borders, so that it can welcome people with a positive contribution to make while limiting the overall numbers of migrants and keeping out those without the skills or aptitudes to be of benefit to the nation.

UKIP believes in promoting self-reliance and personal freedom from state interference. We believe the state in Britain has become too large, too expensive and too dominant over civil society.

Those who do not want to actually represent the people of England who elected them should leave now, Cameron will lead the way.

Vote UKIP and you will get UKIP, it is a simple as that. Do you love England or would you rather Germany and the unions. Think about it.



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