A truly pathetic Milliband

Tory Lord Freud was unfortunate in his choice of words, however, having read what he said it is obvious that he was not suggesting that the more disabled are morally inferior, far from it.

Isn’t it typical that Milliband and his obnoxious MPs were prepared to denigrate Lord Freud for discussing what would be a real problem. Of course there are disabled people who through no fault of their own, are not able to work to a point where a manufacturer is able to give a minimum wage. If the answer is to give them work at a low wage then have the government make up the rest then why not allow them to work and give themselves some sense of well being.

I watched Milliband and his artificial take on the whole thing, it was nothing more than political posturing and showed him for what he was, a real creep. Marxist Labour have created so much damage in this country, creating a dependent culture, Multiculturism, ‘Londonistan’ allowing Islam to take root and ignoring the consequences, wars with hundreds of dead and maimed soldiers, opening our borders when no one else did which has impacted on our schools, housing and social services and leaving us totally bankrupt; something they do each and every time they are in office.

These are evil people who still haven’t learned and spend all of their time blaming everyone else, creating a class war and yet along with the workshy and immigrants, there are still ordinary people subject to their crassness and total insensitivity, who still vote for them.

Cameron is leaping about and telling us how things are going to be different if we vote for him. It is just like the last time, his promises on human rights etc. then it silence, it is all Clegg’s fault he won’t let me do it. it is a pity he listened to Clegg and his false promises and didn’t listen to the electorate, then perhaps we wouldn’t have the distasteful marriage act which no one wanted.

Now he is saying give the EU one last go, please how many more times must those who run this unpleasant regime tell him that it is not going to happen, The problem is that is that he is like a spoiled schoolboy, he cannot believe that he cannot get his own way.

Let us look at the UK  Jihadists where they are now talking about treason, and that is what they going to do is talk about it. Any normal person would know that we are facing an unprecedented threat here on our home soil, and that the only way to deal with it is full on, there must be no compunction about rights of the individual. Those who have come in to this country should be rounded up and deported to ISIS land immediately and too hell with human right and those who advocate it, so to should their families. The families know what is going on, protesting their innocence reminds of the IRA who told their members disown us if you get caught its ok.

Every radical should also be deported, stop also Sharia law being practiced, The Islamic Sharia Council is a London-based, quasi-Islamic court that which has no has no legal authority or jurisdiction, so why is it there.

It is time to get rid of Islamic councils or whatever they want to call them, if they don’t like who we are then they know what to do. Our pathetic MPs need  get some lead in their pencil and start sorting things out. Stop talking about it and do something, violence in this country is now a real possibility and it will all be down to gutless MPs. 


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