Daily telegraph. Iain Martin and Dan Hodges

The Telegraph continues in its approach to beat down UKIP, Iain Martin calls us cocky and that we do not have a majority support, for God’s sake tell us something new Mr Martin.

Had you not noticed that the conservative party are in a coalition because of the lack of majority support. had you not noticed that the Marxist Labour party rely on immigrants and the work shy and unions for their vote, no majority there then.

Dan Hodges talks about UKIP in more than derogatory tones, this from a man who support the Marxist Labour party. This is a party of ideology, a party that hates the middle class, a party of real zealots who made a deliberate policy of attempting to adulterate the English population, their own kind.! They have deliberately put Multiculturism in order to break up the social order denigrating Christianity and allowing Christians to be brought to court or tribunal for practicing their faith. Your party Dan is nothing more than evil. You exist for the Labour party and not for the people; the people are aware of you too.

Do not put tags on me Mr Hodges I have worked hard all of my life and never taken a penny added to which I spent 12 years in the special forces. Above all I love my country, which is more than can be said for the lefties and revolutionary die-hards in your party.


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