Sneering upper class leaders

It is hard to say who is the most arrogant of our so called leaders;

Clegg, supercilious, condescending, a hypocrite and completely untrustworthy. Why on earth did he name his children Miguel, Antonio and Alberto, his heart is clearly not here in England.

Red Ed son of a Marxist professor, Ed a man who has never held a job in his life is doing his best to saddle us with revolutionary unions and a Marxist government. Will some one tell him that Marxism was rejected by Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania and above all the USSR; so why does he want to visit Marxism upon us.

New Labour and now Marxist Labour gave us wars, dead and maimed soldiers, multiculturalism, another evil but effective tool designed to hasten the loss of our identity, the Christian faith continually undermined. Uncontrolled mass migration planned by the establishment, over two million people breaking down our social order, Muslim radicals deliberately ignored and Muslims encouraged to go their own way.

Their votes are based the unions, left wing radicals, migrants and the usual left wing students, whilst those who once saw labour as a fair and just party have now ended up with a highly educated but a sneering politician who wouldn’t know what a working class labour voter looked like.

Remember that with Marxism, The end justifies the means and if that means destroying the social order then so be it; remember that.

Then there is Cameron, like Blair he is known for what he is, and that is completely untrustworthy. He is highly educated, certainly privileged, many including myself, would not hold that against him, but I cannot stand him because he has the temerity to call himself a man who loves his country  whilst  meticulously ensuring that he does everything to keep us under the thrall of Merkel and the new Reich. If he truly loved his country then he would not give it away to our former enemy; an enemy who unfortunately, does not know when to lie down.

Cameron is treading on dangerous ground, he and others like him are setting the seed for future disorder; our country is not for sale, not to the EU or the Islamist state.

I would not believe Cameron if I was standing wet in the rain and he told me it was raining.

Vote UKIP and you will get UKIP, Vote Tory and you will get Marxist Ed and the unions..



UKIP Victory

John Carswell quoted the author John Wycliffe theologian but I wished he had put it in context, This comes from the earliest translation of the Bible, which is where it first came from.

 “This Bible is for the government of the people, for the people and by the people.”

Cameron, his cronies, Clegg and Milliband should take note, the people are totally fed up of the intelligentsia and their ideas as what should be and shouldn’t be. The people in  England are sick and tired of being taken for a ride by our politicians, particularly the New Reich and the rest of the world who feel they can come here and fleece us for all we are worth.

The indigenous population are beginning to realise that it is time to give UKIP a real chance. This election has told the voters that contrary to what Grant Schapps is continually saying  if you vote Tory you actually let in Milliband!

The Guardian and it’s pathetic little piece on HIV is typical of what is wrong in this country, we are not here to medicate the world. murderers, rapists, paedophile and those with health problems should be kept out. When I went to Australia in 1972 for 4 years, the first thing I had to do was take out health insurance. In France which is where I spent 8 years again I took out insurance and that is the way it should be. For too long we have allowed our self to be governed by the minority who spend all of their time bleating about how awful we are in England.

More MPs, if they are worth their salt should come over to UKIP. My message to the Tory party is referendum now or face oblivion.

Vote UKIP and give them a clear balance of power in 2015.

Cameron the divider

It is too late, Cameron’s own brand of conservatism has divided the Tory party and it’s voters in a way that cannot be reconciled in another one of Cameron’s archetypal  speeches.

A large part of the problem is the totally ineffectual Tory MPs who simply do not have the guts to do what is right for the country i.e. put in a leader who represents the voters wishes.

Milliband will get in and wreak havoc, because the voters realise that Cameron is totally untrustworthy and will go his own way. Marxist Labour are supported by immigrants, the work shy, BBC and the unions whose main aim in life is to destroy England. Thatcher knew that and took the unions on, but now the phoenix has risen again. The unions are violent and if they get in via Marxist Milliband there will almost certainly be a violent clash

Silly gimmicks like vote UKIP and end up in bed with Milliband illustrate that Tory MPs really do have their heads in the sand. Do they really think that the voters are that stupid and can be bought off with idiotic comments. Farage’s fruitcakes are, on the whole normal people capable of understanding what is going on. Someone at the top ought to tell the real fruitcakes, that a lack of a good education does not mean a lack of intelligence.

More Tories should go, we still have time for a leader we can trust and a referendum. If they want to run the country then do it right.

However, the Tories are foolish enough to pursue this course and will, in the end rue the day. It is up to the indigenous population to vote for UKIP and maintain the balance of power. We need an English Parliament and freedom, no one in England is prepared anymore for Socialist Scottish MPs running around in parliament and causing mayhem for England;  so get them out.

Vote for UKIP whichever way it goes you may end up with another educated buffoon leading the Tory party.


Give them what they want, metaphorically of course.


OK so Cameron made a ‘barnstorming’ speech, but wait a minute surely it was a case of  ‘Jam tomorrow and jam yesterday but never jam today’ this is typical of Cameron. Remember his comments on the ECHR at the last election, what has he done about it, nothing, it’s Clegg’s fault of course; he cannot be trusted.

The truth is of course that Cameron is totally signed up to the fact that the supremacy of English and Scottish law has gone, it has been given to external powers whose main aim is to delete the English Nation state.

When it comes to the ECHR the French have a simple solution, it is called in English ‘sod them’ terrorists, murderers, Imams etc. just kick them out. have you ever seen France held to account, no you haven’t. This is the difference between those who represent their people and those who don’t; The French look after the French that of course but is an anathema to English MPs and their leaders. So we have murderers, (just thinks of this poor girl that has just died) terrorists, rapists  and so on, walking our streets and cocking a snoop at the English and in far too many instances being paid for it by us.

So Chris Grayling and his new found abhorrence against the ECHR is laughable. He is caught up with Cameron’s endless PR stunts and that’s a fact.

Cameron has been to Cyprus to talk to the troops, offering two more aircraft to ease his way and a temporary delay in number 2 squadron, RAF Tornado for a year, but no comment after that!

Here we are, the world in turmoil and the possibility of war in all of its forms surround us, and we, Cameron is compromising the defence of our country. He is happy to spend o.56 of our GDP or 0.7 of our national income on aid, even to counties like India who are spending vast amounts in their race to the stars, whilst so many of their people live like dogs in ghettos.

This year he is prepared to spend 8.7 billion of our money on aid whilst devastating the the defence of our country, is this Clegg’s fault, I doubt it. This mans misplaced paternalistic view is the cause of much of the agony in this country, it  is his Achilles heel. He feels that he has to guide us poor souls along the right path, where he will show us the light.

Would somebody tell him that there are a lot of intelligent people out there and we all know what is right and wrong, middle and (shall I say it) lower class people who want peace and prosperity coupled with an urge to get on. We want to be participants and are happy with capitalism in its moderate form, so give it away, please.

I suggest that Cameron gets of his high horse and stop treating people  like errant fools. He demonstrably  does not know what is right for us, which is why he has so little support and that will manifest itself at the next election.

Brown would do well to keep quite, when it come to sectarian nationalism he needs to look no further than his backyard. Scottish MPs have no place telling us what is what, laws where they are involved, must be ignored.

Another poor man beheaded ,and what for, to satisfy the truly ugly side of Islam. God will not forgive them and will wreak his vengeance of that you can be certain. Britain has imported many bad things, but nothing so evil as this. Despite all of this we Cameron is doing nothing about Sharia law and the radicals who roam our streets intent on harming us. We cannot rely on our politicians to protect the citizens anymore and this is a bad state of affairs.

Voting for UKIP is not a protest vote, it is a vote to get rid of corruption at the highest level (think of 7 billion given away by a civil servant for a nice cosy meal) The three main parties need to be brought to account, that is what you are voting for.

Vote UKIP and put Cameron in bed with Red Ed, after all they both like gay marriage!