Porn or not

Today I am going slightly off track. First of all I must ask myself am I a prude in my old age, the answer to that is most emphatically no. I like to think of myself as a one hundred per cent man and despite my age the memories are still with me.

My memories are based around real women and not the hostile and spiteful feminist who spends all of their time telling everyone how men are unpleasant and how incapable they are.

It is time that these people had a good look at themselves and they will see that they have taken the male and his masculinity and defiled it for no other reason than sheer vindictiveness.

What have these women got that makes so special, the answer is very little and they would start to scream out loud if the average male started spouting about what they feel is wrong with women today.

This business about women saying, I am dressing for myself is sheer hypocrisy, women dress to catch the male’s eye because they are so utterly  vain and need to be looked at. Todays archetypal, (look at me I am as good as you) girl spends all of her time making sure that you get a damn good look at her décolletage and crossing her legs which, with the ever decreasing skirt, will ensure that you in no doubt as to colour pants she wears.

As for the women in the public eye, singers actresses etc. they have moved from look at me to what is virtually porn. Putting pornographic images of themselves on the  web then feigning distress because someone has accessed it, please.

The rear view of Amanda Holden in today’s Daily Mail is clearly something she is most unfortunately proud off, I wonder if her kids feel the same. What will she say if one of them said to her ‘why are you showing everyone your bottom?’  Explaining the birds and the bees is one thing but how will she explain that!!